Alien Ant Farm - Around The Block Lyrics

Wonderful as it may seem,
I've never been alone
Open wide and look closely
This is what I'm shown

I've got friends in this cold city
That won't pick up no slack
I've got friends on every street
That wanna stab my back
Oh, Oh, oooh

I've been around the block, oh oh
So many times I forgot my address
So many times I don't know where I live

Terrible as it may be
Don't wanna leave this misery
I've got friends in the highest places
They all got their goals
I've got friends with two faces
But don't have one damn soul

I've been around this town, oh oh
I'm so high I will never come down
(but) When I do, I hit the hard ground

[1st CHORUS]

Never feel at home
No I don't
I know it's true
I'd leave if not for you
Nowhere else to go
I swear baby,
No one's got no soul no more
No on'es got no soul no more...
Oh, Oh, Ooooh

[2nd CHORUS]
[1st CHORUS]

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Alien Ant Farm Around The Block Comments
  1. Rat Face

    как все постарели!((

  2. Steven Leal

    Budget for this mv should of been more. Should of had a girl with you just being goofy at the beach . example one of the music v from funeral party. Low budget but it was a fun video.

  3. Byron Perez

    Son lo máximo crecí con sus canciones ahora que tengo mi profecion no dejo de escucharlos son los mejores
    Corro con sus canciones amigos

  4. Alexx Redd

    2019 👋🏼🔥👍aaf

  5. carlos daguto

    Me hace recordar a Bjork

  6. Johnny coolaide

    Dang This Band Diesd.

  7. Back In Town Productions

    This video is such a good time capsule.

  8. Ana Laura Campos

    I love Venice beach.

  9. esc666painFM

    Great band!

  10. Габриел Иванов

    Back when the hair didn't matter

  11. MrRickstopher

    This is the most underrated band of the era. Idk, it's just perfect. Alien Ant Farm isn't so much a band as it is an artistic expression of what the 90s meant to those of us whom grew up then.

  12. Peter Phooko

    2019 anyone?

  13. Peter Phooko

    130 haven't been around the block 😂

  14. amine guitariste soliste

    Forgotting your adress? Bad lyrics

  15. Hieroglyphic

    This could be a Coheed and Cambria song. So good.

  16. ACMA61

    They have other songs?

  17. Китайский советчик

    общество 2009 года еще не доросло по уровню до такой музыки. это самое лучшее что могло создать человечество. вышка

  18. Sr. Imperial

    como amo esta cancion Te amo AAF desde colombia with love

  19. RabbitWerks JavaScript

    Lets give credit. These guys were GO-PROing before gopro was a thing. ;)

  20. theinfidel

    "No one's got no soul no more"

  21. Александр Юрьевич.


  22. Matthew O'Donoghue


  23. дмитрий стрелков

    Два дибила - это сила.

  24. Jack Off

    I've got friends with two faces, but don't have one damn soul.

    No one's got no soul no more.

    I've been around the block.

  25. DeadZaku

    Lets get to 1 mil!!!

  26. Natalia Carrizo

    gran cancion pero nunca la hicieron en vivo parece

  27. ChachaChapati

    Such a June gloom day when AAF (or at least Dryden and Mike) shot this video. That's SoCal for ya. (and especially in the South Bay of L.A. where this was shot.)

  28. Jamal Davinci

    2 of the coolest famous people I ever met.

  29. Warren Moyses

    These guys have merit. Like so many others they get lost in the fluff of making money. :-(

  30. Thomas Makel

    Third draft BABY !!

  31. jose gomez


  32. Todd Michael

    Absolutely one of my favorite bands. Happy they weren't so mainstream really cause i feel when that happens they don't play the songs and have the lyrics that they really want anymore

  33. RobbyTheViking

    Song so good people missed the like button

  34. I help anytime

    Did he sing about his two fat friends who were in the band? Because I only see two...

    That might be proven by him saying "I got friends with two faces..." Lol :P


    ayy lmao

  36. Gabrielle Polikratis

    a.a.f. is the fucking shit.
    sexy ass mother fuckers.
    dont let them go anywhere!!!!

  37. WatchMeSayStuff

    So this is where idubbbz and h3h3 get their video ideas from.

  38. Living with Perks

    69 people didnt go around the block...

  39. Lester Marshall III

    The 'North' will kill ya.

  40. Jabari

    Watching in 2017. Who else??


    yeah i came to clean my ears after the England is my city shit lool


    SAIF THE EDGE lol noice.

    elusive mg

    Cruelty FREE Gains me of course


    johnnie walker Noice.

  41. Corey McFarland

    Quick, someone get Will Farrell in this video

    Corey McFarland

    It needs the Cow Bell!!!

  42. Rush Analog Music

    what a amazing drummer!

  43. TheSystem

    man i wish aaf had their original lineup

  44. dayzgone

    They sound kind of like the Offspring.

    Amy Quayle

    darkrage6 dude,no.

  45. Wend0lZe

    more cowbell!!!

  46. JaCk CaCk


  47. A Y R T O N

    My favorite alien ant farm song!

  48. Amateur Pranks

    Уже стареет(

  49. Tom Berlin Shrapnel

    illuminati. got 'em.,.kilsatan.(no hater -..).openlY.,KiLlumInaTi.,T.b.S.,

  50. David Bristow

    Why isn't this on iTunes in the UK?!!!?? Took an age for Glow to be uploaded

  51. WhiteMt Forsale


  52. Chris R


  53. Andre Bell

    Underrated song. My 3rd favorite single by them after movies and smooth criminal.

    I'm The Captain Now!

    +Andre Bell Well, they didn't really write smooth criminal...

    Luís Velhinho

    +I'm The Captain Now! Its kinda re-imagined, apart from the main riff and the chorus you have a lot of different stuff that sound in the same key as the original. But at the end of the day yea its a cover.


    +I'm The Captain Now! He didn't say they did......he just stated it is his favorite single on that album.


    Andre Bell those two songs are their most popular.

  54. GoAwayGoogle

    Needs more CowBell.


    the first thing that I thought too hah

  55. andreace89

    Is it just a my observation or the place at 1:05 looks like the same of the most famous Rodney Mullen video?


    think you are right! I recognise it from thps3 😂


    Venice? Yeah, it is the same place.

  56. The Gaming Ninjoe

    Needs more cow bell.

    Mike Are

    I got a fever...and the prescription is...

    Matthew O'Donoghue

    @Mike Are More cowbell?

    RabbitWerks JavaScript

    less ow oww ;)

    arif fatahilah

    Vector analysis


    The Gaming Ninjoe ok

  57. Ninjizza

    this isnt on itunes :(

    I'm The Captain Now!

    +Ninjizza Theres a reason...


    +I'm The Captain Now! which is smartass??

    I'm The Captain Now!

    its bad...

  58. james martin

    33 people didnt go around the block

    Teth Adam

    +james martin
    Literally right above
     Chris Loop 9 months ago
    27 people didn't go around the block

    Congratulations on making something unoriginal even more unoriginal.


    +james morris James you just wrecked James

  59. Dak's Entertainment Center

    I remember first listening to this song during Summer YEARS ago. I was also playing Fallout 3 around this time when that game was relatively new. Good times.

  60. daniel wallett

    there's a song that sounds similar to this. does anyone know what it is?


    yeah man, its "Smells Like Team Spirits"

  61. Arianne Section

    I love this song!!!!!

  62. Jairo Alexander Bustos Rincon

    excelente canción 

  63. mrpelon1000

    i take it these are the only remaining original members....times tustve been ruff he needed to cut that hair

  64. Chandler Jansen

    the only song that I've liked is smooth criminal the rest are kinda bad

    Boing Dingaling

    tbh Smooth Criminal is their worst song. It's a gimmick that unfortunately overshadowed how talented and awesome AAF is.


    +Chandler Jansen Wish is my favorite, Attitude is up there too


    I have to disagree, this song is far supirior to whatever some MJ song.


    Not true. Check out San Sebastian, Crickets, Supreme Lifestyle, Calico, Flesh & bone. I could name more.


    Boing Dingaling 100% agree

  65. Christian Saleen 27


  66. Andrew Costello

    I like it, always did

  67. Brian Driscoll

    I agree with @Amanda Winegarner that relative to the rest of the AAF catalog this song is pretty terrible.

  68. EdwinSutphenPhoto

    Can't wait for Always And Forever!

  69. r6srider

    It was sounding great, but, I could of used a little more cow bell


    or maybe you could *have* used some more cowbell

  70. Amanda Winegarner

    This. Sucks


    Thankyou for ya opinion now fuck off 

    Papaj tox

    amanda thx for stealing my value pixels on my screen xD.. fuck off asap!


    Your taste in music? Indeed.


    your taste in music tastes like dick.

  71. malcolm9001

    This is currently my fav AAF song.... still new to them only heard about 5 songs

    Shahid Ullah

    malcolm9001 wow it’s been 5 years

  72. Bussarin Boi

    Sry folks but here Dryden looks a little chubby compared to pretty much every other video he's made! Ok....I'm off to watch movies again ;)

    Kayla Totten

    He still looks good to me Still cute even now. :D

  73. Bussarin Boi

    If it wasn't for the palms I'd swear this was Spain!

    P.s. What happened to these guys? AAF disappear but papa roach still tour!?! There's so much wrong with the world!

  74. Oz Medina


  75. This Weird World

    +MrMononcste they are not pop punk. . .


    They are. At least, on a leaning definition.

    This Weird World

    Well what definition are you using?

  76. 85gslse

    This band got me through the hardest breakup of my life and I became a better perso because of them. Thank you AAF

    VirusEffect X

    That's awesome ,that they helped you too. I been there ,break ups suck,even know my ex & I broke up. I still kept to my word & uploaded her song,to get her voice out there. I'm glad you are stronger person.

  77. Mischief Managed

    Hard to believe Dryden has a daughter now

  78. Ron Erk


  79. SarahBisch

    This is probably one of my top 5 favourite AAF songs. I can't believe I still haven't seen them live. Definitely one of my favourite bands. All of you who have them playing near you better appreciate those cheap bus meet and greet packages. Would love for that chance.

  80. CrzyNannerMunky

    im pretty sure there filming in hunnington beach... it looks so familiar, but its in california for sure

  81. Courtney

    lmfao you read everyones mind

  82. helmsplitter0233


  83. ii2901

    One of my favorite bands ever. I remember hearing movies back when I was in 7th Grade, been hooked since!

  84. ucsb1985


  85. Mr Pete

    love these guys, awesome video! huntington beach rocks..

  86. yuumsta

    Moar Cowbell

  87. Andrew Paterson

    AAF Hell Yeah!!

  88. LaurieBooz

    Saw these guys yesterday c: So awesome hahah

  89. חם שטראוס

    Kick ass

  90. CheekyDennis

    Loving the cowbell

  91. Brandon Swartz


  92. Rafael Otálora


  93. Rafael Otálora

    Where's the band???

  94. DevineObjectOfHatred

    Needs more no hawk

  95. exploreitsgood4u

    Needs more cowbell.