Alice Peacock - Time Lyrics

And so I wept and raged and cried
And came through on the other side
I thought what is this that dissolves to dust
What remains of the two of us
You have left an empty space
A memory that's hard to trace
A momentary flash of light
In Time
And all across the universe
Everything expanding
At once a blessing and a curse
A beginning and an ending
I don't know the mystery
Of why we're here or how we came to be
I think we're measured by our heart
If we've been kind and done our part
Will anyone remember me?
I guess my friends, my family
We're intertwined - their lives and mine
In Time
And all around the world tonight
People are embracing
Cause it's all about the love you give
And you don't want to waste it

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Alice Peacock Time Comments
  1. Judy Abrams

    Thank You Alice

  2. Remixomitosis

    Melek Ta'us. That's all I got to say.

  3. JuanLuengas

    shit!!!does anybody know how to tell my girl friend i felt in love of this beautiful and talented girl?

  4. Gxyz222

    I love her song, "Imagination", it's beautiful and to me it's her best song(this is pretty too)!

  5. ankhaton

    The best Bass player in the world : Gary Peacock
    related ???

  6. ankhaton

    Haha - That was 3 years ago - and I ordered her CD immediately -
    I will not prove by mentioning some ugly girls I like too
    So, please link me to the 5 you say are better
    Who knows
    Please give me Thumbs UP
    for my audition to
    - - - please

  7. HonRevPTB

    @ankhaton If she was ugly would you say the same thing? Cuz I can name at least 5 local girls who sound light years better and are less generic!

  8. Z J Proz


  9. BayAreaPictures

    Alice gave writer Keith Raffel permission to use Time for the book trailer that we produced - search on Keith Raffel Smasher !!

  10. HerschelKrustofski

    i used to have that hat!

  11. GetnFunky

    the perfect woman

  12. pongman

    Awesome song.

  13. quadfin1234

    and i will be rooting her!-hopefully

  14. ankhaton

    and what a great song. - I thought Diana was the best - you'r equal, no slightly better.
    Saying that the only thing counting in the Univers
    is to be kind and compassionate !!!!
    Therefore I played a Sorry Song to the cows ( les vaches ) some days ago (but I'm not a Prof_player )

  15. theriven1

    : ) very nice, very nice...mhhmmm sounds eternaly.