Alice Peacock - Sunflower Lyrics

Sunflower smiling at the sun
Your time is gonna' come
Keep your eyes on sunny skies
Your heart soars above the clouds
Sings a song out loud
For a brand new day - not so far away
Isn't it amazing - what you see
Isn't it amazing - what you do
Isn't it amazing - everything
Sunflowers in spring - they're just like you
Sunflower wipe away your tears
All your doubts and fears
You were born to fly - so high
Sunflower everybody knows
You're the one that grows in a sunny place
Such a happy face

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Alice Peacock Sunflower Comments
  1. Muireann Lane

    Sweet nostalgia 🌻

  2. Mary Rolled It

    This song is beautiful and more people need to know about it.

  3. Vi som elsker

    I love this song!

  4. Ellie Lana

    I just finished watching Because of Winn-Dixie and butterfly made me cry so hard lol. I love all of the songs on the movie though and i think my favorites are Sunflower and Butterfly. This movie makes me want to move to the country

  5. Sofia Renee

    yay i get be the first one to comment!!!!! lol