Alice Peacock - Lovely Lyrics

I’ve never known someone quite like you
You take my breath away
You knock me out with the little things you do
And all the words you say

Because you’re lovely
Lovely you see
That’s all there is to it
So very lovely, lovely to me

Sometimes when you’re looking in my eyes
I can’t hold your gaze
Cuz’ I don’t know if you can read my mind
And what it will betray

Because you’re lovely
Lovely you see
I can’t deny it
So very lovely, lovely to me

I cannot wait ‘til I see you again

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Alice Peacock Lovely Comments
  1. Wayne Dent

    Ghost Whisperer must have helped a lot of artists to be heard. There is a site that can be found by typing "songs from Ghost Whisperer". Whoever picked the music for that show did a great job!

  2. aleyda v

    i got this song from ghost whisperer too. i thought no one likes it anymore

  3. 1976GeorgeMa

    Thanks for posting. I too, first heard this on Ghost Whisperer. Perfect wedding song I would think.

  4. Rafael Rodrigues da Costa

    I remember this track from ghost whisperer. I love this song, makes me remind a lot o things a left behind, kinda nostalgic

  5. whisperer_4life

    I love this song!!! It was on Ghost Whisperer and I fell in love with it! Thanks!!!!

  6. Helen Brooks

    You are lovely <3

  7. Emily Ahlstrin

    new favorite song(:

  8. Benjaminyql

    You're so very lovely~ Lovely to me~

  9. NaTu DvaLii

    Auu am Musikis MP3 versia minda da ver vipoove :(:(:(

  10. marticka

    Grey Room rip off!

  11. squizzandthom

    Rofl Grey Room got ripped!

  12. LadyShillelagh

    song thief

  13. bretz8

    its GREY ROOM! hahahaha!

  14. damiensongs

    is this damien rice's Grey room?

  15. mileycyrusfan93

    @deadat45 Your welcome♥

  16. 11Minerva

    @candycaneloly it is on itunes :)

  17. mileycyrusfan93

    @candycaneloly I don't remember. Itunes, maybe?

  18. Coffeejunkie84

    This song sounds a hole lot like Damien Rice's Grey Room.......

  19. mileycyrusfan93

    @candycaneloly oh i know;) The writers were silly to make him die anyways:o

  20. mileycyrusfan93

    @candycaneloly Same:)

  21. mileycyrusfan93

    @fullmoonlp you're welcome :) I first heard it on ghost whisperer too :D