Alice Peacock - Here I Go Again Lyrics

Every now and then I find myself back in old
familiar places
And I look into the mirror and I can't quite recognize
who that face is
I've been talking in my sleep
Think I've fallin' in too deep
Here I go again - dancin' round and round the edges
Here I go again - tempting fate out on the ledges
Here I go again - could be flirting with disaster
Here I go again - I should slow down but I'm going faster
Sometimes I throw caution to the wind guess I'm
drawn into the drama
And I try to tell myself that I should stop but it
looks like I don't wanna'
Cuz' I love flyin' high
And the look that's in your eyes
I've been blind-sided and sanctified it feels
Good and bad at the same damn time
I know it's wrong but I just hold on
This addiction to you is keeping me alive
But I have to let you know
That I have to let you go
Cuz' every now and then I catch a glimpse of who I am
And I don't like what I see

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