Alice In Chains - When The Sun Rose Again Lyrics

Run, run 'til you drop
Hide, everyone knows
We all trade in 'never-befores'
Selling out for the score

Pray, squeal when you're caught
Cry, it's not my fault
Time to trade in 'never-befores'
Selling out for the score

Seems you prophesized
All of this would end
Were you burned away
When the sun rose again?

Hate, long wearing thin
Negative, all you've been
Time to trade in 'never-befores'
Selling out for the score


Seems you prophesized
All of this would end
Were you burned away
When the sun rose again?


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Alice In Chains When The Sun Rose Again Comments
  1. Il cavaliere Oscuro

    I'm in love with the solo

  2. Brendo Matos

    Essa musica é Hilário!!!!!

  3. Matthew C

    Your name bro, funny af lol

  4. Guinevere Jones

    Layne Staley why the fuck did you have to die. Why?? You should still be alive. You robbed those who loved you!!! Damn you!!!

  5. Weird Last Name Guy

    Any other songs with choruses as haunting as this?

  6. Matt&Meg Adams

    Sap brother vibe on the selling selling out for the score part

  7. kurt brown

    This whole album is tribute to layne

    The Cherry Blues Project

    and a beautiful one

  8. Guinevere Jones

    Fuck Jerry YOU ROCK DUDE.

  9. minkya1010

    Feels like the old west

  10. skank hunt42

    Just read that they performed this live for the first time ever a few days ago hope someone out there got footage of it

  11. Adam Smith

    I'd put this pretty damn near the number one AiC songs spot, personally.

  12. ItsAmazingHowIAm

    At first I thought this song was about the 2012 end of the world prophecy and how it didn't come true.


    But it came out in 2009


    Correction: How it WOULDN'T come true.

  13. GrayWoIf

    One of the few bands I'm so happy kept going

  14. oscar gonzalez arnedo

    ACOJONANTES!!!.AIC 4ever in my soul.

  15. TheHagen83

    This song is beautiful !

  16. Turissss

    What a beautiful song

  17. Dave

    No he's not layne but he's still great and Jerry and band didn't change the style for the masses. Fun fact (laynes mom still supports aic and didn't want them to change the name) if the deceased original singers mother supports them why can't we??

  18. Traci Turner

    You think you are getting away with your bullshit ,but you're the one who awakes and has to live in "YOU"OH SAD MISERABLE ONE but you know we have all traded a"NEVER BEFORE" but we are not free from the consequence


    I am pretty sure Layne is okay with Jerry taking over for him. He would be happy to know that they are still playing without him around. Jerry Cantrell is an awesome singer anyways and it makes me feel good to know that they are still collaborating. Rock on AiC.

  20. Simon Belmont

    So the sun goes to rise once again
    This is awareness
    Someone strangle me

  21. Ely Gallego

    Jar Of Flies style, I love it

    Lavandina Querubín

    Sap style

  22. TheExplodingPumpkin

    Tenacious D + Simon and Garfunkel.

  23. Max Grean

    Pure trash

  24. dirtbagdarrell2008

    it means whatever you want it to mean.

  25. Allison Chains

    This song is not a dig at Layne. This is rather a dig at the fans that said they should discontinue after Layne's death. "Were you burned away when the sun rose again?" The sun is one of their oldest album logos. "We all traded never befores, selling out for the score..." He's saying they all did things they never thought they would do, but that's what happens to people when they hit mega-stardom. Also, he's saying they all sold out for the "score", not just Layne. Sean was a big drinker back in the day and Jerry had his coke addiction.

    James Ruggiero

    also... the score.... they all took the money... bigest score there is.

  26. PanteraAICtestament

    This album is so hauntingly beautiful

    Mike Robare

    PanteraAICtestament agreed.

  27. Igor Kisielow

    How  I Love this

  28. Igor Kisielow

    Good. I v got drunk only understood , then...

  29. RebelSlash

    Great song, very underrated

  30. rawan zaza

    I'm looking for depressing/melancholic songs similar to this one, any suggestions please?

    Triginta Tres

    Shining (Swe) - at least "the eerie cold"

    Allison Chains

    Nutshell, Rotten Apple, and check out Mad Season, Wake Up, River of Deceit

    Richard Wright

    rawan zaza the whole AIC discography

  31. James Bargar

    The chorus in this song is one of the most emotional choruses I have ever heard. Truly an amazing song


    I agree!

    buzz killington

    great song either way, but that solo, short but very sweet. lots of emotion in it. I love it

  32. crinklycracks

    Theres just something so.. haunting about the lyrics. I cant really explain it

    Nicolás Riveros

    That's the magic of Alice in Chains for you

    Bryan L. Morrison

    Yet beautiful, and hopeful

  33. Mad Alice: A Tribute to Alice in Chains & Mad Season

    I couldn't imagine trying to sing this song in the studio. I heard Jerry became rather ill while recording this album. Lots of emotion in there. I applaud them for picking up the pieces and continuing to write. Layne was lightning in a bottle and can never be replaced. But I think they found a good brother in William. That dude can sing!

  34. SoldierSide77

    Let me start by saying I love Alice in Chains, new and old. I like Layne Staley and I like William Duvall about equally. Maybe someone can clear things up for me regarding the lyrics of this song and other songs on this album. It seems to me like these lyrics are total attacks at Layne. Does anyone else agree?Selling out for the score - Layne gave up the music for his drug addictionSeems you prophesied all of this would end - Layne knew he was going to die of his addiction, and predicted it in his last interview, 3 months before his death, telling the interviewer "I know I'm dying. This fucking drug use is like the insulin a diabetic needs to survive."There are others I don't have time to look up, but are the guys expressing some hostility toward Layne? It just seems like a big dis to him, and he's a big part of why they are a successful band.

    Sebastian Coe

    +SoldierSide77 i agree with googliamoog - if it is about Layne, it isn't because Jerry is insulting him, but rather he is angry/sad because Layne left them behind

    Mad Alice: A Tribute to Alice in Chains & Mad Season

    +SoldierSide77 I agree... but you have to realize they went through that shit with him. In a way what Layne did was a betrayal to his band and those that loved him. This is one of my favorite tunes from the post Layne Alice in Chains. Part of me also thinks it might be written to the fans that thought the band should end after Layne passed. It's hard to watch someone waste away without feeling a sea of emotions ranging from sadness to remorse, regret, anger... They've been though a lot. I can understand why they might miss him dearly and also be pissed at him for it.

    Mad Alice: A Tribute to Alice in Chains & Mad Season

    +googliamoog Yes.


    +Mad Alice: A Tribute to Alice in Chains & Mad Season You definitely make a good point there.


    +Mad Alice: A Tribute to Alice in Chains & Mad Season. I agree. Layne put them through hell with his drug use and habits that came with it. For me, this song hits home so hard because my brother passed away around the time this album was released, but I can't help but think there's a little subtle animosity in this song towards Layne.

  35. Lord Goat

    This shit is brutally epic.

  36. metaltera86

    This is such a good album. Its nice to hear a band from the 90s evolving into something different, but still excellent 

    David T

    hell yeah


    Well that is mainly because Layne died i would say:Peace:

    scott v

    Evolving while maintaining that ethereal sound

  37. ThrasH HarD

    The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun


    buddy Holly wrote the original Beatles ripped

    ThrasH HarD

    Fr? I gotta check it this out lol

  38. Giannis manos



    Run, run 'til you drop
    Hide, everyone knows
    We all trade in never-befores
    Selling out for the score

    Prey, squeal when you're caught
    Cry, it's not my fault
    Time to trade in never-befores
    Selling out for the score

    It seems you prophesized
    All of this would end
    Were you burned away
    When the sun rose again?

    Hate, long wearing thin
    Negative, all you've been
    Time to trade in never-befores
    Selling out for the score

    It seems you prophesized
    All of this would end
    Were you burned away
    When the sun rose again?

    Giannis manos


  39. Jason

    Best guitar solo since Time.

  40. CometVS

    Awesome song!

  41. thecerp1ntaxt

    Been addicted to this song for like the past month, definitely my favorite off this album.

  42. Gibs

    Yup! Another one would be Phantom Limb. I wish that Duvall would sing lead more often, he has one hell of a voice.

  43. Rob Of Ages

    Hung On A Hook off of the new album also has DuVall singing lead and holy shit it's good. XD

  44. freddy ferble

    after 14 years !!!! this is great stuff they kept the flaver may Lane R I P

  45. Gibs

    Both, but Cantrell is the one that stands out in the mix. A great song to here Duvall sing solo is Last of my Kind.

  46. Joseph Johnson

    Both of them are singing. Harmonizing lyrics

  47. Cantrell Fan

    We should play this live!!!

  48. mstpriest

    It's not Layne singing, but this is a great song.

  49. kristopher merchant

    Private Hell is definitely my favorite song from BGWTB, with this song being a close second.

  50. Ofx78y

    this is the best album from 2009

  51. Mirej Botica

    ...sure looks like it.

  52. papagorgio23

    Gay Queer

  53. BlackGingerito

    is this cantrell or duvall??

    Ali Sulaiman

    BlackGingerito both

  54. papagorgio23

    I hope i just got trolled.

  55. papagorgio23

    Bane of humanity....

  56. papagorgio23

    absolutely, i can't help but think this song is and ode.

  57. papagorgio23

    You just copied The Ramones dude...:p

  58. valiantavalonusknigh

    In his death he has finally found the high he was looking for...happy..eternally..RIP

  59. Lukas rodrigues

    Here is notable post-grunge bands influence.

  60. Michael Dunn

    definitely Layne inspired vocals

  61. Leanne Ncube

    You better believe it I think this is their best work yet too.

  62. pureblackeagle

    Indeed, Right Turn is pretty great, but that doesn't make up for the rest of it being lackluster by their standards. Granted, it's the second thing they put out.
    My point being, one song doesn't make an entire album (or in this case, EP) great.

  63. Isla D

    no, but hey that's your opinion (not judging)

  64. pureblackeagle

    This has literally the BEST chorus I've ever heard.

  65. pureblackeagle

    Most, yeah. Off the top of my head, Acid Bubble and Last of my Kind are the only ones where William is lead singer. Don't quote me on that, though.

  66. pureblackeagle

    Might shock you to hear, but it's my favorite, too. And I think Facelift is better than Dirt, too. Alice in Chains is ALMOST better than Dirt, but not quite.
    I think we can all agree Jar of Flies is the best and SAP is the worst.

  67. D Roth

    Cantrell once again proves that he is the master of simple, stripped down solos that elicit unbelievable emotion without playing a thousand notes. In an interview once with Dimebag Darrell, Dime mentioned Jerry as being one of his favorite guitarists for exactly this reason.

  68. Dylan Palazzolo

    This just has to be one of the best songs on Black Gives Way To Blue, right along with...well, everything else! BGWTB will never really be better than the older albums (especially Dirt), but it was a really damn awesome album!! Will and Jerry just sound so fantastic together! I do still miss Layne so much though...RIP brother :'(

  69. blindmelonsoup

    2:03 mmmmm sweet solo:D

  70. Gabi Sur

    on black gives way to blue on the most songs is jerry singing?

  71. Shocking Blue fan Andy Nirvana

    This is my favorite song from this album,i like Black gives way to blue but their best albums are Facelift,Dirt,Jar of Flies and Alice in Chains

  72. r343guiltyspark

    there is no such thing as a below average aic album

  73. ElegyForTheMasses

    While this is m least favorite of AiC's albums, it's not bad. I like most of the songs on it.

  74. IcyScythe

    man the vocal harmonies are so haunting. My fav part about AiC

  75. jargqac

    Layne is in that song. It seems like parts of Rooster, if I´m not wrong...

  76. Mateusz Mszyca

    I hear Lyane in this song :

  77. Sooth Sayer

    solo is short but really sweet

  78. Cactaceae33

    You nailed it..

  79. Cactaceae33

    So tender and chill, yet subtly depressing and dark. Gotta love this beautiful song, album and band.

  80. Marco Matos

    what is this lyric about? ;)

  81. Permanent Tourist

    God I love this album!!! Such wonderful unique chord progressions! Almost like something late Romantic composers would come up with if they wrote grungy metal.

  82. BeadBoczer

    hey i didn't bitch about any band, i like godsmack

  83. skyehoyt1971

    I heard Sully had a big ass cold sore and was told it looks like god smacked you.
    Why do people bitch about bands like Godsmack when they are fucking great compared to today's thoroughly shitty bands.

  84. BeadBoczer

    because godsmack rips of Alice in chains, they fucking named themself "godsmack" after the alice in chains song godsmack for fuck sake.

  85. shelnora

    it's slightly haunting yet amazing how i can hear layne singing in this and other songs from this album..... great song

  86. makkornen

    Don't diss Ozzy, he's way better than this band could ever be...

  87. Mad Cow

    This is the second best song on the album.

  88. Marcus Deak


    They had enough "bread on their tables" from "Dirt" alone. To me this album really impresses me. Im amazed they could keep their same style and add a new element. ( although they did have 14 years to do it). This record is dynamite and hate to say it, does compete with the old AIC. However, Layne was the heart and soul of AIC. Layne lived the damn lyrics, who cares who wrote them. That's a singer.

  89. dorcap7

    P.S.: @crossfiremechanix - I agree with that it's a good record, but never dis Ozzy!
    I know Ozzy had better albums, but Scream is ain't that bad!

  90. dorcap7

    @NissouRinehart I can't believe here's an Alice In Chains fan that rathers
    Black Gives Way To Blue over Dirt.... I know that I'd rather Dirt.

    But yeah, it is a great album!
    I should buy it sometime.
    Great song! would kill to hear Layne (RIP) singing it...

  91. JoeyFNFingers

    @BacktothatgooleMusic there's more to a band than the singer. AIC has been one of my favorite bands for the last 2 decades. I'm not saying your wrong in your points but there's more than just the vocal aspect to music. It's a shame that more people don't recognize that.

  92. Anissa Bsd

    In my opinion, Black Gives Way To Blue is their best album. They give me goosebumps. <3

  93. blindmelonsoup

    amazing solo by cantrell

  94. picklesnickels

    I loved this from the moment I first overheard my older brother listening to it on the headphones. Aha.

  95. Mors Inimicis

    @marcsousabrasil Yea, its fucking great. Fuck the haters!