Alice In Chains - Voices Lyrics

Who am I, is this me?
Am I one or thirteen?

I've gone cold, hard to deal
Used to stand where I kneel

Everybody listen
Voices in my head
Everybody listen
Does yours say what mine says?

I want more, than I need
I don't know what is real

Everybody listen
Voices in my head
Everybody listen
Does yours say what mine says?
Anytime I listen
Voices in my head
Everybody listen
Does yours say what mine says?

Whispering of names, faces
Uniforms I've worn
And all that is gone
Always climbing
To fall down again
Holding onto everything
It's not what it seems

I've been told, dreaming's free
Think I'll go back to sleep

Everybody listen
Voices in my head
Everybody listen
Does yours say what mine says?
Anytime I listen
Voices in my head
Everybody listen
Does yours say what mine says?

Calling out the names, faces
Uniforms I've worn
And all that is gone
Always climbing
To fall down again
Holding onto everything
It's not what it seems

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Alice In Chains Voices Comments
  1. Andrea Ruggia

    Veramente un grande pezzo!

  2. Raymond DeLarge

    2:20 Layne's picture

  3. Hanz Krupps

    Jerry held Alice together...❤ miss you, Layne👼.

  4. mrs D vapes 2 bfmv

    I like this song Layne Stanley may he RIP Layne would be proud of Jerry

  5. renovatio renovatio

    the outro reminds of the Cult

  6. iwannagosurfing139

    RIP Cobain, RIP layne, RIP GRUNGE

    The Cantrell Project

    Grunge aint dead until is dead. PJ, AIC, Mudhoney, Melvins and others still carrying the flag

  7. K Dubya

    Jerry is kinda like a Tom Petty. His voice isn't great but it's good enough to get the job done. He's no Layne but he's done well for himself after Layne died.

  8. Josh Benoist

    Indeed the Rock n Roll hall of fame is where this band from inception needs to be!!!!

  9. Josh Benoist

    As long as AIC stays together "HARMONIZATION" will never die!!!

  10. Swati Digvijay Bora

    I love William DuVall! He’s got his own style. Who could have imagined a black guy in a grunge/ rock band! 😁

  11. KsiazeIgor

    In my oppinion this is their best song after the rebirth of the band. Equally melodic and sick. If Jerry writes a tune it could even been played on the acoustics and still is freaky and heavy AF.

  12. Mike Uhlir

    Miss Layne terribly... but they picked up the pieces. Got WD on board and are once again making some great music. Jerry is a great guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. Really talented guy.

  13. elusive mg

    need to cover this

  14. Norman

    This is a really good song

  15. Jerod Hamilton

    This song is great on acid

  16. josh aborigeno

    Pelle d'oca costante

  17. dstubby82

    At the intersection of blues and metal stands AIC.

  18. Budlight Falcon

    wish i was sitting at that bar.

  19. CarolDefLeppfan always

    Jerry Sounds Great!!! He was shy about singing but Layne pushed him, Sounds Awesome!!$

  20. Pablo Alexenicer

    video de gran producción, detalles de arriba abajo.


    not simple after what happened in their career with ex singer....but they' re still a great group, professionists and respectable of their past ...

  22. Matt Kurtz

    How many bands last 30 years and still crank out good new music?

  23. Steve Wilson

    Jerry is a universe of different music ideas...i learn from him ,to mix it up...when I compose...thanks Jerry!!

  24. Dirty fuckin red Miller

    It rocks.

  25. Larry Gravelle

    I've heard worse...



  27. Darth Revan

    Playing this while changing my newborn son’s diaper lol and he likes it! Got to teach em early!

    Steve Austin

    Darth Revan,

    Your disposing his body of shit, music wise and literally.

  28. Mitch R

    What park were they in for the opening shot? View of downtown Seattle? Anyone know?

  29. Twiizzlers

    This song is a master piece wow..

  30. Hanzy Krupps

    Cantrell makes sure his riffs are close ups. 🤣

  31. Nick B

    I want to like this. I do. But I cannot accept them here. It's too pop.

  32. Ralph Galione

    needs two verses

  33. Goha Man

    God bless Jerry for best traditions, love him for his way.This video looks so warm, damn

  34. Adarious Mistdancer

    It is so weird seeing Jerry without long hair lol

  35. cooltunesmadeezy damn awesome

  36. Harry Cox

    For me Sean Kinney is a very underrated drummer. A bit like Ringo Star he just seems to play to the rhythm of the songs incredible well.

  37. Reveille Circus

    The Great Escape From Hell. The young years.

  38. Jhonatan Lopes

    Still underrated

  39. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 420

    So Damn Awesome!!! I Wish I could of been at the concert tonight at Tinley Park,Il>>>>>>

  40. rick a

    Jerry looks like he's mad he cut his hair.

    Susan P

    @Occam's Razor It was also long in AZ and GA a few months ago. Long like always.

    Susan P

    @Occam's Razor We had amazing seats but, as our luck would have it, the fan above our section was not moving. LOL It was hot but not like our GA hot, so we were ok to be there for a couple of days. Amazing performance by AIC and Korn. Both shows.

  41. Guitar Heretic/*x

    This is good because Cantrell isn't capable of writing a bad song. However, it feels incomplete. Like a section is missing.

  42. Jackster BASS

    Talent -Jerry's idea's are always clever the right ingredients & the bass lines are a blast to learn & play along to! gives you deeper insight as a bassist how good he really is🎸👍

  43. Alem Temjen

    Layne Staley is the best

  44. Mondo Shredder

    Dude, what happened to your hair?


    1 out of 10 stars. It's like "jumpin Jack flash" just slowed down.

  46. jagoda wajda

    jerry thanks...

  47. TO-ED-GEIN

    Snare drum kick ass

  48. Yasmine

    I love the way they put Layne and Kurt there @2:20. So subtle and yet so powerful.

  49. Gustavo Abreu

    this is alice in chains? looks like nickelback

  50. MFL

    Hit like if you are listening in 2019.

    Sebastian Krajewski

    No one that opened the video is listening to this...God damn you are moron!!!

    Dirty fuckin red Miller

    I really dig this tune


    Dirty fuckin red Miller it’s a definite go back to song for AiC. one of the better ones with duvall

  51. S.A. Hogan

    horror/thriller author at books sez: AIC's best post-Layne outing, proving not only that AIC is alive and well but just how important JC has always been to this band. Enjoyed the references to my beloved Seattle as well!

  52. Chema

    I love tihs bassline

  53. b24harman

    I love the album version of the newer songs because it's all Jerry, you don't really have to hear that other twat.

  54. Nick ripley

    I feel like it's been jerry all along he really is the driving force

    Seth Pujol

    Nick ripley man you crazy as hell! They just as soon should’ve broke up when he died. All their newer songs suck as far as I’m concerned they all sound the same. Jerry ran out of good riffs to come up with but I mean bless their hearts at least they doing what they love. Their popular days are gone though. When anybody mentions aic these days, they speaking of the aic with Staley.

  55. Nick ripley

    Man I love aic and they get better with age never have seen such talent

  56. Monty Pop68

    I wonder what brand bass Inez is playing in the video.

  57. Lividwish

    I love you guys! 💋
    ❤❤❤ 2019❤❤❤

  58. Chris Mclean

    This is a song I don't mind wakein in my head in the morning and playing in my brain all day long understand not like some of the dam stupid ass songs we hear on the radio and as soon as the song starts playing we rush to turn the station like summer time by the cars dam omg why would anyone like a sick ass song like that

    Chris Mclean

    Our rock bands songs need more air time you all understand like SKYNARD has more songs than free bird and sweet home Alabama and omg so on Alice in Chains hardly ever gets air time on the suck ass radio stations here

  59. SuperJiggawhat

    This song is a living classic

  60. Stephen Cawthon

    Used to stand were I kneel. That says it all.

  61. Dragonsfire6664

    Jerry is a guitar riff master, they get stuck in my head and I can’t get them out, true Talent

  62. Pumpkin Pie

    Jerry is wonderful ⭐

  63. Alejandra Olivar

    What a beautiful song, Jerry still amazing.

  64. dakota

    The first 56 seconds is gold

  65. RastaJew

    Oof overproduced to drown out the bland vocals. Cut out half the tracks and effects and it might be a good song.

  66. Zero SixDel

    5:04 A moment of silence for our family, friends, and others who have past away.

  67. Barnes466

    Wonderful song! Your voices are so cool together! Layne would be so proud I am betting :) Long time fan. Be well!

  68. Crashburn 32

    2:20 - Pics of Layne and Cobain on the shelf...

  69. Debbie Strohm Cooney

    I believe Alice morphed into Alice In Chains. Jerry was there looking for a place to stay and Layne took him in. They each had bands. But really Jerry's band wanted Layne to sing for them but Layne was in another band. Of course until that magical day that Layne said F it I want to be in your band. Jerry, Sean, and Mike were ecstatic that this went down. So please don't say it was Jerry's brain or Layne's brain. It was meant to be that way. They were ONE band together. That's why we still love them. So so sad when Mike Starr was told to leave the band, then Laynes death. But hey, Jerry and Sean pulled it together with Mike Inez and Will Duvalle. God Bless Alice In Chains!!!! Oh and God Bless Mikey Starr

    Mikey_Suze Four

    Thank you for acknowledging Michael Starr and of course we all miss you Layne!

  70. Felipe dos Santos

    Right from Cotia in SP -Brazil! Yes, we love AIC!

  71. Matteo Prezioso

    2:20 OMFG

  72. julie r

    Does anyone know if in 2019 these neon lyrics are still up in Seattle?

    Mikey_Suze Four

    You might find one of them @ Pike's Marketplace near downtown Seattle, but that might be a rumor...

    julie r

    @Mikey_Suze Four Thanks! Someday=Seattle!


    Under-rated comment

  73. Fred SismoS : Canadá & Eu

    2:20 easter egg :P

  74. jagoda wajda

    jerry thanks...Layne was be amaizing him...forever in my heart...but his die😢😢😢😢 but respect for new vocalist

  75. lisa woods

    Before its too latejust it won't happen again k with The internet k it won't i realize now what I did typing k

  76. Nicolas Blanckaert

    OK. This is my comment in this amazing section.

    This is maybe my favourite AIC song and one of my top 10 songs (want this at my funeral and my best friend knows everything bout that)

    I must say I have 3 levels of myself : me, Jerry and Layne. Layne is always like "see man ? you f***ed this AGAIN, and you're such a looser, go back to drinking you dirty stupid goose"
    Jerry is like "It's ok, Dude... Get back and take another try"
    Me is like "Voices... In my Head... Won't leave past 25 anyway"

  77. Cinthya

    2:23 ❤️

  78. collin johnson

    Thanks fellas

  79. chad198099

    everybody listen.. .... ?????? no son people only hear what they want. get used to it. I'm old I can say what I want

  80. Shannah Ergenbright

    I just wanna know how jerry went from having long lucious hair to let me speak to your manager hair 😂 but real talk tho, Alice In Chains is one of my all time favorites! Own all there albums!

    Jude Grames

    I'm right there with ya, hon! Jerry had some awesome gorgeous loooong hair. Sean Kinney, too. But I think Jerry's is starting to get a little thin, especially on top. I think that's why he cut it. Hes growing it out again, tho. I hope Sean let's his get real long again, too. His hair wasn't thinning at all. And Mike Inez has a beautiful name also. I love my boys with long long hair, but I get it that Mother Nature plays some mean tricks on the guys. Doesn't really matter. I love the AIC guys anyway, no matter what. Hair short, long, beards, whatever. They will always be my Rock Gods!

    Shannah Ergenbright

    Jude Grames I agree! I do think he needs to cut it if it’s thinning this bad! Love the AIC guys!

  81. Candyman

    Can totally relate to this music. Hits home.

  82. Airik Luna

    I went to 6 concerts this year AIC was my favorite. I know Korn closed the show but AIC sounded so much better.

  83. James Arduini

    I once thought that the loss of Layne Staley would be the death nell of this band. To my happy surprise they have become the wonderful beast they are now.


    Music must go on

  84. LeCalla

    Love the photo of Staley on the shelf. Just tears at my heart.

  85. Bones270

    This reminds me of every bar scene in America

  86. Chicco Barilla

    I was impressed by the video of Wlliam Duvall. It is Duvall’s solo song “‘Til The light Guides Me Home”. Pls go view it and like
    it’s worth it.

  87. Jeff shuba.

    Seen aic in Pittsburgh. 2 weeks ago Sat nite! Love favorite band! They were amazing!!! Would go every nite if I could GOOSEBUMPS!!! Outside venue, sunset n. A breeze. Came through the field!!! Can't explain it!!!!! U have to be there.


    Still kicking it!?!?

  88. Debbie Strohm Cooney

    Love this song! Have to listen again and again and again

  89. Gary Vanreek

    Thanx Jerry..ur music steers my life.. Thru thick n thin... stress and life....AIC4ever

  90. richi 285

    2:22 always in our hearts kurt and layne

  91. derek kras

    what the fuck happened to hiz hair , looks like he had an accident with the lawnmower

  92. David Slanker

    They should have re-named the band when their led singer (Lane Stanly) past away.

  93. Dude D haha Dinkli

    The journey keeps on we hope 😆😊👍🤘rock on and live on more music rock it i röck sounds amazing as Always 👍🤘🖎✍✌💪🤘

  94. Dude D haha Dinkli

    Great song rock on and live on but the voices i dont fucking like leave me be rock on and live on more music 😊😆💪👍🤘👊👏👊🤘

  95. Butter Cookie Bunn

    Love for Alice In Chains for new songs
    and the old