Alice In Chains - Take Her Out Lyrics

Here I am again
I feel time is draggin' on
Aren't you getting tired of me?
Whinging overdrawn

Faceless, blind
Want to take her out again
She's not just mine
Want to take her out again

In a bodiless embrace
Thriving i have grown
Fickle changing grip replaced
Choking take it all

Faceless, blind
Want to take her out again
She's not just mine
Want to take her out again

Dedicated, true to form
Still the only one
Only guarantee
Continue after I am done

Faceless, blind
Want to take her out again
She's not just mine
Want to take her out again

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Alice In Chains Take Her Out Comments
  1. Rodney White

    Banger Central.

  2. Brian Fowle

    Where’s the dude that posts the lyrics???

  3. jc1424

    Don't judge me, but this song kind of um... puts me in the mood.

  4. Kenny Benally

    Listening to this makes me want to leave work, jump in my car, grab a cold sixer and some smokes and head to the nearest look out point above the city for a few cold ones while I ponder life's many questions.

  5. Tony Sajkowski

    Song is haunting and incredable

  6. Metal Sharon

    Awesome tune!!

  7. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    Lovable guitar intro!

  8. David Jr Williams

    Kinda makes you want to take her out don't it?

  9. ricardo perez ortiz

    alice in chains my favorite band from 1990 to 2018 album rainier fog

  10. Elijah Stukenborg

    I've yet to face a single Alice in Chains song that I didn't like

  11. Alexander Moore

    39 people aren't smart now

  12. Steve Summers

  13. Brian McNamara

    Hits me right in the feels...

  14. js king

    Still my favorite song on this album, but the whole album is a masterpiece.

  15. Eric Pearce

    Love the harmonies in this song.

  16. Turnip Sucks

    400 likes. All that means is us listening to a play list!

  17. Lorenzo Barichello

    Weakest song from the album, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it's a good song!

  18. Very Bad Crisis Actors

    I think this is AIC's best album, old or new.

    mehst one

    I like the sarcasm


    @mehst one it actually is their best album you heathen

    mehst one

    @tstochuj not in my opinion.


    It's my favourite too.

  19. crepez

    Just my opinion, this album blows away the other two post-Layne era LPs.


    @Vitor Campbell What are your favorite tracks on Rainier Fog? The only ones I bothered to download were The One You Know, Rainier Fog, and Fly.

    Vitor Campbell

    @crepez Well, I think the title track is pretty good. And from the songs you didnt downloaded I like Red Giant, So Far Under and Never Fade. And All I am too, very emotional.


    @Vitor Campbell Red Giant and So Far Under are just mediocre in my opinion. Idk, there's something kind of generic sounding about Red Giant, can't put my finger on it. So Far Under is better but it kind of sounds similar to Phantom Limb but with mailed in lyrics. Again, all in my opinion of course. Never Fade reminds me of Voices. It's okay, it just is a little too poppy sounding for my tastes. I hated Voices at first so maybe it will grow on me. All I Am...the jury is still out, I haven't heard it enough yet but I think I would say it 's better than the other three you mentioned.

    Vitor Campbell

    @crepez I see. I guess that maybe it might really not be your kind of album, then. Different people have different tastes, and that's a good thing.

    Red Mosquito

    DPDH was really good too, i’ve probably listened to that one the most. But this album is indeed a masterpiece, aged so well over the past 10 years.

  20. prizmprizn

    All 3 of my kids who listen to pop, r&b,rap and country..they all like this song..if that says anything..thank god theres still hope for them

    mehst one

    You need to introduce your kids to the good ol' heron AIC.

  21. corwin r

    Heavy but subdued.. excellent chains.

  22. ToastyIsBaked

    Omfg it does sound just like Layne

  23. SoulReaperSlayer19

    Such an underrated song...

    Boba Fett

    @kruptos vazquez are you fucking retarded? He said it was underrated.

    Nick D

    @Boba Fett Looks like he is! Must be the water...

  24. Paul Johnson

    That was definitely worth the wait. Wow. Smoking hot.


    Paul Johnson wut

  25. HairMetalBrony1016

    Jerry really kills it on this one. Love his vocals!

    Vinyl Diary666

    Great Riff too... Slugdy

  26. hellbillyhound

    My favorite song on the whole album. In the top 5 AiC songs for me.

    Rene Kok

    hellbillyhound I totally agree

    Dale Griffim

    hellbillyhound you need too listen too more AIC ,and i think u would change your mind about your top 5

    mehst one

    I cant be your friend if this is in your AIC top 5.

    Brian McNamara

    mehst top 5 song for me...very familiar with their whole discography

    Sander Zijl

    @mehst one oh yeah, i forgot that people cant have their own opinion. Elitist bitch

  27. Jargon

    Hey i'm Dan, i'm not so Dan.

    Corey Martin

    Mario Maker brought me here!

    Nathaniel Mauro


  28. ezralogan

    Wubalubadubdub Dan!

    Alex Ryan

    Wait, did Dan make a reference to this or something? I was just listening to this before I buy it and randomly stumbled on other NerdCubed fans


    Game grumps Dan, not nercubed

  29. Pumpkin_Masher

    <_< >_> ᵍᵃᵐᵉ ᵍʳᵘᵐᵖˢ