Alice In Chains - Stone Lyrics

I know you think I’m wrong, but I’m not your tour guide
Have a guess, I don’t let you look inside
Cold dry stone

What makes you want to carve your initials in me?
Rained and weathered, erasing, hard to read
Find me distant, outwardly rough, obscene
Cold dry stone

Cold and dry a stone
Cold and dry a stone

I’m not a cornerstone in a palace for you
Time will bring your very own hard truth
Not to worry, ice covered rocks still move
Cold dry stone
Cold dry stone

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Alice In Chains Stone Comments
  1. tenaxxband

    oh man, glad Jerry has grown his hair out again!

  2. M Y

    Love these guys

  3. Drake Poland

    The best post staley AIC song

  4. Paul Mildner

    Tell me a single thing that isn't totally awesome about the

  5. Dead inside Mcgee

    At 1.25 it’s straight up thrash metal

  6. NevTheDeranged

    Was this video the inspiration for Death Stranding?


    Melhor banda do mundo 🎸🌎

  8. Derek Schorsch

    mmm this song makes me bite my lower lip.

  9. Tammie Moore

    Delicious 💫 real music

  10. Joe Schmoe

    I didn’t know Lenny Kravitz was in AIC?

  11. Danilo Dutra

    Stone Temple Pilots and AIC got put two great singers in their bands. Duvall and Jerry's voices sounds great together.

  12. cooltunesmadeezy

    Just finished listening on my headphones and my skin was sizzling..still after couple years..this song is so damn good and that solo... Forget about it..cantrell rocks!!!

  13. Get rolling stoned! drake

    Looks like Bruce Dickinson is the new lead guitarist for Alice in Chains!

  14. Ben Bond

    Say what you want about William. The guy's got a fantastic voice, can totally bring it live, and while obviously no one can be Layne, William was the only one good enough, in the band's eyes/ears, to replace him. That says enough.

  15. Brandon Lilly

    No one can replace Layne Staley. William is good but not as good as Layne.

  16. Emilio

    That riff with the bass backing it sounds sooooooo good!

  17. bza069

    I would've loved to see what Layne could've done with the lead vocals.

  18. Bubbalubba

    So cool man

  19. Jeffrey Strassman

    Jerry Cantrell, king of controlled dissonance!

  20. bob von

    the bassline is just badass!

  21. Ilie Portaresco

    The fact that these guys are not in the hall of fame speaks volumes to the leadership in that damn place. Alice In Chains in league of it own.

  22. Jonathan D'Orazio

    This kicks ass how have I never heard this?

  23. Dirty fuckin red Miller

    This rocks.lane is smiling down from that big gig in the sky.

  24. Chris W Scott

    Jerry is AIC, RIP Layne

  25. MrJudahdan

    I don't know if the name Alice In Chains fits you anymore , you might have to come up with a name that's cooler, because you have become cooler.... if that's even possible. The past could've lied peacefully in it's grave and you could've moved on with a whole new name. Word! come on people, help me name this band, this might take a while , but fill in the blank ("______________")😀✌️

  26. Gold Mystified

    Always been my favourite band!!!

  27. Gold Mystified

    I saw them in concert, fucking gods

  28. Jim's Retro-Gaming

    Pure f*cking Sludge Doom Metal... 👍

  29. Francisco Calvino

    Bass götümü titretttiii wuuuu

  30. Mohammad Hakami

    Layne ‘Would’ be proud <3

  31. Aleferson Ariel

    Lamacento, sujoooo, mal consigo ver a tela do meu celular! Puta que pariu, que riff

  32. Geodude

    Layne would def approve

  33. Mondo Shredder

    Rippin' bass, and Jerry's still got it on guitar, but dude, what happened to your hair?

  34. Mr Potential

    I hate jerry in short hair. He looks way older and gay as fuck

  35. Mummylips

    That kicks ass

  36. DreidMusicalX

    I love AIC, but everytime I watch them with the new singer I only see Layne. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing? Jerry & Layne were awesome and they still have that same sound as the old AIC. So I guess its good they still sound pretty much the same. But damn I sure miss Layne.

  37. Bryan Jacobsen

    Great song and video. To me it speaks on mental health and the effect it has on relationships. Unfortunately in my marriage, I was the guy pulling the cart whose burden became too large and caused him to fall apart. Such a sad tale for people who have had to go through this.

  38. __Phox__ __Trot1__

    Ok why my boy Jerry lookin like Ellen DeGeneres tho ? Glad he's back to his ol self and damn the riffage is crazy fuzzy !! Mike always knocking it out on bass🎸

  39. Martin E.

    I imagine Layne's little laughing with his sunglasses, from heaven, agreeing seeing this video...Layne's spirit is here with Alice

  40. BLARE!!! STEW???

    Been absolutely fascinated recently with what the inclusion or exclusion of a single member in a band will do..

  41. Omair Sheikh

    God damn "sludge" doesn't describe how FILTHY that riff and guitar tone are

  42. Michael Irwin

    Still a great band

  43. chevy ethridge

    Friends don't let friends cut their hair

  44. virus1980

    what an ugly riff!! I LOVE THAT

  45. Wade Higg

    These dudes have remained so true to who they are. This could be AIC from 25-30 years ago . RIP Layne!

  46. camicase007

    BEST PART OF THE SONG 2:40 : when you work hard half-day and you realize...

    that you need to finish the other half...

  47. sdthiagom GAME

    assistam a musica ao vivo é completamente diferente esse novo vocal não me agrada eu não ouço as novas musicas

  48. sdthiagom GAME

    watch the live music is completely different this new vocal I don't like it I don't listen to the new songs

  49. spencer 124

    That bass intro is a real head banger! What a great song!

    Happy to see you guys kept the band alive after the tragic loss of Layne Staley and Mike Starr 🤟😢

  50. Jimmy David

    I still like Alice in Chains, but i miss the original band formation.

  51. No Name

    Friends don’t let friends get haircuts!

  52. P H

    This is pretty good, the only thing it’s missing is Layne

  53. Harlet

    Alice In Chains has been such an inspiring band to so many people over the years! Our band’s music wouldn’t be without them! Long live AIC!

  54. Karla azofeifa valverde

    ¡Wow! I´ve never listened this song before and I confess that it sounds pretty cool

  55. monika Kuba

    Happy place

  56. Jobon Oso

    At least 1000 of the 10 million views are mine, great song to listen to before slaving out a hard day at work

  57. Paul Smith Jr.

    I love how at 3:13 the second to last note of the solo fits nicely with the characters changing to full stone. Makes it sound horrendous.

  58. Rav66 C

    William Duvall reminds me of a singer from my area (NYC) named Guy Speranza. He even looks a little like him. Speranza fronted Riot in the late 70's, early 80's. He was really good. Check out Riot "Fire Down Under."

  59. Moni Marie Bonafide

    eerie, haunting, rifts stick in your head

  60. bikeracer6045

    Heavy and nasty!! That's AIC!! fuck YAAA!

  61. catch22rz

    not many bands can lose a front man like Staley, and come back and kick you in the face like this..Send IT

  62. Brian Nowdesha

    This is ok music, not sure why they can't just use another name like Alice unchained or something. Disrespect.

  63. JazzMan

    Find me distant, OUTWARDLY ROUGH OBSCENE!!! I love that part.

  64. Joseph Bastidas

    That bass groove is so MEATY

  65. Jamal Sampson

    These guys belong in Washington state, not California! Washington state needs more record labels.

  66. Debbie Strohm Cooney

    No one can replace Layne!!! If you do, your just stupid. Layne had one of THE most unique voices I and most everyone ever heard. However, Williams voice and musical talent brings out the best of Jerry's voice. I'm so glad they kept going on with the band. I'm sure Layne's spirit is around them all the time. How could it not?

    Jamal Sampson

    I totally understand & agree with you, this all coming from a guy that was born in 1989 & grew up on the second half of Alice In Chains. Glad the remaining members stuck together & kept rock alive!!!

  67. Gino Hatzeo

    Jerry he is great!!!!!!!!

  68. Marco Meschiari

    Legendary sound. Definitely.

  69. Snazza

    Mmm, that's some good heroin music.

  70. Brian Donoho

    In an electric wheelchair

  71. Brian Donoho

    In Indiana

  72. Brian Donoho

    It was at Ruoff mortgage August 20th

  73. Brian Donoho

    Well I missed the concert unless they cancelled it was stormy here iam in wheelchair I would have worn a rolling. Thunder hat I wasn't a vet was the show canceled

  74. John Holliday


  75. 616 metal musician

    Great live! (Download 2019)

    D Rock 75

    Saw them live in Denver last night and was totally blown away by how great they were! From the jump, with Man in a Chair, they just killed it! So glad I got to see them!

  76. John Smith

    Alice in chains will never die

  77. Jurgis Ladiga

    Post Layne era favourite! But tbh this music video is shite.

  78. Sean Lamb

    This shit is so dirty I need to take a shower ! ! Wooooo

  79. hunter17155 bro

    im 14 and live in the country but thanks to ryan upchurch i have found alice and chains older music is so much better than now day music #rhec


    There's gems out there you just gotta look take a look at some of your local bands see if you like something

    hunter17155 bro

    @girlcrazyrockstar see I live in a very small country town so u cant find no rock music out here

  80. John Casillas

    I know you think I’m wrong, but I’m not your tour guide
    Have a guess, I don’t let you look inside
    Cold dry stone

    What makes you want to carve your initials in me?
    Rained and weathered, erasing, hard to read
    Find me distant, outwardly rough, obscene
    Cold dry stone

    Cold and dry a stone
    Cold and dry a stone

    I’m not a cornerstone in a palace for you
    Time will bring your very own hard truth
    Not to worry, ice covered rocks still move
    Cold dry stone
    Cold dry stone

  81. Hugo Castro sv

    not the same, ever rip layne

  82. ALB

    Jerry... don’t ever cut your hair again. Unacceptable. I don’t make the rules.

  83. Iron Lung 71

    Yeah!!! This song is so badass!!👍👍👍🎸🎸🎸🎸 Jerrys guitar solo is freakin awsome in this song.!

  84. Mr K

    There is no second Layne Staley - or Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Mark Lanegan, etc. That was the great thing about the Grunge movement. The best singers sang with their souls, and there is no copying that.

    I think the New Alice In Chains is best seen in the context of Jerry's solo work.

    Jerry Cantrell - Boggy Depot - 1st Studio Full Album

  85. ThatRandomGuy 78

    This song just brings out that emotion.

  86. Increase

    10 million!!!

  87. David Dollarhide

    fucking rocks

  88. THRILL606

    now that's what I call "rock" music

  89. Henrique Silva

    Lenny Kravitz still plays da shi*!!!

  90. Tanner Steele



    Kinda dikei

  91. Fireflyunix

    you can use my stuff too for the set Davis sure 3rd one yes its fine if you want to sing what I said I wont charge you Davis

  92. Fireflyunix

    Charlie Davis is this singer miss you Charlie glad you are rich I will not ask you for money but I am happy for you good job dad

  93. Avural Vutali

    Alice in Chains forever.

  94. William Hall

    That guitar is unmistakable

  95. Catherine McCurry

    JERRY-🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 SEAN-🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 WILLIAM-🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘💚💚💚💚🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 MIKE-🤘🤘🤘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 ROCK GODS OF THE 21TH CENTURY 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  96. Catherine McCurry


  97. fritz

    2:58 - A Linkin Park moment.

  98. Fireflyunix

    Pan is a mythical being of mythical lands