Alice In Chains - Sludge Factory Lyrics

You insult me in my home, you're forgiven this time
Things go well, your eyes dilate, you shake, and I'm high?
Look in my eyes deep and watch the clouds change with time
20 hours won't print my picture milk carton size
Carton size, carton size

Call me up congratulations ain't the real why
There's no pressure besides brilliance let's say by day 9
Endless corporate ignorance lets me control time
By the way, by the way, by the way

Once again you see an in, discolored skin gives you away
So afraid you kindly gurgle, out a date for me

Now the body of one soul I adore wants to die
You have always told me you'd not live past 25
I say stay long enough to repay all who cause strife

Once again you see an in, discolored skin gives you away
So afraid you kindly gurgle, out a date for me [2x]

"I bear true and an existing witness
To this barrel of monkeys.
A self proclaimed immoral success,
Perfected by each whereof
Individually deadly and equally so
And spread about the surrendered troops,
For even thousands of miles will not
Tear apart their communication, or the lack thereof.
Vultures, liars, thieves, each proclaim their innocence
In no suggestion or rhyme, your weapon is contained in
The wrecking of the keeping the desired effect.
The breaking of the spirit thwarts the whole being.
Your weapon is guilt, your weapon is guilt, your weapon is guilt.

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Alice In Chains Sludge Factory Comments
  1. roninreturns

    We were all too young to remember it, but we had to fall a lot of times before we learned to stand and walk, let alone run. Obviously the guy was nervous and high as could be, Layne and Alice just motored through though. Art is often imperfections in the making.

  2. Britton Hucks

    Damn "M"TV for what it has become...I remember watching these live...memories I'll still have when/if I'm an 85 year old man with alzheimers...

  3. Tyler Leyden

    He looks just like josh, the former rhcp

  4. theRedShogun_125

    "What's my motivation here?"

  5. long island cereal killer

    I always look forward to fuck priceless moments 😢 miss Layne so much

  6. Gemini Girl

    The beginning of this song is the realest shit ever. I love the look between Layne and Jerry when he messes up. It's so reassuring. Like he's saying "dude, it's okay. It happens." This whole concert is fucking lit. I can spend hours watching it over and over. Lost in the melody, music and Layne's powerful vocals. Miss you like hell Layne. Still rocking this December 2019 and into the foreseeable future 💜 AIC forever

  7. Mr. ENGlishJELLo

    Layne messes up 0:38

  8. Justin Brink

    I have to listen to AIC sparingly because it gets me in the feelers every single time.

  9. Ryan Mckay

    Only Layne deserves applause for fuckin up. We miss you sir.

  10. BIMSY 657

    The coolest fucking fuck up of all time ever

  11. Ryan

    Had more passion the second time. Love it

  12. justin jester

    Why did Layne say fuck and restart?

  13. MrChiaboy

    "What's my motivation here?" Well, Layno, you're about to die on us and this needs to be documented.

  14. Celtic Moon Hutcheson

    I was in the town over from Seattle when this event happened. I was 18 and grew up with the grunge bands. They are a large piece of my soul and who I am. Still miss him and this time period every day

  15. Sam Hall

    Such a shame. He was the best. This band still is the best

  16. Karen Lehtinen

    I loved Layne Staley since I set my eyes on him. I knew Alice in Chains would make it. They did. I remember exactly what I was doing the day they announced his death. I was heartbroken and still am. Miss you Layne.

  17. some oomph

    No one:

    Porn gurls: 0:06

  18. mansoldworld

    Its funny how Layne almost made a second mistake on same place... its sooo cool.

  19. Gabriel Mccoy

    I love the smile on Lanes face as he realizes he messed up in the beginning

  20. sebastian rodriguez

    I m happy I grew up with this music!

  21. Rodrigo Hinojosa

    Grande Alice in Chains !!! 😎🤟

  22. Garret Henderson

    Masterful performance

  23. Julian Baxter

    Fun tid bit of Layne trivia, when he was recording tripod, he got a call from record executives congratulating him on the success of the mad season record and that, btw, he'd be expected to finish the tripod record in...9 days due to his inability to work on it consistently cuz of drug use. Those executives were there at that show. I personally don't think he fucked up. Seeing as those lines were actually connected

  24. THE_xiSeanskii vv

    I thought about why there wasn’t a documentary about this band and layne Staley waaaaay before it was actually teased this year its a trip. One of the best pieces of grunge history right mfking here man! May this man live on upstairs playing this music and creating even more

  25. BetrayedColt

    I went from Bleed the Freak '89 to this. He looks so sickly here. RIP

  26. Grande Plinio

    4:35 Lets see it again awesome

  27. Nima Akhtar Khavari

    Hard to believe his body was able to endure 6 more years...

  28. Urban Pioneer 814

    Layne Staley was so talented that even when he screwed up, he made it look masterful.

  29. Odin

    2019, and hearing all these songs still make me blubber. How fucking broke are we :( RIP Layne. I'm a "friends don't let realties friends get haircuts" one, but jesus, I just want to hear Wayne since my own outro. Can we get him inducted to the hall of fame ffs

  30. jeremy Roybal

    Sharing needles is dangerous, girlfriend!

  31. Fairy grant

    I always remembered the bass having "friends dont let friends get haircuts" not "friends dont let friends get friends haircuts"

  32. Jackson Randleman

    what did Layne do to warrant a restart?

    Cecilia Underwood

    Jackson Randleman he messed up the lyrics lol

  33. Jesse Garcia

    My favorite in the whole world

  34. David Miller

    Grew up in Seattle,knew him since my youth,we played soccer on Misty days.
    I miss you.

  35. SatanDynastyKiller

    One of my fav tracks from them.

  36. Julio Ramos

    His voice cuts like the sharpest of knives

  37. K Dubya

    At 4:13 Jerry was perfect. I'm a huge Layne fan but Cantrell was styling here.

    jeremy Roybal

    K Dubya

    @jeremy Roybal - Sup pussy boy?

  38. Ninjatrouble1

    Anyone here who got to see Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains unplugged in person before?

  39. Cody-Gaming

    I like that he actually sounds amazing during a live performance you go listen to any other artist of his time life they sound like shit

  40. David Miller

    FUCK! Jerry's like you should have just ran with it man.

  41. Christine McNulty-Lewis

    Thought it was devastating because I learned after the fact he had passed, he was alone as I understand it, such talent but like this fellow says he was a brilliant person , his music letting him live on somehow. Thank you to my brother who introduced me to Alice and Chains.

  42. Kay Svobodny

    I have to visit AIC at least once a year. Every time I do, I get pulled in by Laynes voice, then the band. I watch all the vids, documentaries, and interviews I can find. His voice is so haunting and yet again beautiful. This truly is one of The Best lead Vocals ever.

  43. Zack Martin

    If any of you fucks listen to grunge; pls listen to my original songs and sub if u dig it.

  44. LightingUrMind

    0:40 me at high school when I took my Math exams.

    Cecilia Underwood

    LightingUrMind LMAOOOO

  45. Sam Anthony

    Like pros! I love it when bands can handle few mistakes with style!

  46. John Doran

    And then he flat out nails it.

  47. Robert Gonzalez

    Layne always pulled it off.. If he was hi or not.

  48. Morgan Thomas

    I feel like he didn’t want to sing about the sludge part cause he said fuck as soon as the
    Reminder life can be hell (drugs) and it made him sad to think about it I believe

  49. soldierinall

    I honestly find this version better than the studio version.

  50. varmint tank

    Go ahead and start over as much as you need brother can listen all day long .. rip

  51. wutangclam

    Does anyone else sing along with the bit he messed up?

  52. sexual napalm

    Love the mistake they left in, gold boys

  53. Marco Roman

    Sounds even more sludge


    Layne its ok u did it gracefully. I still think ur hot and sexy and ur all mine im honored huni. U did well and ur so hot wen u swear😍

  55. Jenna Mary Lou

    This song truly shines unplugged :)

  56. José Alejandro Torrejón

    You know how I know this is not music, because I dont know english and has not sense with lyrics. Thats no music, maybe poems but nothing more, no melody

    Kenny Powers

    Go ride your burro and chug a bottle of cyanide with tequila.

  57. José Alejandro Torrejón

    One to another seems the same song the same miserable guitar solo, what a buch of s..

    Kenny Powers

    Shut the fuck up inbred.

  58. FRANKyyyyy200

    Zajebisty wałek!

    miss Tembo

    Meeega! Kolego, orirntujesz sie może ktory z Polskich zespolow lat 90'tych wzorowal sie na Alice in Chains?

  59. Big Daddy

    This is perfect stuff man I miss Layne Stanley. What even was the fuck up lol it sounded awsome!!

  60. Tj Hooker

    Closest thing to a smile all night

  61. Connor Iquada

    That beginning but was awesome 😂😂😂

  62. Rocio

    Gotta love jerry ❤️

    miss Tembo

    Yeah he's like a big brother to Layne here, very supporting.

  63. Wake N Bake

    1 in a Trillion Layne Staley

  64. Elizabeth Bowie

    Ri.I.P. Layne Stanley

  65. Dave Kellar

    ABBA much better singers

    d x

    Kind of obnoxious how you had to come here to comment this for no reason.

  66. Scarlet Jester

    Never be another, we love yo Layne

  67. Dangar

    da vontade de escutar 2x.

  68. B Pm

    What is our motivation???

  69. B Pm

    Fuck this song get my soul

  70. Jason Shannon

    THIS IS THE BEST.!!!!!!!!!
    M.T.V UNPLUGGED.!!!!!!! (EVER)

  71. Lucy Blue

    Somehow seeing Layne putting his head in his hands at 0:51 made me even sadder than listening to some of his more depressing songs. It makes him so fragile and human. I wish his life didn't have to end in that horrible way.

    miss Tembo

    Same here. Today I've found his sister Jamie Elmer on FB and she's doing just fine as a yoga instructor and I wish Layne could have swapped "H" for some yoga classes, dammit.

    Lucy Blue

    @miss Tembo Good to know that his family is doing well tho! Thanks

  72. Stuke

    I read they did like 5 different takes of Sludge Factory. This was just one of them.

    miss Tembo

    True. Jerry said it took a three hours session to tape the unplugged.

  73. Ghost

    Whenever someone compares another singer from this era saying they’re the best I show them this video. NO ONE! AND I MEAN NO ONE WILL SING LIKE THIS MAN AGAIN. FUCK DRUGS.

  74. Mosh Mosh

    whats my motivation here? love it!!

  75. Stevie Jay

    An unbleeped FUCK on MTV. Well done, Layne.

  76. Sherry Ballard

    I love the way Jerry Re Assures him to keep playing...I LOVE YOU LAYNE STALEY❤❤❤❤Your nothing but Beautiful Baby..Sorry your Struggle was Tragic!

    miss Tembo

    I wholeheartedly agree with you!!!

  77. noahkb80

    Damn. The most beautiful moments are seen in our imperfections as humans.

  78. Steven Mctowelyey

    Fuck I miss the 90s bad

  79. William Oliveira

    1:14 hey quit fucking this up

  80. OFF-Grid HillBilly Style

    This white boy music but your skim color gives you away

  81. OFF-Grid HillBilly Style

    He's like FUCK!!! Okok band...... We're all going to pay the FCC 5k a piece 😂
    Fuck you guys I get paid for this shit 😂

  82. CarolDefLeppfan always

    Woooooow!!!!!! Haynes voice is Mezmerizing!!! It comes so easy. We miss you Layne💙🎤

  83. ukrsys13

    I say stay long enough to repay all who caused strife

  84. Brian Ashton

    I want a gif of Layne saying fuck

  85. Josh Lz

    Alguien me puede decir en que se equivoco ?

    Mishi na

    El la segunda línea de la primera parte el canta la segunda linea de la segunda parte.
    Debería ser:
    You insult me in my home you're forgiven this time
    Things go well, your eyes dilate, you shake, and I'm high
    Layne canto:
    You insult me in my home you're forgiven this time
    There's no pressures besides brilliance let's say by day nine

  86. Andy Dakin

    Weirdly, living through Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc, era, I always just overlooked Alice in Chains because I heard one of their tunes & I wasn’t overly impressed by them. Recent life events have given me a lot of free time in recent years & recently ‘discovered’ that I was far too hasty by dismissing them, & have been enjoying their music as much as I ever did with Nirvana & Pearl Jam since. My own stupidity cost me years of enjoying a bands brilliance. The sadness of their story & the loss of the lead singer & his artistic ability still shining through despite his loss & addiction is admirable. I heard someone recently say, “whats the loss in a junky” & I say, fuck him. He didn’t know that persons story. He didn’t know them. He just knows that he is meant to despise drug users. I get that people don’t want that around their lives & for their loved ones, but its very easy to become a lost soul & try to find yourself in anything, be that drink, drugs, self harm, etc. We don’t want that for our loved ones but wouldn’t it be better to find out why someone does any of the above, rather than just slate the person? Im not a user of drugs or alcohol btw (except prescribed pain killers). But these past few years have given me many things & one of those things is an appreciation that there are so many colours in the spectrum & not everything is as black & white as drugs & addicts are not worth at least attempting to understand & help. Everybody battles their own demons on a daily basis & everybody’s issues are relative. Whats a big issue to one is small to another & vice versa. Some sadly, like the lead singer of Alice in Chains, I don’t think wanted saving. Which is sad for his friends, family & the music industry. I don’t blame him for ending up the way he did, considering his life experiences. RIP chap.

  87. A. Stone Thorn

    Love you Cantrell... change the name.

  88. A. Stone Thorn

    Layne had the gift!

  89. Stella the Locksmith

    At 1 minute in, Layne has his sunglasses on....

    Awesome HD

    Stella the Locksmith They did around 5 takes of this song alone the whole set took around 3 hours because layne kept falling asleep

    Stella the Locksmith

    @Awesome HD whenever I nod out around my friends they throw shit at me. Always works

  90. Tyler Kelly

    It's alright Layne. RIP brother

  91. Random Rojas

    They loved that man.

  92. Big Brother

    This is the grungiest moment in history!

  93. Алексей Нестеров

    О боже он сказал FUCK.

  94. Brad B

    Guys nodding out hard

  95. Bradly C. Crenshaw

    oh yeaahh

  96. Bradly C. Crenshaw


  97. Bradly C. Crenshaw

    oh yeahhh you insult me in my home you're forgiven this time... fuck.. so perfect..

  98. Jeremy Chandler

    So happy i can play this

  99. ace V

    I wake up at night reciting ALICE IN CHAINS