Alice In Chains - Private Hell Lyrics

Give away a love and then remove another too
Painted words adorn the walls, echoing untrue
I feel cold... uh huh, uh huh, uh huh

Promises abound, you rarely find it to begin
Maybe I'm afraid to let you all the way in
I guess so... uh huh, uh huh, uh huh

I excuse myself
I'm used to my little cell
I amuse myself
In my very own private hell

I excuse myself
I'm used to my little cell
I amuse myself
In my very own private hell

Lately I'm beside myself, pretending unconcerned
Standing at a corner where I threw you on a turn
I'll move on... uh huh, uh huh, uh huh

Flowers on a cross remain, marking an ending scene
Damn it all if blood you spill, turn the grass more green
Life is short... uh huh, uh huh, uh huh

I excuse myself
I'm used to my little cell
I amuse myself
In my very own private hell

I excuse myself
I'm used to my little cell
I amuse myself
In my very own private hell

I amuse myself
In my very own private hell

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Alice In Chains Private Hell Comments
  1. Roberto A

    Excelente 🤟🇧🇷👍

  2. Julius Tillery

    Flowers all across your name...

  3. Julius Tillery

    Even though there was hell within they still came together to put it into music . Beautiful


    Melhor banda do mundo, sem dúvidas

  5. Andy Kooper

    Look I want what u have Jerry just tell me what contract I have to sign and I will give my soul to the devil my ema8l is [email protected] I'm serious I will do anything to make it. Anything

  6. Andy Kooper

    Hey Jerry I know your secret u are whispering in your decision.people are food

  7. Maximiliano Cardillo

    Beautiful song *-*

  8. androtaz01

    Bearded Jerry is all the man there is.

  9. Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

    Another day..

  10. gilson alves

    voices of Layne!!

  11. David Rundle

    I used to be a new AIC hater but this album has grown on me. Recently started loving this song 😆 Also just noticed this video was uploaded on my birthday 😏

  12. Knychaus Knychaus

    real doomer music

  13. LightingUrMind

    So sad, so killing inside, SO DAMN GOOD!!!

  14. Carlos Frederico Pereira da Silva Gama

    It sounds better than 10 years ago. Now that the band's future it not at stake, we can appreciate by what it is, and the bewilderment of 2009 gives way to celebration. The guitar solo, once elegiac, now seems life-infusing all the way.

  15. Mariano Sanna

    Does this band still have meaning without Layne? Sorry for my brutality...

    Some guy on the Internet

    This music -- yes this music right here -- has profoundly affected a lot of people, including me. Whether or not Layne is involved at this point doesn't really matter. Unfortunately Layne isn't coming back, but thankfully the boys are still rocking and putting out good tunes.

  16. Joshua Chapin

    Before this.... Y'all had me feeling okay to feel being me...but this song nailed It. I amuse myself in my very own private hell... And you release a video a decade later... Thank you guys. Thank you.

    "You may leave this world today- let that decide what you do with it."- Marcus Aurelius
    What could I have already done? Wish me luck.

  17. SKY666

    I excuse myself
    I'm used to my little cell
    I amuse myself
    In my very own private hell

  18. RGS

    I've been to 4 AIC shows so far, and I still hope to hear this one live someday!

  19. Kenny boy

    Such a sad song, for Layne

  20. Tuco Cat

    2002 Layne rest in peace my brother

  21. Harry Cox

    People all abuse themselves in different ways and have all different types of addictions. That is why this song is so powerful for me. It's a really shame that is so unknown as it's the sort of song that could help a lot of people.

  22. sayvar44

    "Here's another upbeat tune for ya!" 😂 hell yeah Jerry! Fuck happy shallow music! 🤘

  23. A humble bounty hunter


  24. Omare Alvarado

    Here’s another happy tune for ya!

  25. Donald Wisch

    One of my all-time fav songs from this amazing band. This song just creeps through your soul and wraps around "them" bones and hold tight. Being roughly the same age as these guys... a few days younger than Layne (if he was still alive), a few days older than William... I now find myself living near Seattle and their music has an even stronger grip on my soul than ever before. Once Layne passed, I thought they would never be the same but when this album came out, I was absolutely blown away. I can't believe I missed them recently Seattle and now they will be playing near Chicago which is where I spent the first 40 some year so my life... how ironic. Generation X, grunge... they are part of me and have stood the test of time. They are and will always be in my heart and soul. They have been with me for a very long time and grateful for them and their music. They helped mold me, shape me... helped me become the man I am today and I couldn't be more grateful for this... rock on my brothers!!! Hope to see you the next time you come back around to Seattle!!!

  26. Frances Rodriguez

    Replayed this video over and over, @ 4:21 love Sean on guitar 💓

  27. jdhed1

    I'll excuse myself now ⚰😲💥🔫

  28. Johnny Death

    I excuse myself
    I'm used to my little cell
    I amuse myself
    In my very own private hell

  29. Joann Cunningham

    His voice is incredible!

  30. taki san

    God bless you, AIC, you ´ve been a great part of my life, I´m so grateful for the music and having seen you live.

  31. Coonhunter N. N n n

    Anybody still hear Laynes voice?

    Kevin Stueve

    Yeah, but im pretty sure its actually Jerry you're hearing, sounds alot like him though

    Coonhunter N. N n n

    I know that. But it doesn’t hurt to imagine my friend. His voice is still with them.

    Kevin Stueve

    Yeah Layne is definitely still with them, and i do still hear him in the song, awesome, Im sure Layne is proud of em too

  32. Marcus Leja

    This tune and "All Secrets Known" are my favorite on this record, and are all-time classics for this band.

    Candy Man

    Me too, love the whole thing, but those are the two.

  33. Heaven Trance

    Polska czeka na ten utwór w przyszłym roku. :-)

  34. RiFF RAFF

    One of the best Alice In Chains song ever created!!!

  35. tuesdayafternoon13

    I wanna eat this song....uh huh...uh huh..uh huh...


    this was an instant favourite for me when i first played the album. Nothing has changed. AIC forever.

  37. JacobHero

    No band truly represents how i feel each day like Alice in Chains...

  38. baron hyatt

    I have always been an Alice in Chains fan and yes Layne Staley is well missed but I like it how band continued on keep on rocking guys keep on rocking I love you guys one of my top five favorite bands

  39. J Namloc

    Seatown fog and gloom melody.

  40. Stevie Seymore

    Love Alice in chains with Layne staley still love Alice in chains now

  41. NgX

    It's like you can hear Layne at certain parts of this song with Jerry & William's harmony and that is really badass!

  42. Earlene Guthrie


  43. Zdeněk Vach

    Great song

  44. Jeff Kear

    4:28, boobies

  45. Diego Gama

    One of my favorite songs of this album.
    AIC, you are the best!

  46. Valeriy Kovalenko

    love you guys

  47. Steven Melling

    Beautiful. AIC forever

  48. David guitar madman

    Great video...fantastic song!!

  49. Corey Crafty

    This song.... Album was a great tribute to Layne

  50. christar 95

    Really good song and appreciate the behind the scenes video. Goddamn, Sean is so smoking hot!!😛😍💕❤️😛😛😛

  51. 300bpm

    Of course . . . recording with an old Fender.

  52. Natas Natas

    love this song so much.With respect.if i may.Im sure Layne is loving this too.Great work gentlemen.Much respect!!!

  53. b24harman

    I honestly don't understand why Jerry doesn't just take over vocals exclusively. He sounds so much better than that asswipe with the frog voice.

  54. jason B

    34 people like their private he’ll I guess

  55. 6 String Therapy

    Sorry but this isn’t Alice N Chains anymore. Pretty sad when a band called Skorned sounds more like Alice N Chains that the band itself....

  56. Matt Ruffner

    how about William Duvall new solo record, its awesome!

  57. Mr. Feeny

    You really can hear layne

  58. Renan Guedes

    One of my 3 favourites, for sure.

  59. tim albright



    Omare Alvarado

    tim albright It was not hidden, released in September 2009, we have been enjoying it ever since!

  60. Chris Davies

    Awesome, totally love this band.

  61. 3dison

    Only respect for this guys!

  62. Tee Oh

    Sean Kinney (PHENOMENAL drummer, & my favorite of all the "Seattle scene" drummers), looks like he could be John Wick's wayward, younger brother during this time period.

  63. DragonDyce

    Great tune up there with their greatest hits, love this song

  64. Jason Brule

    Love this so much

  65. herschel walker texas ranger

    epic. harmony in "Maybe" off Rainier Fog very similar. anyone who says Alice isnt Alice w/o Layne is nuts. Layne's in there still and digging it.

  66. JP SixgunElectric

    For those suggesting AIC should have renamed the band after Layne passed....I kinda' agree.
    I mean, on one hand they still *are* AIC with 2 original members including Jerry as vocalist and main song writer.
    On the OTHER hand, maybe it would be easier to discern between the two eras for those who prefer one over the other.

    For example:
    When someone asks if you like Metallica, yanno, and the answer almost always has the caveat of pre or post black album.

    So yeah, like I said...i kinda' understand the sentiment.
    However, personally I like *BOTH* eras of AIC, so I have no need to differentiate between the two.

    At any rate...
    Cool video!!!!
    I agree a forthcoming documentary would be awesome!
    (and long overdue)

  67. Kainen Burgess

    It's a bit of a cliche to say this but Layne Stayley would be proud of you guys especially you Jerry! I Love you guys and y'alls music has sure done a lot for me when I'm down in my own private hell! I thank you for that!

  68. malika hasna kamila

    1.58 i see dave grohl 😍😍😍😍

  69. Douglas Sharp

    Man this Jerry Cantrell solo stuff is great...

  70. Joe Juntunen

    I can’t wait for the album

  71. Joe Juntunen

    They haven’t missed a step

  72. Melanie Regnier

    It's always the "perfect time" to share an Alice in Chains video

  73. Lori Mrasek

    Their voices are so beautiful, melodic, thank you AIC :P

  74. NorthernStar1776

    I love 🤩 you Jerry and AIC forever...

  75. Low-fi Wizard

    I fucking love this band. They emanate awesome. Always have.

  76. forest gump

    Why are you still Calling the band , Alice In Chains. ???$$$???

  77. MrStropparo

    They seem to really enjoy the process. Cool. Sounds great too.

  78. Tony Zoop

    Love love 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  79. Teo silva

    1:57 dave grohl?

  80. Khan James

    Cantrell is a fuckin god

  81. Raffael Angeles

    When WD & JC sing together it sounds like Layne. Layne's spirit is very much alive in their music! RIP LS.

  82. JM2A JM2A

    Would have gotten a Big thumbs up if you were able to think for yourself and not fall for propaganda medias brainwashing the masses including yourself. Do your on research if Google will let you other than filtering your search results. Logically facts are in the world. Fools don't use it though. I'll use my Constitutional right to never listen to you and your band again. What a waste!

  83. M L

    I underwent surgery on September 20th. It has been really complicated and the healing process will take long time. I can't move and do nothing: the wound is open, it bleeds every day and the pain is very strong but the music is my support and the strength to go on. Every single day I listen to this song since it was published ten years ago. It is the soundtrack of my life and in these difficult days I listen to it continuously with tears in my eyes. Thanks guys for posting this video, thanks for your music.

  84. Scar Fish

    Great song . Nice job William 👍

  85. Clint Jurgens

    Loved this song. One of my faves from Black Gives Way To Blue

  86. Dylan Donis

    Anyone wondering what's said at 5:25?

  87. Thiago Brandão


  88. Rui Mazurkieviz

    Beautiful song, strong and powerful. Alice in Chains is great band.

  89. Luke atkinson

    My favourite black gives way to blue tune. I really feel Layne in this tune. Great job by Will and the boys.

  90. Mar Natural

    I wish they all get together in a grunge super group or the 90s including audioslave\ratm👏👍

  91. Oskar Toledo


  92. Musabe009

    Jerry I remember some of the keg parties in Spanoway back in the day! Miss those days brother!

  93. Musabe009

    That’s the intro rhythm to blue oyster cult

  94. Jessica B.

    I just love these guys! ❤

  95. Jefferson Elpidio

    Great Song.

  96. WhyTheHorseface

    NOW feels like a good time to share this?? I wonder what we’ll see in another ten years?

  97. El Pechero

    Down in a hole. Part 2

  98. AaronsSongs

    Been a fan since they released the We Die Young single that, at that time, didn’t get the love it should have. Beautiful band. So glad they’re still trucking along.