Alice In Chains - Pretty Done Lyrics

So you got the thing you wanted
Don't let it go
though it hurts your hand to hold it
Don't let it show

I'm pretty done
Once a favored son
I'm pretty done
Slap me 'round for fun

Finding no pleasant changes
In old enemies
Not a lead a bit part playing
In my story

I'm pretty done
Once a favored son
I'm pretty done
Slap me 'round for fun

I don't care to further amuse you
Never had you how, could I lose you?
Paid in full, I owe no one at all

I'm supposed to smile and ignore it
Better than some
High roads are to fall from
Already hung

I'm pretty done
Once a favored son
I'm pretty done
Slap me 'round for fun

Pushing towards hopeless mission
Curiosity, omission
History colored since the fall

I'm pretty done
I'm pretty done
I'm pretty done
I'm pretty done

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Alice In Chains Pretty Done Comments
  1. Djlilbee

    Alice in chains should be used more in movies and sports! I still salute the group!

  2. Keymo Embryo

    I'm pretty done.

  3. Brian McNamara

    I love these droning wall of sound Brush Away

  4. Adam Turner

    Im done ..

  5. Metal Sharon

    I love Jerry's voice soft & just beautiful awesome song!!

  6. satinsguard

    Singer does a great job, but he's no Layne Staley.

  7. Dtown Tv

    This is my favorite song Alice in chains is on of my biggest inspirations for my band that im starting

    Nick Kohlmann

    @Rennis yeah exactly

    Nick Kohlmann

    @Dtown Tv Well to be in a band I need to get better at drums ^^

    Dtown Tv

    @Nick Kohlmann not that great like I write all the songs and music, I sing and play some guitar and my drummer and base player are always busy so I'm waiting till they are more free to practice so it might take a while but I make country and rock music

    Nick Kohlmann

    @Dtown Tv Good luck for you mate!

    Dtown Tv

    @Nick Kohlmann thanks!

  8. Brady Hess

    The righteous shall suffer persecution. Jesus said that a servant is no better than his master; if I had trouble in this world, so will you. There is reward in eternity for taking part in Jesus' sufferings. Let us go outside the camp where our Lord was crucified, sharing in His shame. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you. Job passed the test the Devil put on him. He did not curse God. He accused God of being wrong and was rebuked by the Lord for it. He had greater prosperity after the test than ever before.

    Benji Banks

    Can't we just enjoy the music as humans and not bring any of our belief systems into the conversation?

    Brady Hess

    @Benji Banks who are you to tell me what to do? i have the power. you don't.

    Benji Banks

    @Brady Hess I wasn't telling you what to do I was just asking a question.

    Brady Hess

    @Benji Banks i can hear what you are saying, but i can't understand what you are thinking. i could repeat your words and still not know.

    Benji Banks

    @Brady Hess God bless you

  9. Friedknight 45

    I would like it but it’s 222 likes


    How about now

  10. The Final Door

    This album has aged quite well like a bottle of red.

    Jody Steck

    That's the damn truth if I've ever heard it.

    Keymo Embryo

    It's pretty done.

  11. Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

    Better than Rainier Fog..

    Adam Turner

    Thats not cool ...

  12. Vitor Campbell

    Second, for the first time I think. By the way, why so lonely here?

    jeff lund

    theres another one with 64k views

  13. Spookyboi 9000

    First again