Alice In Chains - Frogs Lyrics

What does friend mean to you?
A word so wrongfully abused
Are you like me, confused
All included but you

The sounds of silence often soothe
Shapes and colors shift with mood
Pupils widen and change their hue
Rapid brown avoid clear blue

Why's it have to be this way
Be this way [5x]

Flowers watched through wide brown eyes bloom
A child sings an unclaimed tune
Innocence spins cold cocoon
Grow to see the pain too soon

Why's it have to be this way
Be this way [5x]

"At 7 am on a Tuesday, usual August ...
Next week I'll be 28...
I'm still young, it'll be me...
Off the wall I scrape... you...
I can't wake, I gotta wake...
To cause this wake, I gotta wake no more...
It causes wake, to drown this hate....
To never really stay, never will.....
You take your plate...
Put me through hell, live, live...
Direct your fate...
You say I can do it so well...
Your expiration date... [2x]
Fate, date, expiration date...
(this was the last time)
And don't fuck with me again...
My own clean slate...
Don't fuck with me again...
Makes your eyes dilate...
Makes you shake...

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Alice In Chains Frogs Comments
  1. Jarod Kuryla

    To the 250 people who gave this video a thumbs down, eat a dick.

  2. Deja Red 82

    "Why does it have to be this way?"

  3. MrChiaboy

    Dark tunes, circling the drain. I feel so sorry forJerry that he lost such a great friend and co-writer. Big bummer for us all.

  4. James NAMKCEH

    His eyes, you can see his pain and struggles. This was their best performance but Layne was in a very bad place, dead man walking. Such a tragic loss to music

  5. Marsoff

    5:27 What is that metal thing Staley was using to sing?

  6. Celtic Moon Hutcheson

    You can tell he is showing heroin withdrawals here. Sweaty, sunken eyes, pale skin.

  7. Diggaj Upadhyay

    one of the darkest song they ever created.

  8. Max Gran Torino

    Dec 2019 anyone?

  9. Jason Newstead

    Alice's most haunting song.

  10. Richard Smith

    Doesn’t get darker than this a beautifully crafted song

  11. 1ballz08


  12. Barzon

    Teacher: name a very deep song
    Me: AIC - Frogs (MTV Unplugged)
    Teacher: No no... Not so deep

  13. yorkaturr

    This reminds me of Thom Yorke on so many levels.

    Muhammad Tantowi Jauhari

    Why? Because those falsettos?

  14. undisputed roofer.

    RIP layne.

  15. Joshua Sabatino

    Favorite AiC track.

  16. Grim Grinning Ghost13

    What is that object Layne's singing into in his hands near the end of the song? Is it just a smaller mic?

    Susan P

    There is an interview I listened to a few weeks ago in which Jerry, Layne and Mike are interviewed. They ask Layne this question. Maybe google to see if you can find it. It is a part off of an old piece of recording equipment. He said something about having to speak softly or it would sound awful.

  17. sexual napalm

    The whole band laying down gold...miss you Layne

  18. Bob Loblaw

    haha good song!

  19. D.I.Y ER DIE Tricks and trades

    How could you run around for 10 years singing these Imprisoning lyrics and not stay in your addiction...They're a constant reminder of how "weak" and hopeless an addict can be..Yet with the right support system and will to live there is hope....

  20. FRANKyyyyy200

    Just fucking WOW!...

  21. Carlos José

    Manso tema ctm

  22. InMan

    i'll be here watching when this passes 10k likes

  23. ShinJitsu Shinobi

    At the 14 second mark Jerry Cantrell realized he was playing too fast so he slowed it down. This is what makes live music great. It's never perfect. Its real.

  24. Scarlet Jester

    The greatest hit ever from AIC in the history of the earth(flat)

  25. Jacob Cowan

    That drum beat must be a bitch to play

  26. SounD AttacK


  27. Peppita Chips

    Radio head level vocals

  28. Dee Lee

    if i could hear AIC for the first time again...... i would do almost anything to go back to that time in my life. RIP Layne Staley.... thank you for giving me a theme to go with that sweet girl who was mine only.

  29. Strix aluco

    Fucking Hell Layne...

  30. Guitar Heretic/*x

    He took the humiliation, the shit in the audience probably busted a nut for breaking him. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just shut up. You know deep down.

    miss Tembo

    Layne would say, ‘Mom, don’t they listen to the words?’ The purpose of his music was to warn people. ‘This is a trap, and it’s a trap that even I can’t get out of,’ he tried to warn people. With all of his money and all of his fortune and fame. He was in treatment ten times. Layne died at least five times, that we know of. He was dropped off at a hospital. He had infections. And he was still writing. He was still warning people. He was still performing.

  31. Travis Gardner

    What does Layne hold up to his lips at the end? When He begins "7 am, on a Tuesday in August. . . . . ."

    matthew kane

    I believe it is an old school mic (maybe called a talk box?) Dont hold me too that. To busy enjoying this song for the umpteenth time to google it!

    miss Tembo

    Look up the Gorillaz live gigs and Damon is using this thingy as well sometimes.

  32. Brad2Penske

    Frogs is such an underrated song.

    matthew kane

    Why's it have to be this way? Everyone should hear this song. They might learn a bit about soul!

    long tooth

    I love it
    I can't decide which I like better, this one or the studio version... Studio version, the guitars are fk'ing awesome😍
    Also if you haven't heard the 'doomer' version, go have a listen😄

  33. James Stone

    God damn Layne.....

  34. Ian Youtz

    This whole album... amazing.... a tortured soul, high as fuck.... singing his dying words straight from his heart thru every track..... the most heartfelt and deepest most epic Unplugged ever.... this performance/album doesn't get anywhere the amount of credit it deserves

  35. goodeldash

    Must’ve been 7am on Tuesday, August 15th 1995

  36. Рыба Окунь

    5:08 what's that sound?

  37. Jesse Bradford

    Scary... Great but scary from the truth of reality with Layne

  38. Jose Melendrez

    That beautiful base line! ❤

  39. Rose Sebastian


  40. Gregory Krug

    "Frogs" is amazingly great.

  41. Samuel Shrestha

    I wish I was there at the show, We just miss you layne

  42. fiddlermuncher

    5:52 what the fuck is the guitarist doing. sounds like 5 year old trying to play an ackord

  43. CartoonZone Productions

    I’m 22 and just got laid to this song..... life is pretty fucking awesome rn!

    Kenny Powers

    Congrats on getting railed from behind by your boyfriend's brother.

  44. Vera Von-Zahl

    I keep listening to this. Everything about this song is amazing

  45. Bruce

    It's raining down here in Southern Louisiana right now...yesss!

  46. TyFromMD

    Why's it have to be this way???

  47. Emerald Meade

    Feckin brilliant

  48. MoshGirl

    I decided to give AIC without Layne a chance about 4 years ago. It's a good thing that Jane's Addiction was awesome af so it wasn't a total loss! It's not that AIC sounded so bad but I really feel that Jerry Cantrell has sold out, plus Layne's absence is palpable. I hate to say that due to Jerry also being great with some of his song writing and his dual vocals with Layne. They were so brilliant in their time.

    Kenny Powers

    To be honest, I feel sorry that you're not enjoying the new Alice in Chains. William DuVall is a brilliant singer and a great artist that should be really appreciated since we are without Layne and he's never coming back. Comments like yours are strewn throughout all the videos but they just ring Hollow after a while.

    Rich Thomas

    It’s almost like everyone has their own opinion Kenny. The nerve of them to disagree with you.

    Kenny Powers

    @Rich Thomas I don't see where I implied that their opinion was wrong but feel free to inject your snarky take where you see fit.

  49. Daren Wobensmith

    Why does it have to be this way

  50. Cody Anderson

    I hear his voice in my dreams so real and serious, my favorite Singer of all time

  51. Brandy Gates

    It looks like he hurts all over.
    Poor thing . I wish he had been stronger to get the right help.

    Travis Keener

    What is the right help bc I am with him

    Brandy Gates

    Travis Keener
    I’m sorry Travis , I don’t know ... Maybe belief in God .
    I pray for you .

  52. Vinny Morreale

    Minor, diminished, harmonic minor Ionian, mixo,

  53. Stalinho Felizinho a

    What is that thig layne uses as a mic at 5:20? Sorry if it obvious...

    Kenny Powers

    It a called a Ligma.

  54. Jehovah Israel Armstrong McGuire

    K I A+ Now soldiers in Jesus name Amen

  55. jayden Michalka

    Off the walls i scrape, you. R.I.P Layne

  56. frank GFish ferrante

    What does friend mean to you?
    A word so wrongfully abused
    Are you like me, confused
    All included but you

    The sounds of silence often soothe
    Shapes and colors shift with mood
    Pupils widen and change their hue
    Rapid brown avoid clear blue

    Why's it have to be this way
    Be this way

    Flowers watched through wide brown eyes bloom
    A child sings an unclaimed tune
    Innocence spins cold cocoon
    Grow to see the pain too soon

    Why's it have to be this way
    Be this way

    At 7 am on a tuesday, usual august
    Next week I'll be 28
    I'm still young, it'll be me
    Off the wall I scrape, you
    I can't wake, I gotta wake
    To cause this wake, I gotta wake no more
    It causes wake, to drown this hate
    To never really stay, never will
    You take your plate
    Put me through hell, live, live
    Direct your fate
    You say I can do it so well
    Your expiration date
    Fate, date, expiration date
    (This was the last time)
    And don't fuck with me again
    My own clean slate
    Don't fuck with me again
    Makes your eyes dilate
    Makes you shake

  57. Maria Luiza

    voices sounds like crawling meet so much

  58. Gemini Girl

    I'm completely totally obsessed with AIC and especially this Unplugged Special. If I start on one song I've gotta watch the rest. Love and miss you Layne 💜💜💜

  59. Greg Sidway

    It’s important to remember music like this and years before. It will never be the same

  60. Harry king

    if this song not playing at my funeral im not going

    Rose Sebastian

    Harry King...Good One!!!!

  61. Lex

    211 frogs!

  62. Marc Mode Jam

    I always think of r l stine's goosebumps when i listen to this song. I miss the 90s so much!

  63. Laura Donohue-Birch

    I was lucky enough to be here

    Puddin Tayn

    What an awesome event to have on your life's resume

    long tooth

    I saw them at Lollapalooza 1993😊 I would trade u in a heartbeat though

  64. Ginger Snap

    I turn 28 on saturday

  65. Wyatt H

    Love this band and have. Helped me through alot, just like it has I'm sure with many others and millions stories.
    Almost went to go see them but not sure if it would be the same without Staley. Still Jerry is there, so I'm going next time they are in ATL.

  66. Man With Two Eyes


  67. pullstartpaul

    Jerry fucking Cantrell so simple but perfectly dark.. Layne though truly no words a solid dude who felt it and so original. Very bummed out still but grateful that I witnessed him and will always listen religiously. So gnarly.

  68. Rose Sebastian

    💝LAYNE you were the BEST....Always was & Always will Be!!!! I LOVE & MISS YOU SO MUCH BABE!!!!💝💝💝💝

  69. Brian Stepaniak

    great song,alot of memories

  70. bigblocklawyer

    Mitch Hedberg and Layne. Some people just aren't meant for this side.

  71. jolietjake10

    mesmerizingly depressing but highly addictive.

  72. SlowMoverIncoming

    This is one of the only songs I’ve ever heard that actually makes me feel something. The only other is Love, Hate, Love. Powerful stuff.

    long tooth

    i like brother (unplugged), too

    Aleksa Stamenkovic

    Junkhead is also really dark.

    Scott Mahring


  73. Christine kilhefner-holt

    So sad we have lost so many from the90s...So much talent..tomuch 😥

  74. Jae Shades

    Sanctamonious monks crying with major issue releif prints of captions in braille.

  75. mindre begavet

    Cantrell.. he's up there with Iommi those kind songwriters, genius.

  76. Michael Long

    the way you can just feel the pain in his voice when the chorus begins... beautifully haunting!

  77. bmo

    the end lyrics are different in the live version and i cant make out half of what hes saying can anyone decipher it

  78. Brian Mccartan

    One more thing Lane didnt sing meaningless songs. There songs were creative and profundly poetic way ahead of anybody in artistic song writing. I like nevanna, pearl jam, and sound garden but they were not even in the same class as the poetry alice in chain managed to create with out even trying. So lane for me and the rest of your true fanes bi want to tell you . From your fans here on earth to you some where in heaven. You can fly now fly as much as you want cause your wings were never denied

  79. Brian Mccartan

    I agree lane was under rated but no only that his death did not get the attention he deserved i guees if it was suicide it would have been all over the news and mtv but i felt like they view it as just another drug addict..Lane you were one of the best singers to ever grace the radio waves and a huge influence to me growing up and even now sorry you did get the proper attention you deserved like Curt Cobain. But peronally i was devastated were i heard on the radio. So for all those that loved you we miss you and you will never be forgot RIP old friend

  80. James Virostek

    Never gunna fuck with me again

  81. tony trakas

    This song is thiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc ✌

  82. luiz guilherme moreira sales

    Hello i am Brasil oh beautiful absolut beautiful and wonderfoul song

  83. Gabe Hall

    Why is everyone so sad? I came to this video to hear a good song and all I see are a bunch of people being mopey and sad like it’s still the 90’s and it’s cool to be sad,

    jaime cucalon

    I understand what your are saying, but for fans it is sad. When you know their life struggles and experiences, you begin to understand and appreciate the lyrics in a new way. It is sad because he was talented and awesome. Their music have helps people going through the same pain.

  84. misfiTed One.

    they look like they are at the point of kicking each others ass

  85. krabdaddyx

    I love it

  86. krabdaddyx

    Fn awesome

  87. Molly Rose

    My favorites AIC song by far.. haunting!! #RIPLAYNE

  88. cprs5000

    What is this a digital rendition or analog

  89. Man de Gaturiss

    Mora Chamorro

  90. 24dwrb

    love this song, something about it

  91. Rose Sebastion

    Damn it...I just Fuckin Love these Men!!! R.I.P LAYNE!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖

  92. Biakfala Ralte

    Happy birthday're missed

  93. Pato Tidal

    M A S T E R P I E C E 👌😉👏🏻👏🏻

  94. Dazhbog Sontse

    It breaks my heart...

  95. Rhonda

    Beautiful music but hard to watch this

  96. Wake N Bake

    1 in a trillion Layne Staley

  97. Adam Sechrest

    Layne...I fuckin miss you! I hate that you suffered for so long.

  98. Amy Morse

    Who says Layne doesn't have his voice?!

  99. James Deaux IV

    My favorite song from this show. So damned haunting.