Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue Lyrics

I don't wanna feel no more
It's easier to keep falling
Imitations are pale
Emptiness all tomorrows
Haunted by your ghost

Lay down, black gives way to blue
Lay down, I'll remember you

Fading out by design
Consciously avoiding changes
Curtains drawn, now it's done
Silencing all tomorrows
Forcing a goodbye

Lay down, black gives way to blue
Lay down, I'll remember you

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Alice In Chains Black Gives Way To Blue Comments
  1. Celtic Moon Hutcheson

    Jerry should of sang this song since he wrote it for Layne. I just don’t like Wil!!

  2. Joshua Sabatino

    9 days off of the shit. Right in the feels.

  3. SVR272

    Up until last year, was when I trully started appreciating this song. If I had gave this song a try, it would've helped me out during some darker times in my life.

  4. josh aborigeno

    Grazie Alice in chains

  5. Dave Schuman

    I don't know how to feel about it. My life dictates that i wonder

  6. Damon Thomas


  7. Jennifer Newcomb

    One of the most welcomed come backs in rock history we love ya Alice In Chains 🎶❤️

  8. Gisselle S

    I didn't know you personally but through your music and dreams I feel a strong connection to you and Kurt, out of all the musicians in the world. Why is that?! Idk and I don't question it. I just feel it and I miss The BOTH of you so much. Rip my Loves, hope you found the peace that was so denied to you both on earth. I love you... ❤

  9. Sounds Like Hoopla

    Going through a horrible break up right now...this song hits close to home right now.

  10. Peach Face

    I’ve just heard this song very recently and instantly connected but didn’t know why. Now I do know xx

  11. Kyle Stevenson

    Amazing tribute, Jerry Cantrell is so overlooked.

  12. Variedades

    Esse eco no final da música é tudo. Dá uma sensação de vazio, distância...

  13. Luana Vitoria

    Afasta -se agora, todos que ficaram comigo pararam no tempo
    Deixe-ir mesmo que sofra depois de um tempo perceberá que foi a melhor decisão
    Não chore querida
    Eu estou morto pronto para ser enterrado
    Eu já fui um ser normal
    Com sonhos e esperanças
    Hoje o que resta é uma capa cheio de buracos que nunca serão preenchidos
    Lá embaixo quem sabe eu possa ser mais feliz

  14. Gisselle S

    I'll Never get over your Death Layne. I never Met you but through your music and interviews I empathized with you and learned to love you and your Amazing Talent, and it physically hurts me to know you're not alive anymore. I have to keep reminding myself that you're not. 😪😪😑😑😪

  15. Raoul Duke

    Imitations are pale...not"appeals"

  16. Mike Lynn

    This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Today's AIC is nothing compared to what Layne brought us.

  17. John Rogers

    This song is depressing as hell I still like it and it brings back memories

  18. Nick B

    What an ode to layne...beautiful, haunting and so so sad.

  19. Angela Coffman

    Such a Beautiful song it really goes deep in my soul my heart aches 💔 and hurts so much for each and every addict struggling fighting to beat the demon taking their soul I will always Pray 🙏 for each and every addict and the families trying to hold as they watch what they can't stop God Bless all of you 🙏 RiP to those who have lost the fight and Congratulations to all in Recovery

  20. La Fra

    I don't want to feel no more... It's easier to keep falling... Find something more true than this...

  21. Charlie Bay

    Wow. The end leaves you wanting more. Just like losing someone too soon.

  22. Steven Hernandez

    Imitations are pale*

  23. Maziii

    RiP mom 🖤

  24. Luana Vitoria

    É passageiro e eterno
    Está vivo é assim que me sinto
    Em meus olhos não há esperança
    De recomeçar em outra espécie
    As pessoas têm tanto ódio no coração que eu prefiro evita-las

    Andrew Wood

    de quem é?

  25. Blake Ziebell

    Hands Down The Man Luv Ya Layne

  26. Mary Fabela

    your birthday was just a few days ago. just a few days before mine. RIP wish i would have gotten to meet you

  27. Nan Thrax

    R.I.P. Layne. Lay down, black gives way to blue. Lay down, I'll remember you. I will. Much love.

  28. Brayden Fuller

    Rip to all my friends that heroin took . I’m the last of u guys and sometimes feel cursed but after my faith came back I realized I might of been left here to do something more . I’ll always tell you guys stories and do my service wrk so the few that do listen to my story and are touched by it may b save themselves. Peace and love , k

    Jim Mattingly

    Fuck yeah same here bro I'm the last of my kind been sober for 9 months all my friends are gone and I'm still here for some reason now I look at life at a different slant sobriety is a mother fuckr but I just keep on keeping on

  29. Amanda A.

    Happy Birthday Layne. 💕RIP

  30. Indrė Matulevičiūtė

    I wish this song would never end.. Love it as much as Layne Staley <3

  31. Joel Öhgren

    This song fucks with my heart. I miss you dad.

  32. Renán Monzón

    Great fuckin' lyrics, represents all dreppression of someone who's dyiing and his perspective from beyond... Cantrell is a great poet!

  33. Trent Bradley

    You really can’t appreciate this song to its full extent unless you are in so much pain emotionally that you can’t get away from it.

  34. Stephanie Mckim

    I love you Layne

  35. nina 99

    This song is so beautiful and sad at the same time... miss Layne so much <333

  36. daUser666

    RIP Layne.

  37. Ed Carpenter

    Imitations are pale......

  38. ComaAlpha

    Reginald motherfucking Dwight!!! Nowhere near as flashy and catchy as Crocodile Rock or The Bitch Is Back, but exactly what the song needed. Just little accents here and there.

  39. van b.b

    God damn....lane gets me teared up every time ,he moves my soul....just love you lane staley...u live on in our souls and music.♡♡♡

  40. Fabio Ribechini

    Special Song....Wow...

  41. Kevin Hunter

    R. I. P. Kayla, Adam, Slim.. not a day goes by...

  42. Beau Smith

    Fucking Trojan condoms commercial before a Alice in Chains video? Man what the hell

  43. Nick W

    My brother Steven was murdered in 2011 in my backyard. He loved alice in chains. we were close. very close. I miss you Steven.

  44. ГГ

    This song and you know your right make me cry every fucking time.

  45. Mike Celaya

    This entire 3 minute track Has more heart in it than anything I have heard in the last 8 years.

  46. Jeff Kearney

    This song is beautiful, just wish it was longer

  47. Rusty Bullets

    We miss you Layne Staley ;...

  48. Mike Slocum


  49. Justin Owen

    This song has been stuck in my head for six months,i love it!!!

  50. GoFuck Yourself

    This is me now 6/7/2019. Lost my brother just about 2 years on this downward spiral atm.

  51. Kolton Nadermann

    Rest in peace Tyler Hallahan. My good friend.

  52. Jan Bosworth


  53. Tomas Ribeiro

    Layne sing's great here!

  54. Chris Trew

    Perfect tribute song to Layne Staley by his equally ridiculously talented friend. Kinda weird to have Elton on it but it's not like you would even know. Great artists have subtleties most of us can only aspire to.

  55. David Hoff

    Layne abi seni çok seviyorum inşallah öldükten sonar birlikte şarkı söyleriz - Karahan&Pelin

  56. Venice Bitchh

    I wrote a note that everyone has that i want this song when i die. It's a master piece, black but it's black beauty. Cry every time.. on repeat all the time. Layne is the king of vocals and rock. Jerry and Elton did this so beautiful. The first show Layne saw was Elton john.. but yeah the struggle... it's there.

  57. Christopher Foret

    IF you are reading this...You are special! Don't ever forget that! Don't do hardcore drugs..Love yourself Love your family Love your friends Love your neighbor Love the world!

  58. Some guy on the Internet

    So cool that they were able to get Rosie O' Donnell to play piano on this.

  59. matthew herron

    This song always hits me hard, thinkin bout Layne and how he struggled. Truly a beautiful masterpiece that Cantrell and company put together, the lyrics are so sad, but painfully true. Idk for me the day Layne died, part of me died that day too. There will never be anyone quite like Layne, he was truly amazing and his legacy will always live on.

  60. Joe Murray

    lay down dad, I'll remember you.
    heroine took control of my family and now it took my dad over the edge. he shot himself last night, this song will forever be held in my heart. this ones for you dad. I wish I could've told you goodbye... God I fucking miss you

  61. J Arellano

    The chills are reals.

  62. GoFuck Yourself

    10 years already.. seems like i just got the cd few years ago....

  63. Brandon Newton

    This song means your heavenly self medicated lol

  64. Jay Lensky

    When I listen to this song I don't know what to do with my life after. It's like fuckin' game over man.

  65. Vincent D

    This song was originally meant for layne to sing. Jerry wrote it for layne

  66. Paulo Henrique F gamer Games

    Will never be forgotten

  67. dan magda

    17 years gone today. Rest easy layne

  68. Longest Plague

    Before I knew the lyrics I thought it was "Layne now I remember you"

  69. sadboi international

    I feel blue so much 💙 it hurts when you have a voice, but you don't have the courage to speak up against others who cheat lie and steal from one another. I wish things didn't have to be this way. But I will remain strong; no matter who hits me across the face and calls me names. I will remember you.

  70. Rodrigo Espinoza

    Game Grumps SMM part 89

  71. joeslei martins da mata

    Eterno Layne Staley!

  72. Gisselle S

    Oh goodness I feel like shit. I just want to end it all sometimes.! This situation is unbearable. 😪😪😪😑

  73. Paddy C

    RIP Layne
    RIP Cornell
    2 of the best ever

  74. androtaz01

    I'll remember you.

  75. The Terminator

    Fun fact over this extremely sad moment: Elton John plays piano on this track

  76. The Terminator

    R.I.P. to one of my musical heroes

  77. Heywood Jublome

    I won't be remembered

  78. Back Country Preps

    Rip brother

  79. ironpower

    Jerry deserves more credit. Awesome vocalist and guitar player

    Joseph Carr

    And a beautiful person.

  80. Tammie Almany


  81. Kevin Rudisill

    Jerry sounds alot like Layne.

    K Dubya

    Not even a little bit.

  82. jean mikael

    Estou sumindo
    Deixando de existir
    Estou desfazendo com a chuva
    E minhas cinzas estão sendo levadas
    Eu fiz um pouco de tudo
    Mas nada chegou e me agradou
    Agora descanso em paz
    Céu azul que eu tanto ansiei
    Não estou sempre certo
    Como você fala
    Eu posso escolher aonde eu quero habitar
    Não me julgue por ser pessimista
    O otimismo só serve para agonizar a dor que estou sentindo
    Para agora
    Estou descendo até você..

  83. Mustafa Akyüz

    first time Im listening, now its 9th

    Mustafa Akyüz

    jesus what a song 18th

  84. Sam Suting

    Still missing someone like you Layne.

  85. Jon Abbondanza

    soulful and beautiful, thank you Jerry for this tribute

  86. G N

    The most beautiful song ever...

  87. Jeanette Johnson

    We love you Layne!

  88. mmfgamer12 3

    Damn Jerry sings way better than that new guy

  89. MrsARDM Parsons

    Yea .....this IS a really real good song!!!!!!

  90. Chewang Sherpa

    Even if this genre dies,but you stay forever!

  91. Plastic Man Paper Plate

    Tomorrow is haunted by your ghost, lay down black gives way to blue , lay down I'll remember you😔😔😔

  92. SinSentidosColombia

    Kurt Cbain. Cris Cornell. Forever

  93. All Alone

    Every time it gives me goosebumps!!

  94. Robert Cook

    Such a beautifully broken and sad style of singing. I appreciate the unpolished approach Layne Staley had. I hope he can rest now!