Alice In Chains - Acid Bubble Lyrics

You tried to kill me off
Surprised, I remain
A scale tips, impossible
Afraid of my own name

And I always paid attention
to all the lines you crossed
Forgive this imperfection
It shows and all

I am the child that lives and cries in a corner, dies in a corner
Alone inside your mind

Intent obsolescence
Built into the system

I tried to shake it off
You can't remove the stain
I'm scared our brain's impossible
Afraid we are the same

And you never paid attention
to all the lines I crossed
Forgive this imperfection
It shows and all

I am the child that lives and cries in a corner, dies in a corner
Alone inside your mind
Cries in a corner, dies in a corner
Alive inside your mind

Intent obsolescence
Build into the system

Built into the system [2x]

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Alice In Chains Acid Bubble Comments
  1. Chema


  2. Painted Bear

    Still genius.

  3. tHe GrEy MaN

    One of my favorites. The last 3 records have been incredible. More Jerry lead vocals I love, but William is great in his own right too. Really feel the Black Sabbath influence here. Can't believe it's already been over 10 years since their comeback record. I may be in the minority, but I prefer this new era to the old. 🤘

  4. Juliana *

    Amo demais

  5. Scott Turner

    When the ones you though would never do you like that you wake up and realize the people you thought you had known for years are ones you have no idea who they are

  6. Painted Bear


  7. Hows Your CLAM

    The sludge on this track is unreal

  8. Sludge Factor

    Doom metal at its finest!

  9. Jacob Stephens

    I'm gonna sound like such a fan boy, but I truly think I love almost every song they have ever put out, Facelift and ahead. There's just something about this dark, sludgy, heavy ass sound to me.

  10. Jeg Hunckel

    Unbelievable slept on song

  11. Metal Sharon

    AIC forever!!

  12. 357CLOUDY Black Feather

    Love the photography too!

  13. Nick Kohlmann

    My ringtone for what felt like a decade, replacing "For whom the bell tolls". In my opinion, this says enough.

  14. Tad Lewis

    WOW! This video is a trip

  15. mr mojo risin

    I can hear layne singing this

  16. Frank Lopez

    400k views ? Wow this is amazing, dam people really don’t know shit about music, incredible song and video first time seeing it. Alice is awesome.

  17. melonbobful

    I was a child whom used to cry in the corner.
    This song makes me cry now.

    Nick Kohlmann

    Stuff like this is what makes one stronger.

  18. JacobHero

    I love how the woman seems to be like a trap for the man, and how footage repeats but in different angles, its like history repeats itself, until its just another lesson learned. The tale as old as time and as BLACK AND WHITE about humans, just an interesting take on the video.

  19. Some guy on the Internet

    I love you, Jerry. You fucking musical genius, you.

  20. tetro hedron

    I'm usually not the kind to post imagine layne singing this bla bla bla. But I I could feel his voice in this song. It's odd. It just reminds me of the old days.

    Rich Thomas

    Absolutely. Imagine his vocals on this track.

  21. Maciel

    Vídeo estranho da porra kkk

  22. Joseph Bastidas

    I love how their sound got doomier and sludgier over time

  23. J Hope

    AIC should be inducted into RRHOF. The most consistent band putting out good music & lyrics. Not one single crap song or album since day one.

  24. Punk rock In the wrong hands

    This song has the same feel as Sludge Factory.

  25. MrPajamaShark


  26. Jeremy Hines

    Built into the systemmmm 👌

  27. J Hope

    It’s time for AIC to be inducted into the RRHOF

  28. Ger kavanagh

    the intro reminds me of nirvana

  29. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    This intro sounds to my ears like a kind of heavy metal blues with dark influences...

  30. francis silva couto

    Alice In Doom.

  31. Thomas Lombardo

    One of my favorites AIC songs.👍

  32. Austin

    I can't believe I've slept on this song for so long

  33. glenn danzig

    man if layne was alive to sing to this album would of been even more badass! imagine Layne singing to this song

  34. Albert Stinnett

    This is Heroin music.

  35. LeftHandOver

    You tried to kill me off
    Surprised I remain
    A scale tips impossible
    Afraid of my own name
    And I always paid attention to all the lines you crossed
    Forgive this imperfection it shows and know
    I am the child that lives and cries in a corner
    Dies in a corner
    Alone inside your mind
    Intend obsolescence
    Built into the system
    I tried to shake it off
    You can't remove this stain
    A scale breaks impossible
    Afraid we are the same
    And you never paid attention to all the lines I crossed
    Forgive this imperfection it shows and know
    I am the child that lives and cries in a corner
    Dies in a corner
    Alone inside your mind
    Hides in a corner
    Dies in a corner
    Alone inside your mind
    Intend obsolescence
    Built into the system


    A God among men. Youtube literally has a caption system and half of its music vids dont have it wtaf

  36. Anok Stone

    Love this video now I need a shower

  37. Stalker

    This is one of the most astounding AIC songs.

  38. Suzanne Kneale

    WOW. fits today's mood in me perfectly ♥🎧🎸🍻

  39. A Person

    This keeps me relaxed so bad.

  40. abirtig

    Honestly.. this sounds like something that could have been on Facelift; God I love this band..

  41. Fabrício Assis MG

    The Layne's legacy it's always present on the AIC sound, specially this great return's album, 'Black Gives Way To Blue'... Fantastic!

  42. Sober photos

    Damn, Layne would've killed this... Just sayin' AIC4LIFE. Jerry just keeps on writing epic tunes!

    Nick Kohlmann

    It's a killer the way it is!

  43. RSPDiver

    Sucks they have to use two singers to do the power vocals now without Layne. He relayed that pain metal so well, and if you study the “grunge”emergence his vocals emanated from his body in a rock glory. RIP Andy, Layne, and Chris.

    Michael Rawlinson

    RSPDiver Jerry Cantrell has done backing vocals on a lot of their popular songs much like on this track. Layne had a powerful sound but Jerry contributed a lot more than people realize in the vocal department and I personally feel he doesn't get the credit he deserves.

    Rotten Apple

    RSPDiver Alice in Chains was always 2 vocalists even during the Layne era. They started with the Sap Ep. Layne himself encouraged Jerry to sing more of his songs and he did. Heaven Beside You Over Now, No Excuses, Don't Follow, Right Turn all feature Jerry on lead vocals or main vocals. On the song Would? most people don't even know that Cantrell is singing the verses and Layne sings the chorus. They are continuing the 2 vocal style with William and Jerry just like they did with Layne and Jerry.


    Rotten Apple I know all that as a real-time fan in the 80’s-00’s. But Jerry’s vocals in the golden years were fill and harmonic while Layne’s were the soaring power vocals. Now it seems the power vocal duty is being shared and neither is up to the nuclear vocal explosion that Layne had, as expressed by his contemporaries. His heroine affliction surely negatively affected how he related his journey of pain and addiction to us all through the filter of Jerry, who was fighting his own demons and social barriers.

  44. Rajesh SunChild Madhav

    Oh man, the video owns ... and that does not mean that the music doesn't !

  45. Awesome MVS

    I can feel Layne in this song

  46. Jazeapokergod A

    Goddamn...this song is a nutshot

  47. Alan Gonzalez

    2:42 Stone?

  48. Critical Optimist

    This song sends chills down my spine every time I hear it. Best song on a great album!

  49. Welber Barbosa

    A melhor do Black Gives Way To Blue pesada e melancólica ao extremo.

  50. Aaron Pannell

    some of the dual guitar reminds me of Grind.

  51. Luke Lunn

    how did i sleep on this song for so many years? I loved this album. Dont care what the haters say.

    herschel walker texas ranger

    F the haters. thats what layne would say

    Punk rock In the wrong hands

    Isn’t this album pretty much universally praised?

    Joseph Bastidas

    Fuck haters, listen to whatever you like

    bozidar kukavica

    amazing album


    @bozidar kukavica Hell yes

  52. Fading Frost

    without anyone specifically asking, i may be so rude as to interject my somewhat qualified opinion that the guitar sound when heavy is very similar to dimebag on far beyond driven or great southern trendkill, i.e. i'm broken, drag the waters (i didn't look up the song titles so i don't know, but you know, if ya know, ya know?) ...and despite coming to prominent fame from the grunge scene, you gotta be crazy to call this grunge. i don't know what i'd call it. don't care. but i know calling it grunge may just mean you were 5 yrs old or less when facelift dropped and you've listened to all that great music and genre and you know you have better taste than other people and introduce them and educate them on how music used to reflect people in a society versus trying to create a society full of vain ignorant selfish hard ons. which i mean as a compliment despite the original disagreement regarding classification. also, stay away from heroin, meth, coke, and pills. a fun beginning isn't worth years of destruction, disappointment, and struggling decline.

  53. aliceIn Vains

    awesome, but the "Intend obsolescence
    Built into the system" part is needless

  54. Hannah Joy

    So the acid bubble is the womb

  55. Scipiuz

    I think this band is amazing... And completely different from the Staley's one. Alice in Chains died in 2002. Let's call them Anice in Chains, please.

    Some guy on the Internet

    Just enjoy the music. That's it. Stop worrying about names and titles. Is the music good? You bet your ass it's good. That's what's most important.

  56. Cameron Norton


  57. Bradley Rayson

    That fucking chorus my God

  58. QuietHeart89

    So fucking prog!

  59. fede camusso


  60. cristo quintana

    No layne no chains!!!

    Ned Rini

    Why don’t you shut the hell up with that bullshit. I got a Telya it I love Alice in chains more now than I ever did. Their music has so much power in it.

    the ghost

    Layne was great, but also a selfish cunt. Jerry has to give up AIC because the daft twat killed himself ? Fuck off mate.

    Ned Rini

    the ghost You better not be talking to me Or you will be a ghost

    the ghost

    Ned Rini I actually wasn't talking to you. I was talking to the original poster. I liked your comment.

    Ned Rini

    the ghost go fuck yourself

  61. Billy Keith

    Best song since Sickman.

  62. Kirby Barnett

    now here is corporate America "INTENT OBSOLESCENSE

  63. haroyzbe

    Someone tryed smoke weed at night and watch this in a dark room?

    Corey Peden

    Already do lol

  64. Strings 1043

    Religion is evolutionary baggage.

  65. Hanna Peter

    Its ironic that I always use terms like "I'm addicted to AIC" I can't get enough of them" etc. , considering the drug addiction shadow of the band's career. I feel like the  riff heavy "Jerry" songs are like a gateway drug that prevents me from being too elitist about the new material. Layne rules, and I will keep an open mind about William.

  66. Psycrotes HighPriest

    This is easily my favorite post-Layne AIC song. So dark and heavy.

  67. bob Leppo

    "...I am the child that lives and cries in a corner, dies in a corner, Alone inside your mind........"

    bob Leppo

    That's deep


    I can hear Layne in those lines

    The Final Door

    bob Leppo Amen.

  68. FleurExotic

    reminds me cirice from ghost


    i prefer ghost for the energy that they put in their song, but AIC are freaking awesome too


    BoopyHooves kind of

  69. K-Ren 1st-Order

    Proteger los videos para que no los descarguemos es una gilipollez porque yo lo acabo de descargar y ahora lo voy a ver las veces que me salgan de los cojones, me encanta youtube pero descargar sus videos cuando se supone que no podemos me gusta todavía más.

  70. Nicolás Riveros

    Amazing song. Is like a Mix between the Dark Progressive sound from Tripod and the "Heavyness" from Dirt (specially in the riff at 2:42 )

  71. Leonardo Ghelardi

    i didn't knew this one. Is it new?

    Daniel Johns

    It's from 2009

  72. White Lightning

    Slow and heavy......sustain and deep tone for days. Such an amazing song

    Aaron Pannell

    too many heavy bands want to play a fast tempo, but that slow shit is where the evil sound is

    Nick Kohlmann

    @Aaron Pannell both can be great.

  73. Rob Young

    I'm really impressed that AIC managed to keep true to their original sound, after so many years and losing such a great singer.

    Vinyl Diary666

    the answer : Jerry Fucking Cantrell

    Brian Mannion

    Jerry was always the soul of the band aka the meat and potatoes. Layne was overrated not when it came to his talent, but to his actual contributions to the band. Aic's sound comes from 90% Jerry

    Alejandro Gonzalez

    They lost the lead singer not the musicians. The sound of alice in chains was always there.

    Steve Thomas

    Soundgarden97 disagree. They were coequal. But I agree Jerry was totally underated he was that part of the band that holds it together making it Alice n chains that only someone who was truly original like Layne Staley could make shine.

  74. Nicholas Skjelmose

    I fucking love this song.

  75. _GT_

    I don't like this album as a whole (especially when compared to TDPDH), but this song is killer.

  76. Adam Carpenter

    What a shite video, may as well have been a fan made one,

  77. Mark Little

    video shows what the video directors vision of the song should be but not necessarily the original vision of the players..... great song

  78. Mark Little

    heaviest for a long time but slow heavy

  79. Christian Dl

    Which album?????

    barlara barlara

    devil put dinosaurs here

    Claudio Lopez

    +Christian Dl Black gives way to blue.

    John O'Malley

    Black gives way to blue. The first album with William Duvall. It's track 7

    Christian Dl

    Thanks buddy!

    John O'Malley

    +Christian Dl you're welcome man!

  80. Jason C

    layne s picture to the left in the beginning a quick flash of him to the left

  81. Rigormorpheus N/A

    "You got acid into my Kaleidoscope!"
    "You got Kaleidoscope into my acid!"

  82. DeadLittlePunkDoll

    I love this. I...I just love it. Don't know what else to say.

  83. Renan Almeida

    This music + three drinks + one girl = perfect combination ♥


    Y'all only had 3 drinks? How can that be perfect lmao

    This Dude Actually Said

    what i thought lmao ^


    yea your girl haha she won't quit calling me

    Nick Kohlmann

    @Skully You don't know WHAT drinks

    Also you don't have to be drunk at a scale that prevents you from remembering your name to have positive effects of it


    @Nick Kohlmann nobody said being shit faced. You have no idea of how to interpret my words. A six pack of real beer(no light bullshit) is all you need for a good night with full memory of everything.

  84. Idon'twanttochangemynameOK

    Yeah but this video

  85. Thelema

    Dat riff doe.

  86. Gabe McPherson

    hm. thats an asshole. right there at the beginning.

  87. shonha1

    The guitar in the intro reminds me of the intro to Hey Baby by Jimi Hendrix.

  88. Miss Anthrope

    Woah I imagined for about the first 15 seconds that this is on their self-titled album from '95 when it's really from Black Gives Way to Blue o.0

    Mark Little

    +Miss Anthrope redone for a new members sake maybe? :)


    +Miss Anthrope Me too!

  89. Novaius

    One of the most underrated AiC songs.

    Mark Little

    +Novaius agreed with you and many .

    Traci Turner

    Wow. I hadn't heard this in a while .... The almighty AIC

    Федя Кастров

    Это еще почему? На уровне Love Hate Love, и это как минимум!!!!!!!!

    Frank Lopez

    I was shocked how good this album was, the dinosaurs was ok it felt like part 2 of this. But this album was great of their best, along with Dirt, facelift and the self titled one with the 3 legged dog.

  90. codeman454

    Was this fan made? I keep up w their videos n all their music n this is the first I've seen it.

    Lin Yao

    +codeman454 nah official, it's on the alice in chains yt page.

    Letícia Abrahão

    +The Chratheostic lmao they really have no more money left

    El Pechero

    +Letícia Rata Maybe it could be low budget, but it requires a lot of work doing it, so, for me it's fine, even if it's low budget or not, it's fine.

    Letícia Abrahão

    Meh, I don't really care about video clips. It's the music that matters anyways

    El Pechero

    Well said :P

  91. JohnVo423

    Where are the views? Do people just NOT know that one of the best original bands of the 90s reunited and starting making amazing albums again? Every person I talk to who claims they love Alice in chains knows nothing about their new albums.

    Pedro Garcia

    not true, i appreciate both AiC's but they are different and in some songs they just sound similar to older roots like this one. both incredible with the same name and yet different like a remake of an old movie. no foul no harm new AiC just brought a new generation into the old and people take time to appreciate the progression.


    Jenna Delladio ~ Layne's fucking dead. While he was the 50% of Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrell was the 50% remaining. Also, his new stuff is pretty good.

    Dale Griffim

    Jerry Cantrell is ALICE in chains, Layne was just a great singer,but Jerry is the soul and creator of this great band

    Nick Kohlmann

    Idk man!

  92. Earthy Goodies

    Older alice in chains was the best, but their newer stuff is growing on me!

  93. insanityizgood

    Love this song!!!!

  94. Pantano Sul letto

    Awesome, one of the best AiC songs ever. 
    Duvall is perfect for their actual stoner/doom sound, like Staley was perfect for their 90s' grunge-heavy metal music!!!!

    M.L. Crow

    Well, AIC "incorporated" the "doom" sound (all call it whatever you want) also with Staley; listen to the song Get Born Again (impressive imo). And I can hear some "stoner" influences also in some songs included on Dirt and "Tripod" albums. DuVall is an awesome singer but Staley was special and I find in Staley's voice a better fit for "doom" songs. Just my opinion ofc.


    Yes both of them are awesome, but in fact in Layne’s Alice In Chains there is a lot of stoner-doom songs!! The whole AIC without Heaven Beside You only, and some like Love Hate Love, Rain when I die, Junkhead and a lot more


    I definitely hear their doom sound in Hollow.

    357CLOUDY Black Feather

    Agree! Rather they keep going than stop because of the loss. That's called living.

  95. Sean Roney

    One of the best songs on the whole album!  This song and A Looking In View really won me over. 

    Brian Mannion

    lesson learned and private hell are my favourites from that album

  96. Jumbolyer Joe

    Whose mind is that, and give me what they havin. 


    It's a womb.

  97. D Roth

    Feel Layne's spirit when I hear this song.......Simply amazing.

    Bruno D'Alessio


    Rich Thomas

    His voice would put this song in another category