Alice Cooper - You're A Movie Lyrics

I fearlessly walk into battle
With a shine on my boots and my teeth
Never flinch, never blink, never rattle
My blood is like ice underneath
Oh, I'm the reincarnation of Patton
And I've got Hannibal's heart in my chest
God told me I would have rivalled
Alexander the Great at his best

(You're a movie)
(You're a movie)
(The exception)
That's right
(You're the final kind)
(You're a movie)
More of an epic
(Please include me, send us to the line)
Mm, that's right
Very good

Bullets repel off my medals
And my men are in awe when I speak
All chaos my strategy settles
My mere presence gives strength to the weak
For me it seems really alarming
I'm really just only a man
With five million sheep in this army
I seem to be the only one fit to command

(You're a movie)
I'm quite aware
(You're a movie)
(The exception)
Oh, you've noticed
(You're the final kind)
(You're a movie)
Hey, very true
(Please include me, send us to the line)
Mm, if you're lucky
I must go now and save the world
Move aside mere drop of water, let the ocean pass

(You're a movie)
Quite right
(You're a movie)
(The exception)
(You're the final kind)
(You're a movie)
(Please include me)
Mm hmm
(Please include me)
(Please include me)
(Send us to the lines)
Good man
(Send us to the lines)
I'll be at the front, please
(Front of the lines)
Oh, alright
Follow me

Another day, another victory
Another gold stripe, another star
Really quite boring sometimes
I wish they'd send someone equal to my strategies
What a guy
I'm really quite a guy

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Alice Cooper You're A Movie Comments

    This has a Rocky Horror sound to it

  2. Andrew Oliver

    Very camp, very coke fuelled, just go with it, it is pretty good.

  3. Silas Cochran

    That's funny cowboy

  4. Breaker Bill

    It’s a fact; Alice Cooper has made more outstanding albums in his self-proclaimed “blackout period” than most artists have made stone cold sober! Just proof that old “Black Eyes” is a pure musical genius!

  5. bonzeblayk

    "Vote Alice for President! General Orderin' ALICE is the Clean Machine we need in the Oval Office, and he's got the guts, brains, and BRAWN it takes to make the changes We The People need!

    FIRST THINGS FIRST! What's that?

    GO ON VACATION!, leaving a Time Bomb in the Oval Machine so only The People know where he's on tour! "But why, Gen'l Alice, why? We voted for leadership! For adoration! We want the WAR only YOU can deliver!"

    Loudspeakers linked by the PsychoMagix of the InterTubes The Adversary snaked into your head proclaim and then go dead:

    "We've got problems North, East, South, and West, and personally, I don't care! My daddy told me, you would make a great preacher like me, you've got the Gift, but before you know it, you'd be actually persuading people that Dead Babies are wonderful and all that other stuff the Devil put in you with that bad orange acid you took, but my advice is?

    "Stick with your own personal Jihad, son, and since you're the kind of Preacher people most love, make it clear it ends with a hanging or something so people get the picture: Sex with the Devil is NEVER a good idea! She looks pretty good up front, they say, but Baphomet's backside has a stench that never comes off!"



    ––> "Clean up your room!"

    - BARMAYDEN/leathergirl Mrs. Rosie-Anne Quvus, Devoted Wife to Mr. Lenora Quvus, STORMBRINGER!

  6. Shawn Fairholm

    This song...more of an epic!!!

  7. Mrs Mix Music

    Send us to the line!!! Anyone who missed this tour, you should be sent to the lines.


    Front of the line

    Chris Anderson

    Saw it...awesome!

  8. John K.

    Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Cheryl Newsome

    "Move aside mere drop of water--let the ocean pass." That is priceless. :D

  10. Robert Peterson

    Special Forces: criminally underrated album.

  11. Arturo Saucedo

    Very good


    Quite. Yes. That's right.

  12. greymajickjedi

    This has many likes.

    Hmmm, that's right.

    It has zero dislikes.

    Oh, you've noticed?

  13. Alan Lloyd

    this is definitely his best solo album, after one listen through, that is. This new wave hard rock is fucking awesome.

  14. Alan Lloyd

    call me crazy but is this is best solo album overall?? i havent heard a bad song yet


    Who the fuck am I? But I'd say yes and I've thought this for years.

    Eric Johnson

    Welcome to my nightmare is his best solo albumn

  15. Rebecca Schaleger

    What is this song even about? I don't quite understand :/

    o_o_o_o_o o_o_o_o_o

    I don't either, but it's awesome.

    Damon Willis

    Well, Special Forces is a "loosely based" concept album. In this song he's a charismatic general speaking to soldiers. It comes more from an old school concept....the super charismatic general getting his troops to go out and fight the war. If I'm making any sense lol....

  16. greymajickjedi

    ......soooooo, he produced for Alice Cooper -

    THEN wrote Behold A Pale Horse???


  17. Joe Haymes

    Alice is so fken' unbelievable this was my first concert at the Great Theater what an awesome show, the music was and still is for all types of taste. Vincent your truly one of a kind. Thank you.

  18. ChevKen

    fuck you, Phil Murphy

  19. professorpsoop


  20. Ylva 0,0

    Alice was starred in "Friday the 13th Jason lives, Prince of Darkness, Roadie, Monster Dog, Freddy's Dead, The Attic Expeditions, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts, Suck, An Honest Liar, Wayne's World, and Sexette" Alice really is a movie, the king of the silver screen, the movie all people watch to admire and to be struck with Alice's charms. ALICE ROCKS, man!



    Jay Kapolka

    He wasn't in Jason lives. He just did songs for the soundtrack

  21. N.Z. Storm Waver

    This could easily be made into a song for Devo.


    Same era.
    Similar satire and parody.

  22. mahuglas

    doesn't get much better than this. the guy is a genius ;-P

    Eddie Bruce

    quite right


    +Eddie Bruce 👍

  23. MusicZombieGirl9999

    F'n great LOUD