Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare (Live) Lyrics

[From "Welcome To My Nightmare" Album (1975)]

Welcome to my nightmare, I think you're gonna like it, I think you're gonna feel you belong.
A nocturnal vacation, unnecessary sedation, you want to feel at home 'cause you belong.
Welcome to my nightmare whoa, ho, ho, ho...

Welcome to my breakdown.
I hope I didn't scare you.
That's just the way we are when we come down.
We sweat and laugh and scream here.
'Cause life is just a dream here.
You know inside you feel right at home, here.
Yeah, Welcome to my nightmare yeah, hey, hey, hey...

Welcome to my nightmare!
I think you're gonna like it!
I think you're gonna feel you belong!
We sweat and laugh and scream here!
'Cause life is just a dream here!
You know inside you feel right at home, here!

Welcome to my nightmare hoo, hoo, woo, hoo...
Welcome to my breakdown...


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Alice Cooper Welcome to My Nightmare (Live) Comments
  1. Amber Scott

    Perfect song for the person that has nightmares like me. I love Alice cooper and always will

  2. Gayle Ash

    I've been to as many Alice Cooper concerts as I could possibly go! In Mt. Pleasant, MI, Clarkston, MI (many times), Saginaw, MI, Birmingham, MI, and Detroit, Michigan's Cobo Hall! Best concerts, ever!

  3. Matthew Bumby

    Please pray for my friend, Scott Fulton, ( the Zappa , Golf Guy ), his liver is failing, he is at Crouse Hospital in New York. If anyone can get ahold of Alice please tell him, or anyone else who reads this, let's prove the power of prayer . Thank You and God Bless.

  4. Hailey Byrd

    You look like you are die

  5. anatoly Fedotov


  6. Mister Justice

    He was sued by the film companies that created Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween for using their copyrighted imagery.

  7. Brian Kay

    Thanks Alice. You love the Lord and so do I. If only everyone knew that. John 3:17. Yeah... that's right. JOHN 3:17.

  8. Martine Nathalie Rioux


  9. Stuart Triebe

    I first started listening to Alice when I was 12 or 13 it never gets old king of shock rock saw him twice live great show

  10. John Katsoudas

    Alice Cooper will always be legendary!! Brutal Planet is the album that got me to finally become a huge massive fan. Alice Cooper has so many great songs and albums. Welcome To My Nightmare is easily one of my favorite albums and Steven has been my favorite song for close to 20 years.

  11. Serge Michel Quintal

    Fuck..Just welcome and have fun dam.

  12. Gayle Ash

    Best ever, the original, the one, the only, Detroit's own, Alice Cooper! 🎶 🎶 🎶

  13. Rickey Engle

    i hope i did't scared you,,,

  14. Ronnie Harsh

    All this time i thought it was my thru this song i found out it was just a nightmare.😳😳😵😵.

  15. Paula Hobbs

    I love the video we come to my nightmare!

  16. Steven Smith Jr

    Holy Shit, Freddy, Jason, Michael, and Alice Cooper!!!!😱

  17. Alonzo Branson

    Bucket list performer right here. Hopefully get to see him live before time catches up and forces him to retire.

  18. Chris G

    Im seeing this guy on November 22 on a Friday at 8 pm

  19. Chris G

    At the end why did the doctors hurt Alice cooper is that a fake shot i hope soo

  20. Jayce Ledet

    I think I can relate to this, I’m gonna show this to my friend and be like “this is my life, welcome to my nightmare”

  21. Brucifer Mephistopheles

    Seen him at the Saint Paul Civic center in 1978 when we got tear gassed for real!

  22. Kathleen Clark

    Kathleen here in 2019

  23. Kathleen Clark

    Love you David in texas

  24. David the barber

    Alice is great. I’ve seen him 3 times. Love it to death and Killer are probably the best rock and roll albums I’ve ever heard. Not a bad song on either one.

  25. Anna Vajda

    When my brother was little in the seventies he had long hair and some lady on the train asked his name so he told her and the lady said oh Alice what a pretty name and he said ALEX not ALICE.

  26. SlimyboyDave

    Badass performance!



  28. Paula Hobbs

    I love schools out for summer by alice cooper he's so hot

  29. Starr Smith

    The irony of seeing Freddy Kruger

  30. sadra toosi

    This video is legit the lamest thing i have ever seen.

  31. Monoxide


  32. JoySynthesis

    The codpiece.

  33. FrodoXAnnalover 12


  34. Crystal Flowers

    Anybody got questions about why I'm still listening to THIS?... question for whatever dipshit didn't like "Poison"

  35. caught you in another lie


  36. Bellymeat

    ....for some strange reason I have a vague ,very vague, feeling I watched this entire album played out on a Don Kirshner midnight special at some point in the '70s. . Can anyone verify OR is this just another missremembering ?......(all of my missremembering is attributed to the brown acid that I ate @ Woodstock )

  37. Jimi Photon

    coop, you been kickin ass my entire life... thanks man. much love to you and the family, now and always dude... long may you rock!

  38. Ligeia Poe

    Thanks for this ....😍🖤

  39. William Peddle

    That nurse was hot!


    like old better this is speeded up

  41. Snagglefratz

    Rock's greatest showman ever.

  42. Nancy Samay

    I loved the make up....looked creepy as hell in 1970,so. Oh. My teenage years,,,,miss them so,,,,,smoking weed. ,drinking beer,,,,in the schools football field during class,,,,skipped class to party!!!! 😍😛😍

  43. gaetan landry


  44. lidija belšćak

    Well at least he is still alive

  45. Igor Bojceski

    .....caught somewhere in time..........

  46. Rob Runyon

    Welll...that was fast.

  47. Lefty Gatekeeper

    Lacking Kane makes a big impact. The 1986 tour was the shit.

  48. Errol Waguespack


  49. Rachel Gerrard

    It's children's music - dumb ones at that.

  50. Marilee Denr

    Thank you love it . Shared worldwide lol Marilee

  51. Jay January

    the bush family was all devil worshipers.

  52. Natalija Čondić


  53. Natalija Čondić

    I love dark songs

  54. mike deihl

    I play this every time Halloween comes around.

  55. Sharon Gulley

    I heard this song when it 1st came out in the 70s & i was forever hooked on Alice.

  56. London Girl

    He was the best concert I have ever been too

  57. Roy Brewer

    too fuckin fast!

  58. Jason Doty

    What I love most is that Michael, Jason, and Freddy are all presented best to worst.

  59. Vance Biondo

    Thanks Alice. ..

  60. 1kurto

    Why is this album not a musical?

  61. gavin hinds

    what a mad album i think you gona like it

  62. Thomas Cogburn sr.

    This song is cool.

  63. pepino735

    marylin manson's muse

  64. Andre Petrenko

    I was yang...

  65. деревенский блокнот

    Элис Купер почему ты такой страшный?

  66. Bill Nye Jackson 987

    My favourite band is this I love he song I sub to him

  67. Scott Peters

    Believe it or not Alice Cooper is one helluva golfer .... Lol

  68. Richard King

    My fave Alice Cooper jam! Describes my life.

  69. Josef Gabriš

    Super song..

  70. Christopher Akerley

    the protection he got was the correct dollar amount from the proceeds on the first year or quarter of his new  product....the emergency button elderly press when injured and alone

  71. Christian Black

    The aesthetic of Alice Coopers shows are really sensational


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  73. Lellis Sobczak

    Unpopular Opinion: best alice cooper song

  74. Joe Clark


  75. Debe Pendley

    The Alice!! That's all there is to say.

  76. Leahsa Haas


  77. Leahsa Haas


  78. Carl Schrock

    No one has the balls to do that anymore.😞!!!

  79. Lydieluck 77

    I saw him live with Motley Crue about five years ago! It was an amazing show 🤟🏻!

  80. Brent Sarazin

    Saw Cooper for the debut of Nightmare album in the summer of 1975 in Ottawa. I was blown away!

  81. World Top 10

    nice song , Alice Cooper says to see something else, then you will find this site

  82. Genreliffic

    Got to see this performed live 1975/76 "Welcome to My Nightmare" tour Edmonton Alberta ... Northlands Coliseum .... on the floor ..... won't forget it.... 14 or 15 years old ... sigh ......

  83. Larry Smith

    Welcome 2 your nightmare.

  84. Amelia Moore

    A hole in one? Lol

  85. Amelia Moore

    Mr.Eds 64 thousand dollar burning hot dog question....???? Promo deal?

  86. Paulusi Irqu

    Saw Alice Cooper opening for Iron Maiden. He puts on a great show.

  87. Soulaymane Elebrahimi


  88. Hypatia's Daughter

    Um, I feel kind of dumb for just now realizing this but ... Alice Cooper is to Goth as Iggy Pop is to Punk. Yeah, I know: I'm a bit slow.

  89. jimmy johnston

    AKA Tiny Tim!

  90. Gloria Garcia

    Omg this is so fucking masterpiece !

  91. Olexandr Osinniy


  92. MultiJosueh

    better than the original version

  93. Shawn Fairholm

    Cooper Classick!!!

  94. Richard Bentley

    ....and to fock you....

  95. Riley Mason

    Awesome I too am an alcoholic get work keep coming back

  96. pumpkintubs

    or waiting on a bus for about an hour and then you realize you've forgot your bus pass whats your nightmare xxx

  97. pumpkintubs

    or going home looking forward to putting on the kettle and then you get home and theres no milk left and its raining that's a fucxing nightmare whats yours xxx