Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels (Live) Lyrics

[From "Killer" Album (1971)]

The telephone is ringing you got me on the run I'm driving in my car now anticipating fun
I'm driving right up to you babe I guess that you couldn't see yeah yeah
But you were under my wheels why don't you let me be
'cause when you call me on the telephone saying take me to the show
And then I say honey I just can't go old lady's sick and I can't leave her home
The telephone is ringing you got me on the run I'm driving in my car now
I got you under my wheels I got you under my wheels I got you under my wheels
Got you under my wheels yeah yeah I got you under my wheels
Aah the telephone is ringing you got me on the run I'm driving in my car now anticipating fun
I'm driving right up to you babe I guess that you couldn't see yeah yeah
But you were under my wheels why don't you let me be
Yeah yeah got you under my wheels yeah yeah I got you under my wheels
I got you under my wheels got you got you got you got you
Under my wheels got you under my wheels wheels wheels wheels

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Alice Cooper Under My Wheels (Live) Comments
  1. FILMPOT Productions

    Always loved this song, but that performance was very disappointing. Alice looked like he was mogadon

  2. Robert Edwards

    Man, Dennis Dunaway on Bass. LISTEN to that man lay down the backbone of this song. He’s always been my favorite Bass player

  3. Cashcrop54

    My favorite Alice song! This thing rocks!

  4. Eddie Coyle

    *This is Rock and Roll!!*

  5. alterdestiny

    man this cat could sing !!!... incredible voice.

  6. Doran Jensen

    the original lineup, the real deal.

  7. Pascal Devin

    alice for president for ever

  8. Mark C

    Long hair hippie freaks 👍👍👍

  9. JJ Hofstra

    im pretty sure this song came b4 suffagrette city............which seems quite similar in many ways...

  10. BryanX 64

    1:28 Glen Buxton be like who needs a fuckin guitar solo

  11. DRG342

    I wish I could have seen these master in their original line-up in their era.

  12. Maureen Wagg

    School bus driver off duty lmao

  13. beggindogs

    This was live, not lip-synched-. Rare at the time

  14. Adventures & Survival in Thailand

    Coops microphone kept turning away lol

  15. Jezz Torrend

    Al inicio me recuerda a mama kim de aerosmith

  16. Helen Bostock

    you line not my ha ha no you are off my back few different piont of view

  17. Beat Lehmann

    Fantastic - The Original Group !!!

  18. Gilles Accarier

    All the members of the AC group were great musicians . Under My Wheels is an ultimate Rock And Roll tune . This song drive me crazy since 48 years! And still does !
    Ps : Neal Smith very underrated drummer...

  19. Zilda Peixoto

    Essa musica e romântica demais!...

  20. Melissa Tyree

    2019, anyone with me?

  21. Kevin Clepps

    great song!

  22. Marsabbath

    Adoro a Alice!! Rock terror❤️🤘

  23. Lake Michigan

    I was the singer in an early 70's garage band that covered Alice. We played nearly everything from 'Love It To Death', 'Killer', and 'School's Out' - but we left their first effort 'Pretties For You' entirely alone because it sounded like a musical channeling of the very worst of Yoko Ono.

    Lake Michigan

    @J0hn Vandenbiesen Given some of Zappa's musical offerings, I can see where he might.

  24. Lyndon Nilan

    Huge influence on both glam and punk.

  25. Eva & Edvard Elseworld Siblings

    Idk what it means, but, yes, please, I'll take some more!

  26. po18guy

    The prototype of, and inspiration for so many groups - he's just an absolute original.

  27. Andy Hughes

    Here we are coming up on 2019 and this is still brilliant.

  28. bflo1000

    One of their best.

  29. John Kenebutch

    How the f**k does Madonna get in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame before Alice Cooper? The RRHoF is a joke!

  30. Doran Jensen

    this is a real rock band.

  31. sammy hagar

    Still remember the 1st time I heard this, in somebodies car on the way to score some pot.

  32. cruisethesurf

    Always good to come back & visit this old 'vid. Coop still had that heavy strong raspy voice before all the alcohol turned him into a short winded skeleton later on & the band sounded good, although not so much Glen here. Does make me wonder if Mike actually did more of the lead guitar work. Anyhow, classic stuff.

  33. Chris Hellams

    Live that GB SG man I saw what's left of it its a body with no anything on it striped clean

  34. street punkisa


  35. Joe Rong

    What a fucking voice !

  36. Shelley Rothenburger

    We had an assignment in high school back in the seventies in theatre arts class to put together a “video” more like slide visual interpretation of a favourite band /song...a classmate and I chose Alice Coopers “Steven” and shot it in a field on my grandmothers farm. We recreated a grave and Stevens rising from the dead...the whole nine yards..was great..

  37. raymond lang

    The very best band line up Alice ever had, writing great R&R songs that still sound as good today as they did back in early 70s.

  38. Brian Ghattas

    I swear, even in 1971 Alice looked like he was 50. Certainly a Hall of Fame talent, though. They play Alice on CHEZ but only his 1970’s hits. I guess his collaborations with Desmond Child don’t make the grade.

  39. Hip Hop Blows

    Cooper’s best song

  40. Devin V

    Seeing Alice in October, i CANT WAIT! (Also the band is on fire here! Look how cool Buxton looks with that SG Custom!)

  41. Jackie Kennedy

    I don't know why this is my all-time favorite Alice Cooper song it's just stuck with me through the years

  42. Joe Dov

    Love it ! brings Back the Memories for sure.

  43. crlaw75

    I forgot about this tune, but realilized how great this version is.

  44. Robert mccluskey

    there bad ass cool

  45. Jack C. Lamb

    "Killer" might be their best...Alice is pretty bright-eyed here!

  46. Lawrence Aransas Pass TX


  47. Tom Saleeba

    One of my all time favorites !! It's in the jukebox too !!

  48. Taylorbeth Vallejo

    Interesting eyeliner. Looks good.

  49. heavypizza

    FUCK! YES!

  50. John J. Sanchez

    Love those SGs

  51. Mika Michel

    This is the best rock and roll song ever

  52. William Leather

    Saginaw Michigan 1970 These Guys Rocked the Place . . .I am glad I went. . . . .

  53. Frank Smith

    Finally!! An actual live performance of "Under My Wheels" where Glen actually plays the solo himself (and not Ronnie Montrose like on the record). In almost every other "live" Under My Wheels video on Youtube, it's Montrose, and so obviously not Glen, playing the solo. Love Glen's playing, they never had to substitute in the fancy studio musician playing in the first place.


    Frank Smith, actually, rick derringer

  54. Occulta Veritas

    makes my hair stand up!!!

  55. Hootiebird61

    The Old Grey Whistle Stop set!

  56. MeloLand

    Incredible guy!!

  57. Robert Ganser

    Happy birthday, Alice!

  58. AngryPostmanSthlm2

    Man... as child i was doomed with influences like this..
    But a say this is one of the reasons i got such good person <3

  59. jim smith

    Thank you YouTube for make me not want to listen to music anymore fuck off

  60. Mackenzie Puetz-Bateman

    Alice is freaking amazing

  61. Karyani Onlygarage

    Great sound!!

  62. Rob Jones

    The first album I bought was AC's "Killer" back in 1973.

    This track still remains epic. Sorry I never got to see him in concert, but along
    with Bowie's "Aladdin Sane", Roxy's "For Your Pleasure" and Iggy's "Raw Power",
    it remains a brilliant snapshot of a bygone era.

  63. phil2856

    My father, who did not like rock n roll, begrudgingly bought me this album,, which got me on to the music.
    Miss him and love him.

  64. Claudio Muñoz

    Alice,s best album ever performed

  65. Dalek 2150

    Marlyn Manson can't hold a candle to Alice Cooper, the original gangsta.

    American Atheist

    Dalek 2150 they’re both good

    street punkisa

    Dalek 2150 you know I loVe Alice.
    I heard him befoooore MM.
    So I love him.
    Different kind of music and ok let's face it Alice Cooper is such a really sweet soul and a real gentleman!!

  66. Gabriel Heilmann

    O cara domina !!!! Long live to Alice Cooper !!!!!!

  67. Martin Rodriguez


  68. mtronix

    thank you !!!

  69. suesqueezel

    my first lp

  70. transneural

    I got stucked in my head the WPIX New York announcer, giving the intro to this song in 1981...

  71. peter betts

    tammy hes still Cool , hes just getting up there, guess where your headed, as ALL of us are, up there. besides theres not alot of decent to choose from out there , Sabbath ,Who , FLOYD , Mule ,

  72. Eva Thomas

    Love this! Ah, to be 16 again, high on all manner of chemicals, and listening to bands like Zep and Alice Cooper. :)

    Jason Doty

    Plus Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.

  73. Rap Zalsos

    This should had been in Mad Max: Fury Road

  74. Gouwe Ouwe Muziek

    Dit nummer en nog veel meer vind je op!

  75. Tammy Meade

    I heard of him late 60s?.early 70s & he was da shit. today? not so much but, back in the day he was so freakin cool

    Mike Vandervoort

    Bullshit. Saw him last week, hadn't seen him since 98. He was amazing.

    Larry Mccarty

    Dude, he just toured with THE Greatest band of all time (Iron Maiden) a couple years ago, and is co-headlining with Deep Purple right now!

  76. wollers7

    They were such a cool band

    The Shadow

    Still are tho.

    Chris Vandorpe

    wollers7 still are bro

  77. Mixemotus Runner

    Awesome, sexy , just amazing, rock out!!!!

  78. Brian Willing

    Alice fucking ROCKS!

  79. Mitch Reynolds

    One can find now explosion videos on utube

  80. Mitch Reynolds

    Julie swan..... Although there was no MTV at the time in the New York market in the late 60s early 70s there was a show called "the now explosion" on wpix channel 11. All music videos, Doors, Beatles, mongo Jerry ect... Not sure if Alice was on it as censorship might have prevented it. It was MTV without the hosts

  81. Admiral Smelling

    One of the great rock and roll bands. Alice doesn't get the credit he deserves as a rock vocalist.

    Debbie M

    Admiral Smelling LOL Admiral!!


    I agree. I was listening to School's Out and just marveled at how wicked his attitude was, pure rock, and nobody ever could snarl quite like that. I have sung my share of metal and rock in the past,and even now, and I just realized the importance of really nasty snarling to put the greasy, dirty, sweaty, hungover stuck at a truck stop raunch that true rock was and is all about


    He was one of the hottest musicians in the early 70s. A bunch of great songs like this one.

    Glenn Wheatcroft

    or his songwriting

  82. singapore sling 94

    suffragette city

    Dave Bertrand

    ...was recorded a year later. Love them both.

    John J. Sanchez

    Classic Rock riffs are going to sound similar especially when the fuzz fx are also similar

    sal economos

    And Blondie..."I'm in the telephone booth".....

  83. Julie Swahn

    Each band member really brings a lot to the table.. When this song/album was current, there was no MTV (like when they played actual music vids) so all we had (or I had, while living in Turkey) was rock mags like Creem (the BEST) and such to see photos, but no live copy. All these years later here I am at 57 and am so grateful to have access to videos on youtube :) as we please! Life is good.. this track is fab and I love how Alice becomes one with the music.. sinister, campy and a rockstar--can't beat all that!

    Admiral Smelling

    +Julie Swahn They were my favorite band. By the time I got into them, around age 14, it was the mid-seventies and I never got to see them. I remember Creem. Yahoo for Youtube! Alice is a great vocalist.

    Mike Girard

    I LOVED Creem.

  84. dblair1258

    Nice kick ass song! ;) Yeah...

  85. Maurilio Meirelles

    Artist: Alice Cooper
    Released on: 1971


    1 Under My Wheels (02:51)
    2 Be My Lover (03:21)
    3 Halo of Flies (08:22)
    4 Desperado (03:30)
    5 You Drive Me Nervous (02:28)
    6 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (03:39)
    7 Dead Babies (05:44)
    8 Killer (06:57)

  86. Elizabeth Derouin

    On my Top Ten List

    Elizabeth Derouin

    The album Kiler that is

  87. Rikardo Luisk

    Yes....!!!! D +

  88. inthesurf 07

    hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Tony M

    the raw power of two gibson sg's. nothing like it.

  90. Mitchel Steiner

    AAAAAAAAAAAA! Yes! This is the same time I first saw them! 1971, original eyes, and he was 22 (I was 16)!! This is freakin awesome! And he's not drunk either! He maintained when I saw him too! Great! Great! Thank you so much for posting this!!

    Bob Davison

    +Mitchel Steiner .........23


    I am jealous

    Bud Hull

    From what I understand, Alice rarely, if never, partook in alcohol during a gig. Lots of Coca-Cola during; whiskey and beer before and after.

    BryanX 64

    @Bud Hull Yeah I reckon Alice was among the clean(er) rockstars of the '60s thru '80s.

    Bud Hull

    BryanX 64 I wouldn’t go that far, as he eventually crashed and started smoking crack while recording during his solo years, but during his performances he supposedly never partook.

  91. Ingolf Woyke

    super Album - alle 3 "Schlangenhäute" waren Toppp!

  92. Sam uelson

    look at dennis dunaway here, put some furs on him and you've got chuck garric. Why was i born in 1988 instead of 1948?

    Bob Davison

    +haggai samuelson - lame. garric wishes he was dunaway

  93. Bobs 4Bob

    they have a great band

  94. Frank Calisi

    This band hammers out some bad ass guitar sounds of my youth.!!

  95. Terry Sadler

    What is that video in the background with the snake? Is It My Body? I need to see this!!!!!