Alice Cooper - Teenage Lament '74 (Live) Lyrics

[From "Muscle Of Love" Album (1973)]

What a drag it is
These gold lame jeans
Is this the coolest way
To get through your teens
Well, I cut my hair
With a rib that it was in
I looked like a rooster
Than was drowned and raised again

What are you gonna do
I tell you what I'm gonna do
Why don't you get away
I'm gonna leave today

I ran into my room
And I fell down on my knees
Well, I thought that fifteen
Was gonna be a breeze
I picked up my guitar
To blast away the clouds
But somebody in the next room yield
"You gotta turn that damn thing down!"

What are you gonna do
I tell you what I'm gonna do
Why don't you get away
Well, I'm gonna cry all day

And I know trouble
Is brewin' out there
But I can hardly care
They fight all night
About his private secretary
Lipstick stain, blond hair
What are you gonna do
I tell you what I'm gonna do
Why don't you run away
I'm gonna leave today

But even I
Don't know what I'm gonna do
Don't know what I'm gonna do
What are you gonna do
I tell you what I'm gonna do
Why don't you run away
Well, I'm gonna leave today
What are you gonna do
I tell you what I'm gonna do
Why don't you get away
Well, I'd rather cry all day

What are you gonna do, gonna do, gonna do...

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Alice Cooper Teenage Lament '74 (Live) Comments
  1. Kenneth Morrison 1

    My fave Alice Cooper song! This Song definitely reminds Me of My Teenage Years! Alice Cooper Rules!!

  2. Dan Meyer

    Copyright 1973 Rhino Records. Composed by Alice cooper, Neil Smith.

  3. Siamese Dream

    still have my muscle cut out

  4. Daniel Burns

    this song only went to #48 on the pop charts in 1974!!!

  5. Philip Holmes

    For me it was " I thought that 14 was gonna be a breeze"...and "Turn that BLOODY thing down"


    i heard 15 but the rest is accurate as far as i know?

    Philip Holmes

    @thelaughingman79 me too...i was just 14 when this came out and i had a Fender Mustang that my English parents didn't like because i didn't play "proper"

  6. Safe Space Cafe News Music Comedy

    Ste Miller & Alice Cooper Are the 2 most undervalued bands of our time...

  7. putative3

    I'm 15 again a Alice Cooper is still a band!


    I think Liza is on here too...

  9. ABGinHouseBandits

    Theres a heavier version of this awesome song by Gin House Bandits on a tribute Album called Remember the coop! its on iTunes and on youtube. The lead singer and basically "the band" is Andy Baldasarre or AB you can find his stuff under AB "Accidental Life" also on iTunes and on youtube CD Baby etc. Andy Baldasarre is on Facebook also.if anyones interested check him out! you won't be disappointed!!!

  10. StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu)

    Suspiciously similar to "The Weight" by The Band

    Rockhardio Allcock

    Can’t hear it. I know it’s a lament and a bit similar with the guitars. Hmm. Maybe towards the end a bit as I listen. Bugger! You know you’ve changed this song for me. We’re not mates anymore!

    Richard Christie

    nah, different key, different chord progressions and this has a choppier rhythm.
    For example harmonic progressions of the verses basically are
    The Weight : I iii, IV.
    Teenage Lament: I ii iii I vi


    and liza minelli


    Actually many rock n roll songs are very similar using the basic rock chord progression, what makes the songs sound slightly different is the lyrics, tempo, and timing and often chord inversions. Rock lives!

    Blackstone Music

    Different key, different tempo, different arrangement, different chord progression, but other then that you're right.

  11. Count D

    Such a good singer.

  12. ken senopole

    Nona Hendrix. 1/3 of Labelle... back up singer...

  13. Rich Warner


  14. Kenneth Morrison 1

    My All Time Alice Cooper Fave!! Alice Cooper Rules!!

  15. q98rt710

    I remember this song in my junior year of high school, early '74. I also remember Casey Kasem saying that Alice had Joni Mitchell & the Pointer sisters doing backup vocals. But I could find no record of this. Great song, anyway.

    Orange Beach

    "Teenage Lament '74" is also notable for its all-star female backup chorus, which featured Ronnie Spector, Labelle, the Pointer Sisters, and (strangest of all) Liza Minelli. Despite its catchy pop/rock feel, "Teenage Lament '74" barely made it into the Top 50 on the American charts. However, it did well elsewhere in the world, including a Top 15 charting in the U.K. "Teenage Lament '74" later turned up on the group's classic Greatest Hits collection and remains a favorite with fans. Song Review by Donald A. Guarisco.

    Thomas Kolde

    I was a freshman that year 73/74 & I related quite well to this song. Still do 40 some years later.

  16. christopher carrier

    ...someones calling me i hear my name!!! Je...rry!

  17. Jerry Racca

    Classic Alice!

  18. Googleye

    Backup vocals
    Sarah Dash and Nona Hendryx

  19. newsreader4321

    Alice Cooper is lucky in that he has skinny body genes to continue his male model shtickif he gained weight he'd be one of us..

    Chris Levesque

    Newsreader... That it the utmost stupid post ive ever read??? If he gained weight his talent would be lost???? Go back and watch your back street boys.. That more UP your ALLEY if you know what i mean..??

    Kinni Wright

    @MKHDETROIT he's talking to reader.

    Derek Knopp

    I agree his talent is good but he is god father of shock rock.not meatloaf

    old fart

    @Derek Knopp good one!

  20. Falwiz

    To me his best

  21. James cole

    Ha nobody knows this great song....rock on Alice....

    Jeff Hagerman

    Still got the album all of them long live HARD ROCK ........ALICE COOPER



    Paul True

    Ha i do


    my dad played this song for me, and I love it. Hes in terrible health right now, so im playing this song. because i love him.

    Cy Borg

    @peter frysz My heart goes out to you. Hope you’re holding up okay.