Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed (Live) Lyrics

[From "Welcome To My Nightmare" Album (1975)]

Man got his woman to take his seed he got the power oh she got the need
She spends her life through pleasing up her man she feeds him dinner or anything she can
She cries alone at night too often he smokes and drinks and don't come home at all
Only women bleed only women bleed only women bleed
Man makes your hair grey he's your life's mistake all you're really looking for's an even break
He lies right at you you now hate this game he slaps you once in a while and you live and love in pain
She cries alone at night too often he smokes and drinks and don't come home at all ooh
Only women bleed only women bleed only women bleed only women bleed
Only women bleed only women bleed only women bleed
Man got his woman to take his seed he got the power oh she got the need
She spends her life through pleasing up her man she feeds him dinner or anything she can
She cries alone at night too often he smokes and drinks and don't come home at all
Only women bleed only women bleed only women bleed
Black eyes all of the time don't spend a dime clean up this grime
And you there down on your knees begging me please come watch me bleed
Only women bleed only women bleed only women bleed only women bleed
Only women bleed only women bleed only women bleed

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Alice Cooper Only Women Bleed (Live) Comments
  1. Harry Cox

    It's a very sad song, yet Cooper's vocals and the simple riff are very tender. It's his best song for me.

  2. God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body

    this is really a beautiful song, and i sing along when I hear it, and yes I have the record at home

  3. Debbie Harsch

    Love this song🥰🥺
    Poignant and so powerful!!🥀🥀🥀

  4. Chris Pattee

    Saw this at Wings Stadium 1976 Kalamazoo Michigan ❤

  5. Big Boy

    Song 4 another ho gettin off my game 7 rollin dirty in the Bush...ahh f .It ..later....vidanlavida pete....TJ PUBLISHING INC LLC female ghostwriter LLC LERNER ps crdell Cowley

  6. TenTailz NSW

    In 2019 history has changed .. they now say Man can also bleed lol oh society has gone to shit Mr. Cooper .... save us all

  7. Marilee Dent

    Thank you. My favorite

  8. Anxiety Brain

    Being there at 17 years old it defo doesnt have the same impact as it does these days

  9. Athena Follower

    So very sad that so many women go through this exact thing every day.  Day in and day out.  No one should go through abuse.  It was very hard for me to watch this and not want to bust out crying for all those women who are trapped and stuck in abusive or life threatening relationships or marriages, who feel like they have no hope.

  10. Realism I

    What a twat spot.

  11. Heavens to Purgatroid

    Theatre extrodinaire

  12. zarcangel

    What's the useless flesh surrounding a vagina?

    ...The woman.

  13. Frankie's super crazy channel

    I'm going to see Alice cooper live in my hometown in the new year it will be my first Alice cooper concert I'm excited

  14. Sonny Roy

    A great song, I was about 15 when it came out and I understood what it was about. No one else was singing about this subject matter. He understood the sadness and pain of women's lives and was not afraid to bring this to light.

  15. Diamond Eyes

    30 years of abuse now this women doesn't bleed!

  16. Diamond Eyes

    2 marriages first one 10 years just ended the 2nd one of 20 years now its just me and my cat and I'm finally happy!

    Sonny Roy

    I've been divorced 23 years after being married 22 years. I live happily and peacefully with my two sweet cats now.

    Diamond Eyes

    @Sonny Roy sweet freedom 👍

  17. Rita de Graaf

    Only women bleed. Not for this women. Not good ☘

  18. Vomiting Confetti

    That intro sounds very similar to George Harrison 's Isn't it a pity.

  19. Mark Hall

    Even monsters have hearts. Carefully hidden, yes, but very vulnerable. Remember that well.

  20. Paul Mitford

    A silly song sung by a sillier sausage sucker.

  21. Candy Cain Churchwell

    Fixed that shit😂😂😂

  22. lovin every minute of it

    Truly misunderstood.... A true theatrical production when you go to see ALICE.... truly an experience to see.

  23. Ouadda

    I could never have thought of that if I had not read it here (menstruation)! Badly turned spirits ...

  24. Crazymangleauttp

    Etta James is better

  25. Roberto Rios


    Sonny Roy

    I agree

  26. Rail Fan

    Sounds like he changed the lyrics. Look like he didn't really smacked her. Looks like he's just pretending.

  27. Rail Fan

    Why would they put a dead woman up there?

  28. troybridgeman

    The song isn't about menstruation but it is a metaphor for the burden women bear in a male dominated society - I understood that as a young teen in the 70s when this song came out. It still moves me to this day. Thanks for posting.

  29. stevie nicks

    Love the God father,💯

  30. Miss Tery

    Both my grandmothers FAUGHT back.... one left and never came back and my grandfather has never had a woman since ... he is still in love with her and mourns her everyday of his life... she ran to another country and he never saw her again. The other one was a strong battle axe of a woman who never got him back although she was strong enough to take him... one day, she belted that drunken cheating fucker with a frypan knocked him clean out and dumped him in the bath tub after being hit for the last time she thought she killed him. He survived but he never hit her again!... she divorced him.... never understood why a woman so strong would take a beating from an abusive drunkard - she was a very sturdy strong woman who. Like have easily taken him out and I'm glad she did that day!

  31. kprimm1967

    where the Hell did Menstral come from.Listen to the words

  32. Miriam Mandipira & The Soul Family

    We did a cover. Hope you don't mind. 🤭

  33. Christopher Berryhill

    Where can i find an Alice Cooper shirt???? I'd wear that shit


    There are some ignorant people in this comment thread, especially the women!! Did you not listen to the lyrics or did you just make assumptions and run with them????

  35. pearl lee

    Wow when I first saw this title I thought Alice Cooper was the stupidist man on Earth. He was how old when he made this song and just realized a fact of reality? He also painted himself as an abusive neglectful man

  36. Janice Turner

    Very true Alice...

  37. Deborah TruthSeeker

    The title of this song has a dual meaning, as in menstrual cycle.

  38. Carlos Vayas

    Recien en 2019 me entero que la canción que entona Slash es de Alice...

  39. starvin marvin

    First heard this on the comedy programme ‘better things’ which is as great as this song is - check it out on bbc iplayer

  40. kim wilson

    jon english revisited

  41. HurtinAlbertan1

    I was about 12 yrs old ( in 75-76) ; I took my fathers P.A system , amp , mega Marshall speakers ; hook it up to my 8-track stereo and let this song blast across the lake ; was heard 5 miles away : words of the song have changed since original ( He lies right you you is changed to "I lie right you ") Alice Forever ;

  42. Shawna Grewe

    Great band here.

  43. Mark Bishop

    Don't forget the APPLE people

  44. Miss Tery

    If men bled it would be like an epidemic if man flu ... men would be dropping like flies 😂

  45. Jules Allen

    Watch Alice play King Herod in CBS'S Jesus Christ Superstar. I'm 62 and he had my jumping up and down with delight. He is awesome.
    My friend did routines to his albums when we were in HS. Robbie gone for yrs now but what great memories. They don't make performances like this. If some band does please let me know. I'm in.

    Johnny Mao

    Thanks for the heads up, had no idea he played Herod and will have to check it out just for that. Alice is a true powerhouse entertainer!

  46. Colm Coss

    For any guy who's wanted to slap a woman around and write a song about it, well, here's the template.

  47. i'm just a poor boy nobody loves me

    This song + Coffee = Priceless

  48. Rose DeLuia

    Love this great song, about abusive relationships. Alice is also a great performer. Each song, has a special meaning behind it.

  49. bitloman11

    Мелодия похожа на Pink Floyd

  50. Janice Turner

    It is about a abusive woman..

  51. Em Ayah

    cool as always alice!!!!

  52. Marla Hughes

    Love this. For those who don't know, that's @LeslieMPozsonyi
    getting pretend slapped around.

  53. Nancy Samay

    Greatest Long Hair band EVER! !!😉😛😉

  54. Jeffrey Quandt Jr

    Nobody does it like Alice.

  55. Jane Kirk

    This was the story of my life with my sons father. After five years he tried to kill me one night. He left, went back to his mother. She had him sectioned and he’s been in a secure mental hospital ever since. 23 years now. Hope the bastard dies there

  56. Muppio

    One of my alltime favorites of Alice's.

  57. Denise

    I love Alice Cooper for bringing life to this amazing song!❤

  58. Bob Risse

    Even though Alice is a right wing asshole this song is an inspiration.

  59. John VanBlaircum

    Did anybody ever understand this song

  60. Manikandeshwar Sasidhar

    Who's here after listening to Metallica Solo in it in nothing else matters

  61. NeverforgetElvis

    What a stage presence and what a performance! Clear rock and roll!!!! Talent!!!

  62. NeverforgetElvis

    Mmmmmm...probably in the top 10 of most underrated and respected rock songs since like.....EVER. Why jocks dont spin this is baffling, and I wish i could go around the country and slap them for it.

  63. seabiscuit twitter

    Alice what's the motivation..??

  64. John Wise

    That chick in the video plays a real good dead chick. I think her name is ethyl 😎

  65. Jefg Lemonds

    Dick Wagner wrote this

  66. 3332ism

    Take that Gillette

  67. Rex Gagarin

    Guns N’ Roses brought me here

  68. Fabien L'amour

    Best front man ever, forever!!!!

  69. life fades away

    I want his shirt

  70. cram ped

    this is sick :D but I love it

  71. Denise Daniel

    Give it up 💋

  72. S K

    Only a good man bleeds with a good woman

  73. Josef Fleisch

    Grande Alice Cooper 💀💀

  74. Geoff Strum

    Remember seeing him in Sydney on the Welcome to my nightmare tour of 1977.
    I was 14.

    Johnny Mao

    You lucky bastard! I got to catch him in early 2000 and something and he did a pretty solid (and lengthy) Welcome to my Nightmare segment during the set ... and it was phenomenal. I would give quite a bit to go back in time and see the original show!

  75. Zeppelin Valles

    Slash brought me here.

  76. Sandra Bravin

    Te amooo ALICE COOPER

  77. Tammie Parrish Miller

    One of my all time favorites, and the fact that he does it so perfectly LIVE blows my mind! The entire band here is amazing

  78. John VanBlaircum


  79. Nicole

    "Sail Away Sweet Sister", "Mother", "Only Women Bleed"... Hmm, Axl seems to be trying to imply something :)

  80. Bharti Sharma

    I came here because of slash playing this in intro of knocking on heavens door concert. I am thankful I moved my fingers to search this song.

  81. Muareen Hollenbach

    Brilliant musician

  82. Marilee Denr

    Thank you Alice

  83. Marilee Denr

    My favorite. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year lol Marilee

  84. Leslie Brown

    The first time he hits u his fault, second time yours third time shame on both of you....easier said than done...leave the first time. They will never change

  85. Pj Durkin

    Alice is a nut. In a good way.

  86. Erik Schreiter

    just came here for the gnr intro to knocking on heavens door😂 love it. love how artist support each other thar way😉😎

  87. Mary

    I wish I had a quarter for every time I heard this song. Love ❤️ you Alice!!!

  88. I love Guns and roses

    This song is true and it saved me from suicide. My friend and I had a really bad argument that made me feel horrible

  89. Bane

    Pink Floyd like

  90. Marilee Denr

    Love it. Thank you Alice

  91. The Gardener

    Ok Donna !!

  92. gardensofthegods

    Anybody ever notice this sounds awful lot like Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon .. same music as when they're singing : " you raise the blade, you make the change, you'll rearrange me till I'm sane"

  93. Kenny Webb

    Yes Sir


    Kenny Webb
    Kenny .. didn't you ever notice though it sort of sounds like some of the music from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon when they're singing "you raise the blade , you make the change, you'll rearrange me till I'm sane "..?

  94. Sergio Contreras

    Este tema se parece mucho a un tema de procol harum llamado homburg, el inicio es prácticamente igual, quien copió a quien o quien se inspiró en quien?

  95. Natalija Čondić

    I love your songs to the death