Alice Cooper - East Side Story Lyrics

Beneath the bare light bulb above
She gazed into the eyes of love
Bathed in the dirty neon lights
She begged him "don't go out tonight"

If we work out somehow maybe
We could find a way out baby
And he laughed and said "I got to go"
And she cried "no
Johnny Johnny no
Oh Johnny Johnny no"

His arms were warm and strong and young
"I promise I won't hurt no one"
"Oh baby when you gonna learn,
Them folks uptown got bread to burn,

When they see me flash my knife,
They'll be fearin' for their live,
They won't give me trouble, this I know"
And she cried "no
Oh Johnny Johnny no
Johnny Johnny no"

The night passed like a thousand years
The tenement room had culled her tears
Then came a knock upon the door
Two men she'd never seen before

"Did you know Johnny Brown, miss?
We hate to tell you this but
Has he a relative you know?"
And she cried "no
Johnny Johnny no
Oh Johnny why'd you go
Johnny Johnny no"
And she cried "no"

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Alice Cooper East Side Story Comments
  1. Robert Jaz

    Great song, amazing cover, Great E.P. The production is FANTASTIC!
    ALICE COOPER can do no wrong!

  2. Carl Horowitz

    Little Steven's Underground garage brought me here. And it's a good thing!

    Mark Bradley

    same here

  3. Keith Sage

    I have been waiting for this,, Thank you..Alice. Where is Mark Farner ??

  4. julian taylor

    all four covers better than two original alice tracks but a great record.

  5. Maurilio Giordana

  6. Lorenzo Massi

    HE'S BACK!

  7. Maria Helena Salazar

    MUITO SHOW!!! ******************

  8. Debbie Razavi


  9. Shawn Fairholm

    My favorite Breadcrumb lol

  10. Danny HARDESTY

    I don't care if it's new or not I remember listening to your tape and I was in Adobe Mountain juvenile Penitentiary a lot school's out I believe it was the one that day dollar babies on it I think School's Out I remember all of them but it was awesome thank you made the time much more pleasant

  11. carlos hombre de blues

    Buen tema 🤘🤟🤘🤟🤘

  12. Bugeanu Florin

    Fabulous, thank you ,good time for you

  13. Space Clown

    G - L - O - R - I - A

  14. Leon Purta

    Man, talk about one bad-ass line up!! And what a great song to cover!

  15. Stanley Czech Music Archives


  16. Raven77

    Good song. Best thing about it is the sound production - gloriously gritty guitars! The worst thing, I’m sorry to say, is Alice’s voice - too clean and regular in comparison to the music. Not a good match, and Alice doesn’t sound like Alice. I’m surprised Ezrin didn’t push him for a more gravelly, sinister howl, given the song’s story and menacing instrumental performance.
    Alice, please don’t make the same mistake on the new album.

  17. The Fonz

    When was the last great Cooper album? Brutal Planet in 2000? This will be another completely forgettable POS like his last album. Not bad, but nothing memorable and nothing that will stay in the setlist for more than one tour.

    Heavy Metal Heretic

    The Welcome to My Nightmare 2 album was no masterpiece, but it was still a lot of fun. Besides this is just an ep.

    Mike Morrison

    You do realize this is just a covers EP right? Detroit City is the only song that's his.

    Stuart Jenkins

    The Fonz. Guess you never listened to Along Came A Spider or Welcome 2 My Nightmare then. Fucking AWESOME albums both.


    Dirty Diamonds is great

  18. WhereNextToConquer

    Awesome cover. New album next year? \m/

  19. Rik Nel

    Clearly Bob Seger needs the money so he threw him sum Crumbs, nice guy.


    Clearly you don't know Bob Sager, he was never about the money..

  20. Rik Nel

    Excellent choice of a cover song for him.

  21. Michael Cox

    Very cool!

  22. Erik Holmstrom

    Alice-The hardest working man in rock n roll! This is awesome!! Only one problem , its to short!

    Heide Leskun

    You realize it's the same length as the original 45 version right?

    Erik Holmstrom

    @Heide Leskun Yes I do..have the songs with Bob Seger on vinyl. I always more of Alice! Its always to short for me ;-)

  23. Rabinoperra

    thank god he retired that awful shallow over-production of the last album for this one



  24. SuperRabbitfighter

    Alice is back ! Stellar coop vibe.