Alice Cooper - A Bedtime Story Lyrics

Lay still, steven, and I'll tell you a bedtime story. I'll tell you a
bedtime story that's not for all children. It's a very special story, that
only special children will understand. It's a half aware story, and it will be
better if you close your eyes. It's a story that takes place in a dream, like
other nightmares you have known. It's a dream that Alice has dreamed. You can
dream along with him. You can follow Alice down the staircase, deep, down the
stairs to the pit where he doesn't want to go, but he has to.

If you go to sleep now, Steven, you can go down the long and endless
staircase and sing sweet song to Alice and free him. And if you can't get to
sleep, Steven and the middle of night you get out of bed, when everything is
quiet and the trees are still and the birds are hiding from the dark, you can
lay down on your bedroom floor and press your ear tightly to the boards. If
you listen very carefully you can hear Alice searching for a way out, forever
chasing rainbows.

Sleep tight, Steven. And have a good night.

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Alice Cooper A Bedtime Story Comments
  1. Brylle Nall

    My right like the music

  2. Danny Hood

    He also wore a pair of nice purple socks Elvis gave to him, .Alice wears to this day never washed.. bet me

  3. V. E.

    The King of Glam Rock and just as chill as ever. Dude rocks!! Pun intended

  4. Ch'iidii

    What really sucks is that he never got an invitation to meet the Munsters. The comic chemestry between Alice Cooper and the munsters would have rocked.

  5. DR. Smith

    Damn dude looks like a scarecrow with corn as

  6. Wolfwolveswolf

    A lot of visual works good with it too, it's great-

  7. Paula Hobbs

    I think alice cooper is awsome!

  8. Minor snow

    The dude did spend time in the military.

  9. Turkey Man

    Never forget those billion dollar babys ladadadadaaaaa!

  10. artist92543

    I'm sorry ...what is the story....still waiting?

  11. Andrew Young

    Liza. Linda. Chubby and Alice get into an elevator.....

  12. SlasherPepper

    Lmfao I was watching this on my side laying in bed with one side of my earpods in and was like, wait why is there no sound...

  13. OhMagnetz

    Way to fuck up the audio balance.

  14. ebsen raptzski

    vinny furnier telling stories...

  15. Wayne Graham

    Love that guy !!! The best !!

  16. Luis Kern

    Angel: ' wound him. '

  17. Niurka Calero

    Great i share in Facebook

  18. gardensofthegods

    Alice Cooper's spooky story on the TV show Celebrity Ghost Stories years ago was pretty damn good but I can't really remember it and I can't find it here

  19. Michel Banen

    I could listen to Alice Cooper telling stories for days !!!

  20. thumbscrews

    Whoa. Elvis got to meet Alice Cooper!

  21. Rod Boudreau

    Right up there with the chicken story

  22. William Blake

    Liza Minnelli, Linda Lovelace, Chubby Checkers, and Alice? 🤔 Yup, Elvis was tripping.

  23. Lester Munyon

    Thats. funny story but true

  24. dreas mom

    I know Alice loves Elvis.

  25. Mrs Mimi H

    All I hear is music. Bummer

  26. robert

    I actually preferred "fat" Elvis. He was in his don't give a shit era.

  27. robert

    lol!!! That is a great story. Elvis was lucky enough to meet Alice.

  28. jammer70s

    Ha ha ha!!! Priceless. I love Alice Cooper! He's the coolest weirdo ever.

  29. Tuesday Addams

    those eyes!

  30. Mackenzie Puetz-Bateman

    Ohhhhh I heard him tell this story before

  31. satinsguard

    My left ear loved this video.

    (But really though, Alice Cooper​ met Elvis?! That's awesome.)

  32. Jennymk01

    Wow. Dude. Geez dude, that's amazing.

  33. schimmel72

    I like to believe E is in a better place, tellin' tales 'bout Alice and life and Angie Dickinson, because why the hell not?

  34. Zoroaster

    Elvis was a part-time shaman. He was part Indian.



  36. Jola Harvel

    Saw him live in Lubbock, TX, back in 1996.  He opened for the Scorpions.  They kinda sucked and put on a lackluster performance while he rocked down the house.  Even the local radio station hosts were critical the next day about The Scorpions' performance and how a home-grown guy out-did them.  First time ever I bought a ticket to see the opening band (Alice Cooper) instead of the primary band.

  37. MischiefCON

    CoolFricken Story👌😎

  38. Keith Inscho

    Sorry but the big E didn't have both oars in the water....

  39. emt5330

    Personally I like the story of the encounter with the old man in the mental hospital.

  40. Austin

  41. All4Him

    Alice is the man !

  42. michael flamion


  43. Harley Quinn


  44. Racial Love

    This creep is still spreading negativity and perversion for fame and money?

  45. Robert Shaffer

    I live a couple blocks from "Alice" outside of Phoenix. He's the absolute nicest guy in the world. Very smart, very conversant in a lot of things. Likes to just be called Vincent (not Vince by the way). Pretty straight laced gun in real life.

  46. Matt M

    That....was an awesome story!!!!!

  47. Rebecca Dawe

    O wow Alice cooper is too good to meet Elvis Presley he should meet the presidents

  48. Pat Lowney

    yeah we remember Alice Cooper although we don't hear much about him anymore

  49. professorjams

    Great story dude. I would have felt pissed a little....might of swiped at his with it. Not to hurt, but to stuff his arrogance.

  50. Bint Firm 1882

    Great story, but Elvis was fat in '71

  51. Kyle Jaynes

    Alice Cooper is a fucking BOSS.

  52. Vincent Sas

    What an ugly woman

  53. Sam Lloyd Media

    I wonder what he decided before Elvis pinned him!

  54. jammin6816

    Yellow teeth alert @ 1:15

  55. Captain Charisma

    so you're homicidal

  56. DieNetaDie

    even heroes have heroes

  57. Black Death 1347

    So the King met the King?

  58. Georgie Thumbs

    Best story ever I heard about Elvis was when the Beach boys were recording some album and Elvis paid them a visit and Brian Wilson heard that Elvis liked karate, so Brian kept trying to karate chop Elvis and he wouldn't stop doing it, even when Elvis told him to cut it out until it pissed Elvis off so much that he left. LOL! He basically karate chopped Elvis out of the building.

  59. Matthew Sexton

    LoL. Alice Cooper's angel tell him to shoot people, but only to wound them.

  60. robert Larson

    Haha! Got a good laugh out of that!

  61. Aisha Azeemah

    Alice <3

  62. pepino735

    you should've said 'no more mr. nice guy' and bam,,,,trere he goes...

  63. Pat Masherelli

    Good stuff!!!

  64. dnatz58

    What I want to know is; did Elvis get a BJ from Linda Lovelace? Not really. Maybe just slightly curious.

    Tim Pierce

    since theyre both gone and taken that secret to their graves, you'd never gonna find out anyway lol

    Red Oz

    of course he did, threesome with Liza and Linda no doubt.

  65. checkurbrainfly

    this guy is dumb, talk about celebrity worshiping of fools


    Listen his music, read his texts, and you'll discover that Mr Cooper is Far frombeeing somebody stupid :D

    R J

    that was a "dumb" comment you made checkyourbrainfly

  66. Peter O'Toole

    Heres one, why hasnt Alice been in a Tim Burton movie yet? oh no wait he was in Dark Shadows ! he should do another one.

  67. MKG176

    Angel said "wound him" lol

    Ronald Shank

    Oh, great! Cute little story there!🙃🙂🙃🙂😀😀😂

  68. sharon Wiser message

    :O Awesome that's just brilliant. Alice Cooper truly an inspiring story meeting Elvis King of Rock n Roll however most grateful that Jesus was present too! God Bless America

    W.J.R. Halyn

    Yes. Jesus Manuel Ortez. He was the Mexican housekeeper.....

  69. Tatjana Hojnik

    Alice you are Angel..............

    sharon Wiser message

    Alice Cooper thx for your awesome daily example living life selflessly just as Jesus asked us to do.

  70. opustrek1

    u no the gun was empty

    sharon Wiser message

    What would be the point in that? American's have the right to bear arms using disciplined self defense. Especially since Elvis sets Alice Cooper up the handing him the firearm. Alice Cooper albeit was being distracted between both good and evil consciousnesses. Elvis suddenly orchestrating alpha male behavior (surprisingly) demonstrates restraint quickly after finding out who Alice Cooper and what he is all about. Alice emulated response that of a son of God perhaps unlike that cat with a snake tempted to shoot. l sense Elvis may not have liked Alice's snake


    Alice cooper does not lie..elvis was a karate black belt by the way. why would Alice Cooper lie . Alice was my rock Idol

    Thomas Woodward

    Actually, Elvis in his PRIME was a DECENT martial arts performer. Just ask Sonny West about that. Unfortunately, Sonny died recently so no opinion will be available from him.

    Catherine Fitzpatrick

    +Thomas Woodward lol!


    True but the funny thing is he's a fairly developed Christian and somewhere here is a video of him and his wife talking about their relationship with Jesus

    William Caudill

    Still is, right? Just saw him 2 weeks ago...awesome!

  72. Ylva 0,0

    Woooow! I wish I was there to experiance tht

  73. Vanessa P

    I LOVVVVVE Alice Cooper!!

    Seen him twice in concert. Best stage show of ANY rock band, ever. Not even a question.
    He's amazingly low-key and down to Earth for a guy who built his career on shock and macabre. And he's a darn good golfer, they say.

    His impersonation of Elvis here is pretty darn funny!

    steve brule

    Well, I'm a regular visitor here, but
    Milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors. The French
    missionaries and explorers began visiting here in the late 16th century.
    In fact , it's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin for "the good land."

    Thomas Woodward

    Saw him FOUR times from 1973 to 1986. Billion Dollar Babies was the best concert I EVER witnessed.

  74. Brendon Fields

    Elvis was a badass.

  75. hirdy6

    This is absolute bullshit, A Elvis didn't party and B, he did not have the skill to pull of a stunt like that. Nice try Cooper.


    @jack brandt Only going by what Dave Hebler, a master of Kenpo, trainer and bodyguard of Elvis Presley told me, but hey mouth, keep dazzling us with your incredible insights. Personally I think you are full of shit but I'm almost as unimportant as you.

    jack brandt

    Simply pointing out the fact that it doesn't take all that much "skill" to put a 120 lb frail man who drinks a case of beer and a quart of vodka everyday to the ground. And I didn't need a "Kenpo master" to draw that conclusion. You're not too bright, are you boy?


    @jack brandt Fuck off.

    Jeff Baker

    hirdy6 is mad because someone doesn't believe him. Shake my head...

  76. Scarlett Amburgey

    Fat Elvis, ha-ha!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  77. Monte Alto

    lol ... that's awesome.

  78. FuckAUserName718

    I really expected a better story from Alice Cooper.

    Cool J McCool

    Ok, you're 14 confirmed. ps if i'm 14 why is my channel from 2006 and says Australia :O it's like i made in my year 10 media class cos i'm 25. grow up mate, sometimes people tell the truth.


    you are definitely not 25 in your head, you fuckin turd, trying to convince somebody of the "truth" on the internet, FUCK OUT OF HERE!! Your type was not made for the world we live in, fuck your fag channel. hahahaha…I can't believe this Aussie dipshit is actually trying to convince me of something ON THE INTERNET. you suck and you lose. 

    sharon Wiser message

    Cool J McCool (Marchaos) Bah ha ha lol (excuse me for laughing). Although we need not lower ourselves to name calling (myself included) but absolutely agree and believe that there is no better or finer story from over 40 years ago. The best part is Alice is still here to witness his testimony of Elvis and Lord willing continues telling it.
    God Bless <3

  79. Steve27775

    Wow, Elvis met the great Alice Cooper.

    Batman Batman

    He met all of them, Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin etcetera. There's Alice, the last of the old club.


    Steve27775 Alice cooper met colonel sanders

    Alan Lloyd

    fuck elvis

    Dominick Moyer

    Steve27775 the great Elvis met Alice Cooper lol

  80. Electric Church Music

    Great Story !!

  81. Nigelxman

    My left ear liked this video.


    @Cool J McCool
    Are you 9 years old?

    R J

    yeah bad mix on the audio for sure

    Rosh Drozzley

    Holy hit I was going to comment like, did no one else mind that there is no voice? I thought it must be caption only.
    Had only my right earbud in...


    Correction: your left ear liked the "audio".

  82. DEBO82420

    @eamonn8085 either you're deaf or you need to out both your earphones in

  83. dreamer

    alice cooper you can take your crow face and bad stories back to cooperstown


    Pretty sure he's not going to do that. Too bad for you.

    Jick Niblet

    @Adam Chalmers Alice tells great stories, what are you talking about?


    just testin the emotional ppl that take these comments seriously..allice a good man. ive met his crow lookin ass once

    Neai Tuppi

    +Adam Chalmers Hahaha! Crow face!

  84. Emiasis

    Cool story bro. No really it was 😁

  85. Nikolay Gornovskiy

    The guy is a LEGEND... but jeez, he looks like a zombie from The Walking Dead...

  86. Silly Goose

    dude, this is cool

  87. TreeDee71to75

    Elvis Presley and Alice Cooper in the same BUILDING together?!?!? Why did the wormhole that destroys all space - time not open!?

    Doctor Thirteen

    TreeDee71to75 Lol.
    If it didn't happen when Elvis met Nixon, it never will.

  88. Logjam5

    Good best story ever, Alice.

    jamie wesson

    not so good as the frank zappa audtion ask your grandad

  89. Dennis Wilson

    hell is living

    Tippy Toe

    That’s nice.

  90. David Lee Wrath

    If Vince would've shot Elvis, he wouldn't be telling this story.
    I fucking love them both, anyway.

  91. PaulTurbo

    Alice is the king. Love this guy.

  92. LucisFerre1

    That's Linda Lovelace, not loveless.

    Guy Fawkes

    I've heard people named "Lovelace" pronounce it "Loveless".

  93. eamonn0805

    Can't hear anything!!!

  94. Dave Manuel

    Yeah! Rock on Alice Cooper! Thou this guy Looks Like He`s just risen from the grave but he`s pretty Awesome.

  95. jaytotheell


  96. jaytotheell

    "fat" elvis was still "rock" elvis!

    David Lee Wrath


    Emily Rose

    @jaytotheell I thought he said "fad Elvis?"


    @Emily Rose heehee no he said fat elvis. elvis was surely not a fad!


    Elvis wasn't fat in 1970. Fat Elvis was in the mid 70s.

  97. KiLL DoZeR

    fuck hes ugly lmao


    WHAT ARE you talking about?

    Kai Tendo

    @jaytotheell If you're talking to me, I was replying to @KiLL DoZeR.


    rock isnt about being pretty

    Kai Tendo

    @MetallicBrony That's for sure :)


    @KiLL DoZeR Nice boys don´t play rock and roll !