Ali Lohan - Jingle Bells Lyrics

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh (hey)
Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh

Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh
O're the fields we go laughing all the way
Bells on bob tails ring making spirits bright
What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight

A day or two ago I thought I'd take a ride
And soon miss fanny bright was seated by my side
The horse was lean and lank misfortune seemed his lot
we got into a drifted bank and then we got upset

Jingle, jingle all the way (Jingle Bells)
Jingle in a one horse open sleigh (all the way)

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Ali Lohan Jingle Bells Comments
  1. Charlie Bishop

    ffffff f f you

  2. messias Benderh Benderh Benderh

    O Piu passou e falou

  3. Victoria Cat :3

    Thank U, Next💋

  4. Ruby Richardson

    Why is Reginas mum a mood


    0:51 . this girl appears on "thank u,next" MV by ariana grande

    1:04 . this man to



    why dont y'all realize this mv looks like "thank u,next" by ariana grande

  7. Ariadne Karina Ruiz Tlatoa

    WTF IS THIS???

    Easy Cheesy

    It's from Mean Girls

  8. minyacoxy

    I’ll be in the store and this Christmas song would come on and all I can see are these girls dancing this way! Lol happy Christmas

  9. AlexBamZ 05 Music

    Isn’t that thank you next?

  10. Wollfyys


  11. Doctor profesor Patricio

    Regina george es perfecta

  12. ¿De Dónde Estan Mis Pantelones?

    Bro, all these comments saying that they copied Ariana Grande is actually making me question society.

  13. Queen Land

    Thank u next

  14. ExoticGirly BB

    *So nostalgic*

  15. F H

    Iconic .

  16. 드머의향기로운회음부

    한국어가 업숴


    Blackpink cover their dance's

  18. Siti Nurbaya

    I come here every christmas season besides mariah carey.

  19. Halphy Ornellas

    0:46 karma

  20. Manuel López

    La mamá de Regina es tan pendeja 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Sara Brown

    Jingle Bells Rock My Absulte Favorite Christmas Songs Ever in My All Time Favorite Movies Of All Time?

  22. Sara Brown

    Four Mutiltalented Women Of All Time And One Of My Favorite Movies Of All Time, Amanda Seyfried= Red Riding Hood, Rachel McAdams= Sexy Actresses Of All Time, Lindsay Lohan= Queen Of Rock & Roll And At Last Lacey Chabert= Queen Of Hallmark?

  23. Hugo garcia-jimenez

    I can’t belief they stole this from thank u next

    ¿De Dónde Estan Mis Pantelones?

    Hugo garcia-jimenez actually, this is a movie called Mean Girls that came out way before thank u next.

    Easy Cheesy

    The music video Thank U Next was based off different scenes from iconic movies

  24. S.O.E shimsayho

    I did not like what you did at the concert about bts ... they are musicians just like you ... (kpop music), I do not come to criticize you, because you are also a very good singer, although the fact of saying that bagtanboys are No, I did not take it for bad, but seriously, do not make fun of the beloved fandom ARMY, because, you should not make war on any musical style, the kpop, I know that it is derived from companies, but honestly, they are very good, for Please, don't hate anyone, don't fight war, I love you, I love Bts too.

    Easy Cheesy

    They're not making fun of the bts dance, this is a scene from the movie that dance was originally based off of

  25. William Krause

    Ive never seen the movie this is just hot

  26. Loraine Elizabeth Polanco Martínez

    Arianna Grande thought this was her property :v

    Enry the chick

    This is actually make 8year ago

  27. miraculous jawel

    *thank u next*

  28. Fercho Reyes

    No había memorias ó WiFi ?

  29. Jovan Popovic

    Ariana grande vibe.

  30. Anna Bourbon

    Now I understand Gretchen. LOL
    My ballet teacher made me learn everything from at least three pieces of Swan Lake in case anyone would missed their spot (due injuries or diseases) and it was pretty painful. Literally. Every day was in a different spot from the other one. And one of those I was smacked on my eye. LOLOL
    But fortunately I wasn't required. Lucky me. 🤣🤣

  31. LH Lalawmpuii Mami

    I came here after watching thank u next video

  32. Maxime Gagnier

    The guy version has more views....

  33. Rebecca Yu

    0:23 that slap 😂🤣🤣

  34. Zacky orevillo

    I watch the full movie of mean girls

  35. 띠링

    케이티 순발련 개쩐닼ㅋㅋ

  36. Rithika Dinesh Kumar

    Anyone in 2019 december ?

  37. Just Adrian

    eugh 🥕🐡

  38. Jason Tillett

    Merry Christmas from YouTube’s recommended algorithm x

  39. Yashasviknp G

    Is this where Ariana Grande got inspired?


    Brasileiros aqui?

  41. Alien !

    YouTube: It’s nearly Christmas let’s recommend this to people!

    N O L

    Alien ! This movie is damn iconic. There’s no need to ask why it’s in your recommended section. This is a blessing from YouTube themselves.

  42. Arii R

    Hey isn’t that in thank u next Ariana grande?.!

  43. Diego Reyes

    Ariana Grande 😟

  44. koriyasa Edward

    Why does it reminds me of Ariana Grande's thank u next video. I guess Ariana copied this😂🤣

  45. Nesto

    I remember thank u, next again

  46. Aer ///

    For coppa , this is how u know the users are kids: users that write "this looks like thank u , next" lol.

  47. ILoveMyself

    Yeah, I'm here like every December ...
    Merry Christmas ❤

  48. Mayra Perdomo

    melansdertyuiopñlkjhfdsawwrirox en el y también la y ya está y no está claro si se le dará el igual de vida y que no 👎 a la casa 🏡 que no 👎 will you need me for tomorrow and I



  50. Antonio Roa


  51. the Alpaca

    Thank you next ? XD

  52. LolaMyers Xo

    I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom 😎

  53. Samantha

    Love how it recommends this in December ❤

  54. Santa Claus

    See Santa’s videos here:

  55. Mateusz Ceglak


  56. Mateusz Ceglak


  57. Panks & Facts

    *_Who's here for Thank U, Next_*
    *and Regina George*

  58. Alexander Reprinceff

    Чё за фильм?

  59. yoonji swag

    Blackpink in your area :v

  60. 콩토리

    so adorable🥰

  61. Prameow Meow

    Christmas season YouTube recommendations wow 😲

  62. Any Carcarcarp


  63. мрассь

    thank u, next

  64. Halima

    This is what they did for thank you next. (The dance moves)

  65. bad bitch

    Iconic af

  66. Random Videos

    It's fun to see CAPTAIN MARVEL dancing 😂💕

  67. Roubiatou zaba

    Like a dance Ariana grande thank you next

  68. Agata felicia Sandra safui


  69. Amanda Matilde

    Thank u next

  70. Dance Life

    I can't live with out it 😻😿

  71. ShainePatriz

    i thought, Ariana Grande was here

  72. Jay Jay

    That thigh slap to this day has my mom and I rolling 😂😂😂 shit is so funny and the look on her parents face lol

  73. Vish S

    This just never get old 😂

  74. Alexander Benavides

    Thanks you, next, next. Thanks

  75. Leo Juárez

    a Christmas classic 😍🔥

  76. aimen tahir

    omg 😂💜

  77. Hi. People


  78. Selena Miller Ross

    Thank u, next 🤶🤶🤶🤶

  79. nana_604_ officiel

    What ???" Thank you next" !!

  80. camilly Nogueira

    isso já virou clasico no natal

  81. Ashika baga

    Jingle-bell, jingle-bell, jingle-bell rock,
    Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring.
    Snowin' an blowin' up bushels of fun,
    Now the jingle hop has begun.

    Jingle-bell, jingle-bell, jingle-bell rock,
    Jingle bells chime in jingle-bell time.
    Dancin' and prancin' in Jingle Bell Square
    In the frosty air.

    What a bright time, it's the right time
    To rock the night away.
    Jingle-bell time is a swell time
    To go ridin' in a one-horse sleigh.

    Giddy-yap jingle horse; pick up your feet;
    Jingle around the clock.
    Mix and mingle in a jinglin' beat;
    That's the jingle bell.
    That's the jingle bell.
    That's the jingle bell rock

  82. Darren Rodriguez

    They copied Ariana Grande‘s thank you next music video

    ¿De Dónde Estan Mis Pantelones?

    Darren Rodriguez bro, look at the publish date of both. 😂 this is from mean girls, a movie that inspired Ariana.

  83. EyesOfTheLion 11

    So sick of these hoes. #StandardFemaleBehaviour

  84. valesfran narvaez

    sexy old women lindsay

  85. Selina Hawkins

    I can’t believe this was uploaded 5 years ago wow

  86. cartoon 221

    Thank you next 😂⚡️

  87. Selina Hawkins

    Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock

  88. МЯУКЛЫ

    Круто разрулила ситуацию!!

  89. Chico depresivo.

    Thank U nExt

  90. Waves Season

    Who else had this on their recommendations?😂

    Evelyn Ukinamemen

    Waves Season mee

  91. Hiranya Ranasinghe

    December 2019 💃🏻🎄👌🏻

  92. Noel Escovilla


  93. lalisa manoban official

    This number how many people here because youtube recommended

  94. Aulia Adila

    Thank u, next