Alexz Johnson - Weight Lyrics

His story repeats
It keeps you on your feet
The faster it goes
It keeps you on your toes

It's told shillings
And keeping all these things
Will just weigh you down
Until you're underground

Nothing left to take it off on
Nothing left to take it off on

It's for show, I know
The farther that you go
Is feeling like work
Heart beating on your shirt

Nothing left to take it out on
Nothing left to take it out on

Come in
Come and put your weight on me
Come in
Come and put your weight on me
(Oh Lordy)
You will see
Come clean off on me
And maybe someday
I will come take your breath away

The doctor will call
It won't matter at all
How good you've been
Cause I can make you clean

Nothing left to take it out on
Nothing left to take it out on

Come in
Come and put your weight on me
Come in
Come and put your weight on me
(Oh Lordy)
Come in
Come and put your weight on me
Come in
Come and put your weight on me

Oh Lordy, you will see
Come clean off on me
And maybe someday
I will come take your breath away

Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why can't I

Do it to me
Do it to me
Do it to me
(Oh Lordy)
Do it to me


Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why can't I

Oh Lordy, you will see
Come clean off on me
(Tell me why)
(Tell me why)
(Tell me why can't I)
And maybe someday
I will come take your breath away

I will come take your breath away

Oh, la, la, la, la, la, la
Oh, la, la, la, la, la, la
Oh, la, la, la, la, la, la
Oh, la, la, la, la, la, la

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Alexz Johnson Weight Comments

    *YTSPlatinum* ☆☆☆☆☆ *_Selected Video_* :)

    Ron ~ Youtubesingers

  2. Valerie Brewster

    this is so weird 😅 literally been watching it on disney plus and i had to look her up and wow haha she is so pretty and her voice 😍 i miss fi but alexz was a good addition to the show, that was my favorite childhood show growing up, and rewatching all the episodes as an adult makes me miss this show even more! it deserves more recognition so does she!

  3. Gina Davis

    Instant Star remake please!! 🙌

  4. Aram Fabian

    I'm happy that these songs are finally getting a proper release! Thank you for the music.

  5. Brian p

    Whats funny is i used to stay singing "SHOUT" while walking over the Bayonne Bridge

  6. Polish issues

    cool song ... love , Poland <3

  7. Stephanie L

    Yes gurl !!!! I loved you then n now forever !!! Queen 🌋 hurricane girl u have helped me so much growing up u beautiful soul u need to blow up way more then u are 😭

  8. Makaia Murray

    Her voice is freaking fantastic


    my soul... this fucking balsam for my soul and heart .... i love u

  10. Jamesson Oliveira

    THIS deserves millions of views.

  11. Biskmut

    This song has been a favorite for so many years... You're incredible.

  12. Jerry Fraley

    Your music comes in waves in my life. Everytime I am reintroduced, I am always moved. Keep it up!

  13. Nicole Luciano

    Your music has gotten me out of a lot of dark times

  14. Nicole Luciano

    Been a fan since so weird days saw you in concert in Philadelphia world cafe live you were amazing still one of my favorite voices ever

  15. Зритель

    С любовью из России 😍❤️

  16. Thomas Johnson

    So good

  17. Sofía González Muñoz

    Girl your voice is too damn amazing

  18. chelle1984

    Love this song, I can't wait for the new album. Been a fan since So Weird on Disney Channel, which makes since, as I'm only 34 yrs old. I think more people are going independent route with music, I remember seeing an interview with Lady gaga and she had said something about that it's harder to get music out through a label than if you had done it independent. So Your on the right track. Grammys aren't everything. Better to be Happy

  19. isthatbre

    I’ve been a fan since I was 14 I think in 2004 we’re damn near 30 over here now. We STILL love you. Song sounds great keep up the good work. You got this. ❤️

  20. Marshmellozebra

    I remember this song! <3<3<3

  21. Ivigne Kaysen


  22. Segolene I

    love it !

  23. Rossella Iorio


  24. Austin Adams

    I’ve loved this song for so long, and am beyond ecstatic to finally see it released. I remember streaming your music on MySpace when I was basically a child (and still am, I’m reminded of constantly)...continue sharing your gift with the world! You will always have a fan in me, I can’t begin to express what your music has provided for me ❤️

  25. The Prettiest Dogs

    Queen! 👑

  26. Christian Gulley

    come on guys lets get #alexzjohnson #weight to a million or more=)

  27. Cristhian Alvarenga

    Temazo! Saludos desde Paraguay!

  28. Chantal van der Linden

    I am so happy to finally see this officially released. Your music is so beautiful and I can't wait to hear what's next! Thank you for still being here Alexz!!!

  29. Angelique Dawkins

    We are finally here!!

  30. Dilanosaurio

    Super Great My Dear Alexz 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  31. Keanu Utopia

    Can we revisit Chicago next! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    The long version please🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  32. Keanu Utopia

    It’s about time!! I’ve loved this song for soooooo long and I finally got to see my queen kill it in a video with added background vocals giving me life 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  33. Keanu Utopia

    OMG 🥰🥰🥰

  34. Jonathan Louis

    We love it ❤️

  35. vanessa ethel

    After so many years!!! Missed that beautiful voice 💘💘

  36. DaleMurph

    So talented and beautiful

  37. valentina bonincontro

    The movie is not good . The song is favolous

  38. Helli

    Love the song so much. The video is great, but I'm a bit sad about how narrow the screen is.

  39. Brigitti Alexzandra Jara Lazo

    I adore Alexz Johnson since so weird days.. is it possible to add closed caption for Deaf 🙉audience? I am Deaf.

  40. Heylin C.

    Beautiful remaster of a classic, I'm glad we're finally listening to this masterpiece the way you wanted us to, that synth line is mesmerizing and your vocals are flawless as usual. I'd love to hear more of this unreleased debut album but any music you release is always great.

  41. Mari Na

    I'm so proud of her and how far she has come. I'm in love with this song and the whole album since years! I knew one day it would have been officially released. ❤ The music video is brilliant and so well done! Greetings from Italy! 😊

  42. Carlos Urbaez

    I CANT WAIT FOR THE ALBUM, love the sound!

  43. Katherine Benavides


  44. Anton Aguilar

    Me encanta

  45. Lilen Read

    14 years of love ❤️

  46. Ana Pineda

    From Peru, we love you ❤❤

  47. Ana Pineda

    I can't believe you are finally doing music again 😍😍😍 I love you Alexz ❤❤

  48. kstark1961

    One of my favorite singers of ALL time.
    Unmistakable voice, I'd know it anytime I hear you.
    Knocked it out the box, Alexz😁

  49. Constance Brown

    Does anyone know why she's releasing previously released music?

  50. Constance Brown

    I need an Instant Star reboot.

  51. ChrisVigilante

    Screaming. Did not expect new music from her. So excited.

  52. Laura K

    I love this song ✨💖✨

  53. Enrique Isaac Nuñez Giron

    A brand new day has come. This really sounds like hope!

  54. Andrés ss

    Now make Running with the devil a single !! Love your music so much!

  55. Sparks Productions

    This is GOLD! It's such a relaxing and liberating song. I love the changes you did and sounds better than the original, it's like a new thing to hear all over again. I'm so proud of you, dear Alexz! You've grown so much musically and I'm happy I've been following you since the Instant Star days. It took 10 years to see you get these things back, but I'm glad I've waited, it was definitely WORTH THE WAIT! If you ever do an European Tour, I'll be waiting for you in Portugal! Love you xx

  56. JossieM16

    I love it Alexz!! 🙌👏💗💗 Never stop making music!!

  57. Brandon K Temple

    I was watching a lot of So Weird episodes a couple days ago, I loved the episode where she sings Never Give Up. And today I remembered her song Trip Around The World so I decided to searched Alexz Johnson and man am I glad I did. I love this! I definitely have to catch up with her music.♡♡

  58. XHorrorFiles

    In 2011 we have a group in facebook 'Alexz Johnson Latin America'...good how i miss this days :/ We were addicted to Alex REALLY ADDICTED! I think the group does not exist anymore. I was wondering if the members are well! (My name was 'Dam Mckinley' at the time)

    Fabiola Tavares

    si es en el que estoy aun existe y justo hablabamos del tema. El grupo se llama Comunicad Alexz Latinoamerica


    ​@Fabiola Tavares i remember you! Probably you will not remember me haha i was the guy from brasil haha!


    Does the group still exist? I remember you..Adrian.. I think there was a girl named Ivana

  59. Aidan Fisher

    So amazing

  60. Daniel Pacheco


  61. Thomas Johnson

    Stream 'Weight' on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and buy it on iTunes and Google Play Music! 🖤

  62. Rafael S

    Finally you’re back!

  63. Sara Angel

    Love you alexz😘❤😘

  64. Engelina Breakdawn

    I've been a fan of yours for over 11 years and I love all of your music. But this song... bedazzles me.

  65. Chloe Ings

    So I love at the beginning of the weight music video, alexz has her hair in a hat which makes her look like she did back in 2009 when she signed with epic records. It's like she's symbolically taking the cap off and is finally free from that era but she's taken that music with her and can finally release it.

  66. Kiwi

    your voice brings me comfort, such a beautiful song and visuals

  67. Adrián Ríos

    So glad you re-made this. I mean, the version we all knew was awesome, then the live version was even more exciting to hear... and now this. It's a mix of vocals and soul... HOPE! ♥

  68. Sparkles Spaz

    I've been in love with this song since it was a leaked demo I felt guilty for listening to and I'm so glad to hear it the way you intended for us all to enjoy it. It's always been a hit song and I know it will be to others who discover your wonderful discography from it.

  69. Adrian Viera

    Alexz thank you for this, can't wait for get the CD and Vinyl

  70. Funtime Rigby

    Alexz u are amazing I was surprised by this definitely and I had no idea what you were doing but my guess was definitely right so glad this song got a remaster and a video the fans will be happy 💙

  71. Steff T.S.

    one of my favorite songs 💜 congratulations, finally has vido 🥂

  72. real fake.

    Omg I’m so happy :”D I was waiting for this

  73. The Prettiest Dogs

    Amazing work. So proud of Alexz 🖤 I loved the song :)

  74. Priscilla Bredof


  75. Bringbackinstantstar Fans

    We are so proud of you Alexz :) Love the song <3

  76. Dusty

    I just fell in love with this song all over again! I love all the updates to the song, very well done.

  77. Sir Fabulous Gaming

    I'm shook, shook to my core. I love you so much thank you for this <3

  78. marce90r

    amazing song as always!

  79. sbiellatogx

    New song!!! It's simply.. AMAZING! 😍

  80. Kelli Alissa Music

    LOVE THIS LOVE YOU! So happy to hear these songs the way you intended!!

  81. Maria Aquino

    Congratulations dear Alexz 💞💓🎉

  82. Emma Isek

    Damn I fell in love with this song 😍

  83. Lily Rodriguez

    It's almost been 10 years for me following you Alexz, you were my fav artist when I was a teenager and you still are my top one today (spotify won't let me lie). So I want the best of the best for you and your career.

    Cannot say I understood half what happen here but still I'm happy she can finally release these songs. Waiting impatiently for one of my all time favorite "Running with the devil".

  84. CigalASMR


  85. Jasmin Deniece


  86. Phillip Dennis

    Alexz, this is FREEDOM! You did it! There's no more weight. Thank you for always taking our breath away.

  87. Danelle17

    alexz i am so happy to hear yr sister is doing well it must be really hard on u since yr sister has cancer.

  88. Azumarill

    This song is one of my fav in years! Love you from Brazil ❤️

  89. Hannah Tamzar

    Thnx a lot!!!! :)

  90. Macy K

    It is so great to see this song again. And that note at 3:19 is just perfect.

  91. Gabriella C.

    I have always loved this song! 💗💗 Awesome video! 😊

  92. Andres Nery

    Me encantó Alexz!! Greetings from Venezuela!

    Leidy Báez

    Venezuelaaaaa <3

  93. Arianna Patino

    This song is old but it's a masterpiece

    Christian Gulley

    she finally got her record back after 10 years=) definately an remastered masterpiece, cant wait for the full album. we should start an movement dont witter #alexzjohnsonweight

  94. Jessica Bradley

    Always loved this song. So glad it got a real release 💖

  95. Ian

    I'M IN TEARS!!!! I love this song and loved this vid!!!! You're amazing!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!

  96. JaneJo

    Girl, youre so talented! Love both versions!

  97. m a

    So excited for this album. We FINALLY get to officially hear all those amazing songs.