Alexz Johnson - Walking Lyrics

Can't stay with you, but I'll miss you
Soles on fire, I can't see through
All the smokey, smoking higher
And I don't know what to do

See the shadow, it stays beside me
In my dreams, it never likes me
Oh, it's a long road that I've created
I've got it under control

So why am I walking?
And this I don't know
Why I keep walking in circles
When I've got nowhere to go

Sand pulls quicker, sinks me deeper
I like the feeling, I let it linger
Where's my education? What was I thinking? Been lying to myself all along
And I knew I was wrong, I could tell in your eyes the love is gone.
And I know I can't fix what I have done
So I keep walking until I'm numb

And why am I walking?
And this I don't know
Why I keep walking in circles
When I've got nowhere to go

But I'll do this alone, and every tear I know is mine
And I will feel it in my bones, I'll be okay, just let me hide
Patterns change, just like the tide

And why am I walking?
And this I don't know
And I keep walking in circles
When I've got nowhere, got nowhere, to go

And why am I talking? When I have nothing to say
My head is a maze, and I'm not finding my way

But I can't stay with you, but I'll miss you
Soles on fire, I can't see through
All the smokey, smoking higher
My feet won't bring me to you

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Alexz Johnson Walking Comments
  1. Николай Жилин

    best female voice

  2. 11swallowedinthesea

    LOL at the people staring at her, or are they extras? I liked her in Final Destination 3!


    *YTSgold* ☆☆☆☆☆ *_Selected Video_* :)

    Ron ~ Youtubesingers

  4. Sincerely_ me2

    My favorite song of her's its beautiful 😭❤👌

  5. Luisa Fernanda Briones Márquez

    Such a beautiful song, I love her voice

  6. Kyria Strange

    You Ms. Johnson are a lyrical genius! ✌🏼️💜🎤

  7. Anna Anna

    Why am I walking? 💜💜💜

  8. Nadja Sch.

    Ich bin dein Fan. Seit soo vielen Jahren. You're soo so wonderful. Lovely greets from Germany🎶♥

  9. frakkintoaster

    Recorded the video at 1.5x speed and then slowed by 1/3 to sync with the audio? Genius! Looks amazing.

  10. damiana abdias

    cada dia me apaixono mais por essa voz e por ela.

  11. Ana Lopez

    i love this song! I think have heard it over 100 times... lol :)

  12. Sasha Wah

    Her voice is so unique. I love it so much.

  13. Kyria Strange

    Can't stay with you, but I'll miss you...

  14. Andrew Johnson

    Great song , great voice

  15. Fabiola García

    No entiendo porqué no se da difusión a artistas como ella. Voz increíble, compositora, buena imagen. Tiene todo.
    212,426 visualizaciones es casi un insulto.

  16. Liliana Castellanos

    Esta canción es pura perfección

  17. Rantic

    I wonder if all the people from the background ever got to see the video.

  18. Daniel Ferrada Caro

    Love it 😘

  19. Partially Baked Donut

    Found your music through Bleu's channel. This is a great song, should have a few million views (Sounds like the usual stuff I hear on pop radio)

  20. Kimberly Espinosa

    This video is so well done

  21. Cosmin Andrei Mihalache

    So Erin Ulmer sings too.

  22. Tiffany G

    Those calf muscles though..(1:08)

  23. AnA SoAres

    Sz !!! Welcome my Playlist's

  24. Madian Albornoz

    Es tan hermoso lo que tu y tu equipo hacen, un trabajo con pasión que muestran sentimientos reales y no vacíos como en la actualidad. Y una mezcla perfecta en cuanto a calidad en voz junto con relación a la letra y vídeo de canción. Realmente tocan el corazón y eso es tan valioso!

    ALL THE LOVE Lex<3


    Nobody watched instant star? Lol. What's so weird? Don't think I've ever seen it .. Loved her in instant star though .


    So Weird was her debut on Disney channel in the 90s. Worth watching if you can find it. Also loved her in Instant Star :D

    LV Adams-Flores

    I loved instant star


    She was in S3 of So Weird, which is unfortunate. Not her fault, but they totally changed teh tone of the show replaced the main actor and replaced her with Alexz. Disney thought the original plan for the season was "too dark" so wouldn't let the writers do it. It's just a shame as So Weird was an incredible show.

  26. Melody Ramos

    So obsessed

  27. To dando só uma olhadinha!

    Tem como não se apaixonar pelas musicas da Alexz??? simplesmente incrível!!

  28. Lorena D'Avila

    essa música é simplesmente incrível. E ela tá linda nesse vídeo

  29. deputyseal409

    My favorite of her videos, but I also like Skipping Stone!

  30. Melina Zarza

    Que. Buen tema

  31. Dance Fan

    Gorgeous song and I love where the video is set. Alexz Johnson has to be a favourite singer of mine. What an artist!

  32. k l

    She was a red head. BUT Final Destination 3 is really old... She changed her hair color to blonde.

  33. Rapunzel Fitzherbert

    Alexz is blonde? And I thought she was a redhead, from her "Erin" character in Final Destination 3! 😄

    Alexz Fan Turkey

    yes final destination3 is 2005 this clip 2012 alexz now blonde

    Jason Mistretta

    Alexz is a natural blonde. Check her out back in 2000 when she was on the Disney show "So Weird" around the age of 11.

  34. SeeTheHalo92


  35. FindVegan

    She'd be fantastic for one of those EDM DJ songs. She's young, there's time.

  36. sasha palumbo

    do you still talk too the pepole from so weird


    I used to love that show

  37. Ricardo Manuel Arana

    Hey you're amazing,first time I saw Alexz was on Disney's So Weird TV show, then in Final Destination 3... I love this song

  38. Kamila Antunes

    Apaixonada por essa voz ♥ linda Alex loveeeeeeee

  39. ut pye

    Good GOD this woman can saaaannnnnggggg!!!!

  40. Janelle Maldonado

    Alexz, I love this song. Your talent is inspirational. 
    From your lyrics, to vocals, your career as a whole.
    Quite an influence on my pursuit in my own musical abilities.. 
    & that's going years back. Praying the best for you & your work.
    Continue to doing what you do. I'll always be a support. 

  41. kristien rodriguez

    Alexz you Go girl rock out

  42. Christine D

    Can't wait to see you perform in L.A.!!! :0 Beautiful music & voice :)

  43. ramezi naceur

    teen beauty queen baby 

  44. tinge1954

    She is beautiful and a great singer.

  45. Jordan Lewis


    Daniela Montes de Oca

    What's wrong with you?

    Javier Melián

    Oh my god, you're the ilustrated picture of rancour. Alexz Johnson is an amazing singer. If you didn't like her interpretation on So Weird, so, GROW UP and get over it cause it happened like thirteen years ago.

    Paige Guedea

    Alexz Johnson is a good singer her music is inspirational if you dont like the music her acting then buzz off no need for your rude comments there.could you do any better playing on so weird??? what if she dont have brown hair or pig tails or anything like that doesn't mean she wasnt a bad actor. fi had other things she wanted to do with her life plus the people that wrote the scripts was the ones responsible for how the show went.not alexz johnson : /

    Paige Guedea

    @Teddy Picker
    ps this is for the idiot teddy who also got a ridiculous name to even be commenting in the first place -__-

    Daniela Montes de Oca

    @Paige Guedea Why me? I didn't say anything about Alexz, which I'd never do since I love her. I only asked Jordan what was wrong with him...

  46. mandalynn88

    I have been a huge fan since "so weird." So excited to finally making it to a concert!!! June 27th come already!

  47. adclh yo

    who is she and why is she going to be on max tour? >:(

    Seth Schiffino

    I oddly asked the same thing about max... who is he and why is he on her tour?

    Seth Schiffino

    And to answer your question, she was the star of "Instant Star", as well as other shows/movies. check her out on wikipedia

  48. ivi mutarelli

    this song is THE perfection, and you look sooooooooo beautiful ♥ as usual, of course :). te amooooo♥♥♥♥

  49. Alys DC

    Her voice is flawless.

  50. Predymusic

    Hey guys, check out my cover of "Walking" by the amazing Alexz Johnson :) thank you <3

  51. Alaska Arriaga

    Beautiful.. I love her voice. Been her fan for a long time. Not many know about her, but she should be known. 

    Milly v

    Alaska Arriaga me too!

  52. h2soccergod

    I'm glad you were on Blue. Your voice is great!

  53. Roby Sparacino

    your songs are very beautiful 

  54. Roby Sparacino

    your songs are beautiful 
    I love your songs and you (though I'm Italian and I do not speak English very well) 
    keep it up forever...  By Roby 

  55. millzz05


  56. KatzyKins

    I swear, you start singing and it takes me back a whole 16 years; like nothing changed. ^^

  57. Maka olave atenas

    me encantan todas tus canciones, y agregando que tu voz es perfecta :)

  58. Camila Videla

    i love . te amo 

  59. virginiatosee

    Alexz, you're amazing, seriously. You should be worldwide known, your music, lyrics and your voice... Everything, you're big. Love you

  60. Kweenpisces

    Love her

  61. Juan Garcia

    Very nice song

  62. fizzster91

    Love your music. I have been a fan since instant star. And somehow your music still touches me and I always connect to it. Thanks for being my fav artist.

  63. Jess T

    ahhh. I can't stop listening. You're voice is amazing.:)

  64. Clod yna

    I <3 this song :)))

  65. irisanel9385

    this song seams like if it was dedicated to tommy, after she broke his heart :(

  66. irisanel9385

    we should get s group going :) but who knows if the actors would be willing to do it? :(

  67. Alex Phillips

    I love how shes doing her thing and the people around her are watching I love that

  68. Alex Phillips

    O.O WOW im amazed

  69. Not Fake Guy

    Wow wow wow!

  70. Julian R

    I love you Alexz

  71. Zilahi Ágnes-Réka

    Make this girl famous, please!

  72. Sara Cadavid.

    You're so amazing, i love you.

  73. Kat Gates

    I miss Instant Star! God Alexz is so perfect. I fell in love with her as Jude but her as Alexz too. She's so talented. I feel tv could use a show like Instant Star. My heart feels empty without it.

  74. Courtney Cameron

    Has anyone thought of trying to start up a kickstarter for the Instant Star show? They did it for Veronica Mars and it was a success. The end result doesn't have to be a movie. It could be a short series on Netflix, or even a web series. This video would be a great way to lead into something with the way the season ended. TV networks today could use a little less reality tv. Just a thought.

  75. Zack Gomez

    My friend sent me here.

  76. jesse owen

    dem calves

  77. m a

    When Tommy (Tim Rozon) said "you're it girl, you're the real deal. You're even better), he was talking about your character AND you as yourself. lol

  78. Silvia Di Giorgio

    Can't wait for the 21.02!! see u in Munich <3

  79. Morgenstern

    Let me remember you the name of the song...

  80. Felex

    Why this isn't so popular?! Such amazing voice! Such beauty! Those lyrics! Simply everything. And simply enough.

  81. ChoiPipo

    JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL CANADIAN? upps caps.. but i think the same

  82. ChoiPipo


  83. Zuri Fox

    OMG!!! I love your voice Alexz Johnson!!!!!!

  84. marrymartystuart

    what a stupid comparison.

  85. Meritza

    Justin bieber and Carly Rare jepsen :)

  86. rockerelmo


  87. Kelli Smith

    I've missed Alexz so much

  88. marrymartystuart

    who the hell is that

  89. djparaense

    Great voice!!

  90. Julian R

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 To this video

  91. ItsMakitaFuentes

    No me canal de escuchar esta hermosa canción.

  92. Arantxa Vargas

    favorite song♥ i loves Alexz Johnson!

  93. BleuTeub

    if you lurve Alexz Johnson, you should click on my YouTube page to watch our new music video for "Bottom Of My Heart" - featuring Alexzzzzz!

  94. Stephen Quammie

    Beautiful song accompanied by a simple & natural music video.

  95. Julian R

    Can't stay with you, but I'll miss you, I love u alexz come to Colombia please

  96. charmeddada

    love it.