Alexz Johnson - Ruthless Love Lyrics

There is a time to be alone
A time when you buy new shoes
A time for grieving
A time for believing
A time to lose

There is a feeling that won't settle down
It picks you right up off the ground

But like the spin of the world
Butterflies you ignore
We never see the oceans end
It's the slam of the door
Like a tide hits the shore
And here we go again
This ruthless love

There is a pain that be explained
You've given yourself away
When you'd take the bullet
You're a fool and you know it
You have nothing to gain

But like the spin of the world
Butterflies you ignore
We never see the oceans end
It's the slam of the door
Like a tide hits the shore
And here we go again
This ruthless love

It's a cruel world
It's a cruel world
It's a cruel world
You better watch out, son

It's a cruel world
It's a cruel world
It's a cruel world
You better watch out, son

It's the slam of the door
Like a tide hits the shore
And here we go again
This ruthless love
This ruthless love

There is a time to be alone
A time when you buy new shoes

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Alexz Johnson Ruthless Love Comments
  1. Prince Nelson

    Her voice reminds of christina Aguilera

  2. Elli B

    She was SO GOOD LIVE with this song! Was so happy I got to meet her! But being as shy as I am I didnt know what to say, kind of felt bad.. but I will never forget it!! She was so nice and sweet and just hanging out at the venue while opening bands played. It was such a chill and intimate show ❤

  3. Kris Lee Hoskins

    Laura vandervoort looking amazing as usual

  4. Sus Chen

    This photography is breathtaking. It matches Alexz's music perfectly!

  5. Polish issues

    I still love you Alex

  6. Molly Nolin

    I still love this girl 💕💕

  7. Ivigne Kaysen

    She is golden!!

  8. Omega kappa

    Why she dirty cuz

  9. LVNDR

    Imagine if Alexz pulled a Drake and included the full Instant Star cast in one of her videos?🔥🔥

  10. Chaymae Sellak

    I'm addicted to this song!

  11. wuzup


  12. solitarymaninblack

    I hadn't heard any of her songs. I have just finished rewatching Final Destination 3.

  13. Katherine Venus

    I wish she had more recognition :(

  14. Leon S. Kennedy

    alexsz lovee youuu

  15. Leon S. Kennedy

    love you alxz johnson

  16. Karishma B

    You deserve so much more recognition for your soulful songs.

  17. Abdallah Imrane

    Awesome and so underrated.

  18. fit0 Lemus

    Your voice it's getting better and better, congratulations!

  19. Mark Anthony Reyes

    this song deserves more likes

  20. kjdnyhmghfvb

    YES! Alexz voice and this song!

  21. Gladys Perez

    Beautiful as always 🙌🏻

  22. Juliana Vieira

    You are still my instant star xxxx

  23. Haleigh Prentice

    You're amazing. Please come out with more music. I watched you when you were on Instant Star and I will always love your voice! Love the song.

  24. M Al Zamakhsyari

    good song

  25. Esma Ucan

    this song and video should get so much more recognition!!!! this is art 😍
    love from Belgium

  26. oops kippi

    Love you:3

  27. tristan mayhew

    now she needs to make a come back in a killer show.. her sister from the show instant start (the woman in this video), Laura Vandervoot, in this is in bitten, the friend from instant star, Tatiana Maslany, is in orphan black... alexz needs a show and a come back here in the US :)

  28. Julita B

    Please, never stop singing! You are BRILLIANT! I remember you from Instant Star and now I am watching this for a second time. You have AMAZING VOICE!! Always be yourself and create your music. I look forward to your new music video on your YouTube channel <3
    Kisses from Poland <3

  29. Diego Rapozo

    I feel like Alexz had totally control of what she did with this song. It has poetry ❤️. I gotta see more.

  30. Musicgurly100

    with all these all shows reuniting I think instant star should be one of them its been like 8 years i want a Jude Harrison update

  31. Astrid van de Graaf

    I can't believe after all she's written, she still seems to have such a long way to go. she proved herself a long time ago already.

  32. patrycya patrycya

    Love AJ

  33. Monique Carmack

    I cannot believe I had no idea that she had recent music! Youtube randomly suggested an Alex Johnson video and I got in my feels and started reading the comments and found about your channel! Your voice is amazing!

  34. wpistaktyczny

    Never stop making music Alexz! Love from Poland!

  35. mands zz

    never stop making music Alexz!! love from Brazil

  36. Ana Montes

    Never stop making music Alexz! Love from Mexico <3

  37. Breyana Anderson

    my childhood bought me here just now learning she is the same girl from so weird one of my favorite on disney and instant star on teen nick....omg im so proud of her she has grown so much in her artistic expression 😍😍😍

  38. Timothy Wynne

    This videos from this album have been so beautiful!

  39. MER G.S

    increíble! cada vez mas genia! algun dia podré disfrutarla en vivo

  40. Luisa Dominguez

    My Pip
    I love you Alexz

  41. ShowYourSelf

    Best singer of the world!

  42. Adela HerreraP

    This is perfect! So beautiful and it fits the song perfectly. One of my favorites of the album. What if we raise money for the "Tears of a dragon" video? Please, I love that song!
    And we're still waiting for you in Mexico, it's the dream of my life seeing you playing live! :3

  43. patatamonmusic

    The video is incredibly good! Nice work director! I'm happy to see you and Laura working together again! Everyone should see this video!

  44. Simply Breanna


  45. Marga Vicuna

    Alexz surprising us one more time ❤️

  46. Frensis26

    you are AMAZING. You deserve so much more recognition and I'm sure you'll get it! 😘

    Ems The Unicorpse

    +Frensis26 ugh I know, everyone is like "Beiber! 1D! Katie Perri!"
    it's sad. A lot of songs now a days have no soul

    DosMorochosYAlgoMás VEVO

    +Ems the Unicorpse Alexz is really amazing, I love her. But i think that Katy´s songs have soul...Double Rainbow...Pearl...Not Like The Movies...Who Am I Living For?...Im Still Breathing....Lost....This Moment...It Takes Two...Choose Your Battles....By The Grace Of God...Spiritual....Love Me...Thinking Of You...Teenage Dream.... Sadly people only know her by Dark Horse and California Gurls :(

    Ems The Unicorpse

    Yeah i agree Katie has some good songs, I listened to all those songs you listened when i was young but not anymore, still think she is cool :)

    Agent J

    I bet she’s not doing it for the recognition. She’s doing it for the love of making music. Sometimes it isn’t about recognition at all.

  47. Judith Ojeda

    The song and the video are absolutely perfect! Alexz.... your voice is one of the best in this industry. Thanks :)

  48. ramezi naceur

    she is so unique as a human being. I have been in love with her work since i was 16. Now that i am 24 years old i still listen to her incredible work. I really appreciate singers like you, because you are so rare.

    Leh Souza

    Me tô since instant star 😍😍

  49. ramezi naceur

    Alexz Johnson on Vevo Finally. #AlexzOnGrammy

  50. Jodorowsky

  51. Lucky Cat

    beautiful voice and song... you are my favorite singer 😊😊😊😊

  52. Alejandra Carolina Araujo Araujo

    Love it!

  53. Dansarina Grandon

    alexz johnson The Best!!!!!! I love you!!!!!

  54. Dansarina Grandon

    alexz johnson The Best!!!!!! I love you!!!!!

  55. Dansarina Grandon

    alexz johnson The Best!!!!!! I love you!!!!!

  56. benyeahh

    Alexz slays it again :') waiting for another UK show!

  57. Evan Garcia

    i love it

  58. Claudia Patricia Vasquez Zea

    Wow...that was power!!! i felt the song in every pore of my skin... Just amazing.

  59. Tammy Ly

    So happy you & Laura reunited to make this beautiful video !! #InstantStar #HarrisonSisters

    Lexa Marie

    +Tammy Ly Oh my goodness!!! I didn't even know that was her until i read your comment and had to go back and re-watch it!!! Wow that's amazing, They did a fantastic job with this video what a very strong message this was!!! It was great to see these two come to together again to create an inspiring video like this!!! :)

  60. abetterfoto

    Awersome video! Donna Crockett, I loved you in this!

  61. Reshia Moore-Coleman

    Praise God saints! There's my auntie Donna Carroll Crockett was on Alexz Johnson's music video & love that song to give the message of kingdom of heaven! Hallelujah! Amen! Thank you Jesus! Did marvelous job auntie! Love you auntie!

  62. Cassandra Relynn

    Really great video! Amazing work Donna Crockett

  63. fbdshu

    BEAUTIFUL!! ♥♥♥

  64. imperffect

    i love alexz but i really don't undersatand the concept of this video

    Jenelle Vasquez

    imperffect saaaaame!!! I thought I was the only one lol

  65. Alexz Lovers

    We love you Alexz, Amazing video as usual, #AlexzinSouthAmerica #AlexzinChile, we are waiting for ya =)

    Andres Campos Cid

    +Chilean Dreamers siiiiii

  66. Lorita Nuredini

    +VKnowles mashups ok

  67. Alexz Fan Turkey

    amazinggggg omggg 😍😍😍😍

  68. Jan van Es

    AWESOME Song + Video!! You and Laura are a GREAT team!!! Absolutely LOVED you and Laura ever since Instant Star!!

  69. Danelle17

    i had a qustion why is there a little girl in the video?

    quana smith

    +Danelle17 i think as a representation of innocence....we all dream of love different when were younger and then when were older an experience it...we realize its not quite what we imagined....(my interpretation)

    quana smith

    +quana smith and*

    Simply Breanna

    Because she's my best friend and they needed a dancer good enough


    no i meant why did alexz johnson hire her for the music video i am trying to figure out what the song is about.

  70. DegrassiInstantStar

    Alexz officially on Vevo? That is a sight I never thought I'd see. The video is definitely unique, but then again, so is Alexz and her craft. I love the video and cannot wait to see more visuals from the "Let 'Em Eat Cake" album.

  71. thelanawhite

    Oh this is just gorgeous! I love it, I love Laura in it too, this is my favourite video so far! ♥

  72. britt bauman


  73. Mo Mirza

    Best video Alexz has done... I really like it.

  74. Han Nah

    Once again Alexz puts out something this beautiful and powerful and I am reminded of what an incredible artist she is. Pure artistry. Absolutely loved it. Thank you Alexz, I needed this.

  75. Vivian Lequang

    Amazing! so happy to see Alexz be recognized by vevo and to have been at the premier! ^-^

  76. Nat Toma

    I'm.confused lol, but I love it...Although black.and white again 😏 it's the best one yet for sure....Laura looks beautiful and fierce!Is the kid supposed to portrait Laura childhood? Anyway it's captivating for sure! Truly amazingly done

  77. Alejandra Alas

    Such a beautiful video! I'm so happy this is featured on vevo and that I was lucky enough to be part of the premiere 💕