Alexz Johnson - Right Now Lyrics

I never knew the situation
Didn't think that it was one of those kinds
From a different generation
You can't deny this is a stranger time
A stranger time
A stranger time

You think you're safe behind a passport
You were shaking in the airport line
Telling stories you were hearing
You can't deny someone could lose their mind
Lose their mind
Lose their mind

I don't wanna go, right now (Right now)
I don't wanna go, hell no (Right now)
Tell me what we're fighting for
I don't wanna fight your war
Right now

Suited up for the occasion
A Final dance before you say goodbye
No reason for a celebration
They're all crying but you don't know why
Don't know why
You don't know why

You hear a siren in the distance
Off the shore you see the sun go down
Was this the reason for existence?
Or just a way to make your father proud
Your father proud
Your father proud

I don't wanna go, right now (Right now)
I don't wanna go, hell no (Right now)
Tell me what we're fighting for
I don't wanna fight your war
I don't wanna go, right now (Right now)
I don't wanna go, hell no (Right now)
Tell me what we're fighting for
I don't wanna fight your war
Right now
Right now
Right now
Right now
Right now

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Alexz Johnson Right Now Comments
  1. Chase Summers

    What an amazing album

  2. Dezarae Caron

    Your voice is so smooth. 💜


    Why is she so underrated? The music industry really don't know what the word "good"means

  4. Rildek Lept

    Tu voz con tu música es tan reconfortante <3

  5. Enguarde

    I'm a guy and after seeing her in Final Destination 3 back in the mid to late 2000's, I legally changed my middle name to Alexz (court hearing and all) because I thought that it sounded so iconic and I wanted to become a lead guitarist and use it. I've had the name with me ever since and I will never forget how she inspired me to go as far as changing my identity. Definitely thinking about getting back into her and immersing myself deeper in everything she's done beyond Final Destination 3.

  6. azad Kurdî

    Love your voice ❤❤
    This is an amazing person

  7. azad Kurdî

    أجمل صوت دافئ و هادئ 💔💔💔

  8. Ricardo Manuel Arana

    "Annie Thelen" ('So Weird' TV Show), "Erin Ulmer" (Final Destination 3). I thank Taylor Swift for reminding me of Alexz Johnson. Why her?. In the music video for "I Knew You Were Trouble", Taylor Swift looks more like Alexz Johnson than Taylor Swift, LOL.

  9. Karen Chan

    Me encanta su música, me alegra escuchar algo nuevo de ella. ❤

  10. Firefly

    Alexz.. you are amazing. Thank you for the music.

  11. Tabti Bouchra2016

    Don't ever stop making music 💕💕

  12. Agent J

    I love this song!!

  13. Phillip Hakeem

    too bad insantstar only went for 4 seasons


    and i remember final destination 3


    that red fringe🤩

  15. hereiam19

    We love u alexz 😍

  16. Emma Isek

    Lovee youuu😊

  17. Maximus Prime

    Love love love this woman and her voice. Damn shame she remains relatively obscure while so much crap gets a pass these days.

  18. Cherisse Tillman

    Jude. I recently watched Instant Star. It literally popped in my head one day and I went home to watch it. I also remember she was in a Disney show called So Wierd

  19. Chaima El Bakkali

    Alexz johnson😍❤️ love from Belgium💕

  20. Luis fonzi Cuba Galdos

    you are amazing ...thanks for your music

  21. Key

    After binging on Instant Star I swear I have to get to know Alexz as herself and even as an order women and not a young adult. Omg the contrast!

  22. Asia Nicole Fletcher

    I love her red hair

  23. Denise Hudgens

    This is pure art and I have mad respect for it, and for Alexz.
    It hurts me that her work is so overlooked in today's world. This is what should be blaring out of the airwaves, not that constant wave of overly-produced, generic pop tunes we hear 24/7.

  24. Destati

    I still miss Instant Star and I'm upset how it ended, but I'm glad she kept pursuing music.

  25. Vanessa Vasquez

    Does this give anyone else "So weird" vibes? If you get it your automatically cool as fuck in my book

  26. Brenda Bascones

    Please, come to Madrid!

  27. Melissa Terry

    Alexz I loved this video.

  28. Mark Galan

    That Red hair and Red jacket she’s got on she’d make a perfect Scarlet Witch

  29. Manue1 Quevedo

    Que buena rola..

  30. Music Television

    The Indies is proud to be featuring Alexz Johnson and this music video for her third time on our site. #TheIndies

  31. tristan mayhew

    Absolutely love it!!! Keep up the hard work!

  32. Eric Kehela

    Love the vibe to this! I love you so much!

  33. Liliana Castellanos

    Love this song and video, I love you Alexz ♡

  34. Jes Checo

    Amazing as always. Alexz! Keep rockin!

  35. Carazanna Jackson

    I'm so happy she still makes music. I've actually binged instant star recently and was reminded how amazing her voice is. 😊

    Mark Galan

    Carazanna Jackson I wanna see Alexz on Shameless as Kev’s sister and maybe do a song with Emmy who also sings

    Tiffany Tesnow

    Carazanna Jackson where did u watch it from


    Ever watched her on Disney's So Weird? :P

  36. Alberto Guardia

    This fucking video is everything I love it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 yassss Alexz you’re fucking Amazing!

  37. Maria Krueger

    Somehow this reminds me of Kate Bush. Great song, Alexz!

  38. Nít Ram

    I love her voice since So Weird <3

  39. Adrián Ríos

    I love it.
    Don't leave this álbum to pass by so easily, it has so many songs that should become single.

  40. Daniela Montes de Oca

    You are as beautiful as your voice. Never stop, Alexz, keep moving to the top.

  41. BlahBlahWoofWoof12

    All these years later & you're still my favorite

  42. Justine H

    Love your voice and the new album. None of the links below the video worked for me though.

  43. Jeison Lira

    This is amazing! What a great voice and what an amazing video! You're just fantastic! Felicitaciones! And happy birthday.

  44. Briana Saylor

    Love it!!

  45. Alexander Daniels Escobar

    Yay Alexz!!!🙌🏽

  46. robert

    I’m so proud of u cuz it

  47. Ray RC

    Love the different Alexz in the vid!

  48. Daniela Calderón

    This is incredible!!! 💕 favorite song at the moment 🇨🇴

  49. moimoi0809

    really beautiful video and perfect song !

  50. Jules Askalotl

    Amazing as always

  51. La Luna

    Happy birthday alexz ❤❤❤❤❤ i love you !! :3

  52. Alexz Lovers

    Excellent, We Love it, Regards from Chile, We can wish you Happy birthday, Good luck in this new year of your life in love and health , God bless you <3

  53. Leo Nuvekki

    I LOVE this song and the video is great, I'll always be your fan Alexz. Happy birthday as well!! 😊💜🎉

  54. MrRustyduck7

    Stunning! Amazing!

  55. João R. C. Melo

    Nice! Happy Bday as well!

  56. Scycia

    Happy birthday, Alexz! <3
    Great video!

  57. Luiza Marques

    Wow I really like it!

  58. Wendy Chirinos Verdú

    Always on point. Love You forever

  59. Martina Habjanić


  60. Priscilla Bredof


  61. dbell930

    The gauzy 80's vibe and Stevie Nicks looks are giving me life! Can't get enough!

  62. Seadina

    I have never been this early to a new video. Amazing song, amazing video.

  63. Saria Alexandria

    Love your music wish I saw you live when you played in Toronto!

  64. James Joint

    my hearts beat thumb when i saw some new abut u, thaks for make songs that helps me to know more about me <3

  65. TNC61

    The most beautiful voice ever 💕

  66. Florian

    Great loveeeeee

  67. Monique Rowe

    In anything that you do music wise there is always a high level of art to it. I enjoyed how different this video was and what you wanted to convey from the song.

  68. Allisson Boulanger

    I'm so PROUD of you. This album is a masterpiece ! The video is really strong ♡

  69. Sara Elizabeth Huffman

    This makes me so happy! :) I hope you come to Utah again! Love this song & the whole album!

  70. Joey Hubbard

    Happy happy birthday to you Alexz. Love the song and video.

  71. marce90r

    beautiful Alexz!! awesome album!

  72. Andie Lovato

    Liking before watching 😂 lol I love you ❤

  73. Crichi Eden

    Love u ❤️

  74. loveall343