Alexz Johnson - Mary Lyrics

Mary doesn't like nobody
She a real sad case
See Mary's like her lucky charms
Ya Mary doesn't know her place

The girl can't sleep
That Mary she can be real weak
She's got a heart of gold
But Mary thinks she's getting old

See Mary doesn't know somebody
Loves her more than life itself
She doesn't know somebody
Keeps a picture of her on their shelf

Mary doesn't know somebody
See's her eyes and begins to melt
Mary we'll wait
It's not too late

She doesn't know what she's missing
All the boys she'd be kissing
But she's deep in her head
C'mon Mary get your ass out of bed

I know I've read it in a story
But Mary never seems to bore me
She doesn't want to belong
Her mission is to prove you wrong


Mary will come back someday
She'll find a way
There will come a day, I know
Mary will know what to do
She's breaking through

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Alexz Johnson Mary Comments
  1. Radiohead

    i feel like this song describes my life

  2. Kenneth Smith


  3. azad Kurdî


  4. T Snackx

    One of the most underrated artist around. She still hasnt peaked

  5. melissa baker

    This might just be the best song Ive heard in many years and she can sing the hell out of it, Love it and Love her on the show Blue! :) Wow.........................

  6. NTL68

    Love this song, sung beautifully...

  7. Idk

    First heard this on "Blue". She is an amazing singer and actress.

  8. Lisa Suessenbach

    It's crazy how she went from mainstream "24 Hours" to this acoustic singer/songwriter indie artist. I must say I love it. She is underrated, but I'm glad this is a gem not everyone knows... Great song.

  9. Josi Queiroz

    Love this song.♥

  10. Shannon Owens

    Does anyone know the strumming pattern?

  11. Kim Ratcliffe

    Most amazingly beautiful voice Alexz! And the song is beautiful- I've I listened to it over and over and each time get more out of it.

  12. al dx

    Total Goosebumps ...

  13. feelingReckless13

    Alexz is one of those musicians who never disappoints you, she just keeps getting better.

  14. pajamagirl123

    I feel like such a hipster saying this, but I've been a fan of Alexz since her "So Weird" days and I she's only gotten better and better. Such a beautifully rich voice.

    ashtyn nyx

    Same here girk

    Daniela Pérez Guedes

    Same here, too! :D

    Beth Darvell

    Same here!

  15. Elta Nice

    pls continue making songs if it still makes you happy; lots of love <3

  16. Destynee Jones

    Just saw her live. She sang like a million songs while opening for Max Schneider and this song was the one that got me quiet. He'll it got everyone quiet. And that's saying a lot

  17. Elisa Gonzalez

    One of the best songs I've heard in a long while. Beautiful voice.

  18. Taj Cameron

    What a beautiful voice and an amazing song.

  19. GreybabyTeLae

    I'm obsessed with this song. You're amazing!

  20. Derichard Rayford

    I've waited YEARS for this! Fucking FINALLY!

  21. Maya Papaya

    I just love this song so much. Waited so long for this <3 Lovelovelove.

  22. Shannon Givens

    I love discovering new raw artists! She is gold! Diamond in the rough. Voice is heavenly! Come to NYC

    Jessica Palacio

    Alexz currently lives in Brooklyn. She plays shows there fairly often. She plays at Webster Hall on June 17th :).

  23. Hell Oh Kitty

    This is one of my favorites! I've been waiting for song for it to be recorded! I'm so happy right now! you're still my favorite singer! <3

  24. Alexz Lovers

    Amazing voice

  25. Jess Pellegrino


  26. Michelle Joseph

    Her voice is magic
    Love her <3

  27. DoubleLinesYT