Alexz Johnson - I Don't Know If I Should Stay Lyrics

Where’s my will,
Can I find a way,
The earth is wild,
And I can’t sit still,

A familiar sound,
A familiar voice,
Makes it so hard,
To make a choice,
I don’t know if I should stay,

A thousand stars,
You will have my word,
I’m bright enough,
To fill these cracks,

A familiar place,
A familiar voice,
Makes it so hard.
To make a choice,
I don’t know if I should stay,

I ran to you like water
I threw my body in
And I'll stand up on the ocean
Just to show you that I am strong, strong
But what if I am wrong

A familiar look
A familiar smile
Makes it so hard
To make a choice
I don’t know if I should stay away

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Alexz Johnson I Don't Know If I Should Stay Comments
  1. Nina c

    I love the way she sings

  2. Rafaela Rodrigues

    2019 and i still love her and the show ..

  3. Amanda Lam

    2019 and still stan

  4. HelloItsVee U

    Love her from her “so weird” days as well

  5. psychany

    Alexz still moves me to tears❤

  6. citlallistar8282

    The Earth is wild

  7. Anna Lalek

    2018 and I still love her !

  8. Videogamer love

    This song brings back so much memories!

  9. Ziana

    Why is she still so underappreciated? I don't understand the music industry these days.

  10. Michelle Obie

    Listening to this in 2017 bring this show back


    2018 mate

  11. The Elite DeadShotz

    seasons 1-4 are on the youtube channel Instant Star

  12. Tailine Dias

    2017 e ainda estou aqui ....

  13. Alyssa Sabater

    nice song i can relate to her

  14. Michaela

    Still remember the words

  15. kim san sun

    me encanta que recuerdos 😍😍

  16. TheGanation

    one of the greatest voices I've ever heard

  17. Ana Dias


  18. tinathedinosaur

    I watched all the episodes for FREE on this website: Enjoy! :D

  19. beel

    me encanta <3

  20. Green Man Leather

    Alexz is one deep hip kool cat, you should check out her Orange Lounge recordings, goes right through your heart!

    LaToya M

    Green Man Leather I did and loved her wish instant star was back

  21. kaylii comer

  22. Mirsh Sida

    cuando regresa Instant Star?....

  23. Megan Elizabeth

    I'm so blown after I watch the last episode they have on netflix -__-

  24. xoTrustandBelievexo

    her voice is something so amazingly special.

  25. 789789coco

    i remembered i watched the show but only season 1 or 2 was played here in ireland :( its sucks cause i love the show so im looking around for the episodes if anyone knows where i can watch them can you tell me please :)

    Shelbi M.

    789789coco all four seasons are on youtube

  26. Isabela Santana


  27. Keyla Shanee'

    Miss this show soooo much especially the music!

  28. Ebony Enamorado

    what mini series ?

  29. evy silvestre

    buen video

  30. Megan Elizabeth

    her voiceeeeee! its so pure.

  31. ciaochristina

    i miss instant star so much

  32. Cheryl Foster

    i love this song so much. makes me think about mi ex

  33. burl esque

    2:10 !!!

  34. Angiee McCorkle



    Nah, we should just enjoy it here for free. lol

  35. Vanessa Sanchez

    Alexz Johnson rocks <33 She's the best singer I ever met

  36. Bruna Miranda Rossi

    esta é a melhor musica

  37. BreezyJhooti

    love her!