Alexz Johnson - Dreamin' Of You Lyrics

The light in this place's really bad
Like being at the bottom of a stream
At any minute now
I'm expecting to wake up from a dream

It means so much, the softest touch
By the grave of some child, who neither wept or smiled
Pondered my faith in the rain
I've been dreamin' of you, it's all I do
It's driving me insane

Somewhere dawn is breaking
Light is streaking 'cross the floor
Church bells are ringing
I wonder who they're ringing for

Travel under any star
You'll see me wherever you are
The shadowy past is awake and so vast
I'm sleeping in the palace of pain
I've been dreamin' of you, that's all I do
It's driving me insane

It means so much, the softest touch
By the grave of some child, who neither wept or smiled
Pondered my faith in the rain
I've been dreamin' of you, it's all I do
It's driving me insane

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Alexz Johnson Dreamin' Of You Comments
  1. sweetie lune

    Amazing how the music took such a dive after Fiona left. Geez this is bad.

  2. GMaker0507

    The human mind is amazing. How did I remember this song in 2019?! I haven't heard it probably since it originally aired on Disney. Somehow the lyrics are still familiar.

  3. Randy Kern

    Back when things was good

  4. juliet campos

    Omg time sure flys omg i remember this song

  5. AutumnStardust

    Oh my gosh I remember this episode from when I was a kid!!!

  6. Joey JoJo

    I feel like an 11 year old again . I know fi's seasons were better but Annie's seasons was so comfy and had a great sound track

  7. makeitsupersized

    I liked both Annie and Fi Alexz and Cara.

  8. kristin amanda thimas

    I will always love and adore Alexz she is so incredibly talented and I miss this show so much and personally I never really never had a favorite. Fi's dad. Was into the same things as she was so it may have seemed more logical but the fact that it happens upon Annie I personally feel that it's a sign that her uncle and cousins are watching over her and that's a very powerful message in itself too

  9. jmc1987jcgc

    another wannabe Disney starlet...

  10. Matthew Laker

    We made this an early internet download hit back in 2000.. on our net-zero 56k dialups, sneaking a 20foot phone cord into the kitchen when mom was asleep

  11. Jorge Zapata

    This happened back in 1999

  12. Annropeea Garriott


  13. Annropeea Garriott

    They need to bring back So Weird in 2018 because it's just the kids version of X Files and they just brought back X Files so they need to do the same to SO WEIRD

  14. Juano Starrgraciano

    I too use to watch all them shows the jersey "mnfc" the famous Jett Jackson very sad about Lee thompson young and so weird both girls were great in the show but I liked this episode out of the series the most

  15. Chosen One's

    I love this song and Never Give Up

  16. naturellebella

    The beginning of my love for Alexz Johnson. Next came Instant Star!!

  17. Ronnie Ragin

    What Happened to Her?

    Anwaar Morales

    Still around. She starred in the show Instant Star for several years back and still sings

    Randy Kern

    MTV whored her out and that was that

  18. Shubin Alam

    In my honest opinion, Annie was nothing compared to Fi. Cara DeLizia should have stayed for the third season. I liked Annie, but I thought Fi was the best.

  19. MusicLover_KB

    I really dig this, it's a damn catchy song. I barely remembered So Weird from my childhood, but I've recently watched it again, and it's EXCELLENT!!!! Even the 3rd season is better than most of what Disney Channel does now. No one can tell me I'm influenced by nostalgia, cause like I said, I BARELY remembered So Weird as a little kid

    Jared Ross

    Where did you watch the series?

    Annropeea Garriott

    Kobe Busia they need to bring back So Weird

    Annropeea Garriott

    Jared Ross Disney Channel

    Annropeea Garriott

    I watched So Weird every day when I was little my favorite episode was Rebecca I still wish I could cheat growing up like Rebecca every 100 years she gets 1 year older if I could age that slow I would look young literally forever

  20. andy ewing

    i miss those shows

  21. BrittanySweet

    Im obsessed with this song. Brings back happy memories :)

  22. satmtcak

    ok i agree with that it's just that shows like this, famous jet jackson so wierd and other shows were real looking but the other shows today that look like recording done in a garage make me sick to look at cause i think deep down they try to be funny and it makes it suck even more...even the show brotherly love was ok but i never watched it but it was full of sarcasm that made it funny

  23. Jacinda King

    I still sing this song

  24. singingforev

    i would have to say my Disney phase came in a couple years after this show. I was 2 when it aired. The only reason i know about this show is because i love alexz johnson. my generation of disney ended with the last episode of Wizards of Waverly Place and to be honest i could care less for the shows that are on now, like you guys could care less for most of the stuff I watched. im sure you guys have better stuff to do now so why do you care? as the old saying goes "build a bridge and get over it"

  25. blubberbotbeans6978

    People, you gotta admit, most of the "old stuff is better" comments come from nostalgia. The stuff today isn't our generation. I bet you older people thought shows like this were shit compared to there`s. And the kids today will think that Hannah Montana is God while we think "meh". The circle of life. btw, I still find Spongebob kind of awesome, though I don't watch it as much as I used to.


    nah, this isn't true. it's not just nostalgia. shows today are worse. the proof is the fact that our parents used to watch and enjoy these shows and movies with us. I don't watch any of the shows my kids watch because they fucking suck.

    Mark Galan

    Well people say this is what started Disney downfall

  26. blubberbotbeans6978

    @satmtca I generally agree with this, but Wizards is nothing like harry potter. Just because one series was oriented around wizardry doesn't mean that we can never see it on another series ever again.

  27. The Water Empress

    omg this is my show right here. and jett jackson

  28. Muskrat Morris

    @satmtca Spongebob use to be funny. "Our Car" from the movie nearly killed me when I first saw it.

  29. satmtcak

    @MxOxRxRxIxS that knockoff the block show wizards is nothing but a cheap imitation of harry potter, even other shows like SPONGE DICK (nickelodean iknow) makes me want to kill someone especially when that's all they play, bring back the old shows for a week and their ratings will go through the roof

  30. Muskrat Morris

    @satmtca What you speak is the truth.

  31. satmtcak

    @MxOxRxRxIxS these shows were the shit unlike that shit that are on today

  32. Muskrat Morris

    Use to watch this, The Jersey, and The Famous Jett Jackson everyday after school.

  33. Evymarie Pérez Rivera

    LOL when was this??


    Evymarie Pérez Rivera early 2000's

  34. Ariyaallthetime

    @Kakorone she still is and her new music is great =)

  35. Jasmine Brown

    she sounds so beautiful

  36. Cantar bailar

    I was thinking about the age of her when she did the show... she was 14 !! omg!
    so young!

  37. Cantar bailar

    I used to watch this show when I was a little girl..
    I remember that I loved this showw <3
    I miss it now =(