Alexz Johnson - Don't Pull Off My Wings Lyrics

You know I'm fragile
Yeah you are too
You tried to hide it
I see through you

You want some insurance baby
But I think you know
That doesn't come with me
Baby let go

Don't pull off my wings
I wanna fly away to better things
I want you there too
So find where your heart sings
And we'll be free together
Feeling everything
Don't pull off my wings

I've always wondered
If those who control
Are really most frightened
Deep down in their soul
Lets bathe in each moment baby
They're just passing by
Everyone of them different
Like clouds in the sky

Don't pull off my wings
I wanna fly away to better things
I want you there too
So find where your heart sings
And we'll be free together
Feeling everything
Don't pull off my wings

Don't pull away
Don't hold back
Baby pain is what happens
When you resist love
Trust that with grace
We'll embrace
All that's coming
And let it keep lifting us up

I wanna fly
Fly away together
Soaring through life
So don't be afraid
Cause I'll be with you baby
All of the way

Don't pull off my wings
I wanna fly away to better things
I want you there too
So find where your heart sings
And we'll be free together
Feeling everything
Don't pull off my wings

Feeling everything
Don't pull off my wings

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Alexz Johnson Don't Pull Off My Wings Comments
  1. Kirsty Bailey

    Right in the feels <3 Also, can I just say how perfect 3:18 - 3:38 ish is? The way the clip of Jude and Jamie dancing together just seems to go so well with the music...Btw, this is coming from a diehard Jommy shipper!

  2. Jessica Damour

    This song tho <333

  3. AnaGomez1994

    Tommy was always the one, that was obvious from episode one. They get married, remember?

    Ariana Davis

    they got engaged and then she left for London without him. there was supposed to be one final season but the network pulled it so we never got to see what finally happened with them. it just ended with her leaving to London to start with her new record label. 


    Instant Star Minies, released throughout the progress of season 3. In the end, Sadie is shown to be pregnant with Kwest's baby, and Jude is marrying Tommy.

  4. Dani L

    Jamie god dammit!!! He genuinely loves her and always has, he would probably forgive her for just about anything and take her back no matter what. Tommy is so whiny, could never make up his mind about what he wanted and treated her like crap the whole time, only being nice to her when it suited him.

  5. ElderGodBrandon

    i remember her best from the tv show So wierd

  6. claire g

    This song was never in the show :( I'm disappointed. It's really amazing.

  7. Julian R

    Su voz es como el viento amo esto

  8. Jolien Uyttendaele


  9. Elli B

    Her voice is purely amazing :)
    I love her music

  10. Christine McClelland

    episode 3x1 is not the right episode...but i would like to know what episode she is wearing that white dress....I would like to know where she sings this song? If anyone knows? thanks much!

  11. Kathy Wild

    @LiveLaughLove8489 hehe, yeah I've seen him, but only after I wrote that comment :D but between those two I still prefer TIm Rozon, i think, probably because I love Tommy so much ;) also it's a hard choice^^

  12. Jessica

    @Kathy100193 Hot? Have you seen McSteamy from Greys Anatomy, OH MY GOLLY! Now that is a good looking man. Though Tim Rozon is good too.

  13. THS07


  14. Danica Kay

    Tommy. <3

  15. Alyssa Ray-Alden

    @NicklebackLover32 She's singing "I Don't Know If I Should Stay"

  16. AnaGomez1994

    6 people missed the like button :o

  17. Lady Despair

    what is the name of the song in the video in the beginning when shes ing the limo?

  18. sherlot1994

    @DaniellaMourao i just have started hearing nickelback ithink they are execellentt....

  19. AnaGomez1994

    Um...I've heard this song before but I think it was in the last episode of Instant Star right?

  20. Daniella Mourão

    @NicklebackLover32 Episode 3x1 - Lose Yourself! ;)

  21. Jenny Neumann

    @Zavedi234 alright Zavedi234 what's that got to do with alexz's song??? I feel ya, Alexz was my first crush at age 10. lol So I know what you're talking about (I'm female). back in her So Weird days. but I still don't know what that has to do with the video :9

  22. Jenny Neumann

    I love this song :) it's my new favorite



  24. Zavedi234

    I can't explain for gays and lesbians, I'm not. But I think they just are the way they are. Like you probably never chose to be just are.
    I'm bi myself and I just feel I'd be able to love anyone, no matter the gender. I never chose that (no one would chose a life of discrimination...)-= ).

  25. Polish issues

    she is the most incredible and unusual singer in last 50 years in the world............

  26. verybigmath

    I'm a huge Jommy fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Kathy Wild

    Um, let me think... TOMMY OF COURSE. I mean, seriously, Tommy is like the hottest guy ever. Well, maybe not ever, but definitely in the top 10. Plus he fits waay better with Jude. Jamie... please. He's a nice guy, don't get me wrong, but there isn't even a contest if you ask me^^ Anyways, great video^^

  28. lex luther

    Probably because hse hasn't had the right promotion but with her album coming out, I'm sure she'll get there.

  29. Cysia123

    Jaime ! <3

  30. Vir Orozco

    Tommy Qte! <3

  31. Lady Beldaran

    if you google instant star blinkx, then you'll get the link (the first one) its missing a couple episodes from season 2 but all the rest r there i think

  32. Sharon Needles

    i dont understand straights. the tommy scenes nearly made me puke...i dont really believe in straights. they like that so they can be 'cool' well neasflash. if they followed their hearts and loved women(men are disgusting...) then they would be happy. poor poor world

  33. Cheyanne Barth

    yea theres been a 4th season....i think u meen 5th

  34. Jenny Neumann

    I agree,
    Guedea400 but mostly cuz I miss the show so bad. but I heard from someone else that there's gonna be a forth season of Instant Star. I thought it was over. anyone have the real info and know when it is to be shown in the US or where I can watch it online??? :)

  35. Mehrunissah93

    Great video. 5/5 stars. I like her better with red hair though. But the blond showed her elevation from a reckless teen to a more mature, go-getter young adult.

  36. Phloxx1

    best song i've ever heard from her

  37. woami

    tommy was the right for her :D

  38. coolygirl9

    I think shes beautiful either way.

  39. Regina Kaiser

    I'm so happy she chose Tommy!

  40. sylvviaa

    i love this song so much, the lyrics the melody the voice. it's perfect

  41. THS07

    i always thought she should be with tommy but seeing her and jamie on this song - COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. comealongash

    JAMIE! :)(L)

  43. Daniella Mourão

    Ok, send me your e-mail!

  44. Daniella Mourão

    All? o.O

  45. Stacy Halbert it was like she chased tommy so hard thru every episode, and maybe it was all in the chase. or maybe she finally saw him for the jerk he was. sure, maybe tommy loved her. but not the way she deserved. i kinda liked that she cut him loose in the end. =)

  46. Daniella Mourão

    All? And as I do that? o.O Only if by messenger, via email is very long.

  47. Daniella Mourão

    Yes, I have! =)

  48. Daniella Mourão

    Sure, just give me your e-mail I send you a song! =)

  49. Franci

    Yea, me too :P pleasee ^^

  50. Kristin Bradley

    'He's a jerk, but he's nice. ♥ '

    that's great. xDD

  51. Enigma

    i love her one day ill be a singer just like her but better

  52. writerchick07

    and they worked so well together. at first i was a jamie and judd fan, but after watchin season two and seeing them together or even after they broke up and seein them together, i liked spiederman... but i still like the idea of jamie and jude.

  53. 12raerae

    Tommy.There n'existe pas d'autre choix.Jamie serait peut-être bon comme ami, mais que d'autres, il est Tommy tous les cours.
    (Désolé si la traduction n'est pas très bonne)

  54. murcat06

    what ep is 1:55 from

  55. Daniella Mourão

    Only you give me your e-mail =)

  56. Daniella Mourão

    That good that like the video ... I also love the Alexz and your music!
    Thanks for your comment! =D
    Kisses ...

  57. Daniella Mourão

    Good to know that I am speaking with a fan of Alexz too!
    So there I saw the film and I liked very much too! =)

    And I have other songs of Alexz, If you want, i give you! =)

  58. iluvdng07

    this is an awesome song!!! The video works well with it, good job!
    I wish her music was played more in the states, seriously. Canada has some really awesome musicians!

  59. Sue moon

    can you send me the song? please

  60. Kiara Perdomo

    I love this song its so nice Alexzandra is like one of the best singers ever I cant belive that in the US its rare that they play her music! ♥♥♥

  61. Thalia Peeters

    past super goed bij de video!
    good job!

  62. Adriana Wr

    Śliczna piosenka. Uwielbiam ją.!!!!!

  63. elasticband08

    great video what epasode is the song from? i don't recognise it