Alexz Johnson - 24 Hours Lyrics

I've been sitting in the dirt (for 24 hours)
I've forgotten what im worth (for 24 hours)
Said that you'd be here last night

I'm trying to shake you from my skin (for 48 hours)
Clean up this mess i've been put in (for 48 hours)
I'm guessing you can't always win
I'm guessing you can't always win

I can't have anything I want
They say I'm just too young
But it's not my fault
I'll find my own way home if I gotta
I'll make it all alone if I gotta

I'm not so trustful with my friends
I'm on the road alone again
I guess im tired of giving in

I'm sick of wishing you were near
You've gone your way, you've made it clear
Why do I feel you everywhere?
Why do I feel this everywhere?

I can't have anything I want
They say I'm just too young
But it's not my fault
I'll find my own way home if I gotta
I'll make it all alone if I gotta

Don't wanna spend my time
Watching the world go by
I think I'd rather die
And I dont got a plan
Don't wanna justify
To stay where I stand
Something I won't deny

I can't have anything I want
They say I'm just too young
But it's not my fault
I'll find my own way home if I gotta
I'll make it all alone if I gotta

I can't have anything I want
They say I'm just too young
But it's not my fault
I'll find my own way home if I gotta
I'll make it all alone

24 hours
24 hours
24 hours
24 hours
24 hours

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Alexz Johnson 24 Hours Comments
  1. Stormz VibeZ

    Almost 2020! I am watching season 1 on YouTube and am instantly back in my childhood faze. Almost 30 now! Love her music

  2. Chris Morgan

    Better stay with acting voice is computer and hand sounds awful

  3. BroozerGaming

    Anyone remember her from final destination 3

  4. Kevin H. Moore

    So much love!!!

  5. Łukasz Kołodziej

    Still Hot as a hell

  6. Michał Santo

    2019 anyone?🔥🔥🔥

  7. Thiago Rocha

    Minha nossa! Do começo do YouTube... Costumava fazer listas dos meus clipes favoritos e levar para baixar e gravar num disco DVD em alguma lan house. hahahahaha! Bons tempos.

  8. Chelsea Cardenas

    2019 anyone? Lol

    Amber Earls

    Of course!
    Still relevant.

  9. azad Kurdî

    I love her voice , face ❤❤❤
    Waw she cool

  10. azad Kurdî

    تسعة سنوات و مازلت أعشق صوتها

  11. Adeline Storet

    Holy shit was watching Final Destination 3 and totally forgot about Alexz Johnson! I was not a fan of the show but I loved this song!

  12. Klaryssa Sanchez

    I was 11 in 2005. Time goes by so fast. I'm 25 now😭

  13. Amber Earls

    I still love this song.

  14. Amina Khebbab

    omg it took me a while to find it again

  15. Fadri Partners

    What the fuck , why the chair is FLYING ????


  16. whysolonely

    I used to be OBSESSED with this song/album/show! Had the album cover as one of my Livejournal icon lmao, god I'm old

  17. arcio91

    kto słucha w 2017? / who is listening in 2017?

  18. Luisa Do

    Alexz/Jude Still In My Heart 😋

  19. Michaela

    Watching Instant Star on the n! hahaha I'm so old omg.

  20. Emeli Em

    OMG!!! I just found my old cds with music! 10 years... omg

  21. EA12309

    is this the real video? because this is not what they played on the n. at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Andres Campos Cid

    :.) alexz <3

  23. Christian Parker

    I remember for Christmas of "05 Instant Star was my obsession and all I wanted for Christmas was a red fender stratocaster and her CD. I got bought and was so thrilled. Reminds me so much of the good ole days.

  24. Kyria Strange


  25. Xscaped

    Awesome video! I just subscribed to your channel. We would appreciate you to be our subscriber, too.

  26. Honey

    Her Hair extensions fell out at 2:00😂😂

  27. Tatenda Dune

    Wow. 10 years ago. This song took me back to high school and my mum's living wrong lol. I used to burst into song whenever I heard this song. I thought Alexz was the coolest musician ever. I still do. I love her sound.

  28. violetgirl1996

    her voice is ok but she is pitchy

  29. Dustie

    2005? holy crap this is a video from the beginnings of youtube!!

  30. Nik Hefner

    " i'll make it all alone if i gotta "

    best lyric ever written

  31. 09mjeternity

    Can't believe it's been 10 years omg! Still love her voice and instant star.

  32. Kristie Miles

    did anyone notice her track at 2:00? lol it's hanging on her shoulder

  33. Jackie

    she had some awesome hair.

    azad Kurdî

    Yeh she's pretty

  34. Jessica Dubois

    shes got that hilary duff vibe i love it

  35. Mar Zea

    I always liked this Tomb Raider meets Can Can girl look she had going in the video. *Burst into song: I can't have everything I want. They said I'm just too young, but it's not my fault!*

  36. Chris VanGogh

    This song hits me right in the nostalgia. I was 15 in 2005. 25 in 2015. Maaan.

    Kirsty Bailey

    +timetraveleds You're the same age as Jude! She was 15 lol

    Sample Text

    30 in 2020, holy fuck

  37. Onceuponascheme

    Lmao this song is better than 95% of the mainstream pop out today. RIP Instant Star, you were great.

  38. Jestina Anna-Marie

    Damn instant star was my show!! She looked way better with red hair <3


    and Laura Vandervoort was a big reason to watch

  39. live4marilyn

    She looks sexy!!!

  40. adirgeforher

    omg is that an msn sound?

  41. BleedingGirl

    I miss this show

    Stormz VibeZ

    BleedingGirl it’s on YouTube .. watching it now lolb

  42. Onlysweet 247

    I know I'm not the only one by Sam smith reminds me of this song and then I start singing it lol.

  43. Linda Koning

    This is so great! I remember waiting for the show to come on every night. And still know most songs by heart :)

  44. iloverette

    omg. 2005? I'm old. lol.

    only 22 years old but gosh time flies


    +iloverette i feel the same! haha

    La triste historia

    en resumen me siento mas viejo

    Konrad Konrad

    I feel ya

    Einfach Steffi

    Now 26 😅

  45. Singalong54321

    I remember watching this on tv. Childhood memories. 

  46. mviolet026

    Still loving the hair!!

  47. metalmadness00

    is it crazy to say i find her to be a better actress than hilary duff 


    Not crazy at all. Hilary is great but has nothing on Alex as a singer and actress.


    +metalmadness00 such a 2005 thing to say <3


    @ElectrikkPaperClipxx whys that?


    because Hilary was pretty hated back then.

    Matthew Bates

    Uh if you’ve ever watched the 3rd season of so weird you’d change your tune real quick

  48. iResonate

    I'd rather have her than Carly Rae Jepsen. Much better voice. I miss the Instant Star days.


    I hate Carly Rae Jepsen anyway

  49. punxie89

    Reminds me of Skye Sweetnam

  50. Jeimy Josh

    Me encanta la canción :)

  51. Kari Makihara

    You need to check the new songs from her! Currently, she is more beautiful than ever, nine years older, of course ;)

  52. Kari Makihara

    She was seventeen in this video. She currently has twenty-six years. She was fifteen just in the series :)

    Kamil Starikiewicz

    So now she'll be like 31 ? :D wow

  53. djparaense

    Her style is incredible! Love it!!

  54. Claire Milburn

    lol yes, first play through i was just trying to figure out what my computer was notifying me about! penny only dropped the next time i played it :D

  55. Gloria Fair

    beati 15anni <3

  56. schederpetel

    Expected a 24-hour loop of something funny. Thanks again youtube for ruining my expectations.

  57. Lassie Bajc

    SHe's 15 and she can wear heals! i'm 17, and my mum stil wouln't let me!

  58. GreyGreenEyes

    Generally I listen to different genres, but this song plays in my head (especially first verses) anytime something goes wrong with my let's-call-it-so love life. That means I listen to it a lot... makes me feel a bit better than, really good song.

  59. lechucaca1991

    just like me today :)

  60. Li Ka

    I love this song :D it make me happy

  61. Mica Baskerville


  62. hereiam19


  63. Mia Lafferty

    i just wake up this morning & had this song on my head... Havent listened to it 6years ago x)

  64. TheBr0ws3r

    i like her beauty !

  65. ddelfao

    Best hair color in my opinion. Girl pulls it off !

  66. NinjaHotel

    Funny, I'm watching this in 2025 :]

  67. stefani ceballos paccini

    @TheSkyePL 2012 :D

  68. Ultra Instinct V


  69. starkid77

    Thumbs up if you were shocked to discover that Imra Ardeen (Saturn Girl) could sing!

  70. syphonedblade

    @TheSkyePL its 2012 now i came here from one of the creatures vids...weird

  71. Maya

    omg i still remember watching this on tv when i was like 6 and she was on Instant Star :(

  72. Martyna Ksiązkiewicz

    @mateusztjs ale nie taka mała, mała tylko młodsza ;p

  73. Patuś


  74. Martyna Ksiązkiewicz

    aaaa pamiętam jak słuchałam tego kiedy byłam mała ;)

  75. Tatienne J

    @Indieaura1629 i know i really miss tht

  76. RayShardC16

    @ 2:10 is my favorite moment....that face is so innocent! Love u Alexz!!!

  77. Gothunkogirl13

    @JackieBorelli yeah, and now it's turned into teennick. degrassi is the last show standing and it doesn't even have the original cast anymore. this is why I'm glad I got the entire series of Daria on dvd at least

  78. fimipipe

    Always loved this soulful voice!

  79. MissShadowBoxer

    theres entirely to many dislikes for this. Those people are dicks.

  80. izzieismadeofwin

    Anyone else notice the old notification sound at 0:11 ?

  81. Valérie Jean

    Just to young but is not my fault

  82. hereiam19

    VOODOO ♥ really love her album ♥

  83. Darkwaveduck

    I miss The-N

  84. Anna Stidham

    I miss this show soooooo bad! This show used to be my support system! It was great having her music to help me through the bad days.

    Stormz VibeZ

    Anna Stidham same it’s on YouTube now

  85. rockingforever1995

    alexz johnsson is great <3

  86. il0vethis

    @xaprilwindsx lol yeah I wish she had some good people to branch her career out better. she has an album but i had to search to find that out and people shouldn't i still have faith, rhianna made two albums before jay z signed her and cut her hair making her famous so i have faith she just needs a better team.

  87. xaprilwindsx

    @il0vethis aww dont cry. i know how you feel though, i wish time could go back to when things were simpler and songs like this gave you a warm feeling inside. i dont think alexz realizes or ever realized what her songs and her show did for people..shes not really that well known now but i wish she was.

  88. il0vethis

    @xaprilwindsx I wish :( you seriously just made me cry with the memory of being 13 and listening to this album, I use to pretend to be sick to listen to this girl sing lol.

  89. Carol Sivieri

    I love her!!! Alexz ♥♥

  90. AwAriDoll

    @UnsureSensations aw she died in that movie :(

  91. AwAriDoll

    i love this song!!!! i love this show!!! better than hannah montana

  92. raesimonee

    i was SO excited when i saw this on the n & sw she was getting her own show , which i watched FAITHFULLY

  93. NinjaHotel

    it seems that youtube reduces every video's sound.

  94. catholiccub2012

    I wish someone would upload all the episode, i would do it myself, but i cant find season 3 or 4!!!

  95. Reanna King

    i was like 6 or 7 when this show was on tv. but i do remember hearing about it or something. but i just watched for the first time i remember today on netflix. it's really wierd how i missed it when i was little cuz at that time i did watch degrassi and i still do... yeah i love this song and alexz jonson

  96. Jonathan Louis

    Go to see a french musical flashmob on youtube : to hand the torch to gare haussmann saint lazare in Paris.

  97. LifeSUXAzzCrak

    i liked her better with red hair. but she's beautiful wit any hair color

  98. pureolivebrown

    LOL ill be listening to this in 2012 2013 2014 2055! until the wold endss!

  99. SapeeRKO

    Thumbs up if you watch this vid only to look at Alexz.