Alexx Calise - See You Again Lyrics

I don’t know
What’s going on inside of my head
I am numb
Lying here alone in my bed
My soul is running on empty
My heart is barely even beating
Our song is playing on repeat
But I can’t make much sense of it
It’s gonna take more than “I’m sorry”
No happy ending to our story
Came so quick and without a warning

And I can’t seem to let go of it
I never felt pain like this
Words cannot describe
How much I miss you
And I can’t seem to just carry on
Cuz everything is going wrong
And what I wouldn’t give
Just so that I could see you again

And it feels like the whole world is just crumbling down
Yea it is
And it’s so dark
And cold without you hanging around
Everywhere I go, everywhere I turn I see you
Though it burns I just don’t know what I should do
Tell me what’s gonna help me through all this


See you again, see you again…



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