Alexx Calise - Cry Lyrics

Well I guess it's been a while
Since I've seen the sunshine
Since I have smiled
And me, who's so well versed
Is feeling so damn empty
Is at a loss for words
Forgot what it's like
To just feel okay
I'm praying for the day
When there is no more rain

And I, I don't wanna do anything but cry
Oh, and I, I don't wanna do anything but cry

(I don't wanna do anything but cry)

Well I hardly feel alive
I'm going through the motions
But I don't feel like trying
The hole in my heart is growing bigger by the day
I wish that I could crawl inside
Hide away

And I, I don't wanna do anything but cry
Oh, and I, I don't wanna do anything but cry

Oh, I'm so low
I'm almost to the bottom
And oh, nowhere to go
Even my soul has left my body

Oh, and I, I don't wanna do anything but cry
Oh, and I, I don't wanna do anything but cry
And I, I don't wanna do anything but cry
And I, I don't wanna do anything but cry

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Alexx Calise Cry Comments
  1. iiComfyBear

    Omg I didn’t know this

  2. Victória Luíza

    essa musica me faz chorar

  3. Victória Luíza

    i loveso mutch this music and i love maddie zielgler and alexx calise


    Like si cuando se subió este vídeo ya conosias a Maddie Ziegler

  5. iiRonan_ dogeXx


  6. Sunflow

    Maddie and her are officially ICONIC

  7. April Joy Aguila

    This the best song I have heard

  8. JesZ Kat 14

    Of course! Maddie

  9. Mira Nguyen

    The Maddie face😍

  10. Kylie Wilber

    I relate to this more now, late 2019, than I did years ago when I first heard it lol

  11. oscar Díaz González

    Love maddie

  12. Sofía ferral

    Bonita canción 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  13. Jeroen Simons

    Great song and production!!!!!

  14. clube calumaga diversão

    Love this music

  15. Imbar Hayon Music

    I actually searched the word "Cry" on YouTube and found this 4 years ago. I came back again yesterday completely by accident and all my memories with this song came back as well...

  16. Alicia Santos

    Meddie dances very well and was beautiful

  17. Martina Poblete

    Omg maddie is dancing in a music video and it’s not sia’s

  18. Jose Walafe

    ~I is beautiful~

    _I is beautiful_

  19. Dance moms Queen

    I came from dance moms

  20. It’s Carlee

    Who else came here from Dance Moms?

  21. Alex Keir

    I love Cry! So Beautiful!

  22. A Side of Crunchy

    Maddie is so good I can’t get my eyes off of her

    Megan Vera

    @A Side of Crunchy ik iam a bully and my friends r to but ur actually acting like 5 year olds

    A Side of Crunchy

    Megan Vera you call my daughter a lesbian and I’m the bully? Get a life.

    Megan Vera

    @A Side of Crunchy bruh I don't give a fuck if ur daughter dies like wtf shut up get a life ur daughter is a lesbian😂

    Megan Vera

    @A Side of Crunchy bruh ur not my friend I don't have friends that r bully's to 12 year olds so get a fucking life😂

    Megan Vera

    Well I do but I meant like u

  23. Amy Tan

    About 90% of these comments coming from Dance Moms
    About 7% are about how the user didn't know Maddie was in this video
    About 2% are these kind of percentage comments
    And about 1% are other types of comments =]

  24. Amy Tan

    Wait, Gianna didn't choreograph this, I thought Abby did. (in the description)

  25. Valéria Januário

    l love you meddie

  26. Uni the Gacha Girl

    Beautiful job

  27. Nessa Pierce

    Wow Maddie is actually in the music video.

  28. Meg Rondon

    I didnt know she was actually in the video!

  29. Silvana Yeniss Rodríguez Dos Santos


  30. blackrxses

    i found this from dance moms. it’s not really my thing anymore, dance moms. but i listen to this song when i’m sad and her voice is so beautiful to listen to, love this song.

  31. tereza maria

    I love the meddie ziegler ❤💋cute

  32. clube calumaga diversão

    I love meddie

  33. caleast

    Maddie; you're an ungrateful little bitch who, ppl allege, gets molested by SIA and her aggressive and eager carpet munching ways.

  34. GachaPeas

    I saw a snippet and wanted to see the full version

  35. Lipto Murphy

    0:52 sickled foot 🦶

  36. Paola Chaires hernandez

    Like si amas a maddie

  37. Katie Reger


  38. Lily Chancey

    I came from dance moms but stayed for the amazing singer

  39. Jakelya Berry

    Came after cameron boyce and chinas video

  40. Sarabeara 106

    Maddie dances

  41. Pau Studio

    Don't cry Save your tears for you pillow this is te word of Abby Lee Miller i cry with song maddi is amzing an other girls of Abby Lee Miller

  42. Chilynn grace Speed

    I found out about dance mom from this music video I was already a fan of Alex she is amazing and I can relate to this song so much love u alexx

  43. erica Matiussi

    A middie é perfeita 😍

  44. Kelsey Diaz

    “Forgot what it’s like to just feel okay”🥴 damn😕😕

  45. Hannah Grace

    2019 anyone?

  46. Sophia Smock

    This song makes me cry watching Maddie and her sing 😭😭😭

  47. rose life

    La musica fue especialmente para el solo de maddie??

  48. rose life

    Me recuerda a dance mooms de el solo de maddie y el de makenzie pero el verdadero es de maddie pero bueno me encanta la musica😀😁😍😫

  49. Rashi Gautam


  50. Laura Orozco

    I love Maddie it's my person favorit

    La sigo desde dance moms y me da alegría ver cómo a crecido y soy menor que ella

  51. Emalee Ross

    I didn’t know Maddie actually did it for her vid

  52. Letícia Lima


  53. UniGalaxy Playz

    I didn't know Maddie actually danced in this

  54. Micah Hanby


  55. simply Sarah

    Little Maddie just an eight year old and little Chloe who was just nine never got to keep that beautiful friendship bc of the show now that makes me want to cry

  56. Cassidy green

    Nice Calypso turn

  57. Liane Tallo

    Honestly didn’t know Maddie was in this

  58. Naraya Starks

    How did she get the song before the music video came out

  59. Naraya Starks

    I'm confused. Maddie preformed this dance in 2011 in dance moms but on here it's in 2012

    Lily Chancey

    Naraya Starks the song came out the year before this, if you look on the singers channel you can see an album release before the video

    Naraya Starks

    @Lily Chancey oh ok thank you

  60. natasha

    Wow Maddie’s actually in this

  61. Emma Woods

    Did Maddie actually dance in the video!? She is so good at dancing.....

  62. GalaxyCat 123

    This song sums up my life after Cameron Boyce died 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  63. Adi Ashkenazi


  64. sempre que você olhar os comentários estarei lá

    Cadê os br?

  65. Jordyn Spirovski

    I love you maddie and alexx

  66. Maria E Vasquez

    I did not expect Maddie was going to be in the video

  67. Pholo Motshidisi

    Maddie brought you here, ain’t that right?

  68. Edgy_Oreo7

    U sing so pretty!!!😆Its literally perfect👌 Also dont hold in your tears, let them all out.

  69. Lesly Hernandez

    "Save your tears for the pillow"-Abby Lee Miller

  70. Jacinth Salac


  71. Dancemoms _vids8

    As a dancer, it’s giving me anxiety about that costume getting dirty

  72. Katelyn Davis

    0:46 how I felt when I found out my crush didn’t like me

  73. Flor brilhante

    I love Maddie

  74. Kimi R

    I never knew that maddie dances in this Video before....

  75. Lily Aziz

    This song is sooooooooooo gooooddddddd

  76. Erin R

    Who else thinks she looks like payton from s4 of dance moms?

  77. Shalea Guerra

    Hi Maddie

  78. Sanna DiBlasio

    was anyone else looking at maddie when is was even in the backround

  79. Mai Tran

    I didn’t think Maddie would be in there😳😳😳😳😳😳

  80. Amalia Kondyla

    I didn't know that Maddie was on the official video😧

  81. George Lucas #C13

    Cry ;-;

  82. Milena Mihh

    Brasileira aqui💛💚
    Vai ser a musica da minha valsa de 15 anoss!❤

  83. Vanessa Nunes

    Amei a musica❤


    OMG maddie 😍😍

  85. Smartie YT

    How come the music video come out after Maddie did her solo.

  86. Melanie and Elizabeth 11/9/06

    Baby Maddie ❤️

  87. jocelyn & Michell Contreras

    Alguien 2019😂?

  88. Andrea Rodríguez

    Someone 2019?

  89. Pxrplehalo

    This is awesome

  90. Kuster Derb

    Porque me sale esto si busco el canal de cry

  91. Chris Souzaa


  92. Clara Roses

    This song is perfect for my solo!

  93. Isabelli Camargo

    Amo a maddie

  94. elenita V

    2019 anyone?

  95. xX Cari Xx

    Alexx + maddie ziegler = 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😍