Alexisonfire - White Devil Lyrics

Hey kids, we got a new white devil
And it goes in your fucking nose
That's right, we got a new white devil
This is how the story goes
Story goes

Watch out!

Glorify, glamorize
Try to forget your sunken eyes
Your dead fad is a disaster
Your fashion is my fucking cancer
Not so fun when your nose is sore
Bloody Kleenex all over the floor
But don't worry, who gives a shit?
All your friends will think you're really hip

Your dead fad is a fucking disaster

Addiction is in, I guess addiction is in, yeah [7x]
Addiction is in, I guess addiction is in this year

Looks so good
Convulsing on the floor, ya sugar!
And the blood from your nose
Matches your lipstick shade

What a fucking nightmare

Look what you have become
White devil, white devil, white devil [3x]

White devil [8x]

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Alexisonfire White Devil Comments
  1. Antenna2heaven

    depressing how unknown this band is. 2:43 and on is legendary

  2. Larris The Black Swan

    The song that might have fucked georges vocal chords. Jesus fucking Christ he goes hard in this song

  3. MrRegor23

    Quality trash house!!

  4. Brooke

    This is how it is with mental illness these days. nobody on the internet has actually been diagnosed with anything yet claim to have personality disorders and such. they keep forgetting that the defining criteria for a personality disorder is not realizing that you have it.


    Hence if you know you are crazy, you are not!

  5. Don't Even Bother

    Addiction is in I guess addicted is in yea!

  6. Arthur92

    dis my favourite.

  7. Leonardo Espinoza

    No Transitory Best Song 

    Arman N

    Agreed. Shark And Danger hits hard too though, and the intro of Get Fighted is the best... if only the rest of it was like the beginning.

  8. blueriverg

    One of my favourites by these guys

  9. Captain Howdy

    the cocaine struggle : (

    Albert Twangle

    Just enjoy it kid

  10. Ryan

    Super underrated song!!

  11. RapturianCitizen

    @Misseatsalot yes

  12. Pat McSherry

    bloody kleenex all over the floor, but who gives a shit?

  13. skateatburners

    glorify glamorize try to forget your sunken eyes