Alexisonfire - Water Wings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas) Lyrics

You always had the blondest hair.
Chlorine stripped your skin pigment.
The cash was worth the fucking change.
At the pool from open to close.
Rake the bottom for loose change.
A job that paid for the luxury.
(The image still hurts my eyes)
But it probably lead to his divorce.
(White chlorine burns so bright)
It's probably the reason why his son hates him
(Sometimes I fear the night. When addiction became surprise)
Now your blood is so toxic
So toxic with chlorine that you only have 3 months left to live.

(Red stained eyes. Red stained eyes)
Was the, the change worth it?
Was the
Worth it?
Now you will
See your son again

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Alexisonfire Water Wings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas) Comments
  1. Jay Gilbert

    This what I call pop punk

    Misheard Lyrics

    It’s metalcore mixed with screamo mixed with post hardcore

  2. patrick grondines

    love this song

  3. Marshall Fehr

    heard City and Colour on an american radio station this morning, had to come back to where it all started.

    patrick grondines

    what radio station did you hear it on?

  4. Matt Cavagrotti

    This is what a really good low-budget music video looks like

  5. Eric Drisgula

    Who is still listening and still remembers how great these good old days were back in 99-05 with this whole scene

  6. koolnkalm85

    I’d love to see these guys in concert

    Misheard Lyrics

    koolnkalm85 dude same

  7. Misheard Lyrics


    patrick grondines


  8. The Hole in Dans Sock

    Toronto Beaches here.
    Whats up to all the sluts and faggy men down here. Theres like 3 real people and I dont see em.
    Rock and Roll will never die.

  9. bainmack music studio

    for anyone reading this, I did an acoustic cover of this song. Come over and check it out.
    Thank you

  10. koolnkalm85

    I love this guys voice

  11. Danilo Paim Zanetti

    It gives me the chills 10 years later, freakin motivating

  12. wrarmatei

    Good Can con. Sigh. As shitty as Muchmusic was, they're the reason some really dope bands got their breaks.
    Also, Butterscotch Boys clearly win.

    Rob Melrose

    Wasn't Much Music so much as the CRTC and its CanCon laws. But you're right, imagine the bands we never would have heard of without it.

  13. texus buuda

    haha cooool. 😎🦀

  14. Arturo Cortez Jr


  15. timbo slice

    Alltime best 2-step song

  16. Megan Ferguson

    So glad there coming out with new music , but the older music will always be sooo nostalgic to me

  17. DJ La Brisa


  18. patrick grondines

    that scream at the end was good

  19. Craig Martin


  20. Olee _

    such a great song lol :D

  21. Somber Advent

    Warriors! Come out and plaaAAayyy!!!?

  22. Benjamin Van Klinken

    who's listen to this in 2020? Send me pic of y'all house so i know your not the Animal Control trying to take my family of mix breed kitties away from me i started with 2 now i have 47.... who wants kittens?!?! Again send pics of y'all house so we know they're going to a clean house... NO CAT HOARDERS PLEASE!

  23. Roboc4t

    Great song

  24. Angela Russ

    this was the very first song I heard from Alexisonfire totally rocks 2012 .... ang

  25. Travis Beck

    I miss this time in music! My high school days were frickin rad tho! 🤘🏻

  26. Roxas The13thMEmber

    You've always had the blondest hair!

  27. Craig Martin

    also on the list of ditties to be played at my funeral

  28. Joey Clemenza

    i hate to say this because it makes me feel so fucking old... but...

    i'm 38 now... i wish i could just go back to these times and do it all over again. the times when i was young, fresh out of college, liberated, arrogantly confident, getting tattoo'd. just starting my masters, getting laid, getting drunk, partying with good friends, with new friends i met every week....and during the day, all the while going from class to class over at UT, riding my bike from pearl street to the main campus listening to the album i used to call "two girls staring intensely still just before a knife fight." a silly title, i know.... it just sounded like the most emo title i could think of, as i was only listening to a bootleg tape (yes, tape) of what a friend of mine gave me... which he copped from Limewire. Early 2000's weren't as different as today, actually.

    goddamm.... those were good times.... i miss Austin, i miss. I miss Alexisonfire.... i miss my youth....

    straight up, enjoy it while you can kids. it's over so fast, and that's not just a cliche thing to say.

  29. MrRegor23

    This song got me into AOF back when they put music videos on MM

  30. Joey Clemenza

    still the best canadian export since bret the hitman hart.

    Adam C

    This is the best comment I've ever read.

    TB Antilife

    Dig the avi dude, converge is my favorite!

    Torsten Scholz

    And Terrance and Philip.

  31. Hablando con la verdad

    School times

  32. Michael C

    The fact that this song only has 157k views disgusts me. The most innovative Canadian band of all time.


    These guys are great but I'm not sure you know what the word innovative means


    I'm gonna say the only 2 bands I see above them are rush and the tragically hip in terms of innovation

  33. Zone Based

    I've always loved this video.
    Everyone looks like they had such a good time!
    Good memories. Good vibes.

  34. Wesley McCarthy

    This is still HANDS DOWN the most fun and energetic music video I have ever seen.

    Morgan Smith

    Wesley McCarthy seriously ?

  35. SkunkQC


  36. patrick grondines

    the screaming at the end was so fucking good

  37. Gog Noggler

    The drum fills are sick. In fact AOFs drums have always been sick. So heavy and driving. I find this hard to play because of how fast it is.

  38. Son Goku

    Was this in crazy taxi ?

  39. Haley Duh

    theres 666 likes...
    should I like
    should I not
    why do people play on my heart like this

  40. patrick grondines


  41. bmxriderforlife1234

    whats the weird language at the beginning of the video? is it latin or some shit?

    Ben Sladden

    Latin :)


    bmxriderforlife1234 Pig Latin.

  42. Zack Perkins

    Wow, George was such a fucking savage.

  43. Kali M

    so glad I got to watch this awesome band perform live 3 times, I'd go again if I could

    Shayne Michie

    Playing June 15th and 16th!!!

  44. Isabella Perzinger

    June 2017... still love and miss this band so much!

    patrick grondines

    you do know they are coming back together right


    but unfortunately not to europe yet. still hoping.

  45. Travis Beck

    Whenever I need to relive some high school memories I just listen to this band and Every Time I Die etc. etc. Love this video and wish this was a real thing (Skate/Dance) Gang battles lol

  46. Josh Martin

    One of my favorite things about AoF is the 3-layered singing of Dallas in foreground, George in background, and Wade coming in as a sort of break or echo. Perfect examples at 1:40-1:55 and 3:00-3:10


    Josh Martin George was the foreground back then.. Dallas was a back signed and that's why it worked so well.

    Khwrzmi Sukri

    Another example can be heard in 44 caliber

    jeremy sanders

    the guitar layers are also actually pretty good considering how young the band were

  47. charlie

    This songs a fucking gem

  48. Julio Alaster

    Ahh alexisonfire...velhos tempos!

  49. mick5854

    In Australia at the moment! Seeing them soon!!! Can't fucking wait!

    Jamie Bush

    mick5854 good luck 😭

  50. Poultry

    That's some badly spoken Latin right there.

  51. Misfits Joe

    pure gold

    Patrick McGregor

    If only this time lasted.. This will be our 80s.

  52. Rodrigo Martins O.S.

    The screaming guy only blows a note all the time!

  53. MrZikList


  54. Cory Clark

    I think Julian Casablancas got his solo-album era look from this video


    +Cory Clark LMAO

  55. Oguzhan Varan

    I hate the people who call Alexisonfire screamo



    ade reza

    why, i think real skramz :D, sound like comadre band :D

  56. Don't Even Bother

    I still have a hard time distinguishing between the real and misheard lyrics lol.

  57. Clayton Meinke

    I always wondered: is the band "Alex is on fire" or is it "Alexis on fire"?

    Clayton Meinke

    +ARTURO OROZCO that's always what I thought, but wasn't sure!

    Philip Hedström

    +Clayton Meinke I think it's taken from a pornstar named Alexisonfire.


    George was wrongly accused of setting a lexus on fire in high school

    Matthew DeHaven

    "The band's name was derived from Alexis Fire, the world's only lactating contortionist stripper"

    Jamie Bush

    Clayton Meinke alexisonfire

  58. Alex Carvalho

    I remember the first time i heard Screamo *--*

    Cody Southwind

    It's post hardcore

    Cody Southwind

    It's post hardcore

    Alex Carvalho

    @Cody Southwind But this clip was with the screamos songs

    ade reza

    what that post hc? like dance bit..?

    patrick grondines

    i used to hate screamo when i was young until i heard alexisonfire's third album crisis i love screamo music ever since

  59. Daniel Rueda

    it`s a classic

  60. ronauji-nyo80


  61. Metalhead82to11

    Love love love this vid!!!

  62. joaquin zavala muñoz

    nope. thanks.

    Jordan Wendzina

    See ya.

    B Lake

    Like feels the need to reply as if anyone cares...

  63. Myx


  64. Glass

    thanks for finally being able to post an actual watchable version of this video, one of my favourites and one of the oldest!

  65. Ignacio

    it's awesome to hear that AOF is back <3

    Lowkey lyesmith

    Speeeeaking of which: new track released today!

    brett linthicum

    Lowkey lyesmith yea and it’s terrible. They sound cookie cutter corporate rock now.

  66. Unchained

    what´s the language that he speak.

    Will Porter

    +jose rangel Haha I thought it was Portuguese or something, but Latin is even funnier.

    Street gangs solve their disputes in Latin.

  67. james saunders


    james saunders

    @Blake Hagar yup......nostalgia

    Don't Even Bother

    @james saunders Tell me about it. I don't even listen to this type of music anymore, but the last two weeks i've been reminiscing.  

    james saunders

    +Blake Hagar yeah man i was like mid teens when this came out.....when I was invincible

    Don't Even Bother

    @james saunders Haha I was much younger than that. I was a latecomer to alexisonfire, but it was amazing. 

    patrick grondines

    when i first heard alexisonfire i never knew Dallas A.K.A City And Colour was in alexisonfire

  68. Callsign: JoNay

    Man, I miss this band.

    steven harrison

    you mean the old sound they had?

    Eric Drisgula

    Yeah bro I hear you, I miss this who period in time , so many great bands, so many awesome shows , every Friday there would be a shpw at this little club near where I used to live. Those were the best years of my life and I'll never lose those memories. So much good music but so few people ever heard it and knew about it , being part of that whole scene back then was like a secret society almost , we all lived for the underground shit bands that simply made good music didn't matter if they only played local venues and had an LP out or if they'd "made it big" and actually played the bigger venues and wrote multiple albums , I loved them all the same but especially Alexis on fire , always loved their sound and music, especially their earlier few albums, they were literally one of a kind never heard another band like them.

    That Dude Over There

    @patrick grondines I've heard Familiar Drugs. What's the other?

    JC Denton

    @That Dude Over There Late reply and you've probably already found it but it's called Complicit

    Misheard Lyrics

    Callsign: JoNay their back

  69. Air Quotes

    what language is he speaking at the beginning


    I think it's latin




    mriee Pig Latin.

  70. Stephen Burger

    did they change record companies or something?

    11 22

    they split. but they're back now :)

  71. Toni Meister

    Dallas Green... best musician ever!

  72. Tia Joseph

    This brings back a lot of memories. Oh, nostalgia..