Alexisonfire - To A Friend Lyrics

I think that it's time to get out
My patients are fading fast
the mind bruises just a little bit easier
in dark times and shadow's cast

What are you suffering for?
Your pride or some kind of personal war?
And will you throw it away?
For nothing more than a simple taste?

I'll stay in time and watch you pass by (paranoia woven deep beneath my skin)
I draw this line and hope you'll take my side (breathe slow, breathe slow)
You shouldn't have to fight alone (you shouldn't have to fight at all)
It's nobody's battle but your own

Panic holds me like a gun
firm and steadfast bleak and cold
I think it's time to kill the drama
This life style's getting old

*Whispers behind closed doors
eyes spy from dark windows
Plotting minds seek to harm me,
or maybe not, I don't really know

There is something
Waiting for me
in the darkest part of my imagination

I'll stay in time and watch you pass by (paranoia woven deep beneath my skin)
I draw this line and hope you'll take my side (breathe slow, breathe slow)
You shouldn't have to fight alone (you shouldn't have to fight at all)
It's nobody's battle but your own

This is just self-induced terror
There's more to come, this is just a glimpse
I tell myself it's all in my head
but I'm pretty hard to convince

Oh, there's no relief
Oh, this world can offer
Oh, there's no relief
Oh, this world can offer me

I'll stay in time and watch you pass by
I draw this line and hope you'll take my side
You shouldn't have to fight alone
It's nobody's battle but your own

[Note: CD cover says "Faces threaten from behind closed doors" here]

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Alexisonfire To A Friend Comments
  1. Courtney rose

    All the 🤘🏼🤘🏼❤🖤 best lyrics EVER💯

  2. Courtney rose

    "I tell myself its all in my head, but im pretty hard to convince"🖤💔

  3. grew up on this shit, i was listening to this album at 8 years old and now i’m 18. shits crazy

  4. Catfish McGee

    Just watched that episode of Degrassi where Spinner starts rocking faces to this banger.
    This brings back those good feels maaaan

  5. elinor bachar

    Spinner brought me here

  6. VulpesGaming

    Ohhhhh so this is what the original sounds like lul

  7. Leon Norbel

    Love the guitar 🎸 play

  8. Jared Zeno

    Johnny Dimarco and Spinner Mason brought me here

  9. ルートDandA


  10. Eric Drisgula

    Wow I didnt reallize i left two nearly identical comments on this song 3 weeks apart , I had no recollection of doing so lmfao holy shit I'm shot.

  11. Eric Drisgula

    Man I miss these guys , they were so good . I remember I saw them live at the Chance theatre in Hudson valley NY back in 03-04 , saw alot of really good bands back in those years actually , me and my ex fiance used to go to shows every single friday night for like 4 years straight , kept going after that but more to the bigger shows at slightly larger venues opposed to small time locql bands each Friday in the local clubs .good times man, really good times. I was actually living and feeling alive back in those days, now adays life has become completely meaningless and the peak of everyday is when the sun sets and darkness sets in so i can finally lay down close my eyes and fall asleep to escape tge misery of being awake all day. Fuckin hate my life nowadays compared to 10 years ago, then again it's not my fault that everything I had was taken from me and life destroyed me. Oh well.

    Second City Saints

    Have you heard their 2 singles from this year? Familiar Drugs and Complicit. They're back baby!

  12. Eric Drisgula

    Man do I miss this band and this whole era of time and music, I feel so blessed that I was of an age that allowed me to live this era of music out in real time when all these bands just exploded outta the woodwork, so much good music , so many awesome shows at venues big and small. Makes me kinda sad to know I can't ever go back to that time, the world has changed so much since then too , so have it's people and neither for the better, sucks. The closest band I can think to Alexis on fire would prob be chiodos.

    Steve Pavlik

    I know exactly what you mean friend... I know exactly what you mean...

  13. Jake Conner

    Pisses me off that stupid adventure time remix is so much more popular than this. I don't feel a single thing when I listen to that remix, but this one gets me awash with goosebumps and I can hardly contain myself from joining in singing along. It's not the same.

  14. Hannibal King

    You shouldn’t have to fight alone

    Luna Chan

    Some days you half to when no ones for you in your corner it's hard but what can you do 💔. I can relate I know all about fighting alone I'm still doing it by myself

  15. WunCat

    oh my god

  16. salim mulla


    Steve Pavlik

    I remember going to see this tour when the album came out at my beloved State Theatre in St Pete

  17. I am Heffy

    Here not because of Degrassi

  18. GCT Groover

    1:10 guitar rift is so beautiful it makes me weep of it's magestic Sound

  19. Von


  20. DNN

    still makes me emotional af @J

  21. Derek Pokphan

    The riff that starts on 1:04 carried me through a couple of years, i feel its emotion.

    Tyler A

    Derek Pokphan I know I’m late! Ha, but that riff is soo badass!!

  22. Leon Norbel

    Thank you Spinner, thank you Degrassi but most importantly "THANK YOU" #Alexisonfire

  23. The_Slosh

    Hahaha... Do any of you know what this song is REALLY about?

    cam cendejas

    Drug use and cutting the ties of it and the friends that get lost in it?

  24. hehehe yup ok

    This song was on the very first music album I’ve ever gotten. My uncle gave me the “crisis” album when I was 7.

    This was my favourite song and still sounds pretty good

    Jessé Poiatti

    You do have a nice uncle, sir.

  25. Aniel Soares

    wtf is degrassi?

    Nashare Broughton

    Aniel Soares An Canadian TV show that is in a high school/middle school setting and discusses topics that people go through some even taboo

  26. Matthew Kennedy

    What the hell is degrassi

  27. Sebastian Wallace

    ... who's degrassi... oh don't give a fuck.... alexisonfire!

  28. Sebastian Wallace

    I'm here because... fuckun awesome!

  29. Ashley Nichole

    Brings back memories❤.

  30. Incorrectly Political

    This song continues to get me through rough patches of my existence..

  31. 北加

    なんかBring me the horizonみたい

  32. Best

    The dude screaming ruins the song

    2 M T U R B O

    Best they should’ve put out a version without the screaming

    Daniel Johnstone

    Best bitch ears

  33. Allie Jay

    im here for the band this song rocked even before appearing on Degrassi

    Eiren Ruth

    Allie Portoghese this was on degrassi ?

    allison ibarra

    Yes when SPINNER gets diagnosed with testicular cancer and starts to spiral and he's shaving his head in the mirror crying. And then he goes to fight Johnny dimarco. That was like a huge staple in my childhood. Lol

  34. Alexandru Mihai Ioniţă

    divine at 2:40

  35. Jovianne Tabraham

    I'm here because degrassi


    preach it!

    G. Alfredo Inurreta Muñoz

    I am not.


    Support Tyrannicide shut yo bitch ass up

    Vapa Vipi

    nope, not all. I will check what is degrassi now

    Abubakarr Turay

    Incorrectly Political go fuck yourself that show was legendary

  36. patrick grondines


  37. Ruse Kitten

    So I ask you, the people of YouTube, Alex is on Fire or Alexis on Fire?

    xxBlack Frost

    Alexis on Fire

    bethesda cam

    Ruse Kitten alexis on fire is the proper pronunciation

    as i introspect

    alexis, i always thought it just alexis lol

    I am Heffy

    It's Alexis On Fire

  38. みさわよう

    0:23 やっぱりそうか!ブスの輪〜
    alexis on fire の空耳って、ブスとかブサイクとかひでぇなww

  39. Laisha Alfaro

    Omg Yasss this song is just perfect

    Keivon Bowles


    Laisha Alfaro

    Keivon Bowles no I'm just discovering new metal bands /music

  40. Tarik Batlak

    ITs been 5 years since I really listend the head of this one. Now Im listening again, GREAT SONGS NEVER DIE OUT :DD

  41. Jamie Bush

    miss Alexis on fire those that got to see it are really lucky not going to lie TBH

  42. Reality TV

    I found this song on that little teen drama show.

    Nathan Okojie

    Do you mean degrassi the next generation?

  43. Josh Lemley

    some kind of 7 assholes with bad taste.

  44. 64189

    Degrassi bought me here but my love for Spinner as a character and my love for this song coincide together.


    64189 amen. Because of the degrassi it got me here because I love this song

    Leon Norbel

    64189 hell yesssssssssss. I highly agree with you. #GoDegrassi haha

    Steve Pavlik

    What the hell is degrasey? I saw them in this tour in 2006 at the State Theatre

    Luna Chan

    Same when Jane was better looking being gothic she changed and started getting whack her an spinner Mason was a cute couple tell she fucked up

  45. KETO

    So good to be a civilian...

  46. dillon heath

    love this song

  47. Bill Cosby

    what the fuck is that in the cover

    Chris Eddowes

    +Bill Cosby Rough Hands


    +Bill Cosby its a pic of a guy with frostbite after the Great Lakes Blizzard of 1977

  48. Pierce Peel

    Thats has got to be the worst cover photo for an album i've ever seen

    Manhattan Blockade

    +Pierce Peel It would be a lot more meaningful as a Canadian. It's from a series of famous photos from a very deadly Canadian snowstorm.

    Manhattan Blockade

    +Pierce Peel It would be a lot more meaningful as a Canadian. It's from a series of famous photos from a very deadly Canadian snowstorm.

    James Bowen

    wtf? simply being canadian doesnt mean your gonna recognize this photo. or that youll even care. plus, its always that cold up here. usless information for the win buddy

    James Bowen

    out here in the prairies, we get those storms every year. -50 degrees.

    Jonathan Bouthillette

    I'm Canadian and I didn't understand the meaning behind the photo haha

  49. UnDeADxWoLFz

    this song is so sick

  50. tsljr

    I love this song. But, "You shouldnt have to fight alone, its nobodies battle but your own." Does that not contradict itself? 


    +Bill Cosby don't drug him pls! his anus is a one-way street ;)


    Its a paradox. You shouldn't have to fight alone and deal with life but in the end, it's nobodies battle but your own. Only you can fix you.

    Alexander Wilson

    Yes, this is exactly what the song is about :)

    Incorrectly Political

    I think he's saying that people try to help, but they usually lack real, unadulterated empathy

    Lolita LöK

    You shouldn't have to fight alone, shouldn't being the operative word. But the battle is yours. "I'll draw this line and hope you'll take my side." Basically, to me, it means that you're in a situation only you can decide to fight against. Yet you know that when you decide to fight, you won't be alone.

  51. T-j Blair

    I think I just orgasmed <3

    kumamon kumamon

    T-j Blair ew

  52. durabubble

    one of the best songs of a.o.f

  53. ArtHouseHipster

    that line is so soul touching <3

  54. iownthis24

    "I draw this line and hope you take my side"<3


    I love those last lines. So good.

  56. sommervilleTRS117

    @ShockwavesFTW and he wrote are ... i thinit shoudl be my patience is fading fast