Alexisonfire - Sweet Leaf Lyrics

Won't you listen?

When I first met you, didn't realize
I can't forget you, for your surprise
you introduced me, to my mind
And left me wanting, you and your kind

I love you, Oh you know it

My life was empty, forever on a down
Until you took me, showed me around
My life is free now, my life is clear
I love you sweet leaf, though you can't hear

Come on now, try it out

Straight people don't know, what you're about
They put you down and shut you out
you gave to me a new belief
and soon the world will love you sweet leaf

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Alexisonfire Sweet Leaf Comments
  1. Trowa71

    Ok, I'm Alexisonfire's #1 fan, but this isn't great. The song is mighty repetitive to start, the original needs Ozzy's melodies. George doen't have melody, he's kinda monotone in a way. Fun for a verse or two, but jeeze, where's Dallas? Otherwise, the guitar/drums/bass are very Alexis, two thumbs up.

  2. Eric Lutz

    So dope

  3. XGN Hexs

    How have I never heard this song by them?

  4. Tim Fuke

    "Why are they ruining such a great song. I'm so edgy and I think only the original version can be allowed to play. If I don't like the sound of the cover, its a disgrace to the original." Like come on. This cover is just as heavy, if not heavier than the original and sound phenomenal.

    koudi wraeth

    Tim Fuke legit

  5. Pete Wade

    I miss them

  6. Mr. Martial arts and

    I DIDN'T KNOW A.O.F. did theis cover. So damned good!

  7. robert moore

    This is actually dope a fuckin hell.

  8. Nyx Hamilton

    Why is everyone hating on this cover?, it's awesome, they kept the same pace and the same feel of the original song, even the harsh vocals works well

  9. T. Ninez

    Damn this is actually a pretty sweet cover.

  10. Gene Gibbon

    Wow this is fucking horrible.

  11. Shane Hadland

    Anybody what part of The Trailer Park Boys movie this song played? I paid close attention and never heard it, unless it was just added to the CD as a bonus?

  12. A Verified YouTube User

    I do not remember this from the Trailer Park Boys movie. Why is it in the soundtrack then?

  13. Sacha Slade

    love this!

  14. The Sharkinator

    Honestly, I've never listened to Alexisonfire before, so I wasn't expecting these "extreme" vocals. Definetly not my kind of thing, but I must say the instrumentation is good, and I do respect the singer, even though I don't exactly like his vocals.

  15. Whatup Hoe

    dont be silly chucky cheese

  16. charlie davis

    fuckin shite band ruining a fuckin great song !!!

    koudi wraeth

    charlie davis wheres your band

  17. Haz

    @ridgetownpimp Hmm, that's a good point. I wanted to see what AOF would do with the song out of curiosity more than anything.

  18. Taylor

    Way to murder a classic song.

  19. PACZKii

    @DruumStixx godsmack sucks fat meats, alexisonfires cover is way better than theirs..times 10

  20. Kelly Nyce

    @fuckinrelax LOL Not all AOF Lovers/Fans are EMO! Gosh I wouldn't even call them EMO!

    koudi wraeth

    Kelly Nyce this band is post hardcore, emo is a teeny sceney angst thing the closet hiders did on MySpace.

    Evan Martin

    @koudi wraeth what would you consider bands like the used, my chemical romance , taking back Sunday etc?

  21. Kelly Nyce

    AOF Only the best band ever! They're covers are probably some of the best because they add in alittle bit of something from themselves.

  22. Scott Shaughnessy

    i love this fucking song and "sweet leaf" is the best thing in the world

  23. Charlie Weber

    @fuckinrelax Yeah I know, I was just kinda making a big deal out of nothing just because I didn't like that guy. I don't even really care, I call them that all the time. I just like to troll sometimes.

  24. nessi555

    @breaknthebeat you'll learn to love the screams, it adds to the atmosphere

  25. Island Dabber

    @ALEXIStotheFIRE Trailer park boys album

  26. Saint Veloth

    @kel764 Start up the incinerator, here comes another useless fool.

  27. Ryan Johnson

    what album is this from, or wear can i find it

  28. Charlie Weber

    @Royoji You just don't understand, its the principal , what if your name was steven, but they spelled it Ste v en, how would you feel, just saying. and you don't understand that kind of music.

  29. Royce Allan

    @hbctvi Who Gives A Damn They Still Suck They Never Should Of Re-Done This Song.

  30. Charlie Weber

    @Royoji it's actually spelled Alexisonfire, get it right, come on it's spelled at the top.

  31. john normal

    @AbhorrentSin ahahahahaha is "real metal" supposed to be a good thing?

  32. stephanni greer

    If I had balls I would personally track all you fucking haters down and make you suck them.

  33. Saint Veloth

    @swampster772 This is poser fucking screamo bullshit. The vocalist is choking on dicks all the time, thats why his vocals suck. You want real metal? Too bad, you don't deserve to know what it is.

  34. Saint Veloth

    Fuck this band, they don't deserve to cover sabbath.

  35. Royce Allan

    This Just Ruined That Song For Me I Hate Alexis On Fire. >(

  36. chris ralph

    after discovering dallas green through his city and colour work i was quite surprised to find this is his roots, gotta say i'm quite liking it, bit too screamy for my tastes but otherwise quality tunes all round. good find for the day i think

  37. lastlinks

    @mohawkmikey420 thats so awesome, that you knew dallas before they became famous :O

  38. S Chretien

    @BoyNamedAeXion i dont mean to be a dick or anything. i dont know if you know, but alexis on fire is spelt as one word. Alexisonfire. but yes they are amazing

  39. TheHarryWilliams

    i need to download this song but i can't find it on itunes?!

  40. sad Lambo

    @VictoriaMichelle fool, do you even know what screamo is? it's an offshoot from HARDCORE PUNK, it has nothing to do with metal.

  41. theredneck17

    no actually the most of screamo comes from punk.

  42. youngcardinal94

    uh yeah! check out their myspace and inside the cover booklet on their first album

  43. sjeeeeewzm

    this sounds great!

  44. Graham Brown

    I like this better than Faith No More's version of War Pigs

  45. kenny clower

    goodness, quit that damned screaming

  46. Kane Draconis

    boy does Dallas ever look like Eric Clapton now with that beard.

  47. hpsfl

    This song is actually surprisingly immense.
    I mean I love the original, but aof is blowing me away here.
    They should play sludge! Eyehategod covers. I mean, the potential is here!

  48. twistswitch

    Come and check out my cover of Famous Guitar Riffs. Its Titled Symphony of Guitar Riffs and it includes this riff amoungst others.

  49. Jonathan Jalbert Lauzon

    ok cool! for myself i fucking love them so fuck you xD

  50. silantbill

    its sounds like somthing youud hear on old crows young cardinals

  51. Tea R

    ..ok well not everyone can be pleased by a cover song but who cares!?
    The song was awesome in the first place, thats why AoF covered it! If you don't like this version go back and listen to BS (who I love btw)

  52. Brendan Malone

    lmfao, do you understand the concept of screaming dumb fuck?

  53. Brendan Malone

    your an idiot.

  54. Brendan Malone

    fuck off. its not copying. its covering and its sweet because everyone likes the song and its cool to hear different versions. alexisonfire did it for the TPB movie, because theyre from canada. so you go die.

  55. brody074

    oh dear god
    i need to rinse my ears out now
    with bless'd sabbath

  56. Zane John

    This is why people commit fucking suicide.