Alexisonfire - Sharks And Danger Lyrics


St. Catharines Psychiatric Help Line, this is Nancy.


I'm sure this is all gonna sound really ridiculous and uh... I don't exactly expect anyone to believe all this. Uh... for the last little while I've been kinda keeping correspondance with my sanity, and uhh… I really get the feeling that I’m starting to lose interest in the letter writing process. The pieces of the letters, they just get progressively shorter and shorter until it’s not even a reply. I uhh... the whole thing makes me really nervous. I just wish I could show you what a huge problem this is.

As life hangs beside me
I gather all that I can
You were never one for confrontation
But now it lies all in your hands

Your hands...


I kind of have this... Really terrible habit of asking myself all these stupid questions, right? Like what if uhh… what if there's a spot on my body that I can touch to keep my heart from beating? or like what if, what if theres this uhh... stray bullet out there that’s gonna come through my window and take me out? like what if uhh... what if theres this huge unstoppable comet that’s just gonna like, destroy the earth and all of us? Like what... what if that’s happening right now? How can I avoid all these questions if I don't have that? Like, who is gonna be here? Why... who is gonna be there... in the hospital? Who is gonna tell me that all this is bullshit... its a dream? Just a dream.This is not a joke. And uhh... i'll never sleep.

Who will be there to tell
Me how stupid I am? [4x]

Who will keep me from lashing out? (lashing out)
Anxiety chokes me like razor wire (razor wire)
Who will keep me from lashing out? (lashing out)
Anxiety chokes me like razor wire (razor wire)

Now it's all in your hands, in your hands [x4]

(Anxiety chokes me like razor wire)

Anxiety chokes me like razor wire, razor wire... [to fade]


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Alexisonfire Sharks And Danger Comments
  1. Albert Twangle

    Is this song gay?

  2. William James

    Essa música me trás tanta calma e ao mesmo tempo tanta euforia... Só quem sofre de ansiedade sabe como é nos dias difíceis.
    Melhor banda do mundo #theonlybandever

  3. kawaii_shawty

    Iv listened to this part so many times but how the hell are yall hearing 'reassure me my doubts'

  4. Jay Dallas

    I hate being me. God damn me i hate being me

  5. Weltall

    Anyone else remember a music video with scenes from the movie "Pi" (1997) ?

  6. Braden Sherratt

    This is probably one of the best ideas for a song. I used to listen to this song on repeat constantly back in the lost days. The days when you didn't know wtf was going on, wtf you'd been dropped into. When you're trying to figure everything out, totally overwhelmed from the lack of guidance and fear of the unknown. When you're literally lost. Every time I thought about calling one of these help lines, I just played this song and felt more relaxed, like everything was gonna be okay somehow.

    Anxiety choked me like razor wire. Thanks AoF.

  7. Eric Lutz

    Dallas absolutely crushes this track. Unreal.

  8. Darth Kaz

    "who will be there to reassure me right now"

  9. T Fed

    Steele's bass rip in the beginning brought me here!!

  10. Emily Collins

    anyone elses go to song when they're feeling beyond down?

    oscar hernandez

    There best album they ever made of all time


    oscar hernandez change this statement to say "the" instead of "their"

    Kris Trav

    This song pushed me and calmed me or atleast made me rational in tough spots. Valid since the albums release till now. They were the ones to tell me how stupid I was. Thank you AoF still coming back to this video.

  11. Markus VIKINGS

    Such an amazing band!

  12. Crnlconnychung

    that fucking bass tho

    Nate B

    Crnlconnychung to die for

  13. Steve Woodell

    Reminds of middle school, those days were hell especially after my grandma passed

  14. big bad papa bear

    reminds me of when. I just graduated school in 2004. my world came cashing down.


    2000 here, I hear you.. Did learn to pick myself up, I mean, the ones like us do have a badass short learning curve after learning the hard way ;)

    jay tibba

    +MrRegor23 absolutely

  15. Sean Esopi

    this song alone got me though life as we know alexisonfire can't live w/o em <3

  16. Sean Esopi

    this song is life

  17. Jeffrey Reider

    We need a live version of this song

    The Perfect Magician Of Doom

    +Jeffrey Reider They performed it at Heavy Montreal and they threw inflatable sharks in the crowd. It was the best show ever.

  18. viktr estebn

    such a hard song

  19. Neveah Ever

    How the fuck could you dislike this song?

    Curtis Carpenter

    @Jac Hollins damn right brother, i have no idea

    Dante LAN-I-ER

    @Jac Hollins I would assume that a lot of people that don't like the song probably don't like how "there isn't much going on" because of the talking sections and minimal vocals until the end. I love it though.

  20. Jonathan Rodrigues

    Anxiety chokes me like razor wire.  So true.

    Don't Even Bother

    +Jonathan Rodrigues like a razor wire!!!!

  21. Dalton Kuijer

    This is especially freaky for me, because I'm from St. Catharines. Such an amazing song though.

  22. psycosilopsybin7

    razor wire!!!

  23. Victoria McCartie

    @foster6993 I think it says ...who will be there to reassure me to watch out

  24. afterstars

    Top ten albums of all time for me.

  25. Mike Hendrycks

    I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!

    the more people that touch on the subject the better. i dont even like off the record with michael landsberg but yesterday he did a whole show on anxiety and depression as an ILLNESS not a WEAKNESS. he suffers and he had athletes on who openly suffer...the more people who *come out* the more support others have the better lives we will have!

  26. Batty6543

    "who will be there to reassure my doubts". The whole confusion over those lyrics came from Moneen's cover where they changed the lyrics to "Me how stupid I am". since iot was easier to make out I guess people assumed those were the lyrics the original AOF song too.

  27. Teal'c

    Who will be there to tell
    Me how stupid I am? [4x]

    these are not the lyrics i cant stress that enough, it says "who will be there to reassure me ________" something i cant make out? does anyone know that last bit

    Paul Lebel

    Teal'c I think it's " when I doubt "

  28. Caleb Branson

    favorite album of all time, it's just nonstop poetry

  29. stev019

    I'm in the same boat man. I mean, the whole reason I'm at this video right now is to try and distract myself from my anxiety.

  30. youhuardme youhuardme

    Being someone who has severe anxiety, I can relate whole-heartedly to everything in this song. I love Alexis so much for making this song, it makes me feel better on days where I cant even leave my house.

  31. Ben Sladden

    RA .. ZOR .. WIRE!

  32. Nathan Corron

    This may have just beaten "Rough Hands" as my favorite Alexisonfire song.

  33. Ben Sladden

    "I'll never sleep"...

  34. strychnos91

    So deep and yet so relaxing. It's purely painful to stay untouched by this song.

  35. Emily Collins

    absolutly fucking love this song!

  36. em1ly420

    man i call that place erryday :p and yes i live in st. catharines

    Drew Antinuk

    Have u spoken to Nancy?

  37. SignalsOverTheAir

    Favorite AOF song of all time, this song has one of the best openings of all time. How something so sad can be so beautiful is beyond me.

  38. FoxMxRider

    @1134cc fuck yeh brother, well said !! ALEXISONFIRE RULES!!!

  39. Crystopher Shadden

    I live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, And...This song really hits hard. Because I feel the same way as the gentlemen speaking. And uh...I'll never sleep.

  40. Canadians ForCanada


  41. SilentServiceCode

    sitting here in st. catharines just coming down from a panic attack.

  42. LuluLaRue8825

    This song is on my list of one of the best songs ever writen. Everything about it is so perfect. It all fits so well together. To me, it's 100% art.

  43. skullsrlove

    as someone who constantly suffers from anxiety, I can really relate to the lyrics of this song. Kudos Alexisonfire for making us anxiety suffers feel less alone.

  44. Galaxy Fraulein ジ 3:33

    I can't help but put this song on repeat.

  45. Armagreen

    I'm just shocked... there is so much pain... so much... (of course it is my opinion)...