Alexisonfire - Rough Hands Lyrics

Was I left behind?
Someone tell me, tell me I survived
And don't look so surprised
that I'm home, but just for tonight
With rough hands and sore eyes
So don't speak, I am tired
Let's just live through this lie

She says I swear too much
She says a lot of things
Well I'd swear every other word if I could
For her, I'll make an attempt

Sometimes love isn't about
how much someone suits you
But how much you're willing to change
to suit them

All my bones are dust
(two people too damaged too much too late)
And my heart sealed with rust
(two people too damaged too much too late)
These hands will always be rough
(two people too damaged too much too late)
I know this won't count for much
(two people too damaged too much too late)

One day my hands were too soft
One day she said, "I'm tired"
One day her clothes were on my floor
One day, empty bottles

I'm not saying she's my last
I'm just saying that she could have been
It doesn't matter how rough these hands get
It doesn't matter 'cause I'm not her man

Rough hands, rough days
Rough hands, rough nights
Rough hands, rough season
Rough hands, rough fights...

All my bones are dust (Rough hands, rough days)
(two people too damaged too much too late)
And my heart sealed with rust (Rough hands, rough season)
(two people too damaged too much too late)
These hands will always be rough (Rough hands, rough days)
(two people too damaged too much too late)
I know this won't count for much (Rough hands, rough season)
(two people too damaged too much too late)

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Alexisonfire Rough Hands Comments
  1. Strafadamus -

    Funny how the world always brings you back 😢

  2. Miranda Seath

    Easily my fave song. Oh my bones are dust, and my hearts sealed with rust. These hands will always be rough.

  3. Simon Bradley

    so much beauty and brutality in this band

  4. Joanna Stayton

    My favorite song. ❤️

  5. Becca Martin

    Rest In Peace my love Haley white. We used to listen to this all the time.

  6. Satanic Dood

    Still gets me after all this time!!!

  7. Nicole Minor

    Who's still listening in 2019??

    Rudy Black

    Im in 4097 still listening to it


    Oh shit

    Richie Mitchell

    Always my brotherin

  8. D Tom

    Toni 😁

  9. Brendan Klyne

    Is listening to this song self care ? :(

  10. Zippy Lucke

    O'keeffe's Working Hands

  11. John A

    Then I'mma have u explain to Liz why you thought it was ok to pretend to be me.

  12. Jade Garcia

    Seeing this live was fucking amazing!!!

  13. Yannie Angerer

    One of the rare lyrics that don't come across as pretentious. They're deep because they talk about a sad truth in an authentic way. Not because the writer wanted it to be 'omg soo deeeep'.

  14. Sam Boldon

    this just popped on to my shuffle. where was I?? jesus. This is too good

    Jayden Baker

    Stay woke brother. They no longer exist 💔

  15. Space Squirrel

    I wanna make love to this song💕

  16. Joshua Yettou

    Just now getting into this band. I really dig it. I normally listen to metal (all sorts of different kinds!), old school hip hop, blues, etc... the musicianship is fantastic. The vocalist especially is really great. I love discovering more music and bands 😁

    maggie dillon

    If you like the vocalist you should listen to some of his solo stuff under the name City and Colour

  17. Stephen Thomas

    Yep still hurts

  18. Jennah Myers

    ..10 years later..

  19. BrokenBones1982

    When the drums come in..... damn.

  20. Nodlee_Quix

    Shame this song isn’t as prevalent as it should be, on of my favourites

  21. Renovatio Imperii

    Yet another soulless spazz-core band

  22. Irena S


  23. Legio XIII Gemina

    And suddenly I'm 12 again.

  24. Dustin Lawless Bigstone

    My all favorite song from they

  25. Dustin Lawless Bigstone

    Omg this song makes me want 2 cry so much what a beautiful song

  26. Gorey Dewolf

    no other band gives me waves threw my body and makes my eyes cry with happiness like its finnaly over and ive won

  27. Alvin Smith

    Love this song dawg been long time since I heard it

  28. Tom Ace

    I think what makes these bands that have a clean and abrasive singer sp appealing is that. When you relate it to love lost or otherwise. It's a mix of the good times and the bad. And can illustrate the love and the hurt so well. That's why dance gavin dance is my new aof.

  29. Esmeralda De La Luz Ibarra Becerra

    Pure nostalgic! :(

  30. josh mccracken

    F I love Alexis, all day all night !!

  31. Riley Chew

    My right hand will always be soft

  32. Joshua Miller

    106 people that listened to this have never experienced it.

  33. Alteru Kun

    The abusive lyrics make you wonder if it's more than just a metaphor, just worried about the girl. I love AoF. This world just goes unpunished unjust too much.

  34. Kyle Mccarty

    I'm home but just for tonight.

  35. stone cold Cx

    The fucking memories 😔😔

  36. MotorVenom

    this song to me is about cocaine addiction and letting down all of your friends, family and lovers

  37. Bruce Hood

    Instrumental at the beginning gives me the chills

  38. David Watson

    Dallas Green!!! He's sayn he's not a perfect man n his hands are rough so basically get off his back bcuz he means well...

  39. verbadum22

    no wonder dallas wanted to do a solo project. the screaming really ruins a beautiful song. And i'm into screaming if the song calls for it.

    Jack Toresen

    City and Colour's first album came out the year before Crisis.


    Thanks, I did not know that. I think its good on songs like boiled frogs but this song should have been all Dallas in my humble opinion.

  40. Samantha Kayne

    If you don't own anything, why is this video monetized?

    tom my

    the band gets the royalties.

  41. iamcondescending

    Luckily my woman loves my rough hands. She knows how hard I hustle to support us. She just massages away my aches and makes me feel loved. :)

  42. Brett Guyer

    The live version from the Westend festival blows this version away.

  43. Juris Tunēns

    One of the most beautiful songs I've heard

  44. David Watson

    Dallas Green speaks to my SOUUUL

  45. Jack Allard

    Bruh this ain’t Lil Uzi

  46. Wesley McCarthy

    Forever perfect and emotionally powerful

  47. Julien Prégent

    Holy shit this one still hurts after all these years!

    Holly Hylia

    I agree


    big time punch in the kisser


    Foooor realllll

    Jac qln

    Facts lol

  48. shinikwa 11

    rough hands...rough days..rough hands..rough seasons..rough fights ..

  49. TaperedUgly

    Fuck. Any Torontonian's here? I missed all the last concerts. I only ever got to see Dallas live with City & Colour.

    Justice Fails Again

    TaperedUgly I'm from the Vancouver area. Never saw him solo but have seen the group a couple times. I truly hope they come back with at least one more solid album and tour. These boys saved my life many times over.


    I've seen Alexisonfire and City and Colour. I was front row at a show and George grabbed dallas' half drank bottle of water and threw it to me. I fan girld for like 3 seconds and then drank it because I was thirsty as hell lol

  50. Charles Noganosh

    george and dallas doesnt get any better

  51. David Watson

    dallas green!!!!

  52. Eric Swift

    These words speak too true. The Greatest band on the planet

  53. Keivon Bowles

    If it wasn't for Degrassi I wouldn't be here

  54. Kody Gryder

    Use to be my entrance song on wwe 2k15 on ps3

  55. Akira Rodriguez

    Idk y but I fucking love this song thts from 2009

  56. viktr estebn


  57. Sean Esopi

    listing since 06 always fking awsome

    orcun kr

    it must be a long list

  58. Jamie Bush

    Aof fairplay lads

  59. Somber Advent

    There is a weakness inside of me. But i will always be day i wll not say I'm tired,but I will always be rough.


    hearing this while crying on how much hurt I got from calling me names I despite of.


    read it again


    It's hard to understand... someone has been calling you names?


    @ghoawaynetcabo  yeah bro ugly names I hate


    +Shane Begg thanks man that means a lot to me.💜💜


    +Shane Begg thanks bro

  61. Boy Dahlia

    my myspace profile song lol

    Thomas Barnard

    oh wow same man

    Jac qln

    Hahaa FACTs lol

    Joshua Yettou

    I miss MySpace! It's so much better than all these other cheesy social media sites. It was far more creative and fun. I miss those days.

  62. samul2100

    somehow... i imagine a specific ambiance when this song is playing... heavy rain, hot temperature, rough day, everyone on the place is wet and without much energy and... this song is playing.. like "the last song of all"


    Are you gay?


    +MaxMorerProductions No sir, i checked that long time ago already and i'm pretty sure i'm not gay


    +samul2100 okay

    Ro Tru

    Agreed 👌 I'm from a steel town and imagine those poor souls who work in those hot factories. and the woman who leaves him for being too blue collar OR because life is to how music makes little movies in my mind :)

  63. Paula Slade

    Heard this live this summer and omg ! Plus they announced they aren't going anywhere best thing ever

  64. samul2100

    when i first listen to alexisonfire... this song wasn't my favorite by far... strangly 6 years later it is... time passed a lot.

    10/10 would listen Alexisonfire for the first time again.

    Don't Even Bother

    +samul2100 I've noticed that the past couple weeks too with some of their songs i never used to listen to when i was into them

    Timothy Muscat

    I first got into them at 14;
    Songs like this only start to be relateable as you get older.

  65. nomis kilerog

    Sometimes love isn't about
    how much someone suits you
    But how much you're willing to change
    to suit them

    Daniel Robin

    The scream after, it's beautiful to me, such an angry defeated sounding scream

    Djinn Gaming



    My ex hated the sh*t out of me then, lol.

    Alvin Smith

    Deep. But fuk dat lol

    Perrywinkle Fartsniffer

    Seems the one i love i cant change enough to suit them took me a long time to give trying thanks alexisonfire for giving me and us music to help through lifes challenges

  66. Fabio Blake De Santi

    i love this song...

  67. Bernie Rossel

    This song remains awesome!

  68. MaxMorerProductions

    Rough cock


    +MaxMorerTDWC are you twelve?

    Brian Lee

    They make ointments for that

  69. Xav Hp7

    All my Bones are dust right now :(


    So you're a mummy?

  70. Benjamin Michael

    is their name alex is on fire or alexis on fire? lol


    +Benjamin Michael I've always said it like alexis on fire but i'm pretty sure its alex is on fire, don't take my word on it. but either way they are awesome, my music to break the speed limit to excluding this tune

    Tyler Hilton

    +TAGSProle it is alexis on fire believe it or not, there name is based on the worlds first lactating contortionist stripper.

    John Hava

    It's Alexis on fire

  71. Sarah Schmitt


  72. Nox Rabbit

    only song i like by them really


    +Nox Dohring Young Cardinals / This could be anywhere in the world and this are the only ones I like.

    Shame having great songs like these and the rest being painfully mediocre.

    Nox Rabbit

    Yeah I know


    +mrdanni You might also like To a Friend, No Transitory, and Boiled Frogs based upon your favorites.


    The Northern. To A Friend. This could be anywhere in the world. Born And Raised.

    Frogo Fraggins

    Polmonary Archery? That song is so much like this one.

  73. Austin Patterson

    I lol'd waaaay to fucking hard at the "i don't own anything"  in the description

    sup yo

    +Austin Patterson ffs me too now lol


    +Austin Patterson ... oh.. shit.. x') 

    " i don't own anything... my life sucks.. but heeeey here's some alexisonfire" lool

    Austin Patterson

    +samul2100 exactlyyy what I was thinking lmaoo

    Austin Patterson

    +sup yo seee its funny lmao


    "I own NOTHING!!"

  74. Pheel Macababe

    "sometimes love isn't about, how much someone suits you, but how much your willing to change, to.. suit.. them.."

    Pheel Macababe

    2019 feels

  75. David Arnold

    back together and get wait to see them again!

  76. Zachary Hopkins

    what made this band so different is that they wrote music about problems in todays society instead of emotions.
    Everytime I listen to them it makes me reminded that we work our bag off and no matter how close we get we get pulled back into working because to the majority of people we work for everything we have and we as humans can't have enough.
    "these hands will always be rough"
    Because those hands never stopped working.

    Samuel Becker

    +Zachary Hopkins That may be true for other songs. But this song specifically is about a break up, boiled frogs might the the song you're looking for.

    Mitchell Rauma

    +Samuel Becker And "No Transitory"

    A Cat

    Goth instead of emo.

    Randy Martin

    Definitely a breakup. I really felt this song so strongly after a big breakup of mine

    Wesley McCarthy

    Randy Martin the whole tone of this song is so incredibly emotional. from the lyrics to literally every instrument, it makes me hella solemn and about to ready to cry every damn time

  77. Helena

    Hate that they broke up.

  78. Justin Kovach

    These hands will always be rough :P

  79. briauna jalsevac

    Madeout to this song too ha

    Stephen Jordan

    Cool story bro

    Kevin Harmsma

    3:07 nearly ripped my dick off


    Lucky guy. Where I live it's nearly impossible to find any rock chicks. smh

    R e b e c c a

    I fucked to this song😂


    @R e b e c c a just awesome! 😳

  80. breeny162

    very relevant picture

  81. Glenn Wilson

    I'm just saying that she could have been

    Justice Fails Again

    Glenn Wilson 💔

  82. sucio miserable

    Masterpiece !

  83. Greg Lucente

    Thank for uploading with the full intro :)

  84. Kyle Paul

    sums up my last relationship. I'm not saying that she is my last. Im just saying that she could have been..... Alexisonfire takes it close to home 

  85. Kawerahawi Phillips

    This band is my obsession ♡

  86. Errin Ewald

    i have small penis

    Errin Ewald

    Funny thing is, I didn't do this. But I chuckle every time I get a notification pertaining to it so I decided to leave it be


    Errin Ewald hope its grown in 3 years mate

    Errin Ewald

    I like how I said I got hacked and this was posted And people are still liking and commenting on it haha


    Errin Ewald haha it made me laugh man

    Errin Ewald

    Yeah I just figured I'd go with it lmao

  87. Errin Ewald

    I like wieners 

    Cpt. Crunch

    ya you look like you've probably seen one up close

  88. Errin Ewald

    this suuuuuuuuuks

  89. Errin Ewald


    Curtis Carpenter

    @GodIsAPothead emo will survive and we will inherit the world hahah


    @Curtis Carpenter  Yo don't mention my name. lol.
    Good song tho / good era of my (our) life!

    Caroline Olds

    Just like you 🤫


    Not Br00tAl enough, rawr and rainbows.

    Colonel Q

    Errin Ewald ur gay

  90. Brian pringle

    kinda reminds me of Walking Dead

  91. breeny162

    that intro....

  92. Hourai

    Even on 144p.

  93. guitarplayer30001

    How sexy...

  94. Scott October

    Canada is awesome puts out great music !

    Terry Mick

    Scott October thank you, Africa

  95. Matt Curtiss

    I wish just for once, that I could go to watch a video and NOT scroll down and see an argument. nothing is sacred.

  96. Brandon Daynard

    You gaiZ R all faggits

  97. Issac Bens

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