Alexisonfire - Pulmonary Archery Lyrics

Let's go!
It's never too late to be early
Or try and maintain
Some scrap of integrity and certainty
I guess.

(My fingers)
Won't apologize
(Are blistered and bleeding)
And 1977...
Was a long time
(Was a long time)
Time ago
(Time ago)
I don't care.

I don't care how things
Were and I won't
I won't apologize.
Fuck you.

The alamo has been penetrated
And there is little hope
For the white man so
Hop on your rainbow
Ride it...

(My fingers)
So hop on your rainbow
(Are blistered and bleeding)
And ride into oblivion
For all I care
(There's no longer)
You could be early
Or late
(That you brought)

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Alexisonfire Pulmonary Archery Comments
  1. Rekner o

    Nowadays the video looks kinda gay.


    Cuando no te dejan jugar fortnite

  3. Dave Rennick

    One of the only albums I ever take off shuffle and enjoy every minute until it ends.

  4. Patrick Bateman

    lmfao green singing all nice and harmonically while buddy in the background just going nuts can't help but laugh

  5. KanaeShiki

    hey so to all the other 30 year olds going to see them live next year, let's forget we're getting old and fuck it up like we did when we were angsty teens.

  6. Feel Your Story

    ugh dude and such a sick video aswell

  7. Phil Bednar

    I feel like we just had sex

  8. AskingAlexandria43

    Old school, listened to this when I was a teenager. 28 now still a massive tune. Tone of the guitar gives me goosebumps

  9. Neeroy

    Since 04 this has been my pregame hype go fuck shit up don’t say sorry track!

  10. patrick grondines


  11. LangLey Kongk

    hitlers ur brother andrea he muuvd in when i was in the basement.

  12. Anime Lover

    even tho i don't like this type of songs..I AM FKING IN AWE HEARING THIS SONG XD

  13. Marie Constant


  14. Djo Baguette

    2019 from France ? :)

  15. Brendon Lydic

    The following statement can be applied to countless others on here but for this one i'm particularly compelled:

    *anyone who disliked this video is an absolute cunt.*

    yeah, i'm talking to all 85 of you. fuck ya'll.

  16. Lina J

    George's energy!!
    Same with Dallas ..
    All of them!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Dennis Groen

    Daniel Ricciardo has a good taste of music

  18. Rynel Acosta

    Never gets old. AoF still gets me hyped since 2000

  19. Adam Jensen

    High school prom

  20. Atarah's Wonderland

    2019 here

  21. Seekarr

    I am not English, but the lyrics sound like he's saying:
    "Zoh! Red devil! Do I do! Radio Ray! Want time red retro. Trope trebel, did I day? Did did tie? Rot die!!!!!
    Won't when I try. We didn't jimmy eats some food. So low! Try drive trout! Right go joe!

  22. Alvinho Ferreira

    2019! AOF <3

  23. Colin Arruda

    That dude is pissed he stubbed his toe

  24. Neeroy

    When Dallas was rockin the point 5 muttin chops 😂

  25. terrorcreepy

    ayuden me estoy volviendo viejo :V

  26. Rick Woodard

    Just saw these fellas in Ottawa last night, and watching this really drives home how much they've grown and how far they've come. Unreal.

    Lina J

    Lucky you🤘🔥

  27. mauropso

    17 years old haha what am I doing with my life

  28. Frank Peters

    1:38 kick

  29. vaughanography

    Ah college days

  30. Joe DiNenno

    This song got me through high school

  31. Ryan Felder

    St . Catherine's very own

  32. cris Rosales

    2019 y me sigue recordando esos momentos

  33. Kirvann Samlal


  34. Danang Saputra

    This is cool

  35. Evan Weddell

    they r just little babies in this video XD

  36. Hilikus89

    I think I was 11 when this aired on much music. Loved it then and still do! 18 years later.... Going to see them in Toronto next week :D wooh!

  37. Christine Felice

    Me baaaalls

  38. Michael Anthony

    Will always love their first album . So good

  39. Guilherme Valles

    George is the one most changed.

  40. herdiyan prasetia

    2019 anyone?

    Dimas Dhyara

    siap emo night bali

  41. diego torres

    Vaya recuerdos :"v

  42. Jayo Caine

    1:00 hi-hat is on one side, then magically switches sides at 1:11

  43. Nigger

    Still jamming this in 2019 and loving it like it was 2000 all over again

  44. ThePhilosorpheus

    simplest drumset on earth, greatest drumming skills on earth

  45. Nataku

    This is what it would be like if a mountain lion started a band...

  46. maria smay

    It just isn't the same these days....

  47. scum bag

    this got me evicted

  48. Samuel Voyer

    "ssooo guys any ideas for the video?"
    "Yeah sure... let's do random shit as long as nobody got hit in the head by a guitarist"

  49. Robin Hall

    Im so old :(

    Wyatt H

    There with you man. I remember when this came out...

  50. Sean Oggy

    Napolean Dynamite on drums

  51. willow05

    omg they were just kids here...sigh have we really gotten that old..this makes me want to cry for the nostalgia of it all

  52. Odd Sparrow

    The greatest band ever. I can't believe I've been listening to them for this long. Alexisonfire means so much to me.

    Lina J

    Same! This is the greatest🔥

  53. Joe Ortiz


  54. red0means0go

    I can only imagine what a masterpiece “happiness by the kilowatt” music video would have looked like back then.

  55. Yahseq Gookler

    Nauseating music.

  56. Rob Parent

    Loved going to hang out at Blockbuster on Lake street in St. Catharines to see my good buddy Chris Steele. Man the good old days!!! Growing up with them was such an honour to see the progression over the years!!!


    Amen brother.

  57. Jesse Stewart

    Who is else seeing them on their reunion tour ? I know this guy already has a ticket !

  58. Funny Valentine Did Nothing Wrong

    So this is what emos listened to when I was a baby?

  59. Booraad

    remember when this came out, was sitting at home after high school watching much music .. turned the tv to max volume and rocked the fuck out.. will always be my favourite band

  60. Haseul's Husband

    1:33 this cut always amazed me since the first time I saw this video

  61. Alex Arbour

    This makes me want to go to some sketchy venue downtown. I’d love to relieve this era again.

    James Hack

    It's still going on brother! Where are you from? Can get you on some good local bands.

  62. Guttsu

    This shit goes stupid hard


    This is my favorite music video of all-time, I've seen them all.

  64. Evan Weddell

    THEY ARE JUST BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. charli Drew

    Understood not a word. smh. Love the music


    not even "so" ? 0:50

    charli Drew

    @hopesfall2win i'll give u that lol

    JC Denton

    Lol I can't understand anything either just listening to it with a naked ear, but if you pull up the lyrics and listen to it simultaneously you can make out what he is saying pretty easily because you know what to listen for

    charli Drew

    i'll try that

  66. patrick grondines

    love this song

  67. Crisz & Crisz

    hola lourdes :v

  68. mazedmarky

    happy 2019

  69. Xtian

    fuckin memories man

  70. Mackalrath027

    i honestly think they've got Emery beat for level of energy here.

  71. Cheddar



    some asshole in 1776? 😎

  73. Justin Vandereems

    The screaming vocals sounds like alesanas screams

  74. attk177

    The backup clean vocals sound just like Rise Against

    Morgan Smith

    attk177 get the hell outta here man

  75. Pablo González

    Hufffs !!! .

    pablonfire13 ! . ✓ + ?

  76. Rifa Hafiz G

    Anyone watching this in 2018?

    Morgan Smith

    Rifa Hafiz G obviously you fucking parasite

    Blue Eyes

    Even better, 2019

  77. Amanda B

    never ever gets old

  78. frankenclouds !!

    We were all here 17ish years ago. Still rocking! What kind of music is everyone listening to now?


    kind of a late answer but kinda the same stuff and some more complex stuff but still the same music. still hardcore screamo metalcore etc.

    Lina J

    Bands like Amon Amarth, In Flames, Rammstein orrrr....even City and Colour😄

  79. Mohd Hambali

    I'm used to be wore the drypers while this songs came out

  80. Mauricio duran

    mi primer tatuaje en honor a ustedes!!! forever alive

  81. Ewa Pancake

    mmmm yes

  82. LeDuckDuckGoose

    anyone know where this was filmed?

  83. Jason Kephart

    I still rewatch this video when I need a pick me up. Video always puts me in a good mood

  84. Pellegrini Post

    Hm yes now I remember why I never got in to this band

  85. Darry rs

    i miss this kind of rhythm in metalcore

  86. heyrosal


  87. Nikki Moberly

    watched this on much music years ago

  88. Jason Kephart

    I blame dallas for this great band breaking up. Fuck you dallas and your shitty city in colour

  89. Maj3stik

    Saw them live back in the day. Wish I could go back in time to see all these bands in their prime. Especially green day and blink 182.

    I remember going to see rise against at trees in Dallas when they were new and opening for other established bands.

    Morgan Smith

    Robert James green day sucks. Blink is the shit though

  90. yonkytv

    ahuevo esuchcandi esto en el 2018 aguente AOF

  91. Malcolm Abubakar

    Fuck i miss being in mide school :(

  92. oficina ape

    2018 Br-Rj

  93. indra fadill

    This band is the starting screamo genre