Alexisonfire - Passing Out In America Lyrics

No, I won't go, I want to stay here with you
No, I won't go, I want to stay here with you...

Now, say what you need, don't hesitate make that call.
If you need help, scream "HEY YOU", quietly one more time "hey you".

Dreams they don't help, but they do stop the hurt for now.
I guess we will have to figure this one out...

Now, say what you need, don't hesitate make that call.
If you need help, scream "HEY YOU", quietly one more time "hey you".

It's the passing of America [x20]
(trust your heart, your heart) [x4]

I wanted to cry [x5]

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Alexisonfire Passing Out In America Comments
  1. TheVeganGiant

    so sick when they harmonize... Screaming and Dallas Green just fucking great

  2. dirtyhandboy

    this was america?

  3. Nataku

    So good

  4. Lauris Olups

    I don't know ANYTHING that comes near the genius execution of this video. This should become mandatory education in Music Video Academy.

    But where can I find a better resolution version?

    Dave Morrison

    How have I only just seen this video?!
    Its on the same level as The Chariot - David De La Hoz, thats for sure!

  5. koudi wraeth

    CAMH Nurses lmao

  6. Wesley Jakesta

    “I wanted to.....cry.”

  7. Adam Moore

    Without a doubt one of the most clever music videos ever made. Well done.

  8. Fredd

    This is just great. I never listened to Moneen except on that EP, are they good? They sound good on that cover!


    Yes moneen are good. Very wordy with song titles though. 12 word song titles are common for moneen


    Are we really happy with who we are is one of the finest albums of its time, in my opinion.

  9. fairy squirt

    anyone feel bad for moneen having their song covered by leets?

  10. Gog Noggler

    Every time I listen to these I can't hear anything but these versions until I listen to the original again.

  11. Pushon Bhattacharya

    I love both bands and found this double video to be pretty spectacular, but I really don't think that the Moneen song is anywhere near as good as the Alexisonfire one.

    Julius Songling

    It's tear jerker though, for me at least. And seeing a split ep double song music video is cool.


    In correct. The moneen cover of Alexis is truly staggering. It is a fantastic cover. But, I will admit, Alexis’ cover is actually better than the moneen original!

  12. Daniel Daniels

    I will not debase myself into constant repetition of my point here

  13. Summer Shredden

    awesome video,with awesome bands

  14. TB Antilife

    Such a great video lol

  15. Ezra Poore

    That singer reminds me of a triggered SJW lol

    Joshua Yachouh

    Lol you're the type of fan we don't want at concerts see you later

  16. Chris Jansen

    this video is fucking unreal. I love both bands... can't believe I've never seen this before!

  17. Dario Rivers

    so perfect

  18. Benjamin Herrera

    Marc Ricciardelli genius

  19. Thomas Antonello

    george raped it

  20. Mark Willo

    fu*king love alexis.

  21. indie7200

    im from malaysia......MONEEN is one of my favorite band.....salute!!

  22. Andrew Williamson

    Steele makes this video.

  23. Doody Time

    the stabbing @ 1:40 LMAO---watching the crowd jump makes my night!

  24. Alex NDG

    so many great memories

  25. mlm569

    Just saw both bands last night..ahhh...they are both so talented. This must have been so fun to film!

    Sailor Venus

    +mlm569 Where did you see moneen? I didnt know they were still around

    Drew Janes

    +Sailor Venus They just reunited for a string of US shows, possible a new album *fingers crossed*

    The Perfect Magician Of Doom

    +Sailor Venus I saw them at Heavy Montreal along with Alexisonfire last summer.

  26. Korry Campbell

    thanks for re uploading better quality

  27. Theoren Smith

    I love this video and both bands did a great good can't wait for xfest 😋

  28. Anthony Catullo

    I had no idea this existed this is great

  29. Mitch

    So is there a Plot to tie both Videos? Does the purposeful stabbing in Passing Out In America lead into Accidents Are on Purpose's EMT/Medical theme? Also why would there be modern EMTS at what looks to be a Victorian setting?

  30. yOuRsTuPiDfAcE

    No thumbs down? I can understand. This collaboration is legendary.


    yOuRsTuPiDfAcE boy, this comment didn’t age well.

  31. 420CARNIFEX

    I forgot all about this and I had the cd . so happy to find it again great songs , wish more bands would do this

  32. volcom514

    OMG i never notice george @7:46 haha !

  33. gladdyss01

    ...and confused Steele with the sword XD

  34. TheDrummerscotty

    Classic alexisonfire!!!!! :D