Alexisonfire - No Transitory Lyrics

I'm in a constant state of getting cut
So why don't I feel anything?

This is a violation

Maybe I forgot what it was like
Before it entered me

So this is what they call
Another endless night
So tired of believing
If this is wrong or right
I think this cause is lost
I wish that I could sleep
I feel like some kind of shadow
Another slave to the week
Imagine if we lived
Under the weather
We would never be found
Never discovered
If everything goes wrong
If it's one more endless night
You'll know there's always tomorrow
And tomorrow...[to fade]
You'll know there's always tomorrow
(You'll know, you'll know) tomorrow

And this knife, this knife
This is my most, this is my most, this is my most important appendage
This is my most, this is my most, this is my most important appendage

Tomorrow [x3]

So now that your whole world
Has gone up into flames
This night is still never ending
Do you think you're still safe?
Seems everything went wrong
We were discovered
But this time there's no tomorrow
And tomorrow [x3]

Tomorrow (And this knife, this knife)

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Alexisonfire No Transitory Comments
  1. Misheard Lyrics

    Much music

  2. PITF4LL

    Tem certas músicas que a gente sempre para pra ouvir naquele momento nostálgico <3 haha

  3. Karl Logan

    This is the only song I really, really like by them.

  4. Misheard Lyrics

    0:39 another English knight

  5. Reflux

    I miss the introduction by the backwards flatcap dude.

  6. frozenlake 121


  7. 88Petry

    Prolly my all time fav song, even after 13 years.

  8. Jens Schalburg

    Und immer noch nach all den Jahren die ich diesen Song höre bekomme ich eine Gänsehaut. Großartig 👍👍👍

  9. Wood Rovski

    For me...the best song ever written.  Amazing.

  10. Melos Tera

    Seriously, they were the only band ever. Miss them.

  11. Juan Camilo Arbelaez

    2019 pri

  12. BestBudz

    2019 ?!

  13. Amy Connors


  14. tryitworks

    Jesse was such an awesome drummer. He could have played mathrock or something. Aof had some tendencies to it on their debut imo.

  15. Ashlee Elizabeth

    Fuck, I miss these guys.

  16. The Fury Of Bona

    Alexisonfire paved the way for groups we see today like Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil's Prada etc.

  17. Lucas Smallwood

    Still sounds as good as when I first listened to it.

  18. Guy Basil

    first song that got me into them (off the big shiney tunes release lol)

  19. Eric Landon

    i remember when i'd watch much music all day just for this video to play lol

  20. tsljr

    2018 hollllaaaa

  21. Bruno Bottecchia

    Jesse Ingelevics!

  22. Stanislavs Jablonskis

    Holy fuck.
    I always loved Crisis, bet somehow, when i just found AOF (around 2010-2011), Watch Out! didn't impress me, and i didn't listen to it since then.
    I was so young and stupid. Now this is like a new AOF album for me, wow!

  23. Bel Vermillion

    Remembered We Are The Ocean with this vibe
    Amazing band

  24. Jason Berezowski

    This drummer is seriously fucking under rated.

  25. Joe Theobald

    Alexisonfire's masterpiece.

  26. Aaron Newton

    1:07 that's how I learned this part 13 years ago!

  27. Adi balaram

    menemani malam di kosan bu prapto 2006-2009

  28. Alex James

    Still high as I write this. There has never been a song quite like this before ... or since. This was how angst was conveyed ... screaming till your raspy like George or singing like a heart broken god like Dallass. It made us all wanna be Canadian a little bit inside. Whether we care to admit or not, Canada is where the talents at. They got The best in the world at what they do and they have a 6.25 * rated athlete and that's NJPW Dominion 12 alone. Their music proves it alone. Those who still listen to AOF 13 years plus on are the cool kids really. They love and respect the talent, ability and artistry to make music this good, this heartfelt and this quality. It's all we wished we could be if we put our trueselves to something. More to follow on these guys another time ...

    For the Only Band Ever: 6.25/5

    Zippy Lucke


  29. Mateus Back

    i'm listening now and will be listening in 2018

  30. Sean & Bailey jackington

    Changed my life.

  31. patrick grondines


  32. Darrell Andrew

    perfection ?

  33. snakek_940

    never let time make you forget how astonishing a band was.. man... this video needs to be like 6 times louder!

  34. Bryton Cherrier

    I remember considering this death metal when I was younger. Man was I stupid. But the one thing that hasn't changed is that I still consider this awesome.

  35. Leonardo Solorzano

    Dallas voice is a dream! and George screams are so insane! is a perfect combination... thus song is one their best!!

  36. Donna Lee Smith


  37. Fanglies 123

    still love this song

  38. Jason Piribauer

    still my all time favorite band. they have an australian tour in 2017!


    ... At 29 I'm still wishing these guys would get back together and release another album.. The best local Canadian band going!

    Alexandre Klein

    It's finally happening, a few more weeks to wait

    dd ddd

    They released a single last week! :)

  40. Martin Tries

    Walking across the street with captain crunch!

  41. Garmanarnarnar

    This fucking song. I'm so in love with this fucking song. I'm so glad I got to see them on their reunion tour. One of my best memories. :') Sigh. Just a little too young, I guess

  42. Prophet Six

    I'm not a big Alexisonfire fan, but I won't pretend that this isn't a particular piece of song-writing genius. I love this song.

  43. Freyrfimbulwinter

    The days where Much played decent music..


    yeah and why cant we just achieve world piece like really

    Zach Pachan

    Freyrfimbulwinter its funny you say that because they played this a few days ago ^_^ PS I've been a fan since the start I lost my shit when this aired. Im a welder from Alberta. We usually work away from home so sometimes cable is all we have. TLDR this made my day seeing it on TV again


    back when they played music period!

    Cody Herron

    or music at all

  44. Gabo Benicio



    That chorus belting is amazing!

  45. Jamie Williams

    I used to listen to this in 2004-2007 the day before summer camp.. kind of a tradition, GREAT BAND GREAT SONG.

  46. bigbootyjudy

    Just discovered this band and this is one of my favorite songs now!! :D

    sunny leatham

    Welcome to the family. Even if I'm three years late.

    Megan Adair

    @sunny leatham Three years late? More like 10 - 15 years late.
    Stoked for them to be releasing new music tho <3 Loving revisiting all the olds.

    sunny leatham

    @Megan Adair The three years was because the comment is three years old.

  47. abby

    My bf is amazing and he loves this song

    Philip Moore

    abby that is just so great, Abby.

    Vivek Rajeevan

    Yeah, nice fuckin job, Abby

  48. wayzel1

    less than 200k views... and that boys and girls is what's wrong with the world!

  49. G. K

    2:07 is still my most favorite scream in any song. Not sure why.


    Fits the emotion of the song perfectly

    Toms onfire

    you should look up a band called through solace they've split up now but see what you think. Through Solace - Navigators

  50. DavidLN

    2004 so FAR! I miss these days

  51. mephisto40

    Never really was too into this band, but this was a great song

  52. Liam Woodhouse

    This song just hit home, I have suicidal depression, this captures just how I feel everyday, Alexisonfire just got a new fan

    Liam Woodhouse

    Thanks Yasmin, it's nice to see another positive face that's trying to help another sufferer

    Wicked Arcade

    Keep fighting the good fight Liam. I hope you are still with us.

    Liam Woodhouse

    Ricky LaGuardia thanks man, hormones balanced themselves out and I feel better every day.

    Ashraf Romli

    hey man, bet you'll love "control" by them too. i have bipolar disorder so suicidal depression is common so i feel ya homes. keep your heads up, days will get brighter. don't EVER commit suicide even if it feels like the last thing you'd do.


    @garyman garrett wow youre garbage

  53. Curtis Beauchamp

    Alexisonfire has revealed that they're getting back together for a series of festival performances. 

    As previously reported, the band had posted a teaser image online last Friday (March 6) suggesting that some big news would be revealed today (March 9). A follow-up post has now confirmed that the St. Catharines-bred crew will be hitting stages once again for festival crowds worldwide.

  54. William Grand

    How does this have less views than the newer songs? this is by far their best song.


    @William Grand thought it would have a million views
    isnt that what accidents had anyway?

    William Grand

    @frostmourne Something like that.

    Edan Pounder

    I didn't even know it was possible to say that a song is far better than rough hands

    Joey Thompson

    Happiness by the kilowatt

    11 22

    Cause it was uploaded in 2009 but the song came out in 2005ish i think

  55. MJ V

    one of the best post hardcore songs ever!

  56. ProgrammedForDamage

    This is my most important appendage!

    I'd forgotten that old Alexis was more George and less Wade.  Nothing against Wade, but George is fucken killer.

  57. Phoenix Mayfall

    The cleans make the song man

  58. Kayluhh Virginia

    Fuck Yeah St.Catharines!!!!! 💕👊

  59. Travis Delee

    I dont care if it IS a video shoot.If anybody puts duct-tape on my cymbals,im breaking their sack open.

    Daniel Olivier

    +Travis Lee what do you mean?

    Daniel Olivier

    +Travis Lee caught it 1:38

  60. Bazmatmatic

    This song is the shit!!

    Ryan Li

    Yes it is!!

  61. asaint4

    highschool throwbaxxxx

  62. James Smith

    No way. Self-Titled was better.

  63. Karl Lucas

    agree i feel like its 4 yr old tune at the most.
    Yea back in 2004 was great times.

  64. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

    lol yeah hes just getting into the music and losing it. i <3 it

  65. seany musson

    fuckin amazing song

  66. dojOdRiFTeR


  67. Chris McGrath

    these guys pre date the so called hipster look and comes from the early days of the Toronto/ St Catherines /Niagra Post Hardcore Scene

    these guys are basically the godfathers of the screamo scene

  68. Josh

    if it looks like a hipster and quacks like a hipster, it sure as fuck ain't a duck brother.

  69. AnEthiopianBoy

    Lol just because they themselves might look like hipsters, doesnt mean they became hipsters as a band. They evolved from a post-hardcore sound to more of a hardcore punk sound, which half the band had always preferred listening to anyways. And regardless of whether AC/DC deserves respect or not, doesnt change the fact that they do make the same song over and over again.

  70. Josh

    I'm of the camp that Alexisonfire became hipsters and AC/DC is a bunch of overrated old men playing shit that a Grade 10 kid just starting on guitar can come up with.

  71. dojOdRiFTeR


  72. phemeral

    me listening to this song = steele at 2:10

  73. Kyle Ross

    One of the most under appreciated/known bands, their lives performances were truly amazing. Caught the final Hamilton show, and will always rate at the top.

  74. Josh

    I would like to tell them "stop wishing for fans then".

  75. Josh

    No they didn't. They turned into hipsters.

  76. Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ

    i fuckin ever love this album!!!!

  77. Brian

    And I can tell that you know absolutely nothing about music because you can't tell the difference between a few classic AC/DC songs.

  78. Brian

    Why even bring up AC/DC? That is one of the most uneducated statements I have ever seen. To even compare alexisonfire and AC/DC is a joke. Just cause you don't like real rock n roll doesn't mean you gotta shit on it and compare it to what you like.

  79. Mariya Yurchenko

    young Dallas Green is so HOT!!

  80. Joe Blow

    3.5 months away.... soooooo long, already ready to rock out!!!

  81. rubee schulzeb

    watch out was probably the best album by alexisonfire

    Dario Rivers

    100% it is - sorry 5 years late on this reply haha,

  82. M_deWorld

    Zappa's t-shirt! :D

  83. TheElectriciti

    Yeah Screamo is good but its definitely rooted from teen angst and a youthful type of music.

  84. globalchaos1984

    I have the album I'm talking about the music VIDEO.

  85. globalchaos1984


  86. globalchaos1984

    Why the fuck did they break up, they made some of the best music I've heard!?!?!?

  87. redstarunit

    The only bad thing about this band is that it doesn't exist anymore.

  88. Dan Lee

    didn't the video for this song also include the intro for it too?

  89. KnaveMurdok


  90. MGregoir

    Watch Out is probably one of my favourite albums, front-to-back ever and still stands out as a brilliant piece of work. I miss this music, and I miss the band when Jesse was still in it. All of the pieces, and all of the pieces in the right places.

  91. James Lau

    haha Dallas, less tats but more crazy


    I LOVE THESE GUYS <3 Alexisonfire forever

  93. Chadli Mascarenhas

    such a great blend of action, meaning, emotion, melody. Alexisonfire really was one of those bands that had the whole act together, and yet were never pretentious. AoF for life.

  94. Kath Leen

    I'm an enormous Dallas Green fan of course, but I don't think George gets enough credit. It actually takes quite a bit of talent to scream the way he does! At any rate, this is one of my all time favourite songs forever and ever. :)

  95. KnaveMurdok

    Alexisonfire used to be one of those bands that I just sorta liked and would see if they came in town. This song made me LOVE them.

  96. ahmano

    this video is SO AWESOME