Alexisonfire - Midnight Regulations Lyrics

I find myself concerned
For the common man, these days
Evil are the minds
That push the divide
Forced to live a life
In fear that his future is on the wane
Midnight regulations
Midnight regulations
Burns his candle down
Working to make ends meet
But what can be done
About the way things have become
Fingers to the bone
Ready to admit defeat
Midnight regulations

Brother! There is no charity
For the common man
When he is in need of relief

And now he’s hanging on
To his final stitch of faith
So, here’s to all the years
Of deaf ear fallen prayers
Rich men behind closed doors
Are trying to keep him in his place
Midnight regulations
Midnight regulations
Oh, all you common men
You need to fight for a new way
Old hearts, we need to mend
It’s time to start again
Palace walls dismantled
Brick by brick, you will have your day
Midnight regulations

Brother! There is no charity
For the common man
When he is in need of relief

They say just hold onto your hope
But you know if you swallow your pride
You will choke

Brother! There is no charity
For the common man
When he is in need of relief

Midnight regulations

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Alexisonfire Midnight Regulations Comments
  1. MrRichierich

    Yhea awesome jam! Heard it a bunch but never caught wha da fuq sang it, then heard it the other day on 89x and was determined to find out who it was... thanks to onlineradiobox lol! Always thought it was midnight recollections haha! Just scrolled through the playlists of a week ago looked for something similar, ding ding midnight regulations it is lol👍

  2. Natei

    You know even after all this time I come back to this. It has so much meaning to me. So powerful. Underrated isnt the word

  3. Nicholas Rizzo

    Probably the most underrated AOF tune out there. This song is beautiful.

  4. Glenn Barnette

    Easily the best song on the album!

  5. Eric Lutz

    Greatest band ever.

  6. Dark Vulture

    I love this Band

  7. TontoCorazon


  8. Brandon Adams

    5 people are deaf

  9. Daniel Ko


  10. Natei

    This is my favorite song by them, underappreciated band all round. Fucking kick ass

  11. Juan Ortiz

    Why would someone disliked this


    +Juan Ortiz they are dumb thats why, its one of the best alexis songs

  12. Mr Jambiwana

    holy christ of fuck that chorus could win wars

    Halfrican Messiah

    This comment is everything lol

  13. Conspirators1234

    Recently picked up this album again...7 years after I saw them live for the last time. Man the memories and class. Still love it.

  14. NecroplantTheNoob

    This song is about the effects of the 2008 Recession and the "false recovery", and the effects on the common man who has to downsize his position and dignity.

  15. Arcti Crow

    You Mean AlexisOnFire

  16. W C K D

    2:51 LOVE this part.

  17. corzawoodja

    You mean Crisis!...

  18. James Hack

    You've clearly never listened to Watch Out! then....

  19. TRipPiN BAIIS

    This really is a gem...

  20. Kelsie Mousie

    cant wait to see them on the 20th. at least if the end of the world is on the 21st i can die happy knowing i saw alexisonfire.


    That moment when the world ends on the 19th and you're just like "gosh darn... foiled again..."

  21. LXnastynotch93

    I'm glad I got to see AOF at Warped tour a couple years ago. I just caught the end of the show, but these guys were unreal live.

  22. Jon Makowski

    Have been for a while, they're doing a final tour of select locations and then that's it.

  23. Jules0123456789

    MUAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH Alexis is gettin back together for one small tour, and I have floor seats to one of their shows in December! WOOOOOOOOO

  24. Din Viesel

    Story of my life.

  25. André

    I never cease to see my tattoo on their website. Thanks only! Skate Amor Eterno AOF for love.

  26. Karl Douglas

    fucken amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzingggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. APieceOfCake


  28. J J

    FUCK was this a single? man its sooooo fucking good. There should have been a video released for this! Amazing

  29. Angel Croitor

    This song is so powerful. Alexisonfire have this sound that just rip your heart open!

  30. Donovan Douglas

    i like the ending

  31. Jocelyn Espinoza

    aamazinggg songgg . !