Alexisonfire - Little Girls Pointing And Laughing Lyrics

(We can't)
I still can
(Stop now)
Remember what you did.
Your eyes filled
(We've got)
(To slow down)
Bare foot in a public washroom.

Spill on me your nostalgia
And cataracts...
That fell
Behind self-conscious eyes.

Warm water made
(Please just give me back my heart)
This hurt so good
(Well it's been too long)
Through ivory rain
(And I will burn no more)
And cutthroat soap box derby racers

(Oh God. Hurt so fucking good.
I want you to fucking wreck me.
I want you to wreck me.
I want you to ruin me.)

I want you to ruin me.
(Please just give me back my heart)
Ruin me.
(Well it's been too long)
I. Want. You. To... ruin me.
(And I will burn no more)
(Tired of all these lies)
I. Want you. To ruin me.
(And elsewhere eyes of yours)
Ruin me.
(So I will scream)
I want you to...
(And dream of what's to come)
Ruin me.

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Alexisonfire Little Girls Pointing And Laughing Comments
  1. Gabrielor

    Best AoF song

  2. Oxbig 951

    Just found this song on accident but it’s pretty lit

  3. Jesse Stewart

    Listening since release

  4. carlee Malmberg

    Still my go to song

  5. Mehow kp

    Still can't believe how good you guys were. Real music. 2018 and still 🔥

    Dmitriy Sobko

    2019 and still 🔥

  6. smokeinureye111

    Hands down, the best Alexis song. Whole albums great tho.

  7. きのこ帝国ンググドバイッ

    я иду вверх по лестнице...

  8. Justin Shinlever

    favorite song off of the album tbh

  9. Kenjuu

    I hate it when people upload Alexisonfire's S/T with that crappy album art that has the swirly writing on the bottom. Thanks for using the original album art.

  10. Peeps001

    Tied for best song. I like Accidents just as much.

  11. Seth Morrison

    why did their later albums have to get all preachy and religious :( wish they put out more awsome albums like this.


    you just summed every band that grew up, why don't they just make nice sounding music.. and leave religion and politics out

  12. Osiris


  13. oma15

    Their best track, in my honest opinion.


    i can only agree!

  14. Sailor Lawrence

    best song off this album, and its a pretty friggin sick album!

  15. StopDropandLOL

    so 20 years from now when I'm in my mid 40s and driving my mid-life crisis mobile, i will be rocking this track while all the kids cringe at the old man. fuck yeah.

  16. quin giles

    Fave band

  17. Bloodfeast

    heart and soul

  18. 4Tr3YuMon

    please just give me back my heart....

  19. paulerxx

    Please give me back my heart
    Well It's been too long
    And I will burn no more
    Tired of all these lies
    And elsewhere eyes of yours

    So I will scream
    And dream of what's to come

  20. Jacob Dial

    Whatever its whatever. Im stuck in rehab right now and the only thing I have is youtube for a half hour each day. I just wantede to die or shoot up until I remembered I could hear this song and anything by alexisonfire or bayside they have elavated me. I still cant hold food down nor can I stop crying but this has helped. Thanks guys!!!!!

    Bobby G.

    Jacob Dial hope you’re well now. I know it’s years later since you wrote this but I hope you’re better. About 8 years ago I got clean off pills and I was laying on my parents couch in agony. I had actually fell asleep for the first time in days and I heard Alexisonfire in my dream and at that time hadn’t listen to them in about 2 years. I woke up and used every ounce of strength to get up and jump on the computer and made a Alexisonfire playlist. Laid back down on the couch and for the rest of the day listened to them and by that night I had felt better and got up and showered, shaved, and put nice clothes on and I remember how listening to them gave me strength that I couldn’t believe. I had loved them more than I had ever before. Amazing how music could do that.

    Jon Ropka

    Love you

  21. Afroboy151

    Guys guys please, it's not ugly it's emotion, and this is a very rare,specific, and FUCKING awesome form of it.

  22. itaketheSQUARE

    All of these views are because of me. I have a problem.

  23. Gerard Gatdula

    if you think that's ugly, try alesana haha

  24. kcool134

    Step one: curl up into ball. Step two: try not to cry. Step three: cry deeply.

  25. Curtis Conarroe

    Where does one find this? I looked on their site and couldn't find any such script.

  26. nikolas cote

    This is their most underrated song.

  27. Alessandro Ricciutelli

    This song will always be my life-soundtrack. This is the best song ever, and will be forever in my head.

  28. quin giles

    Amazed still

  29. musicfan11ye

    Sooo underrated! 1:22 - 2:03 is EPIC!

  30. mcdangles89

    listen to this song and read the message that george left on their website and try not to cry, legit..

  31. mcdangles89

    This is easily their best song, cant believe how fucking good these guys were.

  32. Mike Lefevre

    their first song

  33. Semibrucelee

    why, why did they have to break up!

  34. jeremy sanders

    Well it's been too long, and I will burn no more <3


    it doesent go loud enough

  36. Daniel Weaver

    @dan36920 So what you're saying is that each listen to this song has the same physical effect on your body as 64 sneezes?

  37. Karol Ryszawy

    All riffs are great and tis definitely my best song by them so far, but what's the most awesome part starts at 1:22 :):):)

  38. DenimGenes

    This has been my favourite song from the first time I heard it many years ago.. its addictive

  39. Corey Deiterman

    Is this remastered or something? It sounds like a hundred times better than the version I have.

  40. Matteo Grilli


  41. Justin P

    this really is my favorite song ever and it has been since I first heard it 5 years ago.
    other stuff comes and goes but this really is amazing.

  42. Ethan Aguilar


    Crisis and OC/YC were both incredibly amazing records. We all have opinions, though.

    Alexisonfire is a versatile band, and they've put out nothing but good material since their inception. I applaud them for maturing their sound. I sure as hell wouldn't want another S/T or Watch Out, because the novelty of the sound would run thin, then you'd be complaining they do the same thing over and over.

    So quit complaining, and just be thankful AoF keeps making music for us.

  43. KingZig86

    I don't understand this song. Lol

  44. ThePunkiePlayer

    cuz theyr just sayin their opinnion that, most of the time, doesn't make sense. ;P

  45. Oscaracer

    The intro guitar reminds me of the Dallas Green's old band "Helicon blue" in that "last breath" song jaja

  46. That one girl who fuks around with the fuk around

    favorite song of all time!! idk why some ppl think alexisonfire is bad??? screw them

  47. Daniel Hilton

    i came 8 1/2 times listening to this

  48. jonathan mataya

    this song has ultimate replay play valuuuuuiu. EXTREEMMMMEEE

  49. Zoe Adam

    lov it!!!!

  50. Jamie B

    @ulas1986 troll :]

  51. Jamie B

    i wish my range would go as high as Dallas.. I belt my fucking lungs out during the chorus everytime and i just sound turrbile, turrible, turrible :P

  52. shizmcgiz

    spill on me your nostalgia and cataracts that fell behind self ..... CONSCIOUS EYES!

  53. That one girl who fuks around with the fuk around

    this whole song is just amazing

  54. Mizunara

    1.17-2.15 still melts me

  55. linkinparkcovers

    Crisis is their best album.. OC/YC is weakest

  56. setyoursightsnorth

    yeah. I'll have to agree. "crisis" is their weakest album. "you burn first" is one of the worst songs I have ever heard. Its a shame that it was Wade had to sing it.

    Cdb Cdb

    setyoursightsnorth except it wasn’t Wade. It’s the singer from Stars Mistaken for Airplanes or whatever it is.

  57. setyoursightsnorth

    i love this song.
    alexisonfire at their best.
    but i can NEVER find a good version of this song. the audio is always really quiet and fuzzy. really hard to hear dallas' voice.

  58. Jiahn Contreras

    I don't like any other album. When I heard We are the End, I almost puked.

  59. AltonDeVir575

    rap= retards atempting poetry

  60. Alienoverload

    @jmart1333 uh I jumped on real but I hate "this could be anywhere in the world" especially compared to this song

  61. yeet

    @1134cc i'm not saying it's a bad album, i only say i like the album Alexisonfire the best. they don't have bad albums, but crisis is maybe the album i listen to the least. But i do like it, i'm sorry if i phrased it wrong to it seemed i don't like it... But i do xP

  62. yeet

    @adolfhitlerthe3rd I totally agree. This is easily their best album. i only like Boiled Frogs, This could be anywhere in the world, rough hands and Mailbox arson off of Crisis... But this album <3

  63. jmart1333

    i have loved this band since this album was released and i really hate the people who jumped on real late and think "this could be anywhere in the world" is their best song, its probably in their lower 20% of good songs..... this is real motherfuckin AOF, this whole album and "watch out" and "boiled frogs" from crisis

  64. Braden Turner

    i love in the little book for this album beside this song name it says, "i can still remember wat you did. your eyes filled with discomfort, barefoot in a public washroom. spill on me your nostaglia like warm water and cataracts that fell behind selfconcious eyes. it hurt so good through ivory rain and cutthroat soapbox derby races. i want you to ruin me". godamn they r good with lyrics and words

  65. CzarYourselfBrett

    this is sadly about STI's (concious) and sirens. and maybe trying to make it right through purity. "hurt for a fucking jedi" "wan jew too threw a nade"

  66. iTotallyObscene


    LMFAO American Pie references NEVER will get old. ~This one time at band camp~. OH AND THIS SONG IS TOUCHING to say the least.

  67. TheAgonyOfVictory

    this song is so under-rated its crazy!!

  68. Crystopher Shadden

    "I still can, Remember what you did, Your eyes filled with discomfort, Standing barefoot in a public washroom." Those lyrics really spoke to me, It's ironic, And metaphorical, My opinion is he's speaking about a person with a broken heart. Who is an uncomfortable person. "barefoot in a public washroom.". Much love to Alexisonfire.

  69. ヽ(`Д´)ノ


    you emo.

  70. Karl Douglas

    its tragic such a song and they ask God himself to ruin them and wreck them

  71. bruce lee

    this song is THE ''SHIT''

  72. TheAgonyOfVictory

    i want you to....ruin me

  73. TheAgonyOfVictory

    its about this one time at band camp.... no jk, um look up the lyrics or google it

  74. simiic2g

    really miss old aof

  75. Jordan Mercereau


  76. Mizunara

    1:23-2:10 almost broke my heart.

  77. Annika Lessing

    This has always been my fave AOF song. used to cry like a baby every time i heard it.

  78. Jordan Mercereau

    I want you to ruin me.
    (Please just give me back my heart)
    Ruin me.
    (Well it's been too long)
    I. Want. You. To... ruin me.
    (And I will burn no more)
    (Tired of all these lies)
    I. Want you. To ruin me.
    (And elsewhere eyes of yours)
    Ruin me.
    (So I will scream)
    I want you to...
    (And dream of what's to come)
    Ruin me.

  79. terrortane

    OMG i love this song so much!!!

  80. Gigabowser4

    I want you to ruin me.
    (Please just give me back my heart)
    Ruin me.
    (Well it's been too long)
    I. Want. You. To... ruin me.
    (And I will burn no more)
    (Tired of all these lies)
    I. Want you. To ruin me.
    (And elsewhere eyes of yours)
    Ruin me.
    (So I will scream)
    I want you to...
    (And dream of what's to come)
    Ruin me.

  81. jbvalo

    1:22 - 2:15 is just pure epic riffage.

  82. MimixWimii

    i love this songgg.
    Dallas Green really does have the best voice i've ever heard..