Alexisonfire - I'm Stranded Lyrics

Like a snake calling on the phone
I've got no time to be alone
there is some one coming at me all the time
babe I think I'll lose my mind
'cause I'm stranded on my own
stranded far from home
I'm riding on a midnight train
& everybody looks just the same
a subway light it's dirty reflection
I'm lost I don't have a direction
I'm stranded on my own
stranded far from home
Look at me looking at you
there ain't a thing that I can do
you are lost your mind is a whirl
baby such a stupid girl
Livin' in a world insane
they cut out some heart & some brain
'been filling it up with dirt
do you know how much it hurts...
to be...stranded on my own
stranded far from home

Stranded I'm so far from home
Stranded yeah I am on my own
Stranded why don't you leave me alone

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Alexisonfire I'm Stranded Comments
  1. yves escriva

    "Totally slaughtered" is the right adjective & i would ad "ridiculous" as bonus.

  2. James Hack

    Half the people commenting have absolutely 0 musical background. It takes little to no songwriting talent to cover a song note for note, taking a song and turning it into something your own is really impressive. I actually really enjoyed this.

    Dax Comix

    This guys did it WRONG, they killed the spirit of the song

  3. MArtin Schmitt

    Alexisonfire = was and still is emo bullshit. Jezz, what happend this days. Guys look alike straight out a prison but act like emo scum


    good work troll u fooled no one 


    @MArtin Schmitt haha dally said it best, nice try schmitty

  4. Erick Costa

    Wow, ruined the song...

    Too many munsters

    hipster ruin everything

  5. Benji Colbourne Music

    how people complain about there version is beyond me. this is beautiful! as the original is bad-ass, best of both worlds ;)

  6. Teddy Graciano

    doesn't work without the bass and driving drums - its not a ballad lads

  7. AlannahBathory


  8. AlannahBathory

    Killed this rad song originally by the Saints.. Alexisonfire...stick to your emo/screamo whatever the fuck it is.

    I am Ghostie


  9. Cameron Forrester

    Wow! The influence of Sunny Day Real Estate shines through so much on Helicon Blue's stuff now that I think about it...

  10. Jesse Morton

    you know those fuckers were fighting over australia too!

  11. TheOriginalSixxy

    That's a classic punk song and you had no business trying to make a version of it! You messed it up. Don't get me wrong, I live acoustic, I play guitar, I love music... And I've been listening to the Saints for over 20 years, and when I heard this version, I could NOT finish the video. It's horrible. WTF!?

  12. sean mcneil

    i own that album

  13. Josh Sullivan

    Why? What's wrong with this? O.o

  14. Austin Carroll

    He may have impressed Jeremy Enigk, but if Chris Bailey heard this he would puke.

  15. Larsan21

    Nice of u telling ur out of the closet!

  16. filiki hachee


  17. Adam

    Not to take anything away from wade, but the song needs more Dallas

  18. bersaba

    4:07 Music starts.

  19. John Void


    Oh man there trying way to hard.

  20. paddlepop77


  21. master ignacious willard

    this is shit guys

  22. R. ROOKSBY

    Pretty crummy version.

  23. jaymusseato


    ...TROLL SHMOLL...this iz SIMPLY bad...what HACKERY...look at these pose-job BILLBOARDS...CONTRIVED pseudo SOUL-full BULLSHIT...somebody STEAL their EQUIPMENT...!!!

  24. Phenix Warren

    the first chords sound like save your scissors .

  25. Bob Ross

    lol @jaymusseato is trying to troll

  26. timmayk1

    There Canadian dick head

  27. jaymusseato

    >way to butcher the SAINTS ya dumb americuns<

  28. aliceteapot

    3:03! <3

  29. Lachlan Sebbens

    so sick that they have a risk game set up in the background