Alexisonfire - Grey Lyrics

Big black wolf, clawing at your door
Dead mans hand, is crawling 'cross the floor
Witch on the horizon is brewing up a vex
Everyone in town is wondering who is next
Toothless tramp, is crawling through the mud
Turned in to the {living} dead, by puffer fish blood
The God of the sea, is swinging his trident
We stoke our, fires with the bones of tyrants

The city trudges on
Under a sky as
Grey as the mayors heart

Meanest man alive, lives for a hundred years
Town pedophile, bathes in little girls tears
Ghosts of old love, are blowing through the pines
Nicotine babies being born with no spines
Gather up the children, and lead them to the cliffs
The anchor has been cut, and we are all adrift
New plague is rolling, through the slums of old town
And the roaches move in, as the rats have all drown

The city trudges on
Under a sky as
Grey as the mayors heart

As grey as prison bars
As grey as a border fence
As grey as a chain
As grey as the mayors heart
As grey as prison bars
As grey as a border fence
As grey as a chain

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Alexisonfire Grey Comments
  1. Daniel Daniels

    We take it for granted today, but a single Dorito has more extreme nacho flavor than a peasant in the 1400s would get in his entire lifetime.

  2. Eric Lutz

    2018 and still the greatest band ever.

    Daniel Daniels

    would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a 100 duck-sized horses?

  3. Jordan Saulnier

    Just wow

  4. Ana Carolina Pires Gomes

    oh george ♥

  5. jim tom

    George really sounds like the comedian bobcat on here


    bobcat or Bjorn?!

  6. Alex Watts

    This is my favourite alexisonfire song. I think it just showcases how talented they are as a band musically. The arrangement is fantastic as well as the acoustics of every instrument. It's also strange as I generally prefer songs where Dallas leads the vocals. The whole of this E.P is so powerful, and it infuriates me that they didn't develop this further.

    Valentine Kolpakov

    Alex Watts I called my self a huge fan of AOF and finally saw them for my first time a couple of weeks back. I thought I knew every AOF song but I somehow totally missed the existence of this album and this song. I only discovered this EP on the way back from the show, and I didn’t even get to “Grey” because I literally had Dog’s Blood on repeat for the whole 45 minute ride. When I played this my mind was even further blown.

    I’m with you, this and dogs blood are easily their best and my favorite songs. I really wish they would have developed on this further, it would have been fucking EPIC.

    I fucking LOVE alexisonfire.

    Valentine Kolpakov

    And to the the comment you made about Dallas leading vocals, same
    dude, I always preferred him leading, but this track is just perfect the way it is with George

  7. AndrewOzy

    I feel that the band may have stuck together if they continued in this harder direction. Dallas would have left either way, but Wade could have stepped in as the lead and they could have brought in a voice similar to what Dallas offered in a supporting role. I'm pretty sure many AOF fans would have been happy with the harder sound and Wade/George leading the band - their vocals are just as important as Dallas' ever were. Wade was clearly looking for this role - hence joining Gallows as the lead.

  8. kaliberr021

    i want that tattooed on me

  9. SimpLe Plays

    Didn't say he did. Lol

  10. Pedro Rendón

    13 seconds to get the riff's rhytm xD

  11. itsMatthu

    touche, I would just rather have dallas singing lol :) but regardless Alexisonfire = my favorite band of all time <333 love them all equally

  12. Claya

    HAHA every band member completes them. As a matter of fact, he's playing guitar in this.

  13. scooter540360

    The only band ever...

  14. itsMatthu

    Yes, he does.... He completes them, and this does not sound like Alexisonfire.

  15. Claya

    LOL, Dallas doesn't make alexis dude. Stop making yourself seem like a tool.

  16. SimpLe Plays

    I enjoy these songs on the EP, but come on... No Dallas.

  17. MrBaguel

    omg i'm from Gatineau xD

  18. Pusha

    there aren't any bands left

  19. Kyle

    Check Wade's twitter, they're doing a farewell tour.

  20. obesesummer

    they where great live!!

  21. Ben Sladden

    Sends shivers down my spine, I loved this band, so gutted that I never got to see them live :/

  22. setiwoh

    i love this album, but it seems so....unrefined. especially the vocals. and not in a good way.

  23. TheDominicLR

    They WILL come back.

  24. Steven Walsh-Dubois

    Last August, I was driving to Gatineau to go to college at Heritage. Stayed at a hotel for the night, turned on MTV, and found out Alexisonfire were breaking up. As soon as I got to Gatineau, I got "We Are The Sound"( the song that stood out the most to me) tattooed on my forearm for my first tattoo, since they were the first band that got me into Hardcore music, and wanted something permanent to remember them by. RIP Alexisonfire, the only band ever!

  25. Steely Gilpin

    Come on guys "Ghosts from past loves are flowing threw the pines, nicoteen babies born with no spines" is from Young Cardinals. Don't be so lazy. lol

  26. TheCrazyjuniot

    pinche cerveza LOL

  27. Maxime-Alexandre Gosselin

    The only band that ever was :(

  28. Arianna King

    @m3talmilitia15 it was a damn good EP tho

  29. Steelrain

    @The1MinecraftProject When and where did he say that? He said he didn't want the rest of AOF having to wait around for him.

  30. YouKnowThatYouDont

    @Zetsubou2113 but they were so good :/

  31. durabubble

    how do i get this cd version or something other ep

  32. corrosion06

    Hear George's voice is better than hear "i love you" !!!

  33. Doug Gann

    So, let's clear something up. Dallas was on this record. Dog's Blood came out November of 2010. Dallas left in early 2011. He's actually in the title track singing. Wade MacNeil ALSO left, to focus on HIS side project. This happens. It isn't anyones fault. As a musician, I respect both of their decisions to explore their styles and grow as artists, and I wish them both the best of luck.

  34. Doug Gann

    @m3talmilitia15 They had another album written and in recording, but Dallas left for City and Colour, and then Wade left for Black Lungs, and rather than rebuild the band, they decided to step down gracefully. But George said in an interview the slated album was going to be "so heavy, it makes Dog's Blood sound like a ska record".


    @m3talmilitia15 Actually most bands do.

  36. Adrian YDG

    @FujNuggets i loved it still though.. i just feel like they should have put one more album before splitting but i still believe they will make one eventually when Dallas takes a break from City and Colour

  37. Chris Marshall

    Anyone else hear a little Maggot Brain on this song? Starting at 1:14.

  38. FujNuggets

    This needed to come out after old crows/young cardinals that album just was not even sub par compared to this and their older albums

  39. 7burnitdown

    fuck dallas for breaking up with the band... also georges voice is probs so fucked up by now from all the screaming all those years

    Dustin Robak

    year 2018 and george still has his voice :D

  40. Rio Garza

    @NancyPelosi1954 ikr? i was excited for their new album but it sucks that they broke up.....

  41. m3talmilitia15

    @DeadKingLovesMusik Or they could do a collaboration with Lou Reed.

  42. Zach

    @jluvsmetal not to mention "nicotine babies being born without spines" also being in Young Cardinals

  43. Ben Sladden

    @DeadKingLovesMusik Could you imagine George rapping but in scream? That would sound awesome! Throw in some sick guitar riff's and you've got yourself a awesome new genre.

  44. Shane C

    @tryitworks Yeah, too bad there isn't going to be any more good time since Dallas is a bitch.

  45. Pands3r

    Who agrees that Alexisonfire could only suck if they turned hip-hop? :D

  46. Ian K11

    @MiervaldisPirdunas Well im in Canada so ill see them. But as of right now im pre sure its a rumor

  47. Ian K11

    It breaks my heart that they're no more, my fav. band....not to mention this EP was insane, and they said the new record would make this one sound like "some sort of Sca record", so I was excited. Oh well, life goes on, I pray they do a farewell tour.

  48. tryitworks

    @MeGaMaNEH Calm down - we are talking about our favorite band out there. For me there is every single member included, no matter what is now.
    Jordan spoke of "magic while all 5 playing together" how you would explain the magnificent ep, when there's lack of dallas?!
    I am not sounding stupid because i didn't want to start a battle...oh wait, but you.
    None of us listeners and fans are qualified to judge their decision!
    Just listen to the music - "This sh*t is having a good fu***ng time"!!!

  49. Shane C

    @tryitworks At 1:05, Wade is still doing the beast guitar. Dallas is just playing simple background guitar notes. Dallas barely helped the band with Dog's Blood, they made it without him in mind hence the lack of vocals he has. He still went with them for the Old Crows/Young Cardinals tour (in which they also played some Dog's Blood songs), but he told them after the tour he was going to leave to band forever.

    Get your facts right, you're sounding stupid.

  50. Phearbluee

    The only band ever is no longer the only band ever.. :(

  51. tryitworks

    @MeGaMaNEH agree with dallas being a bit selfish but what about wade and gallows?? oh btw get those tomatoes off your eyes and look at about 1:05
    so dallas ehm was rendered and then via hologram doing the show?? or what do you believe? born and raised intro also played by dallas...their earlier records were more melodic and so wade was playing some guitar solo too.

  52. Derrick Platz

    @brett17e yeah, he is.

  53. nicjram1

    the guitar work dude

  54. Billitrance

    @MeGaMaNEH Dude chill out, whilst i agree with you that dallas is a douchebag that fucked it all up, theres no need to start ranting at that guy

  55. Shane C

    @0snakebit3 People like you piss me off. Dallas is a fucking douchebag that ditched Alexis and all of his friends so that he could simply focus on City and Colour. As said, Dallas isn't even on this album. The lead guitarist is, and always has been Wade. Any awesome guitar solo you hear is Wade. Dallas just plays simple strings in the background in all Alexis songs, that's all. He seems nice in some interviews, but there are quite a few where he is a royal asshole. He's a selfish child.

  56. m3talmilitia15

    Who ends on an EP? Seriously...

  57. Karina Arruda

    that's never gonna happen. they broke up..

  58. Jack Alexander Goss

    @brett17e Oh right! :p Wasn't sure how old that EP was

  59. Nut

    is this George or Wade singing? It sounds like George but he's not exactly screaming so it leads me to believe it's Wade's rough voice

  60. Jack Alexander Goss

    Love the solo in this. Shows Dallas' talent.

  61. lalonder19

    @Usnato4evr Who the fuck is Lucenzo? Queerbait, fuck off.

  62. lalonder19

    @Usnato4evr Wow that has to be the gayest comment on the internet right now.

  63. Derrick Platz

    The guitar is haunting on this ep. AOF never disappoints.

  64. rangekoe

    epic track savage band

  65. Tom


    Rough hands is a good song, it shows Dallas' talent very clearly.
    I do believe having a favourite song is a matter of opinion, and not just to what you think is 'their top ten'

    People like you dont deserve to listen to music as great as this.

    and for the record, no.. Rough hands is not my favourite AOF song.

  66. Steelrain

    @devilsfan882 I said out of my favorites you turd. I bet I listen to alexisonfire more then you do.

  67. Steelrain

    I'd have to say this song took the reigns over rough hands as being my favourite AOF song

  68. Joshua Mills

    Tom Morello influence @ 3:44

  69. Joe Comolli

    Whoa... SKINNER and Alexisonfire? An art collab I never would have imagined...

  70. Lordgod Bazar

    @demon784 You're a moron for thinking your specific taste in music dictates what music is good and bad.

  71. Joshua Mills

    The guitar here is huge.

  72. demon784

    @duhhh676 youre a moron. first of all, the first two albums were miles better than crisis. second of all, this sounds like just like the last two albums, except way better, because they are bringing back some old guitar sounds

  73. Mr. Sprinkles

    @z3ro66 world changing, they kind of make you want to have a revolution though

  74. z3ro66

    @bloodninja72 what do you think they are singing about in the album..?

    world changes..? revolution?


  75. LifeLineXx

    good god i love that guitar.

  76. Digitalist

    @duhhh676 don't listen to them, I kinda agree with you. This isn't much of an Alexisonfire song without Dallas singing, or with Wade backing with vocals. It's just George. It's a great song but it sounds more like George's side band, Black Lungs. Crisis was an amazing album.

  77. Digitalist

    people get so fucking defensive on here. shut the fuck up everyone and let people state their opinions. Alexisonfire for life!

  78. Victor Anleu

    @duhhh676 shut the fuck up, you're favorite album by them says it all.. you're a moron..

  79. Mr. Sprinkles

    the lyrics are like a different version of emerald street! their are saying the same thing as in he album young cardinals!

  80. CarveMyNameInStone


    And that is a bad thing... how? Bands evolve over time, I for one adored old LP and Green Day, but nowadays I don't like them the same way as I liked them back then, why? Because I matured in a different way that their band matured.


  81. mutantpig08

    @duhhh676 Thats an interesting analysis. I think that you can hear the similarities with several songs off of Crisis in this song. The guitar has a similar ring to that of the guitar in Rough Hands, and the vocals are similar too...

  82. kcool134

    @m3talmilitia15 You most certainly do, amigo, and it works for them :P

  83. kcool134

    The guitar riffs are stellar, Wade and Dallas are awesome :D

  84. kcool134

    @Panttts You got to meet George!? You lucky bastard!! :D

  85. m3talmilitia15

    Do I detect post-rock?

  86. medicrow


  87. AudioSignals

    It's like Christmas on acid. Holy Jesus Mother Mary!!!

  88. plas

    the only band ever.

  89. Ian K11

    God i love Alexis. My fav band ever.
    This song and EP for that matter, in my opinion, really shows the heavy, rough riffs of crisis, as well as brings us to that haunting wailing sound of Watch Out!
    I loved OC/YC, but this is amazing.

  90. Panttts

    @Albino7122 I got the chance to ask george this when they played in nottingham in england on the 12th, after he wrote that line on the back of my alexis shirt :D apparently they wrote this song before young cardinals and they stole the line and put it on young cardinals, same with "we ride in the mouth of madness" on old crows and wayfarer youth, apparently he "likes repeating lyrics in different songs"

  91. My Arrow, Your Mom

    holy shit these songs are awesome so far. i dare say better than the crisis or old crows album. cant wait to buy this

  92. Trevormcgoldrick

    I loved Old Crows/Young Cardinals, but this fucking KILLS it!

  93. Jimpaco

    december 3rd, pumped :D

  94. z3ro66

    @Classicalboarder i think i can hear dallas playing some amazing solo stuf on guitar on this track... sounds europhoric..


  95. Lexicon of Fools

    @Albino7122 haha yea man, i noticed that to. Fuckin Young Cardinals

  96. Joshua Monroe

    alexisonfire and senses fail new albums in the same week life is good

  97. Patrick Locke


  98. Tommy DeVito

    songs like this remind me that alexisonfire is my favorite band :)