Alexisonfire - Dog's Blood Lyrics

Endless whispers, skies that bleed
Dogs blood falls from it like rain
Choke the rivers, flood the streets
Canine era, canine teeth
New kind of soldier, born of scars
Cut so much skin and the blood of dogs
Face my arrow here in the field
Insides will drown, drink their own tears

Howls heard for miles around
(We will all drown, we will all drown)
In dog's blood we will all drown
(We will all drown, we will all drown)
No escape, no mercy, through the ruined town
We will all bathe in the blood of hounds

They will hunt them to the last
Time of the mongrel, down to the past
Sterilize you a new scene
Wolves awake from the endless dream
Born from faith, but the ember will fall
Every new year marks who are born
They will strike with the hands of God
Marks the end of the era of dog

Howls heard for miles around
(We will all drown, we will all drown)
In dog's blood we will all drown
(We will all drown, we will all drown)
No escape, no mercy, through the ruined town
We will all bathe in the blood of hounds

Howls heard for miles around
In dog's blood we will all drown
Howls heard for miles around
In dog's blood we will all drown

Dog's blood
Dog's blood

Dog's blood
(Howls heard for miles around)
Dog's blood
(In dog's blood we will all drown)
Dog's blood
(Howls heard for miles around)
Dog's blood
(In dog's blood we will all drown)

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Alexisonfire Dog's Blood Comments
  1. Ross gibson

    The 31 people disliking this song must be deaf .

  2. BSpuR23

    you need to see them, ive seen a LOT of big name bands and AOF still my fav show ive seen

  3. Alt_Method TV


  4. Jay Dallas

    I got this albums artwork tatted on my right arm.

  5. Daniel Eanes

    The end just gives me chills.

    Green Kid

    Fcking epic... wish they could reunite

  6. Thomas Kerr

    Just saw live... man what a song

    Domonic Winton

    One of the best songs and bands I have ever seen live. Incredible

  7. Jay Dallas

    Mans best friend has always been what? The K9 and before them their ancestors the wolf. Mankind has always done what? sabotage everything that is good to them for no reason but other than wickedness. I want to believe the analogy of this song is when we kill our companions of loyalty and trust more than ourselves for greed or whatever excuse we deceive them. That moment when we forget this and spill their blood that ot will be the very becoming of our demise. Remember evil is man made and no matter who much we hate to admit it. The hurt and decay if our earth is only by the hands of ourselves.

  8. remytv

    Alexisonfire's songs and albums just kept on getting better and better as they aged, too bad they aren't doing more material.


    Seriously would have loved to see where they were heading after this EP.

    Cameron Johnson



    I honestly thought the exact opposite, but I'd never heard Dog's Blood until tonight. This song whomps

  9. The Youth Idiocracy

    Last of the enforcers anyone?

    Mike Delgaty

    Haha ya

  10. Jay Dallas

    For this album art cover tattooed on me forever

  11. Wolf3Pack Gaming

    Best pump up song!!! Love this band!!

  12. doug las

    Shit is sick AOF

  13. Winston Wolfe

    I love all of this song, but 2:25 is where it really starts. So good.

    Valentine Kolpakov

    Winston Wolfe I don’t even need to go to 2:25 to know exactly where that is...fucking amazing track

  14. NigelRush

    My speakers aren't loud enough.

  15. Billy lockwood

    I missed out on they're world tour tickets but if they perform again dont care where im so going

    Sam Hutchings

    Billy lockwood it's happening.....

    James Walton-payne

    Download festival uk

  16. Eric Lutz

    my only problem is i can't make this song louder.

    Winston Wolfe

    Buy louder speakers! You can always make it louder!

  17. Eric Lutz

    aof changed my life. fan forever. I WILL see them live before I die.

    Cezar Corches

    Dario Rivers well thanks for the info. I was myself missinformed

    Domonic Winton

    They still do the occasional tour. I saw them at the download festival this year. Only water 12 years or so to see them haha. Will worth it

    Paiden Fee

    @Cezar Corches there back and in Canada they're legends not a side project I don't think side projects sell out the Molson amphitheatre


    i legit recommend you coming up north for a show my dude. I went to one of their shows in grade 9 with a friend & this really wasn't my crowd ( i was a skater but i did NOT dress punk or even look liked i was supposed to be there cause of my baggy ass clothes). Anyways, Dallas pointed me out in one of his songs with a "look at this fuckin guy over here" type pointing. cause i was the only dude who looked like a thug going legit *HAM* moments later, he invited the entire fucking crowd from the floor onto the stage to Mosh with the band.

    10/10 show & would go deaf for them again.

  18. Matt Bafaro

    holy fuck

  19. smat

    This was the best song they ever wrote IMO

    Global Threat

    Dog's blood.

    Eric Lutz

    MaxMorerProductions its about slaving to the grind. and drowning in the stress and torture of your life. what ever your torture is , that's your connection.

    Wolf3Pack Gaming

    smat best pump up song ever!!

    Alt_Method TV

    JUST NO M8

    Junior Santana

    what about Born and Raised?

  20. antiheld

    favorite 😛

  21. Markus VIKINGS

    Fuck AOF come back!

  22. T Y

    What does this song mean?

  23. moty0303 watch this live in Montreal :) 28:20 great performance!!

  24. SecretSounds32

    This song is CRAZY, Miss this band so much, hope they get another album together that would be wicked.

    David C

    +SecretSounds32 They're touring again. Don't know if permanent, but they have a bunch of shows coming up.


    +SecretSounds32 I'm watching them play tonight at Riot Fest Chicago!!!

  25. Eyeconoklast

    Ahh, man. Too bad they're not together anymore.

    Brandon Perreault

    @JF R temporarily unfortunately


    @brandon perro Still better than nothing, got my ticket for the Mtl show

    Black eSports Australia

    I just got to watch them perform dogs blood live in Adelaide only last night. Watching them again in Melbourne in a couple of days - Definitely keen!

    Wolf3Pack Gaming

    Eyeconoklast tjeybhad shows in alberta 2 years ago

    Cody M

    Familiar Drugs!

  26. Vandorskee

    Dear Alexis,

    please finish Dog's Blood album. Then fuck off, to whatever you please.

    Yours sincerely,

    Everyone one in the universe.

  27. PluralOfFish

    Dislocated my knee to this in a mosh at their farewell show, shit was so punk

  28. Brownie5262

    Can't believe Dallas opted out, this shit was just gonna make them bigger!!
    Fuck I miss AOF, when I saw them live at there farewell gig in Melbourne it seemed like they had so much more to give as one!

  29. Szymon Łuczyński

    Naaah, it's called post-hardcore and has been around for some time now.

  30. Luis Vidal

    in dogs blood we have drowned ....

  31. Reid Marsh

    awesp,e spmg

  32. Euphoria

    Hipster gonna hip... Fuck off.

  33. Sacrilege Gaming Godz

    Fuck!! Those drums!!!!

  34. 9385dee7

    Yup, i agree. The more i listen to it the more i like it

  35. kelly goertzen

    at their show in calgary last month they said " this is not a funeral, this is a wake!!!!!!!!!" this band was my first fav band and always will be!

  36. globalchaos1984

    lol hipster trash gtfo

  37. Berchem's Flash Affair

    Your reply had me second guessing myself until I realized you probably have a concrete definition of what you think is punk. Not gonna try and start a debate. AOF is most certainly a punk of some sort and you can't deny that. And to say they were "never punk" is just a joke. Punk is like jazz, in that we all think there's one kind of jazz.

  38. Herb Dean

    lol dude AoF was never punk.

  39. Claya

    Just bought a sweet fuzz pedal. This is the main reason aha.

  40. Nathan Bigec

    They played this last night at their last show in Hamilton and they killed it!!!!

  41. Dea DaDalt

    This song is actually so nasty, back to their roots.

    Too bad they are doing their farewell tour, such a shame to lose such an amazing band, all we need in this world is more electronic bullshit with no talent.. RIP Alexisonfire

  42. Chuck Scots

    couldn't agree more. i was worried about the direction they were taking with young/crows but this is SICK. i wish they'd made it a whole album, maybe a bit more screaming though....that conversations irrelavent now anyways i guess. saw them a couple nights ago for the first and last time... so good. they played all my favourites, including this one.

  43. Berchem's Flash Affair

    Yeah he actually makes a great frontman too. Hardcore Gallows fans seem pissed though lol.

  44. Zac6230

    wade also left

  45. Bryce Coleman

    They are "The only band ever" and always will be

  46. Erin Brazeau

    gold. see you boys in 4 days!

  47. 1clkgtramg - Midnight Club Syndicate

    Wade was a huge aspect too. There wasn't a lead guitarist in the band, they shared the responsibilities. Wades vocals were great too, it gave Alexis a taste of the 3 types of vocalists, but with just one, it would rid the genre completely. I think its best that they call it quits as continuing with just 2 founding members could damage their image. They will always be my favorite band and I would hope it will stay that way.

  48. Callum Young

    It would be even harder to carry on now with Wade being in Gallows.

  49. Carlos Nogueira

    Not even Watch Out! or Crisis, the best album is Alexisonfire who have the song "Little Girls Pointing and Laughing"

  50. cadavermanhim

    how can this comment get 15 likes? what does it matter what track got someone into the band? it just seems to be a internet trend where someone makes a innocent comment about something then some condescending idiot jumps down their throat and gives them shit for no reason. ill never understand it, maybe you had a hard time at school and this is how you feel better about yourself because you never had the balls to stand up to the school bully

  51. Zac6230

    you can bet a reunion album in 10 years

  52. MisterGutsy6

    I dooon't??? Herher

  53. Berchem's Flash Affair

    This EP defines modern punk rock. It's a shame Dallas clocked out. They were on to something.

  54. LFCJFT96YNWA1892

    While I agree with you to some point, Crisis was still a great album. You have to love frogs, we are the sound and rough hands.

  55. 1234

    One of the best they've produced. This is their swan song, the one to be remembered by

  56. Noah Brierley

    that is your opinion some people might prefer crisis and some people might prefer the self titled every has they're own favourite

  57. Joseph Coker

    first off fucknut alexisonfire is the shit second of all everyone is entilted to there opinon :)

  58. MrRyanh90

    dude who cares when someone started listening to a band you dont own them just because you enjoy their music

  59. TheDebowebb

    Bound to be a great tour!

  60. guzzaroolz

    Olly from Johnny Truant doing back-up vocal on this track is fucking winn.

  61. PaddyTV

    I literally came on here to see if anybody had said something along these lines. OC/YC wasn't great for me, their weakest stuff, but this little EP made it all up (this & Vex are awesome tracks).

    It's hard to rate, but Watch Out! will always have a special place in my heart, Self-Titled and Crisis are great in different ways, and Dog's Blood was a great sign off. OC/YC is fine, but just not quite up to their usual standard for me. In any case, I can't wait to see them at Brixton come December.

  62. daniel smith

    this guy serious? lol

  63. Trowa71

    Don't listen Album by Album or Song by Song. Listen to the Artist. AOF Have never failed. Never will.

  64. trapandbacon


  65. Brandon Caswell Douglas

    Ya i know but i like the first one overall.

  66. Jackson Ulstrom

    AOF ended with a bang. This one song is better than Old Crows as an album, which is REALLY saying something; OC/YC was great. Though I think the 'we will all bathe' background vox would've fit better if they'd have had Wade do it.

  67. MrBaguel

    Man why are you dealing with this? all AOF's albums were crazy :P

  68. Brandon Caswell Douglas

    I'll Say their First Album was their overall Best album.

    John Rankin

    You like it better than watch out?

  69. MrBaguel

    I'm actually a big fan of AOF, but i agree that Crisis Was there best album, even if Watch out was awesome too. So respect the taste of music of everybody.

  70. son_cody

    RIP Alexisonfire and Johnny Truant

  71. happygofucky

    your elitist attitude is so impressive! tell us more!

  72. Shane C

    What in fucks name are you talking about? I've loved Alexis for a long time and I enjoy Crisis just as much as their first two albums and sometimes, depending on my mood, I'll enjoy it even more than any of their other work. Anyone who tries to say their first two albums were the only ones worth listening to are ignorant and are simply jumping on the bandwagon. People like you aren't true followers of this fantastic band and need to stop ruining their fan base with your pointless banter.

  73. brenden sultana

    apparently you cant hear all too well...

  74. Lucas Souza

    just for a short time =\

  75. 1clkgtramg - Midnight Club Syndicate

    Dallas mentioned on Twitter that the 5th album was going to be much heavier then this, I guess something like their roots, but soon after that, they broke up :( it's too bad, they were getting better and better

  76. 1clkgtramg - Midnight Club Syndicate

    I liked all of them. My personal favorite was Alexisonfire (debut self-titled) because of it's complexity, heavier and had more complex basslines too. However, with their new drummer, I like the drums in OC/YC. Crisis was more commercialized imo but it kept its heaviness as in Watch Out! and Alexisonfire. They were all great albums, but the 5th album that was to be released already (before breakup) was supposed to be heavier then Dog's Blood and I think this EP was as good as Watch Out!

  77. Todd Lemmex

    man no dallas green :(

  78. Steely Gilpin

    I wonder how a whole album of this kind of sound would be like, wish they could do just one more record!

  79. Javier Sanchez

    George's old scream is baaaaaaaaaack! :D

  80. Endorphin

    I like this. I just wish everyone would listen to an album without comparing it to another. Instead have that "fresh new start" state of mind.

  81. Steely Gilpin

    Hey everybody Alexisonfire's releasing Math sheet demos on vinyl!!! April 21st

  82. Ben Grieve

    I'm not digging the start. Reminds me of what I didn't like about OC/YC. The rest of this is a reminder of why I loved their debut. It is a shame that they never recorded another full album like this.

  83. Pablo Productions

    is Dallas in any Dogs Blood songs?

  84. Sideshow Massacre

    I can't believe I missed this Skinner artwork. Shame on me.

  85. clemenza1234

    @Beastify9pointO hahaha, yup :) they're playing coachella for sure, and maybe a few more festivals throughout the summer. i doubt they'll record new material, though...but it'd be great just to see them live again...

  86. Robert Bustin


  87. clemenza1234

    @Beastify9pointO hey man, at the drive-in reunited.......who knows.

  88. clemenza1234

    @RubenRotar dallas' vocals defined alexisonfire. here he was, singing so beautifully during a time when every singer and his fucking grandmother where doing this bullshit "emo screech". thursday buried it, glassjaw buried it, anthony green just flat out quit saosin.....all of the good bands buried it, and moved away. it was what needed to be done. it had grown old and stale. some of these death core acts trying to revive it sound absolutely ridiculous.

  89. clemenza1234

    @rebounce1000 it wasn't a "screamo" or "punk" album.....those are the shallow few fans that expect a band to deliver the same product, over and over again. I, personally, thought "Crows/Cardinals" was a highly exceptional album, and quite possibly their best.

    Also, "screamo" is dead, has been dead....and will hopefully remain dead from here onto the end of eternity.

  90. Din Viesel

    A perfect monument to end something wonderful.

  91. Robert Bustin

    sooooo stupid these guys arent together anymore :(

  92. ManyHighFives

    Saw this band on their first tour to the states in Baltimore, MD at the tiny shitty Charm City Arts Space and saw them 8 times afterward. They are truly the only band ever and they will be missed. I loved every album, Old Crows/Young Cardinals included. I just wish they would have stuck more to their roots. The Philosophical Significance of Shooting My Sister in the Face: an Essay by James Secord.

  93. Ben Sladden

    @CaliforniaCarpenter7 Yeah, Dallas announced he was leaving after this EP and they were going to carry on but then Wade went to Gallows :/

  94. Devan

    @zombiekillercon your on crack, how can you call any "worst by far" D:

  95. zombiekillercon

    crisis????? realy? i would say thats there worst album by far. old crows was realy different bt had waaaaay more to it than crisis. WATCH OUT all th way tho. seen them live 3times. best fukn band to see live

  96. Larval Extract

    Thanks fuck these guys released this EP. I actually love it, this song is absolutely incredible. All of their other music is amazing too, but this EP stands out to me. So sad to hear they broke up, and it feels worse 'cause I didn't even know about this band for that long >< Would have loved to seen these guys live, R.I.P Alexisonfire

  97. Ben Sladden

    "Alexisonfire" and "Watch out" were there best albums in my opinion but every other album has also been great, such a shame they split :/ RIP AOF

  98. Pands3r

    @R3DxDRAG0NS I am so sorry that I spelled it accidentally wrong -.- and no I didn't. They don't play Alexisonfire in Germany..

  99. crustationable

    even if young cardinals/old crows wasnt as good as everyone would've liked! after hearing this and seeing them live they where still the same band that they always where! so all the haters of that album you where probably the ones that made dallas green quit the band!

  100. matony19

    @Semibrucelee they stated it would make dog´s blood look like SKA record.