Alexisonfire - Control Lyrics

This burden's not a heavy one
But I assure you, it's present
This burden's not a heavy one
But I assure you, it is present

Say that you're in control
Say that you are
I can't think of a time
When you looked less alive
You say, "Wait until light, my dear,
just wait until light"
One more day will go by
Maybe today you should try
To look past the mirror and find
Look past the mirror
That there's something inside
Something more to your life
My words won't heal you now
My words won't heal
It is you who decides
It is you who decides

This burden's not a heavy one
But I assure you, it's present
This burden's not a heavy one
I assure you

Believe that you are just fine
Believe that you are
You'll feel so alive
You'll feel so alive
Be what you are now (be what you are)
Be what you are
Do not keep it inside
The hate will not subside
Be what you are now (be what you are)
Be what you are
Do not keep it inside
The hate will not subside

It's you, decide
It's you, decide

So alive
You'll feel so alive

This burden's not a heavy one
But I assure, I assure you
This burden's not a heavy one
Not a heavy one
Not a heavy one.

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Alexisonfire Control Comments
  1. K Kims

    2019 and I still love Alexisonfire like I was in 2009

  2. Rafael Vilela

    Sonzera meu irmão hahahah

  3. Erin At Eleven

    Remember this feelin hella relevant when it came out n I was 15/16, not much changes in life eh :)

  4. Caroline Moura

    Best album 👏

  5. Vincent Carbary


  6. Anna Cummins

    look past the mirror <3

  7. interdemeiao cachacelona

    essa música é muito louca! direto escutando

  8. Brii Kendov Kulaas

    bought this album when it came out, it came out on my birthday that year. still my favorite album I've ever purchased. must've been fate ❤

  9. Cody Raulston

    My personal favorite chorus in the history of music.

  10. MrRegor23

    I've always felt memorized by this song. You are beautiful and believe in yourself. Then and only then will the world see it 'butt' fuck them with your beauty!

  11. Ruhnay Aldorito

    I miss them so much :(

    Audrey K.L.

    You don't have to anymore!

  12. João Delier

    "Believe that you are just fine, you'll feel so alive... just be what you really are now, but do not keep it inside, that hate will not subside" ♥

  13. Marian Castro

    Just what I need...

  14. Gabriel CBaril

    Best AOF song ever!

  15. CL129

    A forever classic!

  16. sasshunter


    Rory Tayler

    This is the best comment

    Catalina Córdoba F.


    Irena S

    hahhahahhaa here four years later and laughing

    Veronica Ephgrave

    I don't compute

    Tanesha Smith

    Omg never gonna hear it any other way now lmao

  17. MrCircus177

    I've been listening to both City and Colour, and Alexisonfire for years... Never noticed until a couple months ago Dallas Green was in both. Lol

    welder trevor are extremely slow perhaps you should be tested for learning disabilities


    @welder trevor To me his voice sounds a lot different in City & Colour, maybe his voice just progressed? I have a hard time picking things like that up, because I have an inner ear problem. Not sure. lol

    Dave Grohl's Beard

    How tho? Dallas green has one of the most recognizable voices i knew it was him the first alexisonfire song i heard

    Post-Rock Society

    How could you ahaha

    Matthew Harris

    Your joking...

  18. daniel Bourdon

    If you don't think this is the best song of all time I will gladly fight you to the death.


    well then say your prayers.

    Limited Infinity

    LOL epicc

    Edan Pounder

    Toss up between "Rough Hands" and "Lacrymosa"

    Chrissy Ford

    i will fuck you up fam

  19. Lyric L. Stylez

    That's kind of weird Control is on this album, I thought Control was on the later album....

  20. steph94446

    i love this track. i'd totally bang them

  21. Michael Turner-Good

    Believe that you are just fine
    Believe that you are
    You'll feel so alive

    the part i like in the song wish i had a singing voice like dallas green that will be the day :D

  22. TheTheMoik

    Straight into heart

  23. JoshandJoeplaygames


  24. Jerm Russ

    Amazing song

  25. Juan Kemps

    Yes you are

  26. guss postman

    First album I ever bought.. Fuck I'm awesome

  27. Damon Fidler

    Correction, the only band ever.

  28. Just a guy who loves music

    1:40 is ficken awesome

  29. ElementKenji

    love this band so much

  30. Scott Russell

    3 haters have no control

  31. Kayla Barrett

    <3 dallas green.

  32. Cory Mac

    @BenJOnesWATchOuT not saying your wrong bcz it could be the best on this album, but have you listened to "midnight regulations", good shit

  33. Kradzieyka

    @pileofpwnge ALLLL NIIGHT

  34. haughea001

    @1134cc I Saw Them at there last show in toronto at the sound academy.... SOOO SICK

  35. mcdangles89

    good song but the weakest on watch out

  36. Karl Douglas

    @addictingbox1077 thats so true man. so true!

  37. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

    i could listen 2 dallas green sing all day :) lol

  38. vanessa taylor

    2 people need punched in the throat

  39. sommervilleTRS117

    @PoppingPOPcans nice..i talk to him on a wall one time he was legit

  40. em1ly420

    they played this song last night at their last concert in st. catharines

  41. sheegan8

    I don't think I've ever heard a song by Alexisonfire that I didn't love...

    Limited Infinity

    tru dat

  42. uhhjustine

    Pure ownage.

  43. Skye Goudie

    Everything AOF does is amazing.
    From their debut to old crows/young cardinals
    allllll soooo good!

  44. PoppingPOPcans

    jesus told me who ever dislikes this vid can go and smd. no joke

  45. Muscl3Mus3um

    This Burden's Not A Heavy One But I Assure You It's Present.

    F**k Yes.

  46. Annaissmiles

    One more day will go by, maybe today you should try. (:

    Look past the mirror and find, look past the mirror, that there's something inside, something more to your life.

    It is you who decides. (:

    *I love their lyrics!*