Alexisonfire - Complicit Lyrics

Feeling complicit in my steel toes
Take the plant and fruit without a thought
Face the law without a trace of fear
I can't see the train because I'm the engineer

Up is down
And down is further down
Follow me into the dark
Until there's no coming back
Up is down
And down is further down
Follow me into the dark
Until there's no coming back

All the clocks stop
From then on it was only night
The snow turns black before my eyes
At the end of the mighty white

From then on it was only night, the sun turned black and it was only night...

Feeling complicit with my shaved head
Wife's hand in mine without a thought
All doors are held wide open
No hand on the small of my back

Up is down
And down is further down
Follow me into the dark
Until there's no coming back
Up is down
And down is further down
Follow me into the dark
Until there's no coming back

All the clocks stop
From then on it was only night
The snow turns black before my eyes
At the end of the mighty white

From then on it was only night, the sun turned black and it was only night...

We're all complicit
In this town
We're all complicit
No one hears a sound

From then on it was only night, the sun turned black and it was only night...

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Alexisonfire Complicit Comments

    is this loss

  2. DreadedLlama

    Hell yeah bringing bad memories lads! I just feel like going down the entire comment list and liking everybody's comment just to get this more noticed because I am so god damn hyped right now. LETS GO!

  3. Lady Thanos

    Alex is one fire sounds kinda meh

    Full Dump

    Fuck off?

  4. Mike Davoli

    New album or what? Come on!

  5. Dynamo

    once i heard this i was like yes its so damn good,like it way better than familiar drugs

  6. Chance Adomeit

    I'd love to hear another album

  7. Renegade Music

    Our Canadian brothers just re-filled their gas tank! Let's burn some rubber and rock oonnnnnnn!!! 🎸💘

  8. Ambrose T. Camel


  9. Cheesequake

    I like familiar drugs about 50x more than this but glad to see them putting out more new stuff regardless.

    Cdb Cdb

    Cheesequake I hear ya. But I had an 11 year lesson I need to learn about Alexisonfire. The sum is greater than the whole.

    If I had to bet, Mr. Cheesequake, you probably fancy yourself a lover of their self titled album the most? I am too.

  10. Cole Jordan

    This song sounds like a faster "Boiled Frogs" and..... I LOVE IT!

  11. Shoe Boogie

    Best birthday present ever. Thank you AOF

  12. the woodwork

    energy is coming back

  13. Brandon Crockett

    Wade and George sound awesome on this track but Dallas sounds.... Weird. Like he's trying really hard to sound like he used to on Watch Out! and Crisis. Maybe it's just the way they mixed it or something. Just sounds a little jarring listening to Familiar Drugs, and then this. Still a rockin' tune though.

  14. zenotdsTV

    European tour before the end of the century please.

  15. Peter Bothwell

    To all the people who are die hard fans who put a thumbs down Shame On You!!!!!! To all the die hard fans who put a thumbs up You Fucking Rock!!!!

  16. Austin Vogel

    More! More more more!!!

  17. Mana-Ramp-Matoran

    I'm so loving this!

    Please please please get some more tracks together and make a new album. I

  18. Felipe Silva

    Krl que saudades mano!

  19. Luis henrique dos santos Occhiuzzo

    oh my god, my wishes came true, aof is back now for good?

  20. Fourth Drive

    the sound really reminds me of while she sleeps :)

  21. jesco white

    sweden needs you guys , hope hope hope

  22. Daniel Bennett

    I swear to god if there’s not an Australian tour I’ll riot

  23. Ronove 666

    I'm late as shit...but....this is amazing as fuck

  24. Tyler Macneill

    I feel like the band had Dallas take a back seat to this song, with Wade providing more secondary vocals. Hopefullly this isnt a sign of things to come.

    Cheeky Rick

    Probably just changing it up a little. Dallas doesn't need to be knocking at the door of each song.

  25. Poseidon

    White guilt trash.
    Alexisonfire has been ruined for me.
    Maybe you guys should’ve stayed split up if your hating your own.
    Sickening attitude from a once great band. Race traitor trash!

  26. Jake Farrell


  27. Leah

    if there is a god then please release another album and tour it. but for the love of christ COME TO NEW ZEALAND !!!!

  28. kenneth ruoff

    All of you bitching.......get a life and be happy they're doing anything at all. Lol #couchfans

  29. Luiz Fernando

    Brasil !

  30. StefLeLoup

    What is this?

  31. smithfan22

    I'm of the opinion that either Dallas' voice was weak during recording, or he just didnt give a fuck. Has to be one of the two

  32. brightstar1212

    Loved the gig at Ally Pally yesterday! Really appreciated little Prince tribute. I was at your very first gig as a support band in London, remember adding my email to your mailing list, got every album since. I'm not going to tell you my age, but I had teenagers when you first formed! With my 21 year old daughter last night. Post-hardcore lives on!!

  33. Catalina Green

    Come to Chile!!!💜

  34. Thomas white

    Not a fan...they were at their best on the crisis album..ill just keep playing that album on repeat for the rest of my life...every band always has that one that stands out....i.e...slipknots self titled album,bullet for my valentine's the poison,disturbed's the sickness etc

  35. William Meakins

    London Tomorro!!!!

  36. Science Fiction

    Their newest songs need better riffs man, this shit seems lifeless without the aggressive riffs

  37. marcelo ferreira

    10 out of 10

  38. Broken Bone


  39. Eric César

    Banda do caraio que nunca me decepciona, slc <3

  40. ProgrammedForDamage

    Love it! As much as I like 'Familiar Drugs' this feels like something that would slot right in between 'Watch Out' and 'Crisis'.

  41. MS3MYK

    Waste Management will be by soon to pick up this garbage

  42. Michael

    don't forget Montréal guys, we miss you

  43. funkincool

    Love the new track!!

  44. a f

    absolutely loving the lyrics to this, second verse is my favourite. thank you for being aware, wanting to change things, and using your voices to spread good messages. love u too much & can't fucking WAIT for london this sat

  45. Reina Vee Sadè

    After going back to listen to familiar drug & then coming back to give this a listen I'm digging this a bit more!! This is giving me good aof future vibes 😁😁😁 so excited!! I missed them so freaking much this is what I need in my life!!!

  46. Reina Vee Sadè

    Woke up & randomly decided to check in for new music & was met with this !! Yesss thank you I'm a couple days late but better late than never 😍

  47. Eduardo Fernández

    hermashaaaaa <3

  48. carlos arellano

    Esaaa La única banda EVER!

  49. Ness Natan


  50. kyle turner

    So great !!

  51. brett linthicum

    Please. Stop making music


    Please. Write your comments somewhere else

  52. Francisco Alcalde

    I got ready for this before listening. I sat on a comfy chair, plugged and put some nice big headphones, closed my eyes and clicked PLAY... What an EXPLOSIVE JOURNEY for less than 4 minutes of AMAZING MUSIC!! Long live ALEXISONFIRE. #TheOnlyBandEver


    Holy song!

  54. Daniel Gauthier

    I can’t wait to hear this song this summer in Ottawa!

  55. Sam January

    Sounds like a compilation of old crows young cardinals, I like it!!!

  56. Sad Satan

    Esta banda hace 16/17 años me salvo la vida.

  57. Ian Canada

    Started my career as a paramedic in 2004 when ‘Accidents’ came out and ever since Alexis has been a staple of my night shift playlists. Will definitely be rocking to this tune in the parking lot of Hamilton General this summer at 3am waiting for a call. Well done boys, keep em coming!!

    Eric Ditchburn

    Thats awesome man 🤘

  58. AJS 9437

    What would happen if we got every guy in the world to drop a load in the same spot? What would it look like? Smell like? Probably pretty close to what happened in my pants right now. Lovely.

  59. My Nama Jegg

    The 🅱️ois are back in town! I remember the first song i ever heard from them was "Black as Jet" back in the 10th grade

  60. Vinicius Ienne

    i love this band so much <3

  61. Paulo Cézar Silveira

    O estilo deu uma variada a vertente seila.. mas continua Foda

  62. B. McAllister

    Fucking yes.

  63. Jéssica de Freitas

    Muuuuito foda!

  64. Duško Dutina

    The only band ever

  65. Chance Adomeit

    I definitely like this more then familiar drugs

  66. Dan McNaney

    First listen was meh,second listen was eh, and now i'm pretty sure i've successfully pissed off my neighbor's... mission accomplished AOF 🤘

  67. The Fat Turtle

    Crisis is an amazing album, haven't thought of this band in quite a few years, but happy to hear them still making music and sounding good.

  68. nonrumor


  69. Daniel Gauthier

    Two singles! Is this a sing for a new album!!!!

  70. Daniel Gauthier


  71. Chris

    Ok this is better

  72. mike navillus

    So much mother fuckin yes in this tune

  73. heather faith

    yes yes yes <3

  74. branm25

    I'm honestly not sure how i feel about this one. It doesnt really go anywhere. It sorta just flatlines and doesnt escalate at all. Not bad, but kind of boring in all honesty.

  75. Brett E

    love you guys but this is another swing and a miss...

  76. Jim Lahey

    Billy Talent? Is that you?

  77. Sarah

    Man what a waste of Dallas' beautiful voice. I like that we get two completely different sounds with this and Familiar Drugs but just having him repetitively yell the whole song seems like a waste when the rest of the song was so oldschool and wonderful. Still, every single thing you release is getting blared in my shitty car speakers all summer long 🤘


    5 days later and it's grown on me. I'm lovin' it.

  78. emrod6

    The Best Canadian sound!

  79. Charlotte Taylor

    Yes lads! See you in London!

  80. Trish Blight

    God, we’ve missed you guys....🔥🔥

  81. Green Kid

    Imho, it's nice to have Alexis back... but George and Dallas need to contrast each other, and not "accompany" each other. That's what made AOF the only band ever, and I really hope they can rediscover it. More "Dogs Blood" and less "OC/YC" please

  82. bainmack music studio

    This is exactly what I needed.


    16 complicit in having bad taste.

  84. mattchs2001

    Yes indeed! I discovered them roughly two years ago. I might be late to the party but hey, I’m here. That’s all that matters.

    a f

    the more the merrier! the fan family of this band is wonderful. welcome 🙂

  85. jordanalexander

    What 11 haters disliked this masterpiece ?

  86. Trevor Bowman

    Fuck Yeah

  87. Daniel Taylor

    not feeling the mix but the song is great!

    Dario Rivers

    Literally the only issue I have with both new songs is the shitty mixes. Complicit sounds far cleaner than Familiar Drugs did though. FD sounded way to muffled muddy. Volume was annoyingly low on that mix too. Complicit is a slight improvement on the production front. Whoever produced Crisis should work on these new tunes with the boys.

  88. Weston Bevins

    So freaking good

  89. Dario Rivers

    This is set to repeat "on and on and on and onnnnnnnnn" 🔥

  90. Cloud_TeN

    Woke up checked YouTube seen AOF had a new song today is going be a good day

  91. emir

    is this, way of the heaven?

  92. BadUkulele

    Yes! Fuck my pussy with a rake mom.

    MrCloop The Third

    Best. Comment. Ever

  93. Charlie Weber

    AOF: We're not putting out a new record
    Also AOF: Here our second singl... another song

  94. Joseph Reynolds

    Sheer brilliance guys. Yet again you seem to just continously suprise me, and probably will always do so. much love, and respect, thanks for your time, effort, sound, and personality you bring this masterpeice of an outfit you call ALEXISONFIRE. From the bottom of my heart cheers. :)

  95. Teddy McCarthy

    I'm going to be the asshole here and say I thought this was absolutely atrocious. Dallas has one of the best voices on the planet and it sounds like hes having a stroke, super mumbly and Incomprehensible. But to each his own.